Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/9/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/9/06


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Belle talked to Claire while Claire was in her crib. Belle held Zack's blanket and told Clarie about how Zack's blanket made her safe. Phil saw Belle and told Belle how wonderful Zack was. Belle told Phil that she will tell Claire all about Zack.

Mimi told her mother (Bonnie) that she needs to eat a healthy breakfast. "Yesterday you really scared me...I don't want to loose you." said Mimi. Bonnie told Mimi to marry Shawn and not tell Shawn about him being Claire's father.

Kate visited Chelsea at Patrick's house. Chelsea talked to Kate about going to jail. Kate told Chelsea that she had some clothing for her to go to Zack's funeral. "If you don't go, you can kiss your future and freedom good bye." said Kate.

Frankie and Jennifer talked about Chelsea being the one who killed Zack and how Bo betrayed Hope. Someone rang the doorbell. It was Bo. Bo told Jennifer that he needed to find Hope.

Hope, Doug, and Julie when to the church to see Zack's body. Hope wanted to spend time alone with Zack's body while Doug and Julie waited outside of the area Zack's body was. Hope looked around in the room where Zack's body was held and looked around the room filled with flowers. Hope touched Zack's casket and began crying.

Jennifer told Bo that Hope went Hope went to the church to view Zack's body. Jennifer said that Hope sounded like she would never forgive him.

"I miss you so much...." cried Hope looking at Zack's body. "This is so wrong. How could God do this. How could he let this happen.." cried Hope. Doug and Julie were now in the room with Hope. Doug comforted Hope and told her that Zack was in heaven with Hope's mother and the rest of their family. Julie and Doug held each other while they watched Hope crying. Doug asked Hope to leave but she did not want to. Hope got a comb and began to comb Zack's hair.

Chelsea told Kate that she was not going to Zack's funeral. Kate continued to tell Chelsea she should go because it would show everyone the family, journalist, photographers etc that she is mourning her brother's death. And this would be good for her case. Chelsea told Kate that she did not think that this was a good idea. Billie overheard the conversation and also told Kate that she did not think this was a good idea. "This is a new low ma even for you." said Billie

Jennifer gave Frankie Jack's cuffs because he did not have any. Frankie told Jennifer that he could not wear Jack's cuffs. Jennifer had a vision of Jack telling her that he wanted Frankie to wear his cuff's. Jennifer then told Frankie that Jack wanted him to wear the cuffs.

Kate continued to tell Chelsea to wear the clothing that she bought her to wear at Zack's funeral. Chelsea finally agreed to try on the clothing. Billie and Kate argued about whether Chelsea should go to Zack's funeral. Kate also told Billie that she should go to Zack's funeral.

Kate knocked on Shawn and Mimi's door. Bonnie was there and had answered the door. Bonnie told Kate about accidentally telling Mimi that Shawn is Claire's father.

Maggie arrived at the church. Hope told Maggie, Julie and Doug that Bo was comforting Chelsea. "How am I suppose to forgive Bo for what he did?" asked Hope. Bo walked into the church while Hope was crying. "Fancy face..." said Bo. "Ge away from me.. Get away from Zack. Leave me alone with my son." said Hope. Hope continued to cry then placed her head on Zack's casket. Caroline and Shawn walked into the church and comforted Bo. Caroline told Bo to give Hope time. Bo told them that he wanted to help Hope.

Kate met Victor in front of the the church. Kate and Victor talked about Zack being killed by Chelsea. Then they talked about Shawn being Claire's father "Shawn is Claire's father. It is only a matter of time he will find that out." said Victor.

Jennifer had a vision of seeing Jack on her way walking down the stairs in her house. In the vision, Jack told Jennifer that Frankie can make her happy. "Give him a chance. He loves you. And you love him." said Jack. Jack also told Jennifer to build a family with Frankie because she deserved to be loved. Jack's vision left as Frankie walked into the room. Jennifer helped Frankie with fitting his cuffs. Suddenly, Frankie and Jennifer began to kiss passionately. Frankie told Jennifer that he was not trying to take Jack's place. Frankie also told Jennifer that he will always be there for her. "Whatever you want. Whatever you need." said Frankie

Bo comforted Mrs. Horton as family members and friends walked into the church. The priest asked to speak to Bo privately while Hope remained by Zack's casket. Mimi and Shawn walked into the Church. Bo returned back from talking to the priest then told Hope to sit down. Hope told Bo that she was not going to being sitting next to him. Bo sat directly behind Hope. The priest started the funeral and referred to Zack as being an angel. Then Bo's father Shawn was asked to give a tribute to Zack. Shawn song "O Danny Boy." but could not finish the song because he began to cry uncontrollably. Doug began to sing and finished the song for Shawn then the rest of the people in the Church began to sing also. Hope was still crying uncontrollably.

Billie told Chelsea not to go to the funeral and not to listen to Kate's advice about going to the funeral because Kate has alternative motives. "Whatever you do. Do not go anywhere near Zack's funeral" said Billie to Chelsea

Bo told Hope he will always love her and always be there for her. Just then Chelsea walked into the funeral. Both Bo and Hope stood up and Hope walked up to Chelsea and smacked her across the face. Hope was outraged that Chelsea would come to the funeral said "How Dare you..."

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