Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/8/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/8/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

"Since we have some time here I'd like to discuss your relationship with my wife." Said Abe to Tek. Lexie was watching Abe and Tek from the doorway looking very frightened.

Carrie asked Lucas why she didn't have any paperwork to complete for her new job with Titian. Lucas told Carrie that it was simple because she could have anything that she wanted. Carrie said she don't think that her heart is with working for Titian. Lucas told Carrie to not let Austin make her feel insecure.

Nicole was drinking in a bar. Roman made a comment about her drinking so much. Nicole quickly ran over to Austin's and Sami's table at the bar and told them about a plan to make Lucas, Carrie and Titian "eat dust."

Chelsea walked into a court room. Chelsea had flashbacks about the accident. She told herself that she wished that she could change what happened. Kate walked into the courtroom and overheard her. Kate told her that she could not change what happened. Chelsea cried and told Kate that she was responsible for Zack's death and she would have to live with that. Kate told her that she would do anything that she could to help her.

Bo and Billie was in the courthouse. Bo told Billie that he could not find Hope. Billie told Bo that she knew that this would come between him and Hope. Bo told Billie that he could lose his marriage and he did not want Hope to go through this alone.

Hope walked down Jennifer's stairs after she had put Jack Jr. down to sleep. Jennifer thanked Hope for Putin Jack Jr.down. Jennifer asked Hope if she was okay. Jennifer told her that Mrs. Horton and Maggie was there. Hope told them about Bo lying to her about Chelsea being the one who killed Zack and not Billie. She told them that she would never forgive Bo.

Bo told Billie that he was only protecting Hope by not telling her the truth right away.

Chelsea told Kate that she was not even speeding. The prosecutor walked into the empty courtroom and told Chelsea that she better get an attorney because they had a witness that saw Chelsea on her cell phone during the time of the accident. Bo and Billie walked into the courtroom with Chelsea, Kate and the prosecutor. The prosecutor instructed Bo to arrest Chelsea.

Hope told Maggie that Bo betrayed her. Maggie and Mrs. Horton tried to defend Bo to Hope. Jennifer told Hope to do anything that she could to hold onto her marriage.

Abe told Tek that he was rough on him and he wanted to apologize for being so jealous. He thinks that him being blind made his imagination get out of control and caused him to accused Tek of having an affair with Lexie. Lexie stood at the door. She had flashbacks about her affair with Tek. Tek told Abe that Lexie was a desirable woman and he was not entirely wrong.

Carrie told Lucas that she couldn't believe that Austin was a corporate shark.

Bo told the prosecutor that he needs to wait on arresting Chelsea. The prosecutor insisted that Bo arrested Chelsea. "I know this is cold but I need for you to make this arrest." Chelsea said that she could not believe that her own father was going to arrest her. Kate, Billie and the prosecutor left Bo and Chelsea alone.

Maggie continued to talk to Hope about forgiving Bo. Mrs. Horton and Maggie talked about when Hope's mother was killed in an auto accident. Mrs. Horton talked about how difficult it was to loose Hope's mother because of having their child go before them. She even told Hope that there was some times that she and Tom did not even talk to each other after Hope's mother's death. Hope told them that if Bo stands by Chelsea and Billie their marriage would be over.

Abe became angry and accused Tek of wanting his wife. Tek saw Lexie watching their conversation from the doorway and then told Abe that nothing happened between him and Lexie. Abe told Tek that he was going to keep his eye on Tek. Lexie suddenly acted like she was walking into Abe's room to shift the conversation. Abe told Lexie that Tek stopped by to talk to her. Tek and Lexie walked out of Abe's room. Once they were outside of Abe's room, Lexie thanked Tek for not telling Abe the truth. Tek told Lexie that he was in love with her.

Roman saw Carrie and Lucas at the bar. Carrie told Roman that she was going to stay in Salem because Lucas offered her a job at Titan.

"Larry Tate....Good to see you" said Austin. Sami introduced herself to Larry. Austin explained that Nicole and him worked with Larry when they worked for Titian. Nicole told them that Larry wanted to be a silent partner. Austin as at first hesitant. Nicole asked to speak to Austin alone and asked Sami to entertain Larry while they were gone. Nicole and Austin spoke privately. Nicole told Austin that Larry could help them with his money and help them acquire more companies. Nicole was finally able to talk Austin into working with Larry. After Austin agreed to go talk to Larry. Nicole asked for another drink. Roman saw Nicole and began to talk to Nicole. Roman asked Nicole about her comment to Austin about tieing Carrie into a red bow. Austin returned to the table with Sami and Larry. Carrie and Lucas walked passed Austin' table and overheard Austin saying that the breakup of High Style gave him a taste for more....

Billie told Kate that she did not want to break up Bo and Hope. Kate told Billie that she should take Bo if Hope does not want him. Billie told Kate to go and she will talk to her when she needs her.

Bo told Chelsea that Hope will come around sooner or later. Chelsea told Bo that Hope will never be able to forgive her. Bo told Chelsea that he will find her the best attorney and will make the jury see that you are sorry for what you did.

Jennifer told Hope that Bo and her belonged to each other. Jennifer picked up Hope's phone and told her to call Bo. Just when Jennifer opened Hope's phone Zack's voice was again in Hope's cell phone. Hope told Jennifer to not turn off the phone because she needed to hear Zack's voice. Hope finally agreed to go to the courthouse to talk to Bo. "God help him if he is with Billie and Chelsea..." said Hope as she was walking out the house.

Lexie and Tek were still talking outside of Abe's room. Lexie told Tek that she loves Abe and that is the end of the story. Tek told Lexie that he still has feelings for her. Lexie walked away from Tek and walked into Abe's room. Lexie held Abe's hands while the nurse took off the bandages from Abe's eyes. Lexie was the first person that Abe was able to see. "Oh Abe honey you can see. Sweetheart you can see..." cried Lexie. Tek watched through the doorway in Abe's room.

Nicole thanked Roman for sharing a drink with her. They talked about the last time they were at the same bar. Nicole suggested that she wanted to stay the night with Roman in his hotel. Roman told Nicole that he better leave before he said yes. Roman left and told Nicole that he would take a cold shower.

Carrie told Lucas that she needed to talk to Austin. Carrie interrupted Austin's conversation with Larry and told Larry that she was the former CEO of High Style. "You destroyed the lives of so many people..." Carrie said to Austin. Carrie told Austin that she would never believe him. She told Austin that he turned into a terrible person. Lucas approached the table, then Carrie ran away. Austin followed behind Carrie. Lucas tried to also follow but Sami stopped Lucas.

The nurse gave Abe the name of the coronary donor. Abe looked at the envelop and talked about how generous the family who donated their love ones' eyes. Abe finally opened the envelope and then began to cry after reading the name of the donor. Abe told Lexie that it was Zack Brady's eyes. "Zack gave me the gift of being a father and now he has given me the gift of sight." cried Abe. Abe apologized to Lexie for his behavior towards her for the last year. He told her that he would never behave like that ever again. Lexie told Abe that they could start a new life. Lexie and Abe hugged each other. Tek watched from the window outside of Abe's room.

Austin followed Carrie outside of the bar. "What happened between our companies was business." said Austin. Austin told Carrie that she was not made to be a CEO because her managerial skills were poor. Carrie told Austin that they were never meant to be and that they were over.

Roman returned to his hotel room. There was a knock on the door. It was Nicole. She asked him to invite her in. Nicole walked into Roman's room. Roman was surprised. He asked her if she was sure about this.

Hope walked into the courthouse.

Bo, Chelsea, and Billie were still at the courthouse. Bo told Chelsea that she would have to go to jail for processing. Chelsea said that she didn't want to go to jail and that she was scared. Hope walked in and saw Billie and Bo comforting Chelsea

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