Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/10/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Abe told John he got a second chance at seeing because of Zack. Abe also talked about giving Zack back to Bo and Hope when Zack was a baby. Abe told John he wished he has spent more time with him, and he hoped that Zack did not think he abandoned him. John told Abe he was not going to Zack's funeral because Alex and Marlena were there

Marlena and Alex left the funeral early. Alex told Marlena that he wanted to take her home to have all to his self.

Lois marked lipstick on a picture of Marlena's face and told herself that it was time for Marlena to die so she could be with Alex forever. The police officer who was watching Lois accidentally left the keys in the door and hence, the door was open in Lois' room in the mental unit

Bonnie read Mimi's diary.

Shawn comforted Hope at Zack's funeral and kissed Hope on the top of her head. Then Shawn sat down next to Mimi. Mimi told Shawn that there was something that she wanted to tell him. Kate and Victor were sitting directly behind Shawn and Mimi. Kate told Victor that she thinks that Mimi will tell Shawn the truth about being Claire's father. Bo comforted Hope. Chelsea walked into the funeral. Both Hope and Bo stood up when they saw Chelsea. Hope walked up to Chelsea and smacked her across the face "How dare you...."said Hope. Bo defended Chelsea. Hope cried saying "Your daughter killed our son..." Shawn stood up and confronted Chelsea and asked her if she killed Zack. "I am sorry..." cried Chelsea. "Get out before I through you out..."cried Shawn. Hope told Shawn that Bo lied to them about Chelsea being responsible for Zack's death. "How could you do this..." Shawn said to Bo. Billie comforted Chelsea and told her to sit down while she got her some water. Bo stood near Chelsea while Billie had left. Billie saw Patrick on her way out. Billie told Patrick that Chelsea came to Zack's funeral and Hope smacked her. Patrick told Billie that she and Chelsea should leave

Patrick went into the church and asked Hope if she was okay. Hope asked Patrick the reason Chelsea came to the funeral. Bo told Patrick to leave Hope alone. Hope told Bo that she trusted Patrick and he was a friend.

Lois called Alex at Marlena's apartment. She told him that she sneaked out of her room and she wanted Alex to help her get out of the hospital. Lois told Alex that she wanted Marlena died as he said by Valentine day. "I refuse another second to be without you. I need you back at the hospital or I will tell John Black what you are really up to..."said Lois.

Bonnie continued to read Mimi's diary. Bonnie read about Mimi writing about how her last relationship ended because she did not tell the truth. Bonnie told herself that she hopes that everyone could live happily ever after. Bonnie also said that she hope Mimi does not tell Shawn the truth.

Mimi calmed Shawn down. Shawn told Mimi that he could not believe that Bo knew the truth and did not tell anyone. Shawn told Mimi to never lie to him. Mimi told Shawn that she loves him and to never forget that she loves him. Shawn told Mimi that he wanted to be with his mother and he advised Mimi to go take care of her mother. Shawn told Mimi that he wanted to get married to her at the justice of peace. Mimi asked Shawn "Do you really want to...?" "Yes..."said Shawn.

Caroline and Victor watched Bo and Hope. Caroline told Victor that Bo should have never took sides with Billie and Chelsea.

Billie told Kate that she could not believe that she convinced Chelsea to come to Zack's funeral. Billie told Kate that Hope needs Bo to comfort her during the time of lost of her son.

Bo continued to tell Patrick to leave. Hope told Bo that Patrick was her friend. Patrick finally left. Shawn accused Bo of killing Zack.

Alex was still talking to Lois on his phone while at Marlena's house. Alex told Lois to go back into her room. Marlena had flashbacks of her and John. Alex told Marlena that he had to leave to do something. Marlena told Alex that she knew the reason he was leaving so suddenly.

Shawn was still arguing with Bo at the funeral. Shawn told Bo that he would not blame Hope if she never spoke to Bo ever again. Caroline told Victor that this could ruin Bo and Hope's relationship for good.

Billie told Chelsea that she should not have come to the funeral. Chelsea began to blame Patrick for telling the truth. Billie told Chelsea "No one else is to blame but you..."

Bo told Patrick that he was using this situation to get close to Hope. Bo grabbed Patrick and Patrick fell back on Zack's casket. Zack's picture fell and broke on the floor.

Marlena told Alex that she knew that he was going out to get her something for Valentine day . Alex thought about Lois telling him to come to the hospital as soon as possible. Alex told Marlena that he had to leave for an errand that would not take too long. Marlena told Alex that she was not going to let him leave.

Lois returned to her room in the mental ward. "You better keep your word or I will finish the job. Marlena needs to know you are mine. And anyone who tries to take you away from me will die." said Lois

Abe advised John to use his ISA connection to find out more about Alex and Lois. "Your a trained spy you know how to get to the truth, one way or another." said Abe. I can't believe I didn't think of this before now" said John Abe and John walked out of Abe's room. Abe saw officer Davis and told him that he needed him to deliver a package for him. The officer was so surprised that Abe could see that he walked away with Abe to help him with the paperwork. Meanwhile, John was waited for the officer to leave so he could talk to Lois in her room. John has a needle that he wanted to inject into Lois so he could get her to tell the truth.

Mimi arrived back to her apartment. She told Bonnie that she was going to tell Shawn the truth. Bonnie told Mimi that this would be a big mistake if she did.

Hope picked up Zack's picture. Bo was in shock and could not believe what he had done. "Get away from me. My son is dead because of you. Get away from me. Get away from Zack." cried Hope.

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