Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/26/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/26/06


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Austin received a business phone call. Once Austin was off the phone Carrie made a comment to Austin about "Business coming first." She told Austin she did not know how she would face her former employees when she returns to LA. Austin apologized and asked Carrie if she could ever forgive him. Carrie asked Austin about his phone call and the reason Nicole abruptly left the apartment. Austin told Carrie that without High Style his company would have gone bankrupt. "Believe me I did not know you were the CEO" Said Austin. There was a knock on the door. It was Lucas looking sad. Sami immediately became upset and asked Lucas did something happen to Will. Lucas told them that Zack was killed in a hit and run accident. And Billie confessed to hitting Zack with Bo's truck.

Chelsea was at Max's garage. Chelsea told Max that she felt sick. Max told her that lying would make anyone get sick. Max also told Chelsea that she was loosing her mother. Chelsea insisted that nothing would happen to Billie. Chelsea made Max promise that he would not tell anyone that she was the one who killed Zack Chelsea then asked Max if he told Patrick and she also asked where was Patrick Patrick came out of the back area. "I am right here..." Patrick told them that he found something in the records that is a key in solving what really happened.

Hope watched Bo holding Billie in Billie's jail cell. "What the hell are you doing. Not to mention you are talking to her and touching her..." cried Hope. Bo told Hope that she did not know what was going on.

"Oh my God, Zack. He is dead." cried Sami after hearing about his death from Lucas. Lucas also told them that Bo and Hope donated Zack's liver to Claire and now Claire will live. Austin said that it was wonderful and horrible at the same time. Lucas explained further that Zack was hit at a sleep over where he wandered out of the house. Sami cried "If something like that happens to Will you could just bury me right then." Sami ran to the phone to call her grandmother Caroline.

Meanwhile, Patrick was still at the garage with Chelsea and Max. Patrick explained that the records indicate that there was no record of who called Max to pick up Bo's truck. Max explained he was called on his cell phone. Patrick told Chelsea and Max that he was going back to the jail to get more information from the police. Patrick told them that he did not believe Billie would do this. He also said that he believed that Billie was covering for someone that Billie loves.

Hope was upset by seeing Bo comforting Billie in the jail cell. "I can't believe you came here to comfort her." Hope told Bo that Billie deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life. Bo got out of Billie's jail cell then Bo held Hope. Hope said she was sorry. Bo said he understood why Hope was so angry. Bo told Hope that this has got to stop.

Meanwhile, Austin called Kate from Lucas apartment. Lucas stood behind Austin and they both told Kate to tell Billie that they are thinking of her. After Austin ended the call he made a comment about putting business aside when something like this happens. Lucas told Austin that it was not fair what he did to Carrie.

Sami told Carrie that her grandmother Caroline could not even talk about what happened to Zack. Carrie told Sami that she never met Zack and regret not being there for her family. Carrie also mentioned that the first time she met Claire she was sick. Sami continued to cry for Hope and Bo's lost of Zack. "Why is it that something bad has to happen when something good happens?" asked Sami. Sami also talked about how Zack had to die for Claire to live and Carrie loosing his company so Austin could save his company. Carrie told Sami that there was no way that she could compare the two. Carrie told Sami that she believes Austin did not know that High Style was her company. But she said that it was cruel to plan a take over of any company the way that Austin did. Sami told Carrie that she was against the take over from the beginning. She told Carrie that she would have stopped Austin from taking over her company if she knew that Carrie was the CEO.

Patrick said he would go to the police station to get more information from the police. After Patrick left, Max told Chelsea that he and Abby think Patrick knows that it was her that killed Zack and not Billie. Chelsea told Max that she was a horrible person because she ruined so many peoples' lives. Chelsea talked about their date that they had planned prior to the accident and told him they should go get a burger. Max did not want to go out. Max told Chelsea that even if she gets off scott free will still have to live with herself for what she did to Zack. Max reminded Chelsea that Bo will not keep this from Hope. Max also mentioned that all those that know the truth but have not said anything are guilty of withholding evidence from the police. Chelsea told Max that she hopes that those who know the truth keep her secret.

Billie told Hope that Zack's death was an accident. "Loosing a child is unbearable, especially for a mother. The most important thing is to protect and love a child...Be there for your children mourn for your son and don't let anything come between the two of you..." said Billie. Hope told Billie "Believe me it won't. I can't even look at you.." Hope walked away from Billie's jail cell. After Hope left, Bo told Billie that he could not let this go down like this. Billie told Bo that if he wanted to save his marriage he will just let it go.

Lucas and Austin were talking in Lucas' apartment. "Your prolonging agony for Carrie by keep asking her to forgive you. Let her move on..." said Lucas. "I can't do that we love each other" said Austin. "Now she knows that you don't give a damn. i don't think she will forgive you. You should move on." said Lucas. Austin told Lucas that he was not a corporate raider as he seems to think. Lucas told Austin that he believed Nicole and Sami knew that High Style was Carrie's company but just didn 't tell him. Lucas continued to tell Austin that he should move on and forget about Carrie.

Sami and Carrie continued to talk in Sami's apartment. Sami told Carrie that they tried to find out the name of the CEO, but were unsuccessful in doing so. Sami said that Austin was just so anxious to acquire High Style so he would not loose his company. Sami also told Carrie that Nicole kept pushing Austin to go forward with the deal. Carrie asked Sami if Austin and Nicole were romantically involved. Sami told Carrie that Nicole is interested in Austin. Sami then told Carrie that Austin has become a different person since he lived in New York and...." Carrie finished Sami's sentence saying "dumped you at the alter..."

Patrick told the police that their was a discrepancy in Billie's story. The police told Patrick that all they needed was Billie's confession and there were no need for additional evidence.

Hope saw Chelsea in the police station. Hope asked Chelsea if she was there to see her mother. Chelsea asked Hope if she saw Billie. Hope told Chelsea that she could not even look at Billie. Chelsea cried and told Hope that she was so sorry. Hope and Chelsea hugged. Hope told Chelsea that she felt horrible that this has happened. "I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted Zack to died..." cried Chelsea almost hysterical. Hope looked at Chelsea confused. Bo was coming from the back area of the police station and saw Hope and Chelsea talking.

Lucas and Austin were still talking in Lucas' apartment. Lucas told Austin that he was interested in Carrie. Austin accused Lucas of knowing that Carrie was the CEO, but not saying anything so he could sit back and watch this happen. Lucas told Austin to stay out of Carrie's life because he wanted to see her with the right man. Austin told Lucas that there was no way that he would walk away from Carrie.

Sami and Carrie continued to talk about how much Austin has changed since he went to New York. Sami apologized to Carrie for coming between her and Austin years ago. Carrie told Sami that she heard what Sami told the woman in the ladies room in LA about wanting to be closer to Carrie. Carrie said she believes Sami about her sincerity. Sami said that she was glad that she believed her. Carrie told Sami "You are being a good sister and a good friend." Sami said "Thanks I am really trying to be." Sami had tears in her eyes.

Austin and Lucas continued to talk in Lucas' apartment Lucas told Austin that Carrie has already walked away from Austin. Austin told Lucas that he was going to give Carrie some time and he will get her back.

Meanwhile, Sami and Carrie continued to talk in Sami's apartment. Sami told Carrie that she was interested in Austin, but once she found out Carrie was interested in him, she backed off. "I really want to have a relationship with you. I been through a lot since you have been gone with Austin, Brandon, and Lucas. I have learned from my mistakes." Said Sami. Carrie told Sami that she felt like she could trust her. Sami told Carrie that she did not want to do anything that would break that trust. Carrie and Sami hugged again.

Max talked to his agent while still in his garage. Max told his agent about needing to be there for his family because there were two deaths one being a friend and the other a family member (Jack and Zack). Max told his agent to tell the press about his grief and maybe he can get more sympathy from the press when he comes back. After Max hung up the phone he said to himself that he might get arrested for withholding information from the police.

Billie was still in her jail cell. "I'll do anything for Chelsea Bo no matter how you feel about me. God help us if the truth comes out all of our lives will be destroyed." Billie said to herself.

Meanwhile, Hope held Chelsea. Chelsea cried and told Hope that she was so sorry. Hope told Chelsea this is the reason she did not want her to drive a car without getting the driving lessons that she needed first; so she would not get into an accident. Chelsea told Hope that she was in an accident. Hope looked at Chelsea confused. Chelsea then paused then told Hope about the accident she had with her adoptive parents. Chelsea then told Hope that she would never let anything like this happen. Bo was still listening and watching Hope and Chelsea talking. Bo walked up to them, looked at Chelsea and told her that he can't let her do this anymore.

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