Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/19/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/19/06


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Mimi and Shawn were talking outside of Claire's hospital room. Mimi told Shawn that she was sorry about telling Kate that they were engaged

Jennifer and Frankie continued to talk in Jennifer's house. Jennifer asked Frankie "you still love me." Frankie said "Yeah I thought I should be honest about what I was feeling." Jennifer told Frankie that she did feel that he felt this way towards her. She told him that she was in fact flattered

John walked into Alex's room and saw that he was gone. "I swear North if you lay one hand on Marlena..."

Marlena was still holding onto the ledge, trying not to fall off. Alex North tried to pulled Marlena up. Dr. Banks tried to stop him but he pushed her off.

Max called Abby to be there for Chelsea. Abby met Max outside and asked him what happened to Chelsea.

Billie explained to Hope in the hospital waiting area that she borrowed Bo's SUV. She explained that she thought that she had hit a pot hole. Hope called Billie a monster. Billie explained that she came to the hospital when she found out about Zack's accident on the radio. Bo was also listening and told Billie "Billie this is wrong..." Hope was so upset and demanded that the police arrested Billie. Bo told the police that they could not arrest Billie.

Frankie and Jennifer continued to talk in Jennifer's house. Frankie apologized. he told her that checking on his brother Max was not the only reason that he returned to Salem. He told her that he came to Salem to see Jennifer.

Max and Abby talked outside of the hospital. Max told Abby that Chelsea accidentally killed Zack with Bo's SUV.

Billie, continued to tell Hope that she was the one who killed Zack. Hope said that she wanted to kill Billie.

Chelsea saw Abby talking to Max. Abby told Chelsea to tell the truth about the accident.

Kate was talking to Phil in Clair's hospital room. Kate told Phil that she was thinking of a way to thank Shawn and Mimi for being so supportive to them during this crisis.

Mimi and Shawn were outside of Claire's room kissing. Mimi told Shawn that she needed to call her mother to give her mother an update of how Claire is doing. Shawn sat down on a nearby chair and though about Zack telling him in his dream that Shawn and Belle were meant to be. Belle approached Shawn while he was thinking about this. Belle asked Shawn if he was thinking about what Zack said about them being meant to be.

John went into Marlena's office and saw that her office was a mess.

Alex continued to try to pull Marlena from the ledge. But Dr. Banks struck Alex in the head.

Frankie and Jennifer continued to talk to in Jennifer's house. Jennifer told Frankie that she did not want to give him mixed messages. Jennifer had flashbacks of when she helped Frankie take a shower. Jennifer told Frankie that she was wrong for helping him in the shower because it put them in an awkward predicament. Frankie told her that she was emotional because she was still grieving Jack. Frankie told Jennifer that he should have left when Jack died. Jennifer told him that he is her friend. She told him that it was great to have him there to help her. Plus she said that he could not leave because he had broke his leg. Frankie told Jennifer that he wanted to one day be a part of her family. Jennifer asked him if he had dated anyone since Eve. Frankie named several women that he had dated but also told Jennifer that none of them worked out. Jennifer asked him how is it that he has not found anyone special to spend his life with. Frankie responded: "You know...I am still crazy about you..."

Abby and Max continue to try to convince Chelsea to confess to what she did. Abby told Chelsea that it will be worst for her the longer she waits. Chelsea told them that she never thought that she hit Zack with the truck. Abby told Chelsea that she believed her and advised her to do the right thing. Abby, Max and Chelsea all agreed that it was a freak accident. Chelsea said that she needed to talk to Bo and Hope in privately first. Abby hugged Chelsea. Chelsea made a comment about going to jail.

Bo, Billie and Hope were in the waiting area. Bo told Hope that he was not protecting Billie but someone else. Hope sees Chelsea entering the hospital waiting area and says: "Oh God its Chelsea..."

Shawn and Belle continued to talk in a sitting area outside of Claire's room. Shawn and Belle agreed that Zack was right about Claire getting better. They questioned whether Zack was also right about them being meant together.

Mimi ended the call with her mother on a pay phone outside of Claire's room. Kate was standing directly behind Mimi. Kate told Mimi "We got to talk..."

Lois continues to try to pull Marlena's fingers from the ledge to cause her to fall to her death. Dr. Lois banks told Marlena that she finally had the upper hand on her. John entered the roof area through the door. John yelled "Stop it right now.." Marlena was still hanging from the ledge.

Jennifer and Frankie continued to talk in her house. Jennifer asked Frankie if it was her fault that Frankie had not moved on with his life. Frankie told Jennifer that his life is happy and the most important thing was that she was happy. Jennifer asked him the reason he did not contact her after all those years. Frankie said that he wanted to call her when she and Jack were having problems because he mother and father had told him about that. Frankie said he didn't because he figured that Jennifer and Jack would work it through. Jennifer replied "Yes we did..." Frankie told Jennifer that he could never replace Jack. "When Jack said that he wanted me to be there for could I say no?" Said Frankie. Frankie told Jennifer that part of him thought that he and Jennifer would end up happily ever after "Not going to happen?" asked Frankie. "No I am sorry..." replied Jennifer.

Hope, Bo, Billie and Chelsea stood in the hospital waiting area. Hope told Bo that he was protecting Chelsea from knowing that her mother was a cold blooded child killer. Chelsea became very upset and ran out of the hospital waiting area. Hope told the police to arrest Billie. Bo asked for a minute with Billie. Bo told Billie "This is not over..." Billie said "You know I am right..." As the police handcuffed Billie and walked her away.

Billie was brought outside of the hospital by the police. Max, Abby and Chelsea saw Billie. Chelsea cried and try to admit what she did to the police but Billie interrupted her. Billie told Chelsea: "I'll be fine. Just remember that I love you..." Chelsea told Billie that she loved her. Chelsea told Max and Abby that she just could confess to what she did to Zack.

Mimi and Kate talked outside of Claire's room. Mimi asked Kate if the reason she wanted to talk to her was to talk about Claire. Kate told Mimi: "No its about you and Shawn..." Kate apologized about telling Belle and Phil about Mimi and Shawn being engaged. Mimi said it was okay. Kate told Mimi that she should elope with Shawn.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Phil continue to talk in the siting area outside of Claire's room. Shawn told Belle that maybe the reason they had the same dream was because they were so disparate for Claire. Belle asked Shawn what if Zack was right. Shawn rejected the idea and walked across the room. Belle followed behind him. Shawn told Belle that she was his first love and part of him wishes that they could be together. Shawn told Belle that the reality is Belle is married and he is engaged to Mimi. Shawn told her that just because they had the same dream does not mean that they should throw away everything else.

Marlena continued to hold onto the ledge crying John's name. "Help me..." screamed Marlena. Dr. Banks told John that Alex North tried to through Marlena off the ledge. John jumped on the ledge and reached down and pulled Marlena up from the ledge. Marlena's hands started to slip but John managed to pull her up successfully.

Kate and Mimi continued to talk. Mimi told Kate that she was talking to her mother about how expensive the wedding would be. Kate told Mimi that was exactly what she wanted to talk to her. Kate told Mimi that her assignment was to elope with Shawn. Mimi was surprised to hear this. Kate explained that Basic Black will pay for her honey moon and anything else they needed if they eloped. Kate told her that all she had to do was document their honey moon. Mimi was very excited but told Kate that she would talk it over with Shawn. Kate watched Mimi as she left and said: "You do that..."

Shawn and Belle continued to talk. Shawn told Belle that life was too short to live in the "maybe or what if" He reminded Belle that she choose to move on with Phil. Belle told Shawn that she wanted him to be happy. Mimi saw Shawn and Belle talking and called Shawn's name. Phil also sees Belle and Shawn. Phil told Shawn once Mimi walked over to the group that he hopes that Shawn and Mimi end up just as happy as he and Belle.

Frankie prepared his belongings and was ready to leave Jennifer's house for good. Frankie gave Jennifer his business card. He told her that he was leaving and going back to New York because it would be best if he did so. Frankie told Jennifer that he left a note for Abbey. Frankie gave Jennifer a kiss on the lips before he left. Jennifer kissed him back. Jennifer opened the door for Frankie and Frankie walked out the door. Jennifer walked into the living area after Frankie left. Jennifer was crying. She picked up Jack's picture and said: "How could you do this to me..." Frankie walked past Jennifer's window and looked inside at Jennifer from the outside. Frankie said "I love you always and I always will..."

After John pulled Marlena up from the ledge he told Alex North that was going to pay for what he did to Marlena. John was getting ready to throw Alex off the ledge with his bare hands.

Bo and Hope were still in the hospital waiting area. Bo told Hope that they took Billie to jail. Bo told Hope that he was sorry. Hope said that she was sorry for Chelsea to find out that her mother killed her own baby brother. Bo held Hope. Hope said "Justice will be done. She will pay..."

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