Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/31/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/31/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami, Lucas and Carrie arrived at the courthouse. Sami told Lucas and Carrie that she could not believe that Billie killed Zack. Carrie left Sami and Lucas to talk to Bo and Hope. After Carrie left, Lucas told Sami that she better not try to plan to marry Austin because Austin still loves Carrie.

Caroline was at the courthouse. She saw Chelsea and told her that she needed to talk to her about something Max said.

Bo and Hope were also at the courthouse. Hope continued to blame Billie for killing Zack. Carrie approached them and told them that she was sorry about what happened to Zack. Carrie hugged Bo and Hope. Hope said that she wanted Billie put in jail.

Austin, Kate, and Billie were also in a room in the courthouse. Kate told Billie that she hired Frankie to be her attorney. Billie became upset and told Kate that she did not want an attorney. Billie told Kate and Austin that she made a confession and there was nothing that could be done to change her confession. Just then Frankie opened the door to the room that Billie, Kate, and Austin were and told them that Billie just might not go to jail.

Meanwhile, Patrick was driving around trying to reconstruct and pin point exactly where Zack was killed. Patrick stood in front of a Super Value Mart Store. Patrick had flashbacks of when he spoke to Billie at the police station and how she said that she was guilty. Patrick told himself that he knew that Billie did not kill Zack. Patrick looked up at the Super Value Mart and saw that there was a surveillance tape. He thought that by chance he could find out who was driving Bo's truck at the time of the accident. Patrick decided to go inside of the Super Value Mart Store.

Carrie continued to talk to Bo and Hope. Carrie told them that she was glad that she could be there for them. Hope said that it would not be the same without Zack. Hope talked about how she wanted Billie to go to jail. Bo told Hope "That's enough." Hope became angry and then told Bo that she was going to see what was taking the court proceeding so long to start. After Hope left Bo told Carrie that Billie did not kill Zack.

Meanwhile Chelsea asked Caroline what Max told her. Caroline explained that Max told her that Chelsea was so upset about Zack's death. Chelsea looked relieved because for a moment she thought that Max had told Caroline the truth about Zack's accident. Caroline told Chelsea that Billie may get a tough sentencing because of Billie's past with the law. Chelsea told Caroline that she did not know that Billie went to jail in the past. Caroline advised Chelsea that she believes Billie might be made an example of and given a tougher sentence.

Billie told Frankie that she was sorry for wasting his time but he could go. Billie told Kate that she minds peoples' business too much. Kate told Billie that she wants Frankie to represent her and this was the only way that she would keep Billie's secret if Billie allows Frankie to represent her. Billie finally agreed to let Frankie represent her. Billie told Frankie that she was not changing her plead.

Patrick went into the store and asked the clerk if he could see the store's outside surveillance tape. The clerk asked if Patrick was a police officer. Patrick told the clerk that he was investigating a case. The male clerk appeared as though he was sexually attracted to Patrick.. The clerk asked Patrick what he would get if he allowed him to watch the surveillance tape.

Lucas and Sami were still talking in the court house. Lucas told Sami that he talked to Austin about Carrie. "I don't think that he will be looking for a replacement anytime soon.." said Lucas. "He will never loose his love for Carrie.." said Lucas. Carrie saw Sami and Lucas talking. Carrie told Sami to say something to Bo and Hope. Sami still angry by Lucas's comments, snapped at Carrie and told her that Bo and Hope don't even want to talk to her."I am showing support for them by being here..."said Sami. Carrie told Sami that she was glad that she saw Austin for who he is before their relationship got too serious. Carrie asked Sami if Sami and Lucas were still an item.

It appears that Kate and Lucas were outside of the courthouse. Lucas told Kate that he was there for Billie but was also there to support Bo and Hope.Kate told Lucas that Billie should not be blamed for Zack's death. Lucas asked Kate the reason Billie drove away from the accident. Lucas told Kate that Austin bought Carrie's company in a hostile take over. Kate was surprised and said that Austin must have not known it was Carrie's company because she knows that Austin would not knowingly do that. Kate told Lucas that she was going to talk to Carrie and fix it. Lucas told Kate not to do that.

Meanwhile Frankie and Billie went over the evidence. Frankie told Billie that her confession did not make any sense. Frankie told Billie that he had proof that Billie was on the Titan jet during the time of the accident. Frankie asked Billie who was she "covering for."

Chelsea continued to talk to Carolina. She told Carolina that she did not know that Billie had a spent any time in jail.

Hope told Bo that the court proceedings would be a closed proceeding, only close family would be admitted in. Suddenly Hope's cell phone went off and Zack's voice was on the cell phone ringer saying "Mommy its Zack come pick me up from school..." Both Bo and Hope were shocked to hear Zack's voice coming out of Hope's cell phone. Hope began to cry. Bo took the cell phone and turned it off. Bo held Hope in his arms.

Sami told Carrie that she wished things were different with her and Lucas, but Lucas will never forgive her the same and Carrie will never forgive Austin.

Kate and Lucas continued to talk about Carrie outside the courthouse. Lucas told Kate that wanted Carrie for himself. Austin overheard Lucas and told him that he would never get Carrie.

Meanwhile the clerk at the store gave Patrick the outside surveillance tape. The clerk watched the tape with Patrick for a while then went to help a customer.

Frankie continued to ask Billie about who she was covering for. Frankie told Billie that he would show the court the paper work that supports Billie was in fact on a Titan Jet during Zack's accident, proving that she was not the one who killed Zack. Billie became upse and pleaded with Frankie not to tell... " one can know that Chelsea killed Zack..." Billie said accidentally. Frankie was in shock.

Bo and Hope told Caroline that Hope's cell phone rang and Zack's voice was on the cell phone. Hope said that she did not know that Zack put his voice on her phone. Bo talked with Caroline privately in a room after Hope walked away. Bo told Caroline that Billie did not kill Zack. Bo told Carolina that Chelsea hit Zack with his truck and that he signed Chelsea's temporary drivers license and allowed Chelsea to drive his truck. "I shouldn't have done that. Because of me my son is dead." said Bo.

Carrie told Sami that Austin was a disappointment. Carrie told Sami that she won't be able to look at Austin the same anymore. Sami asked Carrie if it was okay that she pursued an interest in Austin since Carrie was no longer interested in him. Carrie became so upset, her eyes were watery and she appeared as if she was going to cry. Carrie told Sami go ahead and that they deserved each other.

Austin and Lucas argued about who would get Carrie. Austin told Lucas that he will get Carrie back. Lucas told Austin that he will see to it that Titan takes Austin's company and Austin will know how Carrie felt when he took ever her company. Austin told Kate that Lucas is a dead man if he finds out that Lucas did anything to break him and Carrie apart.

Meanwhile Bo and Caroline talked privately. Caroline urged Bo to tell the truth. Bo told Caroline that he did not know how to tell Hope the truth. Hope happened to walk into the room and asked Bo what did he have to tell her the truth about.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Billie talked about the case. Frankie told Billie that now everything made sense, it being Chelsea who hit Zack and not Billie. Billie had flashbacks of when she Bo and Chelsea told her about Chelsea hitting Zack when they were in the hospital. Billie explained that Hope can not know about this because then it would mean the end of Bo and Hope's marriage and also Chelsae would be put away in jail for the rest of her life.

Patrick was still at the store looking at the surveillance tape. The male clerk looked over Patrick's shoulder watching the tape with Patrick. Finally Patrick found the evidence that he was looking for. He saw that Chelsea was the person who was driving Bo's truck during the time of the accident.

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