Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/7/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/7/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Tek and Lexie were kissing in the bathroom in Abe's room while Abe was having coronary surgery. A nurse pushed Abe into his room in a wheel chair. Abe had bandages over his eyes. Lexie and Tek were still in Abe's bathroom kissing. At this point they did not know that Abe was wheeled into his hospital room. Lexie and Tek were still standing in the bathroom. Lexie asked Tek what was he trying to do.

Bonnie walked around her hospital room then laid down on the foot of her bed. Bonnie looked at her medical records, commented about how her records documented that she was sick. Bonnie thought to herself and had flashbacks of how she jogged in place to accelerate her heart on the heart monitor.

Mimi was in the hospital outside of her mother's room. Mimi had flashbacks of when Bonnie told her that Claire is Shawn's baby. "How could I marry Shawn knowing he is the father of Belle's baby." Mimi asked herself. Shawn walked up to Mimi and told her that he thinks he knows what she is thinking. Shawn told Mimi that he thinks that they should get married as soon as possible.

Chelsea and Billie were still at the courthouse. "I can't believe this is happening. My life is over. " Chelsea said. Billie told Chelsea that she may get off with a fine and community service. "No matter what the judge says, my life is over." cried Chelsea. Billie told Chelsea that she wished that she could do something about this. Patrick overheard Billie's and Chelsea's conversation and told Billie "Don't you think you did enough."

Bo was also at the courthouse. Bo tried to call Hope numerous times on his cell phone. Bo left a message for Hope telling her that he is worried about her and he loves her. Bo also asked Hope to call him. "Where are you Hope..." Bo said as he ended his call on his cell phone.

Hope rang Jennifer's door bell. Jennifer answered the door. Jennifer invited Hope into her house. Hope told Jennifer that Bo lied to her about who killed Zack. Hope told Jennifer that it was Chelsea who really killed Zack and not Billie, and Bo knew this. "He and Billie didn't want me to find out..." cried Hope. Jennifer hugged Hope.

Billie asked Patrick why did he go to the store and look through the surveillance tapes. Patrick told Billie that he could not believe that she was going to jail for something that she did not do. Billie told Patrick that he should have stayed out of it. Patrick walked towards Chelsea and told her that he has always tried to do right by her. Chelsea walked away from Patrick and out of the courthouse. Billie yelled at Patrick and told him. "You don't have kids, you don't understand." Billie told Patrick that there was a time that she thought that they had something special but she was wrong about Patrick. Billie told Patrick that she was wrong about him and that they were "finished."

Chelsea ran into Bo on her way out of the court house

Hope told Jennifer that Bo signed off for Chelsea's temporary license and then allowed Chelsea to drive his truck. Hope began to go over the events of the night of the accident. How Bo left two times to see Chelsea and how now everything made sense. Jennifer told Hope that she did not know what to say. "He's my husband his Zack Father. And he never said a word to me... He lied to me how could he do that to me? " cried Hope. Jennifer tried to defend Bo's reasoning. "Don't you dare defend him to me..." cried Hope.

Abe was still sitting in his room after his transplant.

Meanwhile Lexie and Tek were in the bathroom talking. Tek told Lexie that he missed her and wanted to spend time with her. Lexie told Tek that this was not appropriate. Tek told Lexie that he wants to satisfy her. Lexie turned her back to Tek.

Mimi spoke to Shawn outside of Bonnie's room. Mimi told Shawn that she had something that she wanted to tell him. Bonnie overheard Mimi and suspected that Mimi was going to tell Shawn that he was Claire's father. Bonnie began to yell in pain. Mimi and Shawn walked into Bonnie's room. Bonnie cried complaining of pain and said that he could not breathe

Bo walked Chelsea back into the courthouse.

Patrick was in disbelief about Billie telling him that she wanted to breakup with him. Billie explained that the reason was because he did not respect her wishes. Billie told Patrick to leave. Meanwhile, Bo and Chelsea walked back into the courthouse and overheard Billie's and Patrick's conversation. Bo told Patrick to leave.

Jennifer continued to defend Bo to Hope. Jennifer even compared when Jack failed to tell her about his illness to Bo not telling her about Chelsea killing Zack. Hope told Jennifer that both Jack and Bo were wrong no matter what she says. The door bell ran. It was Patrick. "Its not a good time. " Jennifer told Patrick. Jennifer told Patrick that Hope was there and she was not doing well. "I don't know if she is going to recover from all this." She said.

Meanwhile, Tek continued to talk to Lexie in Abe's hospital bathroom. Tek continued to insist that Abe was not satisfying Lexie. Tek told Lexie that sex was an important part of marriage, and this was something that Abe could not do for Lexie. Tek told Lexie that he wanted to have sex with her and that he wanted to be the one to satify her. Lexie told Tek that she was ashamed of their behavior. Tek kissed Lexie, Lexie kissed Tek back passionately. The nurse and Abe were in Abe's hospital room. The nurse turned the door knob to the open the bathroom door. Lexie and Tek heard that someone was opening the door and turned to look at the door.

Shawn, and Mimi were in Bonnie's room. Bonnie told Mimi that she did not think that she was going to make it. "I am so sorry honey, please don't be mad at me. We can both be happy if you and Shawn get married." said Bonnie. Mimi told Shawn to give her a minute to talk to her mother alone. Shawn left Bonnie's room to leave Mimi alone with her mother. "Drop it mom."said Mimi sarcastically. " I am not going to start off my wedding with Shawn on a lie." cried Mimi. Mimi told Bonnie that she wanted to tell Shawn the truth. Bonnie told Mimi that would be a mistake.

Bo told Billie that Chelsea will be charged with Zack's death. Chelsea was nearby and thought to herself "I can not believe this is happening."

Hope told Patrick and Jennifer that she don't think she will ever forgive Bo.

The nurse in Abe's room opened the bathroom door, but Lexie and Tek were hiding behind the curtain in the shower. After the nurse left, Lexie told Tek that she didn't mean to hurt him but it was over. Tek told Lexie that he was hurt. Lexie explained that she loves her husband and she is staying with Abe. Lexie got a page to attend to a patient. Lexie and Tek discussed that they would exit Abe's room quietly and hoped that he would not hear them leaving. Lexie sneaked out of Abe's room successfully first. Tek followed but Abe heard him sneaking out. Abe spoke in an stern tone, "Who is there..."

Shawn returned to Bonnie's room. He told Mimi and Bonnie that he had paged Lexie. Lexie followed into Bonnie's room soon afterward and asked Bonnie what was the problem. Bonnie told Lexie that she was still in pain. Lexie told Bonnie that she wanted to do more test.

Shawn waited outside of Bonnie's room while Lexie exams Bonnie. Shawn asked Mimi if she wanted to get married sooner. Lexie came out of Bonnie's room before Mimi could finish answering Shawn's question. Lexie told Mimi that she was worried about Bonnie's health and that Bonnie needed to change her eating and lifestyle. More specifically Bonnie needs to quit smoking, and drinking and change her eating habits. Mimi had flashbacks of times her mother smoked, ate, and drank excessively. A nurse told Lexie that Abe was calling for her. After Lexie left Mimi told Shawn that her mother was dying.

Abe's eyes were still banded up. Abe stood up and asked Tek why was he there. Tek told Abe that he was there to see Lexie.

Shawn told Mimi that maybe they should get married sooner "Whats the big deal?" asked Shawn. Mimi told Shawn they will talk about it and that she wanted to talk to her mother. Mimi walked into Bonnie's room and sat on the bed next to Bonnie. Bonnie told Mimi that she always was proud of Mimi. Bonnie told Mimi that she knew that she embarrassed Mimi sometimes. Mimi sarcastically told Bonnie that she embarrasses her all the time. Bonnie asked Mimi if she would forget that Claire is Shawn's child and marry Shawn. Bonnie told Mimi that this would make her so happy. Mimi and Bonnie hugged.

Hope and Patrick were still at Jennifer's house. Hope told Patrick that she wished that Chelsea never came into their lives. Hope told Patrick that she will make sure that Chelsea gets the maximum sentence. Patrick told Hope that it was an accident. "That girl was willing to let Billie go to jail for her...that's not human..." cried Hope. Hope told Patrick that she did not care if she never saw Bo or Chelsea ever again. Jennifer told Hope and Patrick that she wanted to check on Jack Jr. Hope told Jennifer that wanted to check on Jack Jr. Jennifer said it was okay, and Hope walked upstairs to Jack Jr.'s room. Patrick and Jennifer talked about Hope and compared what Jack did to protect Jennifer from knowing about his illness and what Bo did by not telling Hope the truth. Jennifer told Patrick that she did not think that Hope and Bo's marriage would be able to survive this.

Bo was still at the courthouse. Bo got off the phone with the prosecutor. He said that they were officially filling charges against Chelsea for Zack's death.

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