Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/20/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/20/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Austin and Sami were in Sami's apartment. Austin finalize the acquisition of High Style Cosmetics over the phone with Nicole. Sami watched while he did this. Austin was so excited once he completed the last details. He told Sami that "This is the part of business that I love... " Sami questioned what he meant by this. He explained that he enjoyed taking something from falling apart like High Style Cosmetics. Sami told Austin that taking over the company like that and not telling the CEO was ruthless.

Carrie was with Lucas in Lucas' apartment. Carrie told Lucas that the employees are going to start off the new year on a bad note.

Kate and Shawn talk outside of Claire's hospital room. Kate apologized to Shawn about what happened to Zack. "Zack was really a wonderful boy..." Kate said. Shawn told Kate that he was glad to hear that Zack's liver was a match for Claire. Kate thought to herself: "Because you are Claire's father. But you will never know...." Kate then continued to tell Shawn that she did not know how to thank him and his family for donating Zack's liver to Claire. Shawn then told Kate that he feels like Claire is his own child. Kate immediately changed the subject and started talking about the all expensive trip for him and Mimi. Shawn asked Kate the reason she would offer this especially since he was not her favorite person.

Hope and Bo continued to talk in the cubical area. Hope told Bo "How can Billie be this inhuman. She killed our son. She killed him...." Roman walked in while Bo and Hope were talking. Hope cried about not wanting to go home because then she would be reminded of losing Zack when she looks in his room and looks at his toys and clothes. Roman told Hope he was so sorry and hugged her.

Marlena, John, Alex and Dr. Banks were on the roof top. Marlena pleaded with John to not throw Alex off the roof. Marlena told John that it was Dr.Banks who had hurt her and not Alex, and Alex had in fact saved her life. John continued to prepare to through Alex off the roof. Alex struggled with John. Marlena continued to plead with John and told him that she had proof that it was Dr. Banks and not Alex who hurt her. John did not believe Marlena and told her that she was confused. Marlena explained to John that Dr. Banks come into her office while she was sleep and knocked her out and then tried to throw her off the rooftop. Marlena also told John that Alex saved her. Dr. Banks tried to escape through the door while Marlena was explaining this to John, but Marlena caught her before she did so. Dr. Banks became angry telling Marlena that she should be dead. Marlena pinned Dr. Banks down to the floor. Once Dr. Banks got back up, John restrained Dr. Banks. Alex reminded John that he could have had Marlena's blood on his hands.

Kate and Shawn continued to talk outside of Claire's room. Shawn asked Kate why was she trying to push him and Mimi together. He asked her "What's in it for you?" Kate told Shawn that there was nothing that she wanted more than to see him marry Mimi. Shawn mentioned that Kate had called him a bastard in the past and had even wanted to put Shawn in jail for crashing Belle and Phil's wedding in the past. Shawn did however, tell Kate that he wanted to build a future with Mimi. Kate told Shawn that he and his family did so much for Belle and Phil, and this was the least that she could do for them. Shawn told Kate Thank you and also said that he will talk to Mimi about this. Kate thought to herself "The sooner you and Mimi get married the safer Phil and Belle's marriage will be..."

Roman, Hope and Bo were still in the cubical area. Roman asked Hope what could he do to help her. Hope told Roman to make sure Billie is punished. Roman advised Hope that Billie will be punished. He also told Hope that it was not murder. Hope became upset again and told Roman "What is it if its not murder!"

Lucas and Carrie continued to talk in Lucas' apartment. Lucas offered to fly him and Carrie out to LA in his company plane. Lucas told Carrie that he wanted to be there for her. Carrie reminded Lucas that he just started his job and it would not be a good idea if he came to LA with her. Lucas told Carrie that he would help her get her company back. Carrie thought about his offer but told him that she would have to do this on her own.

Sami and Austin continued to talk in Sami's apartment. Sami told Austin that it would not be a good idea if he went to LA with Carrie because he still had a lot responsibilities in Salem to take care of. Sami did however, suggest that he tell Carrie about his new acquisition. Austin did not like the idea because he felt Carrie would not want to hear about it considering she just lost her company. Sami insisted that he tell Carrie. Austin looked at Sami confused.

John continued to restrain Dr. Banks on the roof top. John asked Dr. Banks if she was trying to kill Marlena. Dr. Banks admitted to trying to kill Marlena. Dr. Banks then got on her hands and knees crying and saying that she wanted Marlena dead and that Marlena deserved to die.

Shawn returned to the emergency waiting area where he saw Bo, Hope and Roman. They explained to Shawn that it was Billie that hit Zack with Bo's SUV. Shawn was confused and said that he did not understand. Shawn did however, say that he knew Roman and Bo would make sure Billie would be punished. Bo walked Roman outside to talk to him privately. Bo told Roman that he needed to talk to him as a brother and not as a cop. Roman said that family always comes first. Bo told Roman that Billie didn't hit Zack, but it was in fact Chelsea.

Carrie told Lucas that she did not want him to have any expectations because she knew that he was interested in her romantically. Lucas told Carrie that he wanted to be there for her as a friend and help her. Carrie told Lucas that running High Style Cosmetics made her feel like a success, especially since her unsuccessful marriage to Mike. She told Lucas that she did not secure the futures of her employees employment with the company. Carrie got a call from Becky in LA. "I'll be in touch...take care..." Carrie said crying as she ended the call with Becky.

Meanwhile, Sami continued to tell Austin to tell Carrie about the new company that he acquired. Sami suddenly finds a business card that Carrie gave her and said "Austin I don't even know how to say this..." Sami showed Austin that the name of the company on Carrie's business card was High Style Cosmetics. Austin was surprised and told Sami that he could not believe that Carrie was the CEO whose life he just ruined.

Two security officers and Kate arrive on the roof top where John, Marlena, Alex and Dr. Banks were. John told them to call the Salem police department to arrest Dr. Banks for attempted murder. Alex and Marlena both agree that Dr. Banks should be put in a mental institution instead of prison because Dr. Banks is mentally ill and putting her in prison would not do her any good. Neither Alex nor Marlena said they would press charges against Dr. Banks. Alex even told John that he would not press any charges against John if he puts Dr. Banks in a mental institution instead of prison.

Shawn continued to talk to Hope alone. Shawn told Hope that Claire's transplant was successful. Hope told Shawn that she was happy for Phi and Belle. Shawn told Hope that Claire will be even more special to them because she has Zack's liver. Hope told Shawn that she wanted an organ donor for Claire and Phil but she never thought that it would be Zack. Hope cried "How could this be God's plan....I don't believe this..." Hope had flashbacks of when Zack was a baby and times that he was with Bo, Hope and Shawn as a family. Hope told Shawn that she don't want to ever forget anything about Zack. She also said that it will be hard for her when his birthday comes around and also Christmas and New Years. Hope said that it is so hard to believe that Zack will never grow up. Hope cried and said that she wanted her baby back. Shawn hugged Hope.

Roman and Bo continued talking outside of the emergency area. "Chelsea my God..." said Roman when he heard that Chelsea killed Zack. "Bo what the hell are you asking me to do..." asked Roman" "I don't know..." said Bo. Bo said that he tried to tell Hope but he lied to his wife. "How can I turn in Chelsea. Chelsea's license was suspended and I signed for her to get a temporary license and loaned her my truck. When I tell Hope she is going to turn her back on me. And I can't let her go through this alone." Said Bo.

Carrie and Lucas were still in Lucas' apartment. Carrie read emails from angry employees. Lucas told Carrie that this was not her fault. Lucas even told her that the company would have been a success if her company was not stolen from her. "Why did I have to do this on my own. Now I lost everything..." Cried Carrie. Lucas told Carrie that she still has him. Carrie told him that she was so glad that she reconnected with her family and especially Austin because she really needs him. Lucas hugged Carrie.

Meanwhile, Austin and Sami where still in Sami's apartment. Austin told Sami that he could not believe that he just took over Carrie's company. Austin was so upset that he yelled at Sami. "This is horrible...I will try to explain this..." He continued to yell at Sami as she tried to talk to him. Sami told Austin that Carrie will probably blame her for this. Austin told Sami that he will tell Carrie that this is all his fault.

John decided that he will get Dr. Banks help instead of putting her in prison for attempted murder. Marlena and Alex kissed and opened the door to leave the roof top. John and Kate were still on the roof top talking. John was upset because he said that he was the one who actually saved Marlena. Kate told John that Alex got to Marlena first and that was what mattered to her. John told Kate that he wanted to get Marlena away from Alex.

Shawn and Hope continued to talk. Shawn told Hope that he would never be a brother again. Hope told Shawn that Zack would always be apart of their lives.

Roman and Bo continued to talk outside of the emergency room area. Bo explained to Roman that Chelsea has a history of restless driving. Roman told Bo to tell the truth. Roman also warned Bo that he better worry about his marriage when he does tell the truth.

Carrie talked to Becky again on the phone while still at Lucas' apartment. Carrie instructed Becky to close out all of the accounts and to divide the remaining capital to the employees. Lucas advised Carrie that dividing the capital among the employees was a bad idea, because the company could go bankrupt. Carrie told Lucas that she did not care and she did not know if she wanted to face her employees in LA.

Austin and Sami knock on Lucas' door. Lucas opens the door and let them in. Austin asked Carrie how was she feeling. Carrie told Austin she felt lousy. Carrie told Austin "I wish I could get my hands on the monster who did this..." Austin told Carrie that he needed to tell her that he was that monster.

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