Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/25/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/25/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and John were talking in the hospital. Kate told John that Billie was in jail for killing Zack with Bo's truck. John told Kate Marlena was angry with him because John shot Alex and almost killed him.

Marlena was sitting by Alex's side in Alex's hospital room. Marlena told Alex that she will take care of him. She told him that he will be the patient and she will be the doctor this time. She told Alex that she could not believe that she almost let John come between them.

Meanwhile John was listening to Marlena and Alex's conversation outside the door.

Abby told Max that couldn't believe Chelsea just let Billie go to prison for her. Max asked Abby was she gong to tell anyone about what Chelsea did.

Chelsea and Patrick continued to talk. Chelsea asked Patrick if he thought that she hit Zack and not Billie.

The door bell rang at Hope's house. Hope answered the door and it was Jennifer. Jennifer hugged Hope and they walked into the living room area. Jennifer asked Hope how was she doing. Jennifer asked Hope what was she doing with Zack's toys all over the living room. Jennifer thought about it and told Hope that she should not put away Zack's toys until she is ready to do so. Hope told Jennifer that Billie was the person who killed Zack.

Meanwhile Bo continued to talk to Billie in prison. Bo told Billie that he could not keep the truth from Hope any longer.

Abby and Max continued to talk in the police station. Abby told Max that she did not intend on telling the police or her mother the truth about Chelsea. Max told Abby that Bo has been lying to Hope about the accident. Max also said that he felt Billie and Bo were protecting Chelsea because they did not raise her.

Patrick continued to ask Chelsea what she knew about the accident. Patrick told Chelsea that Billie was ISA and would never hit a child with a truck and then drive off. Patrick also told Chelsea "She must be covering for someone. Who do you think that was..." Patrick then walked out of the room that he and Chelsea were talking in.

Jennifer and Hope continued to talk in Hope's house. Jennifer told Hope that she did not believe that Billie hit Zack with Bo's truck and would just leave Zack there. "My son. My baby is dead. She is responsible" cried Hope. Jennifer told Hope that Bo was destroyed by the loss of Zack. Jennifer and Hope hugged each other. "I just don't understand how she could do this" Cried Hope.

Bo continued to talk to Billie in jail. Bo told Billie that he had to tell Hope the truth. Bo cried and said that he would miss out on Zack's life and watching him grow into a man. Billie told Bo that he should not want to miss the rest of Chelsea's life. "There is nothing we can do to bring Zack back. But what we can do is make sure you don't loose your daughter or marriage. Hope will blame you for Zack's death....Something like this could be the end of your marriage. Is that what you want?" said Billie. Bo looked so angry, then he walked away from Billie's jail cell.

John and Kate entered Alex's room. Marlena was still sitting at Alex's side. Alex asked John if he came to afflict more pain on him. John asked Alex the reason he did not warn Marlena about Dr. Banks. Both Alex and Marlena explained it was because of patient doctor confidentiality. Alex did explain that he did try to warn the police but his claim was not heard because of John's influence. Alex then talked about how John almost killed him and how he ended up in a coma. Marlena told John that as far as she was concerned it was Alex who saved her life. Marlena then asked John and Kate to leave. John and Kate walked out of Alex's room. John told Kate that Alex manipulated Marlena and he will find out more information about Dr. Banks.

"This is not necessary..." Cried Dr. Banks now in a straight jacket still in the hospital mental unit. John and Kate visited Dr. Banks there in the unit. Dr. Banks laughed at John and told him that he lost Marlena to Alex.

Marlena and Alex continued to talk in Alex's hospital room. Marlena told Alex that she had something important to tell him.

Patrick was still at the police station. Chelsea was standing behind Patrick. Patrick asked Max questions about the accident. Max did not say anything and just looked at Chelsea. Patrick told Max not to look at Chelsea, but to answer his question. Chelsea pulled Patrick to the side and asked him why he was doing this. Patrick said that he wanted to know what was going on. "Chelsea do you have something that you want to say..." Said Patrick. "No.." Responded Chelsea.

Hope and Jennifer continued to talk in Hope's house. Hope asked Jennifer to talk about something else. Jennifer told Hope that she found a DVD that was made by Jack before he died. And in the DVD Jack instructed Frankie to make Jennifer fall in love with Frankie. Hope asked Jennifer how did she feel about this. Jennifer told Hope that she did not want to talk about it. Hope told her to be happy that she found someone as good as a friend as Frankie. Hope told Jennifer that she did not know what she would do if she did not have Bo.

Bo returned back to Billie's jail cell. Bo told Billie that he had some time to think about what she said. Billie told Bo that Hope would end their marriage if she found out that Bo signed Chelsea's temporary license and then gave her his truck to drive. Billie told Bo that Hope was in so much pain and was so lucky to have a man like him in her life to be by her side. "Hope may go over the deep end. You can't do this to her, Shawn and yourself..." said Billie. Bo cried and told Billie that it was his fault because he did not want to say no to Chelsea and he did not want to be the bad guy in Chelsea's eyes. "Now I have lost my son... " Cried Bo. Bo then talked about the accident and seeing Zack's broken body in the hospital and having to say good bye to Zack. He told Billie that it seemed unreal but he was there and it did happen. "I lost my boy and I can loose my wife if I lie or tell her the truth. I could loose the woman I loved all of my life." Cried Bo now sitting in a corner in Billie's jail cell.

John asked Dr. Lois Banks the reason he should believe that Alex is still a threat to Marlena. Dr. Banks was acting crazy and did not make much sense in her response to John. Dr. Banks told John that she knew Kate wanted John. Dr. Banks continued to laugh and told John and Kate that she knew that they were living together and she saw how Kate looks at John.

Meanwhile Marlena and Alex talked about their future together. Marlena told Alex that he was the only man that would be patient with her and did not push her into having a relationship with them or to remember what she could not remember. Marlena told Alex that her and John's marriage was not legal and in her mind "dead." "You are the only true husband I ever had. And I am so proud to be Mrs. Alex North. I would like it very much if we would renew our wedding vows." Marlena also told Alex jokingly that he could not say no to her.

Patrick told Max that he wanted to take a look at his garage for evidence. Chelsea told Max that they had a "thing" to go to. Max told Chelsea that he did not want to go to the "thing" and said he wanted to show Patrick the garage. After Max and Patrick left, Abby again asked Chelsea to tell the truth about what happened.

Hope and Jennifer were still talking in Hope's house. Hope became reckless and told Jennifer that she could not wait in the house any longer and said that she was going to the police station. Jennifer told Hope that she would lock up the house and turn off the lights. Hope immediately left out of the house.

Meanwhile, Bo and Billie were still talking in Billie's jail cell. Bo apologized to Billie for not being there for her when they lost Georgia (Chelsea) at birth. Billie told Bo that Hope will need him. Bo and Billie hugged while in Billie's jail cell. Hope goes to Billie's jail cell and saw Bo and Billie hugging each other. Hope looked so upset.

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