Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/2/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/2/06


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Bonnie told Mimi that Shawn is Claire's father. Mimi told Bonnie that this couldn't be true.. Bonnie insisted that it was fact and advised Mimi to marry Shawn as soon as possible

Carrie cried to Lucas about not seeing how much Austin had changed. "He put my employees out of work. I don't think I will forgive him." said Carrie. Carrie told Lucas that Sami told her in the court house that she still loved Lucas.

Austin and Sami were talking about the headline in the newspaper discussing Billie going to jail for killing Zack. Sami told Austin that she could not get Zack's death out of her mind and felt sorry for Hope and Bo's lost. Sami told Austin that over the years she has not been that close to her family, and the only ones who she felt close to was her mother and father. Austin told Sami that he was her friend and she could trust in him because he would always be there for her.

Billie and Patrick were arguing at the courthouse. Billie told Patrick to back off of Chelsea. Hope and Bo overheard Billie and Patrick talking. Hope asked Patrick what he was doing. Patrick then turned back to Billie and told her that she has to stop lying. "Dam it can anyone tell me what the hell is going on." demanded Hope. Bo asked Hope to go inside. Chelsea immediately ran away and out of the courthouse. Chelsea saw Max outside. Chelsea was crying. Chelsea told Max about what just happened. Chelsea asked Max to run away with her out of Salem. Meanwhile, Hope demanded Patrick to tell her what happened. Patrick immediately told Hope that it was Chelsea who killed Zack and not Billie. "Chelsea did this..." cried Hope. Billie told Hope that Chelsea was innocent. Bo told Billie that it was over.

Mimi told Bonnie that Claire can't be Shawn's because Belle was a virgin when she married Phil and that Phil was the only man that Belle had sex with. Bonnie explained that her EMT friend did some research for her and told her about when Belle and Shawn were found naked and confused during a fire incident. Mimi said she knew about the incident and about them being naked, but Belle told her that Shawn and her were just keeping each other warm. Bonnie told Mimi that they did alittle more than keeping each other warm, and it was that night that they made Claire. Bonnie also told Mimi that she confront Kate about this and Kate confirmed that Shawn was in fact Claire's father and this is the reason Kate wants Mimi and Shawn to get married so soon. "I knew that this was too good to be true. There is no way that I can marry Shawn now." said Mimi

Austin told Sami that he wish that he had listened to her about not taking over High Style Cosmetics. Sami had flashbacks about when she did research on the computer and discovered that Carrie was the CEO. Sami then told Austin that she was not perfect and not innocent and that she coud have done something to stop him from taking over Carrie's company.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Carrie were talking in Lucas' apartment. Lucas told Carrie that she was better than Austin. Lucas said he wanted to help Carrie. He told her he had a very important question that he wanted to ask her.

Shawn told Bell that she Phil and Claire made the perfect family. Shawn also told Belle that a baby can bring two people together.

Mimi and Bonnie continued to talk about Claire being Shawn's daughter. Mimi told Bonnie that she did not want to marry Shawn under false pretenses. Mimi said she can never give Shawn a baby that is his flesh and blood and Belle has already done that. "The ony reason Shawn let go of Belle was because of Claire, and if Claire is really Shawn he is going to want her back. And I will be demoted to loyal friend. " said Mimi. Bonnie told Mimi not to tell anyone. Mimi told Bonnie that she was going to tell Shawn now.

Chelsea was talking to Max outside of the courthouse. Max told Chelsea that Patrick did the right thing. Chelsea told Max that he did not give a damn about her. "I can't go to jail there is only one thing left to do." Chelsea was getting ready to run away. Max told Chelsea not to run away.

Billie, Patrick, Bo, and Hope were still talking in the courthouse. Billie told Hope not to believe Patrick. Hope told Patrick to show her evidence that it was Chelsea not Billie that killed Zack.

Lucas asked Carrie if she wanted to work with him at Titan. "I think that we can make a great team." said Lucas

Sami told Austin that she should have worked harder to find out the name of the CEO of High Style Cosmetics. Sami told Austin that she spoke to Carrie about him when they were at the courthouse. Sami told Austin that she explained to Carrie that this was not his (Austin's) fault because he did not know that High Style for her company. Austin told Sami that he will change Carrie's mind about him.

Caroline saw Mimi and Bonnie talking and overheard some of their conversation in the hallway. Caroline approached Mimi and Bonnie. Caroline told told Mimi that she had an engagement present for her and handed her a box.. Caroline asked Mimi if she was okay. Caroline hugged Mimi and told her that she was being emotional. Caroline comforted Mimi and told her that she (Caroline) predicted that Mimi would be Shawn's wife. Caroline went into the apartment while Bonnie and Mimi continued to talk in the hallway. Bonnie told Mimi that the wedding was going to happen. Mimi insisted that she was going to tell Shawn and Belle. Bonnie and Mimi went into the apartment quietly while Caroline talked to Shawn and Belle. Carolina told Shawn and Belle that Claire looked like Shawn when he was a baby. Mimi had flashbacks about the nurses in the hospital talking about Shawn being a match for Claire and Phil was not a match.

Hope looked at Patrick's evidence and said "Oh my God this is true. How could this be." Hope told Billie that she did not give a dam about her daughter because she killed Zack and deserved to be punished. "If it wasn't for Patrick, we would never known the truth about Zack's death." cried Hope to Bo. At this point, Hope did not know that Bo already knew the truth.

Chelsea was still talking to Max outside of the courthouse. Chelsea pleaded with Max to run away

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