Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/27/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/27/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

A nurse checked on Claire. Phil, Belle, Shawn and Mimi watched as the nurse pulled the plug on Claire's monitor. Bonnie walked in and was in shock. "Jesus your telling me after all that baby been through your telling me she didn't make it..." cried Bonnie

Marlena and Alex walked to the ICU to see Claire. Alex asked Marlena is she was sure that she wanted to visit her family. Marlena told Alex that she was not turning her back on her family.

Kate and John went to visit Dr. Banks again. Kate told John that Dr. Banks was insane and won't tell him the truth. "I see you watching me. I know why you are here. I know exactly what you want..." cried Dr. Banks.

Patrick was at the police station trying to reason with the police. Patrick asked the police the reason Billie would throw away her life and that the evidence did not make sense. The police officers told Patrick that a confession from Billie was all they needed.

Hope and Chelsea talked in the police station. Chelsea said that she would never do what Billie did and hurt so many people. Bo was stilling watching Chelsea and Hope talking. "Chelsea I know your my daughter. But Hope is my wife. She deserves to know exactly how you are involved in this."

Mimi was surprised at what her mother had said. "What are you talking about. Claire is okay." said Mimi. "I just saw her pulling the plug on...." said Bonnie confused. Once Bonnie realized Claire was going to live Bonnie congratulated Belle and Phil and gave them a gift basket. Bonnie turned to Mimi and said that she was glad she was wrong because they would have had two dead babies instead of one. Mimi was offended by what Bonnie said and said "Mom!" "Oh I am sorry..." cried Bonnie.

Marlena told Alex that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Alex.

Dr. Banks looked through the window in the door in her hospital room and looked at John and Kate. "Marlena may not want you, but another woman does..." said Dr. Banks. Dr. Banks also told Kate that she knows that she was a hooker. And made suggestions about Kate still being John's lover. John turned to Kate and said she is crazy.

Hope and Chelsea continued to talk about Billie. Hope told Chelsea that Billie was the one responsible for Zack's death. Chelsea agreed and asked if she could talk to Bo alone in a room privately.

Hope was standing alone while Bo and Chelsea talked. Patrick saw Hope and asked her how she was doing. "I am sorry. " Patrick told Hope. "Your here to see your girlfriend. The woman who murdered my son. " Said Hope.

Bonnie apologized and said that she meant to say she is glad Claire is alive. She said that she hopes that everyone (Bell & Phil and Shawn and Mimi) live happily ever after.

Kate and John were still talking to Dr. Banks. Kate told John that Dr. Banks was crazy. "She is trying to play you." said Kate. Dr. Banks told John and Kate that Alex was going to destroy Marlena. Dr. Banks told Kate that she wants Marlena to be with Alex so she could be with John. Dr. Banks told John that Kate was in love with him. Dr. Banks then told John and Kate that she wished that she had killed Marlena years ago when she had the chance. Dr. Banks began laughing hysterically. John and Kate walked away. After John and Kate walked away, Dr. Banks told herself "That was brilliant Lois. I think that worked liked a charm."

A nurse was caring for Claire in Claire's hospital room. The nurse told Belle and Phil that Claire was doing perfectly. The nurse told Belle that she could pick up Claire and hold her. Belle said that she wanted to hold Claire for the longest. "I promise you for now on we are going to hug and kiss you." Belle said to Claire. Bonnie asked Shawn and Mimi about their wedding. Shawn said they were not thinking about a wedding right now. Bonnie asked if they would elope. Belle abruptly said "No you can't do that..."

Marlena and Alex were still outside of Claire's hospital room. Marlena told Alex that she as not going to stay too long. John, and Kate were also standing with them. Marlena asked Alex "Shall we go...? "Lets..." responded John. Marlena told John that she was not talking to him, but was talking to Alex. Alex suggested that Marlena, John and Kate see Claire and he would wait outside in the waiting area. Kate told Marlena and John that she would go in and clear out Claire's room and asked them to stay and talk outside Claire's room for a while. John asked Marlena to give him more time to investigate Alex's connection to Dr. Banks. Marlena rejected John's offer. Marlena excused herself and told John that she wanted to see her family.

Chelsea and Bo continued to talk alone. Chelsea asked Bo to keep his mouth shut. Bo said it was not in his control. Chelsea asked Bo to let Billie take the blame. "This is what she wants to do. Please dad..." cried Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Belle explained that the reason Mimi and Shawn could not elope was because she remembers that Mimi always wanted to have a big wedding. Mimi told Belle that the only thing that mattered was that she and Shawn get married by a priest. John entered Claire's room. John asked to see Claire, then told Shawn that if it wasn't for Zack, Claire would not be alive. Shawn said "God took him. My blood matched Claire. No wonder Zack's liver matched Claire because he is my brother." Both Bonnie and Kate seemed threatened by Shawn's comment. Kate looked at Claire and said that Claire looks like Phil when he was a baby. Marlena then held Claire "You had everyone so worried and now you are fine..." said Marlena to Claire. Kate asked Mimi to talk privately about her wedding with her outside of Claire's room. Bonnie overheard this and told Kate ""Absolutely, Mimi and I can't wait to see what you have to offer..." Mimi , Kate and Bonnie walked out of Claire's room together.

Hope and Patrick continued to talk. Hope asked Patrick to be there for Chelsea.

Chelsea and Bo continued to talk private in a room in the police station. Chelsea told Bo that Billie used to be a cop and they would be easy on her. Bo said that she would get the toughest sentence because she would be made an example of. "If you tell Hope she will hate you. Shawn, Billie, Hope and Me, will all hate you. You will have no one." said Chelsea. Bo told Chelsea that this was something that he would have to take as a risk

Bonnie, Kate, and Mimi discussed wedding options. "Mimi told me about the expense paid if Shawn and Mimi elope. Bonnie asked what was the catch. Kate insisted that there was no catch. Bonnie, Mimi and Kate looked at and discussed designs for several dresses. Kate even suggested that Mimi could even have a fitting for all of the dresses discussed.

Belle told John that it was time for Marlena to get her memory back because John is the only man that Marlena should be with.

Alex went to the mental unit to visit Dr. Banks. Alex told the guard that he was doing a preliminary interview with Dr. Lois Banks. "Alex you came. I am so happy to see you" said Dr. Banks. Alex told Dr. Banks that she went too far by trying to push Marlena off the ledge. Alex told Dr. Banks that he was aware of her feelings for him and the lengths that she would prove it. Dr. Banks told Alex that she would do anything he wanted her to do.

Mimi said she did not know which dress to pick based on the designs. Kate told her that she could try on each of the dresses to find the one that she likes best. Kate left Mimi and Bonnie for a while. Bonnie continued to talk about how this was too good to be true. Bonnie told Mimi to go back into Claire's room. Bonnie stood and watched Kate while she was on the telephone.

Meanwhile John was still in Claire's room with Marlena, Belle and Phil, and Shawn. John said that Claire had Marlena's and Belles' eyes. John talked about a time that Belle had a fever and was sick as a baby. And Marlena responded the same why that Belle did with Claire, she never left her side until Belle broke her fever. Marlena was still holding Claire while she listened to John tell the story. Marlena cried and said that she did remember that.

Bo and Chelsea continued to talk privately. Bo told Chelsea that he was going to do the right thing for everyone.

Patrick told Hope to not be so angry. Hope said that anger was the only then she had or she would fall apart. Hope discussed how she felt about Billie leaving Zack there to die and how she would never forgive her. Patrick told Hope that he understood. Hope walked away from Patrick. After Hope was gone Patrick said to himself. that he knew that Billie did not do this.

Bo and Chelsea continued to talk. Bo told Chelsea that he would testify for her and get her the best attorneys. Bo reminded Chelsea that the truth would come out. Chelsea told Bo that he would loose Hope if he told the truth.

Meanwhile, Alex asked Dr. Banks what she would say if someone asked her about what happened. "You know exactly what I will say.." Said Dr. Banks. Alex then kissed Dr. Lois Banks passionately.

Marlena told John that they did not have a real marriage. Marlena became very upset and told Belle to take her baby from her arms. Marlena then left Claire's room.

Bonnie and Kate talked outside of Claire's room. Kate told Bonnie that Mimi and Shawn made a good couple. "I know that you are not offering this to boast circulations" said Bonnie. Kate acted as though she did not know what Bonnie was talking about. "We are both from the streets...the reason you are doing this is because you know that Shawn is Clarie's' daddy. Lets put all our cards on the table." said Bonnie.

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