Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/13/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie walked into Abe's room to talk to Abe, but Abe was not in his room. Tek was standing behind Lexie. Lexie turned around and asked him what he was doing there. He told her that he could not let her go.

Abe was talking to the officer who was watching Lois' room. Abe demanded that the officer delivered his package as requsted. "Commander your still on medical leave so why don't you tell me what's really going on here." said the police officer to Abe.

John walked into Lois' room in the mental unit. John had a truth serum that he wanted to inject into Lois' to get her to tell him the truth about Alex. Lois heard John and suddenly woke up saying "What are you doing?"

Mimi and Bonnie argued about telling Shawn the truth. "Don't come crying to me when the wedding is off..." said Bonnie. Bonnie also told Mimi that she faked the chest pains and symptoms so that Mimi would not tell Shawn and Belle the truth.

Bo and Patrick were fighting in front of Zack's casket in the church. Bo pushed Patrick. Patrick fell on top of Zack's casket and Zack's picture broke. Hope yelled at Bo and told him to get out. "Chelsea is going to pay for what she did." said Hope. Chelsea and Billie left the funeral.

"Zack mommy loves you so much...I am so sorry mommy wasn't there to protect you..." cried Hope looking down at Zack's casket.

Meanwhile Chelsea and Billie talked about Zack's death as they were leaving the church. "She's not going to be satisfied until I go to jail for life..." cried Chelsea. "There is only one way to stop that from happening ..."said Kate who had overheard their conversation.

Abe threatened to call Roman and have the officer' written up for insubordination if he did not deliver the package as Abe requested. The officer finally gave in and agreed to delver the package as Abe requested.

Tek and Lexie were still in Abe's room. Tek told Lexie that Abe would never be able to give her another child. Tek told Lexie that he loves her and wanted to make love to her. Just then Abe walked into his room. Abe told Tek and Lexie that it looked like they were having a serious conversation and if there was something that they wanted to tell him.

Alex and Marlena were still at Marlena's apartment. Alex told Marlena that he wanted to get her something special because he loves her so much. Marlena said that he would have to take her with him.

Lois asked John why he was there. Lois hinted to John about knowing something about Alex. Lois had flashback about her conversation she had earlier with Alex over the phone. John continued to ask Lois what Alex was up to. Lois tried to choke John, but John was too strong for her and stuck her with the truth serum. "Your going to tell me everything you know about Alex North." said John after he stuck Lois with the needle.

Everyone arrived at Zack's grave. The priest prayed and gave everyone an opportunity to say their final good byes to Zack at the gravel where Zack would be buried. Caroline, Victor, Bo, Hope, Chelsea, Billie, Shawn , Patrick and many others were there at Zack's grave. "You were the best...It won't be the same without you..." cried Shawn. Hope continued to cry uncontrollably. "I am so sorry Tiny Man. I let you down. I should have protected you and I didn't. I will regret that for the rest of my life...."said Bo. "I can't say good bye because you will always be with me forever in my heart. I love ...I loved you since the day you were born, and I will always love you until I take my last breath. " said Hope. Shawn then comforted and hugged Hope. Billie asked Chelsea if she wanted to say something. Chelsea told Billie that she did not want to say anything because it was all her fault. Zack's body was then put to rest and lower into the ground. Hope continued to cry as she watched.

Abe asked Tek and Lexie what they were talking about. Lexie told Abe that she and Tek wanted to know where Abe was. Tek played along with Lexie and said agreed that was what they were talking about. Abe told Tek to leave. Abe hugged Lexie after Tek left. Abe then told Lexie that he told John that he would help him anyway he could to get him and Marlena to get back together. Abe and Lexie hugged again., and Tek watched them hugged from outside of Abe's room.

Alex told Marlena that he could not shop for her with her looking over his shoulder. "I want this to be the best Valentine ever..." said Alex. Marlena said he could go by himself. Alex told Marlena that he would be back before she knew it.

Lois was upset after she found out that John stuck her with a truth serum. "Alex and I was going to be together soon. Marlena will be out of the picture." said Lois.

Marlena decided to go to the hospital. Marlena saw someone that she believed was Alex and followed him. Then asked "What are you doing in the hospital?'

Bonnie told Mimi to play the Cinderella card and get married to Shawn. Bonnie told Mimi that Cinderella did not let anyone get in her way from getting her prince. Bonnie compared Mimi to Cinderella and told Mimi to get her prince (Shawn).

Everyone were still at Zack's grave. Shawn asked Hope if she wanted to go. Hope told Shawn that she wanted to stay with Zack. She hugged him, and told him to go home. Hope also told Shawn that he was a good son. Shawn left without saying good bye to Bo. Bo asked Hope if she wanted him to take her home. Hope told Bo that she wanted to stay at Zack's grave and be alone. Hope continued to watch as Zack's body was being buried six feet under.

Meanwhile, Marlena found out that the man that she had followed was not Alex, but was someone that looked similar to Alex.

John continued to ask Lois what Alex had planned for Marlena. John told Lois that Alex had signed for her to be put in a more permanent mental institution. Lois told John that she and Alex were going to be together forever.

Lexie met Tek secretly. Lexie told Tek to keep his distance from her. Tek told Lexie that he wanted to be there for her in ways that Abe could not. Tek also told Lexie to think about it. Tek walked away and Lexie began to cry.

Marlena went to visit Abe. Abe talked to Marlena about her feelings for Alex and also for John. "There are still huge pieces missing from your memory and keep an open mind about Alex. He may not be the man that you think that he is. " said Abe.

Alex found a room on the other side of Lois's room that had a two way mirror so he would be able to watch her as she talked to John. Lois told John that Alex wanted to kill Marlena.

Shawn arrived back at his apartment. Mimi hugged him when he arrived and Bonnie packed her bags because she wanted to leave to give Shawn and Mimi privacy. Mimi asked Shawn if he still wanted to get married as soon as possible. Shawn said yes. Mimi told Shawn that she was ready and wanted to get married as soon as possible. Bonnie was so happy to hear this.

The police arrived at Zack's funeral and arrested Chelsea after the funeral. Bo asked the police if he could handle the arrest. The police allowed Bo to do the arrest and walked away so Bo could do it privately. Bo arrested Chelsea as she cried. Billie watched as Bo read Chelsea her rights.

Hope was still at Zack's grave crying. "Oh Zack baby. You shouldn't be here." cried Hope. Hope was still knelt at Zack's grave. Patrick reached out his hand to Hope to help her stand up from the ground.

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