Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/3/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie talked to Lucas about working with him at Titan. Lucas told Carrie that he will take revenge against Austin, Sami and Nicole.

Austin told Sami that he figured out a way to get Carrie back.

Shawn said that he agrees with Bonnie that all babies look the same at Claire's age. Mimi watched and listened to Shawn and Caroline talk about Claire. Caroline continued to say that Claire looked like Shawn. Mimi and Bonnie walked to a corner in the room to talk. Mimi told Bonnie that she could not based a relationship with Shawn based on a lie. Mimi told Bonnie that she did not want to make the same mistake that she made with Rex.

Bo spoke to Patrick in a room in the courthouse. "You son of a bitch. " said Bo. Patrick told Bo that he knew that Chelsea killed Zack. Bo told Patrick that he signed Chelsea's temporary license and then allowed her to drive his truck. Bo told Patrick that this was his fault.

Hope was still in the courthouse. She walked away crying. Billie was standing nearby. Chelsea was standing behind Billie. Chelsea had flashbacks of her conversation with Max and about the accident. Hope saw Chelsea and called her a murder. "Your the one who was driving Bo's car. Your the one who killed my son!" cried Hope

Shawn asked Mimi who does Claire look like. Mimi said that Claire looks like Belle Then Mimi told Shawn and Belle that she had something to tell them. Just then Bonnie faked a heart attach to prevent Mimi from telling Belle and Shawn the truth.

Hope continues to confront Chelsea about killing Zack. Chelsea at denies that she killed Zack. Hope told Chelsea that she could not believe that Chelsea allowed Billie to go to jail for her.

Bo told Patrick the reason that he did not tell Hope was because he needed to be there for Hope because she was "falling apart." Patrick told Bo that he thinks Hope will not forgive him once she finds out that he knew that it was Chelsea who killed Zack and not Billie. "You will lose your daughter and your wife." said Patrick.

Carried said she did not want to get even with Austin. Lucas asked Carrie if she wanted to be his roommate if she decides to take his job offer and stay in Salem. Carrie told Lucas that she was planning to go back to LA. "I am giving you a job offer and a place to stay....Shall we call up Titian and have them draw up the contract?" asked Lucas.

Austin told Sami that he thinks that he knows a way to give Carrie her company back.

Bonnie said that she felt better. Caroline got Bonnie a aspirin. Mimi said Bonnie was fine. Mimi then announced that she had something to tell Shawn and Belle. While Mimi was talking Bonnie again faked another heart attack. Bonnie cried and said that she was having chest pain. This time Mimi believed Bonnie and Mimi told Bonnie that she was sorry that she did not believe her.

Belle and Caroline talked in Belle's apartment after everyone had left to bring Bonnie to the hospital. Belle said she was surprised that Mimi did not believe Bonnie was having a heart attack. "It was like she thought Bonnie was faking..." said Belle "After all we are talking about Bonnie Lockhart...I shouldn't say that she is a future in law. Bonnie did raise a wonderful daughter..." said Caroline. Belle told Caroline that she wished that Marlena remembered her. Belle told Caroline that she felt Marlena was turning her back on her family. Belle began to talk about Mimi wearing Caroline wedding dress on her wedding day. Caroline told Mimi that she knew that she wanted to wear that dress. Caroline told Belle that she was happy that Shawn and Belle were still friends after all they have been through.

Lexie was on the phone in the hospital checking on Abe. Mimi and Shawn brought Bonnie to the emergency room. Bonnie was immediately put in a wheel chair. Mimi asked Lexie if Bonnie was too young to have a heart attack. Lexie told Mimi that Bonnie was not too old to have a heart attack. Lexie checked Bonnie once she was brought to a cubical. Lexie asked Bonnie about her medical history. Lexie told Bonnie to relax while she was on the heart monitor so she could make a diagnosis on Bonnie. "If Mimi finds out I am faking she will tell Shawn and Belle the truth." Bonnie said to herself. Bonnie heard a man in the next cubical describing how he felt when he had his heart attack. Bonnie immediately stood up and began to jogg in place to cause the heart monitor to accelerate.

Bo told Patrick he was not going to let Hope bury Zack alone. Patrick told Bo that he could not believe that he let Billie go to jail for something that she did not do. Bo and Patrick heard Hope yelling at Chelsea "Patrick showed us the proof. Your the one who killed Zack." Said Hope.

Carrie told Lucas that she did need a job and would think about his job offer over some coffee. Lucas told Carrie that he would get some milk while she thought about his offer. After Lucas left Carrie told herself "Maybe Lucas is right. Maybe we can show Austin that nice guys don't always finish last..."

Meanwhile, Austin told Sami that he thinks that he knows a way to give Carrie her company back. He told Sami that he would make Carrie the head of his company. Austin was getting ready to leave Sami's apartment to tell Carrie. Sami told Austin to stop. Austin turned to Sami and questioned her motives for telling him to stop.

Caroline found Belle's old diary. Belle asked Caroline not to tell Phil about the diary. In the diary Belle wrote about a time that she and Shawn said they would name their first daughter Claire. Belle told Caroline that if things were different Claire would be Caroline's great grand daughter and she would be Caroline's grand daughter. Caroline told Belle that she was already her granddaughter.

Hope showed Chelsea the pictures of Chelsea driving Bo's truck. "You did it. Chelsea you killed your little brother..." cried Hope. Chelsea said "I am sorry. I am so so sorry..."

Sami told Austin that she did not think that Carrie would want to work for a company whose principles she did not believe in. Austin told Sami that he was going to take a shower then tell Carrie about the offer. After Austin went into the shower Sami said "Dam-it!" Sami Said heard Lucas whistling in the hallway. Sami opened the door and sarcastically asked Lucas if he was happy. Lucas told Sami that everything was going great.

Caroline told Belle that she will always think of Claire as her flesh and blood. Belle had flashbacks of some of the many times she shared with Shawn. Belle began to cry. Caroline asked Belle what was wrong. Belle told Caroline that she still loves Shawn and she wants Claire to be Shawn's baby.

Sami told Lucas that Austin figured out a way to get Carrie back and he is going to make her an offer. Austin came out of the shower and saw Lucas talking to Sami. Carrie met Lucas at Sami's door. Austin told Carrie to come in because he had something he wanted to talk to her about. Sami and Lucas watched attentively in the doorway.

Chelsea said it was an accident. "I loved him. Hope. What about the woman watching him Hope. It was an accident." cried Chelsea. Hope accused Chelsea of driving Bo's truck without permission. Chelsea told Hope that she did have permission and that Bo signed her temporary license and loaned her his truck. Hope turned around and looked at Bo with tears in her eyes.

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