Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/24/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/24/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Carrie told Lucas that she did not only loose her company, but also her future with Austin. She told Lucas that there was no way that they could get past this. Lucas hugged Carrie

Patrick was still at the police station. Patrick asked a police officer about how Billie was doing. Kate arrived at the police station. Patrick told Kate that Billie confessed to hitting Zack with Bo's truck. Kate was shocked.

Meanwhile, Billie was being booked, having her fingerprints and mug shot taken.

Max, Abby and Chelsea arrived at the police station because they had convinced Chelsea to admit that she hit Zack with Bo's truck. Chelsea was crying. Once they walked into the police station Chelsea cried "No I can't...I can't. I am not going to prison. My life will be over. If you were my friends you would keep my secret." Max reminded Chelsea that Patrick was suspicious about her involvement in Zack's accident.

Hope and Bo were in the kitchen. "You got to eat something or you will get sick" said Bo. "I don't care if I get sick." Hope said looking at Zack's favorite t-shirt. "How could Billie do this? I hope that she ruts in Prison." cried Hope while holding onto Zack's t-shirt. Bo told Hope that he had something that he needed to tell her.

Abby, Max and Chelsea continued to talk in the police station. "I can't tell Hope. Patrick doesn't really know anything." said Chelsea. Abby asked Chelsea how could she let her mother go to jail for her. Chelsea told Abby sarcastically that her real mother and father died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Abby told Chelsea that Billie is her birth mother and Billie loves her so much that she is willing to go to jail for her. Chelsea told Abby that Billie would not get as much time as she would because Billie was a police officer and worked for the ISA.

Kate continued to talk to Patrick in the police station. Kate told Patrick that she did not believe that Billie hit Zack and then fled the scene of the accident. She told Patrick that there is something going on. Kate told Patrick that she was going to talk to Billie.

A guard allowed Kate to visit Billie. Billie told Kate "Thank you for coming down here. If you are trying to get me to change my mind...even the most skilled and careful drivers have accidents." Kate told Billie that she knew that there was something more to this story. Billie told Kate that she hit Zack with Bo's truck. Kate did not believe Billie and insisted that she told her the truth. "I will tell you what happened, but you have to promise you won't tell another soul..." said Billie

Hope and Bo were still at their house talking. Hope asked Bo what he wanted to tell her. Bo suddenly had flashbacks of his conversations with Billie and Chelsea earlier. "Tell me what!" Demanded Hope. "I just wanted you to know how much I love you...I always will love you. And nothing will change that." Said Bo. Bo and Hope hugged each other. "We will get through this together." Said Bo. Hope looked at a drawing that was made by Zack. Zack made a drawing of himself and Hope. Zack wrote on the drawn "Mommy and Zack." Bo hugged Hope again.

Lucas told Carrie he was sorry and he knew how disappointed she was in Austin. Carrie told Lucas that loosing Austin hurt more than loosing her company. "How could I be so stupid. I rushed into things. I got too carried away. After I broke up with Mike I thought about Austin. I never got him out of my mind." Lucas told Carrie that she risked her heart. "Seemed too good to be true..." said Carrie. "He is not the man he was." Said Lucas. "No he is not. In fact, he is someone I don't recognize." said Carrie.

Sami, Nicole and Austin were at Sami's apartment. "I hate to tell you, but I told you so..." said Sami (referring how she told Austin not to take over High Styles Cosmetics.) Nicole talked about how Carrie gave Sami her business card and Sami did not look at the name of the company that Carrie worked for. Sami accused Nicole of planning this take over as a way to break Austin and Carrie apart. Nicole looked at Sami and said "No that is something that you would do." Austin was sitting at his desk, still looking very sad. He looked up at Sami and agreed with Nicole that this would be something that Sami would do.

Bo and Hope were still home talking about loosing Zack. "I miss him so much. I am missing my baby. This is the last drawing I will get from him." cried Hope. "Don't do this to yourself" Said Bo. "I Don't want to forget his memory..." cried Hope. The door bell rang. Hope told Bo to not answer the door, but Bo left the kitchen to answer the door. While Bo was gone Hope talked to herself "Zack I am so sorry honey. I told you I would protect you, and i didn't..." cried Hope holding onto the picture that Zack drew. Bo came into the kitchen and told Hope that Mrs. H, Julie and Maggie were in the house. Hope walked into the living room and immediately hugges Mrs. Horton.

Kate was still talking to Billie in jail. "You are telling me Chelsea killed her own brother...What the hell are you doing. You do have a choice. It was an accident. Your only making it worst by not telling the truth. You can't go to jail its crazy. If you don't tell the truth I will" cried Kate.

Sami told Austin that she had no idea that High Style Cosmetics was Carrie's company. Austin told Sami that he believed her and blamed himself. Sami then blamed Nicole for the incident. Sami and Nicole began to argue in front of Austin. Austin stopped Nicole and Sami from arguing and said "I am going to give back to Carrie what belong to her if it is the last thing I do..."

Carrie was still talking to Lucas in his apartment. "This is not the the Austin I know..." Said Carrie. "I am so sorry. You deserve a man to love and respect you and be honest to you...I don't think that is my brother..." said Lucas. Lucas then asked Carrie if she was going to give Austin up. Carrie looked at Lucas like she wanted to cry.

Meanwhile, Maggie, Julie and Mrs. Horton told Hope that they brought her some food to eat. Hope told them that she could not eat. Julie told Hope if she could not eat then she would have to eat for her family and for Bo and Shawn. Bo told Hope that he was going to the police station to "check in" . Hope accused him of going to the police station to see Billie. Hope reminded Bo that Billie was the woman that killed their son.

Kate continued to talk to Billie in jail. "Please. For once in your life mind your own damn business. She is my daughter and I am her mother. You didn't protect me and Austin when we were kids. My father got me hooked on drugs." said Billie

Kate told Billie that she thought that Austin and Billie were dead when they were kids. Billie insisted that she wanted to sacrifice her life for Chelsea because she is her mother

Chelsea, Abby and Max were still at the police station. Chelsea admitted to them that she was looking at her cell phone trying to call Abby when she had the accident. Patrick walked in on Abby, Max and Chelsea's conversation. Patrick asked to speak to Chelsea alone.

Kate continued to talk to Billie in jail. Kate asked Billie how could she think that she did not care about Austin and Billie growing up. Kate explained that she did not know that they were alive. Billie apologized and told her that was how she felt growing up. Billie told Kate that she could survive being in jail, but Chelsea could not. Billie said that she wanted to be there for Chelsea in the way that Kate was not there for her growing up.

Bo, Hope, Maggie, Julie and Mrs. Horton were still at Bo and Hope's house. Mrs. Horton told Bo that it was okay if he left for a while because Hope would be fine. "Go ahead. do what you need to do..." Said Hope still angry. Bo told Hope that he would not be long. Hope tried to walk behind Bo as he left, but Mrs. Horton held Hope's hand to prevent her from following behind Bo.

Lucas and Carrie were still at Lucas's apartment. Lucas asked Carrie if was going to give Austin another chance. Carrie told Lucas that she could not believe that this happened. Lucas looked at Carrie and said "Oh my God you are going to give him another chance..."

Meanwhile, Austin called someone on his cell phone to find out if he could reverse the take over. Austin was advised by the person on the phone that the take over could not be reversed. Nicole and Sami began to agrue with each other again. The door bell rang. Austin opened the door and it was Carrie at his door.

Lucas was still in his apartment upset because Carrie decided to talk to Austin. "You can't be thinking of Austin. If you forgive him, that's it. We have no chance" Lucas said to himself.

Austin was surprised to see Carrie but told her that he was sorry and that he did not know that High Style Cosmetics was her company. Austin told Carrie that he has tried to reverse the take over, but was unsuccessful. Austin asked Carrie to forgive him. "Can you?" asked Austin. Nicole and Sami watched their conversation attentively.

Meanwhile, Hope began to clean her house. Julie and Maggie began to talk to Hope. Hope thanked them for being there and she told them that she needs to be alone while looking at a picture in her hands.

Patrick and Chelsea walk into a room in the police station. Chelsea asked Patrick "So whats this about?" Once they were in the room Chelsea asked again "So what is it?" Patrick asked Chelsea to be honest and asked her what really happened. Patrick also asked Chelsea the reason Billie was taking the blame for something that she did not do.

Bo arrived at the police station and went where Billie was being held. Billie and Kate were talking. Kate told Bo that Billie was innocent. Bo told Kate that he would talk to Billie. "You are not going to jail for Chelsea. I am going to end it now..." said Bo.

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