Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/1/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/1/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Belle, Shawn, and Mimi were in Claire's hospital room. Belle told Shawn and Mimi that Claire was going home. Belle told them that Phil was at Billie's arraignment. Belle asked if they could give her a ride back to her apartment. Shawn and Mimi agreed to give her a ride. Mimi told Shawn that he is amazing with Claire. Bonnie walked past Claire's room and said to herself that she hopes Shawn does not find out that he is Claire's real daddy.

Marlena told John that she and Alex were renewing their wedding vows and when that happens Alex will be Claire's step grand-dad

Frankie told Billie that both she and Chelsea will be in big trouble if they do not tell the truth. Billie said that when she was growing up, her mother was not there for her. But Billie said she wants to be there for Chelsea.

Patrick told Chelsea that he knows that she was the one who killed Zack.

Carolina told Bo that he had to tell Hope the truth. Bo explained that he would tell Hope the truth but did not think that she could handle it. Hope overheard Carolina and Bo saying that Hope needed to know the truth and asked Bo what he and his mother was talking about.

Marlena walked into Claire's room. Shawn and Mimi told Belle and Marlena that they would leave to give them some privacy. Marlena and Belle talked about Zack loosing his life and Zack saving Claire's life. Marlena told Belle that she should always be grateful. Marlena told Belle that she and Alex were going to renewal their wedding vows. Marlena asked Belle to be happy for them. Belle told Marlena that she wishes that Marlena remembered how wonderful her and John's relationship was.

Mimi told Shawn that Belle will be the maid of honor, and Shawn told Mimi that Phil will be the best man at their wedding. Mimi and Shawn talked about how Kate's offer was suspicious. Shawn told Mimi that he did not want to rush their wedding because of his family grieving. Mimi agreed that it would be a good idea to wait. Shawn said he would keep his promise and give her a real wedding ring, get married to Mimi and have kids.

Billie told Frankie she did not want him to represent her. "I am responsible for Zack Brady's death. That's my story and I am sticking to it..." said Billie. Frankie told Billie she was making a huge mistake.

Patrick told Chelsea that he knew she was driving Bo's SUV. Chelsea told Patrick not to tell anyone. Chelsea told him that it was not his business. "If you let Billie do this you will regret it someday and so will she..." said Patrick

Hope continued to ask Bo what he wanted to tell her. Bo asked Hope to go somewhere else to talk. Hope said no "Why are you so anxious to get me out of here. Tell me Brady..." Hope saw something behind Bo that upset her.

Bonnie watched Mimi and Shawn talk in the waiting area about the wedding. Bonnie said to herself that she hoped that they did not wait to long to get married.

John told Marlena that he was going to change Marlena's mind about Alex. Marlena told John to give up his interest in her. Marlena told Belle that she thought it was time to get the baby ready. Marlena grabbed Claire's baby bag. John told Marlena that he was gong to do something. Marlena asked John where he was going. John left Claire's room in a hurry and he did not tell her where he was going.

Lois told Alex he was using her. She told Alex that she thinks he is planning to leave her in the mental ward while he renews his wedding vows to Marlena and live happily ever after. "Everything is going exactly as planed before long we will get exactly what we want." said Alex. Lois told Alex that John will not let go of Marlena. John suddenly walks into Lois room while she is talking to Alex and said "Now what the hell is going on in here."

Belle, and Marlena brought Claire home. Belle told Marlena that Claire will be protected by "Shawn and me" Marlena stunned by what Belle said and asked her if she was aware that she said "Shawn and Me."

Shawn told Mimi that he could not wait to have kids. Shawn told Mimi that he wants to name their first son Zack.

Hope saw Zack's clothing wrapped in a plastic bag as evidence in Billie's arraignment. Hope was upset and held the plastic bag with clothing worn by Zack and stained with his blood from the accident. Bo asked Hope if she wanted to leave. Hope told Bo that she wanted to stay. Bo left Hope to get her some water. Bo saw Caroline on his way out, Bo told Caroline that he could not tell Hope about Chelsea killing Zack because Hope was falling apart. Caroline said she would get Hope a glass of water and told Bo to tell Hope the truth. By the time Bo returned to Hope was fainting. Bo held Hope up.

Billie told Frankie that she was sorry that she has wasted his time. Frankie told Billie that he did not like being put in this position, and keeping Billie's secret but said that would not tell anyone. Billie and Frankie suddenly heard Patrick yelling at Chelsea outside the door and telling Chelsea to stop. By the time Billie and Frankie opened the door. Patrick was still yelling at Chelsea and telling her that she has to admit to killing Zack. Billie yelled at Patrick and told Patrick that she was taking the blame for Zack's death.

John asked Alex what he was doing in Lois room and why was he holding Lois' hand. Alex explained that he was Lois' therapist and he was comforting her. John commented about them looking too friendly for two people who hate each other. Alex continued to insist that he was treating Lois. John asked Alex if Lois was still a threat to Marlena. Alex said he would have to treat Lois to figure that out

Marlena questioned Belle about the reason Belle said Claire was lucky to have Shawn. Marlena said she was not trying to make her uncomfortable by her questions. Marlena mentioned that Belle called out Shawn's name when she was in labor with Claire. Marlena suggested that Belle was still in love with Shawn. Belle explained that Shawn and her was in Claire's room the night Zack died and Zack spoke to both of them in a dream and said that Claire would be okay and that she and Shawn was meant to be. Marlena asked Belle if she thinks what Zack said will come true about them belonging together.

Bonnie brought bags of food to Mimi and Shawn's apartment to celebrate Claire's homecoming and also Mimi and Shawn's engagement. Bonnie told Mimi that she needs to "bag" Shawn and she could loose Shawn if she don't marry him soon. Shawn overheard Bonnie and asked her what was going on.

Bo carried Hope and woke her from he fainted state. When Hope woke up, Bo asked Hope if she wanted to go to the hospital. Hope told Bo that she did not want to go to the hospital. "I couldn't go through this without you Brady..." said Hope. Hope told Bo that she had to stay and watch Billie go to jail for Zack's death. Bo told Hope that he will always be there for her.

Billie told Patrick to leave Chelsea alone. Chelsea said she didn't know what to do. Billie told her she will not let her go to jail. "I am your mother. I will always protect you cause I love you. You haven't been a lousy daughter. " said Billie hugging Chelsea. Billie told Frankie that he was fired. Chelsea told Billie that maybe she shouldn't fire Frankie because she should have someone to represent her in court. Patrick told Billie that what she was doing was suicide.

Bo told Caroline that he was going to tell Hope but she could not take it. "If this was about me I would. You heard her say that I am the only thing holding her up. " Said Bo. Caroline told Bo if she found out second hand from someone else it would be even worst and Hope will never forgive him.

Shawn asked Bonnie if she just told Mimi that she should "bag" him (Shawn). Bonnie avoided Shawn's question and playfully told Mimi that she needed to talk to her outside. "If you don't marry Shawn your relationship with Shawn will be over." said Bonnie.

Belle said she didn't know what to believe. Marlena told Belle that if she is still in love with Shawn she better tell him before he marry Mimi. Marlena told Belle that they had a lot in common. (having two men in love with them).

After John left Lois's room in the mental unit. Alex told Lois that by the time John finds out the truth it will be too late because "the deed will be done."

John returned to Belle's apartment and told Marlena that Alex was in Lois' room in the mental unit. Marlena told John that she was not going to let him come between her and Alex again. Marlena walked out of Belle's apartment and John walked out right behind her. Shawn was now in Belle's apartment watching John and Marlena talking. After John and Marlena left Shawn asked Belle if she was okay. Belle told Shawn that he would be a great dad. Shawn told Belle that he was happy for Belle and Phil's happiness and miracle with Claire.

Bonnie and Mimi argued about Mimi marrying Shawn. Bonnie told Mimi that she needed to marry Shawn because Shawn is Claire's real father.

Frankie told Caroline that Billie fired him. Caroline told Frankie that she knew that it was Chelsea that killed Zack. Caroline told Frankie that what Billie is doing will make it worst for her daughter and that Bo and Hope's marriage may be over when the truth comes out.

Patrick told Billie to tell the truth. Hope, and Bo were walking and heard Patrick telling Billie to tell the truth. Hope asked Billie what was going on. "Dam-it is anyone going to tell me what the hell is going on here..." said Hope

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