Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/30/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/30/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Phil were in Claire's room. Shawn said he was happy for Belle and Phil because Claire is doing so well. Shawn told them that he is sure that Zack would be happy for them. Belle assured Shawn that they would do everything to honor Zack. Phil walked over to Claire's crib and told her that nothing was going to take her away from him

Bonnie caught up with Kate in the hospital cafeteria. Bonnie told Kate that she knew Shawn was Claire real father. Kate told Bonnie that what she just said could hurt so many people.

John brought Marlena to her office to see if she could remember anything. John told Marlena that he wanted some time to talk to her alone. Marlena told John to move on. John told Marlena that she needed to be there for her family.

Dr. Banks and Dr. Alex North were in Dr. Banks' room in the mental unit kissing. "This is crazy...." Said Lois. "This is wonderful crazy...admit it Lois, you miss me as much as I miss you..." said Alex.

Marlena asked John if he wanted to talk about Belle. Marlena said that Belle is not alone because she has Phil and he is dedicated to Belle. "Belle is a terrific young woman..." Said Marlena. John asked Marlena not to abandon her family. John suggested that Marlena sees another therapist. Marlena asked John what did he want her to do for Belle. Marlena told John that all of her children are grown and have moved on, and he (John) should do the same. John told Marlena that when he married her, he took his vows very seriously. Marlena told John "I am in love with Alex. I love him. I love only him..." John grabbed Marlena's arm as she tried to leave through the door.

Meanwhile, Alex praised Dr. Banks for playing insane and for helping him get Marlena closer to him. "What is it like pretending to be in love with someone as much as you hate Marlena?" Asked Dr. Lois Banks.

Belle and Mimi left Shawn and Phil in Claire's room to get coffee. Shawn told Phil that he is glad that Claire is okay. Phil told Shawn that he will never forget what his family did for Claire. "If you would ask me I would sacrifice my brother for my little daughter...she means so much to me. I love her...." said Shawn. Phil just looked at Shawn strange after hearing this.

Meanwhile, Belle and Mimi were drinking coffee in the waiting area. Belle asked Mimi how Shawn was doing. Mimi said that Shawn was so concerned about Claire as if she is his own daughter. Belle smiled drinking the coffee and said "she is..." Belle then walked away from Mimi. Mimi looked confused. Mimi asked Belle if Claire was Shawn's baby. Belle told Mimi that Claire was not Shawn's baby "its just that he is like a father figure to her" said Belle. Belle then talked about Mimi and Shawn's wedding and about Kate making such a great offer for their wedding.

Bonnie and Kate were still in the hospital cafeteria. Bonnie told Kate that she knew Shawn was Claire's father. She explained that Mimi told her that Phil was not a match for Claire and that Shawn and Belle were. Kate admitted to Bonnie that Shawn is Claire's father. "I got dirt on half the people in Salem..." said Bonnie jokingly. Kate asked Bonnie if she would tell anyone. Bonnie told Kate that she would not tell anyone. Bonnie explained that she had a good friend look up the fire incident that happened with Belle and Shawn before Belle was pregnant. Bonnie told Kate that her friend told her that Shawn and Belle were found naked and confused, suggesting that they had sex and did not know it.

John still had his hand on Marlena's arm trying to prevent her from leaving her office. Marlena told John that he was man-handling her. John explained that he just wanted her to look at her old office to see if she remembered anything. He showed her her degrees on the wall and photos on her desk and told her about how important her career was a major part of her life. Marlena told John that she trusted only Alex unconditionally. John turned and looked as if he wanted to cry. Marlena told John that she was sorry. Marlena reminded John that it was Alex who saved her from the hospital roof. "If he didn't do that...I would be dead." John told Marlena the he would not let her go. John asked Marlena if she had any memories of him. Marlena told John that she did not have any feelings for him. Marlena told John to just let his feelings for her go.

Meanwhile, Dr. Banks and Alex discussed their plan to destroy Marlena. Alex explained that the plan was to get Marlena away from John and into his arms. He said that "Marlena would continue to tell John to move on, until John have no choice but to move on and with Kate. John knows that Kate has feelings for him. It would be just a matter of time." said Alex.

Phil asked Shawn if he had second thoughts about marrying Mimi. Shawn said that he wants to marry Mimi and he could not imagine his life without her. Phil told Shawn that they should take his mother's offer for their wedding. Shawn asked Phil if he would be his best man at his wedding.

Mimi and Belle talked about Kate's offer in the waiting area. Mimi told Belle that Kate wants them to elope and that she does not want to elope. Belle told Mimi "This is your wedding day...your going to have your wedding at St. Luke's." Mimi told Belle that her dream wedding dress already exist. It was Shawn's grandmother's Caroline's wedding dress. "In fact Shawn said I look beautiful in the dress..." said Mimi. Belle seemed hurt by the thought of Mimi wearing Caroline's dress. Belle walked away from Mimi to get some more coffee.

Bonnie and Kate were still in the hospital cafeteria. Bonnie told Kate that she wanted something from Kate to keep her mouth shut about Shawn being Claire's father. Kate told Bonnie that she should have known that Bonnie want something. Bonnie told Kate that she wanted makeup, full figured size dresses, and then gave Kate a long list of handwritten requested gifts to keep her mouth shut. "Think of this as a small price to pay for our children happiness..." Said Bonnie as she handed Kate her list of requested items. Kate told Bonnie to keep her part of the bargain and left from the table. Bonnie told herself that she was going to make sure that Mimi had a happy life.

Alex and Dr. Banks were still in Dr. Bank's room in the mental unit. Alex told Dr. Banks that it was a shame how Marlena confused her fear for him for love. Dr. Banks asked Alex how could Marlena love him after all the things that he did to Marlena in the past. Dr. Banks advised Alex to destroy Marlena "slowly and cautiously." Alex asked Dr. Banks if she told anyone anything. Dr. Banks told Alex that John was very smart and would not let go of Marlena so easily. Alex told Dr. Banks "Don't worry." Alex told Dr. Banks that he held Marlena's fate in his hands and there was nothing that John could do about it.

Mimi looked at Belle confused and asked her if she mind her wearing Caroline's dress. Belle told Mimi that she did not mind. "In the wedding of my dreams your suppose to be my maid of honor..." said Mimi. Belle told Mimi that she would love to be her maid of honor. Belle and Mimi hugged.

Phil and Shawn were still in Claire's room. Phil told Shawn that he would love to be his best man. "Friendship never ends...." Shawn and Phil told each other. Claire began to cry in her crib. Phil picked her up and asked Shawn if he wanted to hold her. Claire immediately stopped crying once she was in Shawn's arms. Shawn told Phil that he loved everything about Claire. Phil told Shawn that he would make a great daddy.

Kate was almost about to knock on Marlena's door when she overheard John and Marlena talking. John reminded Marlena about her leaving their wedding picture on her desk. Marlena told John that he should have feelings for Kate because she is a lovely woman. John told Marlena that he did not feel for Kate the same way that he feels for Marlena. John told Marlena that he loved her. Kate appeared upset by what she overheard from the other side of the door. Kate walked away from Marlena's door. Marlena told John to let her go and move on with his life. John eyes began to tear as if he wanted to cry. After Marlena finally left her office John told himself that he would never let Marlena go.

Meanwhile Alex and Dr. Banks continued to kiss and grope each other. Dr. Banks kissed Alex's hand and asked him what if Marlena remembers about what he did to her in the past and remembers her love for John. "By that time it will lbe too late for anyone to save Marlena..."said Alex.

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