Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/23/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/23/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer looked out the window in her house then goes to sit down. Jennifer began to think about when Frankie kissed her before he left and also when Frankie told her that he loved her. Jennifer jumped up and ran to the front door unknowing that Frankie was already on the other side of the door. When she opened the door she saw Frankie.

Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas were in Lucas' apartment. Carrie told Austin "I don't were the one who destroyed my company..." Nicole suddenly comes into Lucas' apartment. Nicole boast to Austin that all of High Style's employees were laid off. Austin seemed upset by this. Nicole told Austin: "I thought you would be happy. Come on lets celebrate....Is something wrong?" Sami told Nicole that High Style was Carrie's company.

Roman asked to speak to Billie at the station before she was booked. Billie told Roman that she hit Zack with Bo's truck. Roman told Billie that Bo told him that Chelsea hit Zack.

Chelsea was home thinking about what happened to Zack. "Oh Zack, I am so sorry. I feel so bad. but I can't go to jail." Patrick enters the house. Patrick talks to Chelsea about Billie getting arrested for hitting Zack with Bo's truck

Bo and Hope are finally home. Bo and Hope stand outside of Zack's bedroom door. Bo and Hope walk into Zack's room and look around Hope tells Bo: "This is all we have toys. Is this all that we have left of Zack..." Hope cried. The room is dark because they did not cut on the lights. Hope picked up a piece of Zack's clothing and get gets down on her knees and cries.

Frankie asked Jennifer where she was going. Frankie tells Jennifer that he still has her house keys. The cab driver honks the horn. "I don't want to be late. Where are you headed, you got your coat on?" asked Frankie. "Actually I was going to try to catch you before you left." said Jennifer.

Sami, Carrie, Austin, Nicole and Lucas were still in Lucas' apartment. Sami told Carrie that she was so sorry about what happened. Carrie told Sami that she could not believe what happened. "How could you do this to me Austin? You don't care about me. You never did. The whole time you were scheming to destroy my company." Lucas told Austin that Austin knew that High Style was Carrie's company. Carrie told Austin that she gave Sami her business card. Sami told her that she did not look at the name of the business on the card. Carrie accused Austin of Scoping her company then slapped Austin across the face. Sami looks shocked.

Billie told Roman that Bo had not told Hope that it was Chelsea who hit Zack. Roman yelled at Billie and told her to tell the truth because it would be best for both Billie and Chelsea.

Patrick asked Chelsea how could she let Billie admit to something that she did not do. Chelsea told Patrick that Billie admitted to hitting Zack, and Billie would never admit to anything that she did not do.

Hope and Bo were still in Zack's room. Hope cried holding on to Zack's clothing. Hope turns on a music box in Zack's room. "Zack was so sweet. So good." Said Hope "Don't do this to yourself. Let's go..." said Bo. "No, I want to be close to him...He is never coming home."cried Hope. Hope cried and told Bo that she wanted her baby back. Bo told Hope that they will make it through this hard time. Bo and Hope cried and held each.

Frankie walked into Jennifer's house on crutches. Frankie told Jennifer that he let the cab go and he will take a later flight. Frankie then asked Jennifer what she wanted to talk about. Jennifer and Frankie begin to talk while sitting on the sofa. "When you told me that you are still in love with me; I felt bad about how I reacted. I felt it, but it did not feel real until you said it. I am sorry. I was mad because of Jack's scheme...I need to be honest to you about my feelings to you." Said Jennifer.

Austin, Sami, Nicole, Lucas and Carrie were still in Lucas' apartment. Austin told Carrie that he did not know that High Style Cosmetics was her company. Carrie reminded Austin that he said that she needed to be more tougher when it comes to business. Carrie turned her back to Austin. Austin tried to touch Carrie. Carrie talked about how she and Austin were planning for their future together while he was planning to take her company. Austin told Carrie that he would undo the take over. Nicole immediately told Austin that the take over could not be undone. Nicole told Austin that "High Style was dead."

Patrick and Chelsea continued to talk. Patrick asked Chelsea what she knew about the accident. Patrick also continued to tell Chelsea that he did not believe Billie killed Zack. Chelsea told Patrick that she did not know what to tell him.

Billie and Roman continued to talk in the police station. Billie told Roman that Chelsea had a really tough life. Roman told Billie that she was digging a hoe for herself and for Chelsea. Roman reminded Billie that Bo and Hope's marriage was based on honesty and Bo would tell Hope the truth. Billie told Roman that she hopes Bo will never tell Hope the truth.

Hope and Bo talked about loosing Zack. "Billie is going to pay for killing my son." said Hope. Bo told Hope that Zack's death was an accident. Hope told Bo that Billie destroyed their lives and that Billie took Zack's life. Hope also told Bo that she will never be able to be happy again. Hope laid on Zack's bed crying. Bo picked up Hope and carried her out of Zack's room.

Jennifer and Frankie continue to talk in Jennifer house. "Over the years, I have thought of you as a friend. When Jack and I was not together thoughts of you came flooding back to me. About how close we were. You were my first love. I wasn't just thinking of you as a friend. " Frankie told Jennifer that he knew how much she loved Jack and what she and Jack had was real. Frankie even reminded Jennifer that the last time she and Jack got back together they had another child, Jack Jr. Jennifer told Frankie that she and Jack thought that they would grow old together; she told Frankie that maybe she and Jack were never meant to be. Frankie told Jennifer that she and Jack had true love for each other. Jennifer told Frankie that she did not want him to leave Salem.

Austin, Sami, Nicole, Lucas and Carrie were still at Lucas' apartment. Sami reminded Lucas that his company would have gone bankrupt if he had not taken over High Style Cosmetics. Lucas accused Austin of "seeing an up and coming company and taking it." Carrie told Austin " I thought I knew you. Now I don't want to know you. I am beyond angry." Carrie also told Austin that he was cruel and ruthless. Austin told Carrie that he was not the person that she had said he was. Carrie told Austin that she was disgusted with him for doing what he did to her or to anyone else.

Chelsea and Patrick continued to talk. Chelsea asked Patrick if Billie would confess to something that she did not do. Patrick told Chelsea that this whole thing did not make any sense. Chelsea asked Patrick if he thought that someone else was driving Bo's SUV, and who did he think was driving Bo's SUV. Patrick told Chelsea that he will ask Billie to tell him the truth and he will be able to tell if she is telling him the truth because they know each other well.

Roman told Billie that he promised Bo that he would listen as a brother and not a cop. Bill told Roman "You and Bo are the most ethical guys on the force. Chelsea is Bo's & my daughter. " She told Roman that she did not want to see Chelsea go to prison.

Bo and Hope were in the living room area of their house. Hope told Bo that she didn't know how Billie could be so reckless to hit a little boy and keep driving. Bo told Hope that he did not know the reason Zack walked out of the house that late at night. Hope told Bo that she hates Billie for taking her baby.

Jennifer and Frankie continue to talk. Jennifer told Frankie that she did not want him to leave. She wanted him to stay because she and her family needed him. Jennifer also told Frankie that she needed him there as her best friend. Frankie told Jennifer that he understood and would stay for as long as she wants him to stay. Frankie and Jennifer hugged.

Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas and Nicole were still in Lucas's apartment. Carrie told Austin that she still couldn't believe that her company was gone. She told him that the people who worked at her company were not just her employees but were also her friends. Austin told Carrie that he was sorry. Carrie told Austin that she trusted him. She told Austin that she would never trust him again. "I hate the man t hat you have become. Maybe I was too blinded by love to see it. " Austin sat down on a chair while he listened to Carrie.

Patrick told Chelsea that he was going to the police station to talk to Billie. Chelsea thought to herself " If Billie wants to take the blame she can do it. She always talk about making up for lost time. Patrick will never find out what happened."

Patrick met Billie outside of Roman's office as the police walked her out. Billie was allowed to talk to Patrick for a few minutes. Patrick told her that he knows that she did not do it. Billie told Patrick "I want to get this over. If you care about me you will drop it. Thank you for coming down here. There is nothing you can do. Don't look so sad. I love you. As Billie was walked away, Patrick thought to himself that he will get to the bottom of this.

Bo and Hope continued to talk. Bo told Hope to let go of her anger. Hope said that she would not let go of her anger. "Nothing will make me feel better. My son is gone forever. Bo told Hope that Zack would not want his death to tear them apart. Bo told Hope that he would get her something to eat and walked into the kitchen. Hope cried with her hands over her face. It appeared that Hope fantasied about Zack walking towards her while she was sitting on the sofa. Hope told Zack that she loved him. She looked into the fireplace and told Zack that she would always love him

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