Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/18/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/18/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Hope charged into the hospital waiting area looking for the person who killed Zack. Hope appeared confused and in shock, almost unaware of her surroundings. Lexie told Hope to lay done. Bo agreed and tried to calm Hope down and told her also to lay down. The police told Billie that they were going to take her in for booking. Bo asked to speak with Billie. Bo asked Billie the reason she was admitting to a crime that she did not commit. Billie told Bo: "For now on as long as you are concerned, I killed Zack." Billie told Bo that she was doing this to make up to daughter because Chelsea had to grow up with having her real parents in her life.

Sami, Nicole, Carrie and Austin were in Sami's apartment. Sami and Nicole discussed Austin. Sami told Nicole that she was not giving up Austin to her. And advised Nicole to use her own head and give up on Austin. Nicole told Sami that her vision will make Austin love her. Carrie and Austin were talking across the room. Carrie asked Austin for advise on how to stop a big company from taking over her small company. Austin told Carrie that she needs to get a new attitude regarding business. Carrie told Austin that he was too cold.

Max and Chelsea were talking outside of the hospital waiting area. Max asked Chelsea the reason Billie was taking the blame for Zack's accident. Max told Chelsea that the police would have to go with the evidence because they took fingerprints from the SUV when they took the SUV in. Max told Chelsea that she should tell the police that she hit Zack and if she didn't then he would.

Lexie walked Hope back to the cubical area to rest again. Hope told Lexie: "I need to know who was driving the vechile that hit Zack. Do you understand?" Lexie told Hope that she did understand because Zack was also like a son to her because she and Abe raised Zack from birth for a year. Hope pleaded with Lexie "If you understand then please help me find out who did this to Zack."

Billie and Bo continued to talk in the waiting area. Billie said that if she did not take the blame for Chelsea Bo would loose two children and not the one already lost because Chelsea would go to jail for at least 20 years. Bo told Billie that he wanted to tell the truth. Bo told Billie they should have been as tough on Chelsea as Hope because maybe then Zack would still be alive.

Jennifer asked Frankie why did he go along with Jack's scheme to make Jennifer and Frankie fall in love. Frankie told Jennifer that he hated being put in that that predicament by Jack. Jennifer said to herself: "Oh God could you think I would fall in love with someone else..."

Dr. Alex North continued to try to unloose the restraints that were on him in the hospital bed.

Dr. Banks had Marlena on the roof of the hospital, getting ready to push her off the ledge.

Nicole and Sami continued to talk in Sami's apartment. Nicole boasted to Sami that she and Austin will get close because Nicole and Austin would be going to frequent trips to California together. Nicole also reminded Sami that Austin kissed Nicole passionately after Austin left Sami at the alter. Nicole had a flashback of Austin giving Nicole a passionate kiss and Sami was standing not to far behind looking very upset.

Max and Chelsea continued to talk outside the waiting area. Max told Chelsea that Bo knows that she hit Zack and did she think that Bo would lie to Hope. Chelsea told Max that she was scared and did not want to go to prision. She told Max that if it was found out that she hit Zack then she would be the selfish girl that killed Zack. Max continued to advise Chelsea to tell the police about what happened. Chelsea turned her back to Max and told him: "You say you are my friend. A real friend won't want you to go to prison." Max placed his hand on Chelsea's shoulder and told her to do the right thing and tell the police.

Bo and Billie continued to talk about what Chelsea did. Bo told Billie that Chelsea "had to face the courts." Bo also told Billie that he was also responsible because he signed Chelsea's temporary licensed and allowed her to drive his truck. Billie continued to plead with Bo to allow her to take the blame for Chelsea.

Lexie stayed with Hope in the cubical area until Hope went to sleep. Hope whispered to herself that she had to find out who did this to Zack. "I'll find out who took you away from me..."

Jennifer and Frankie continued to talk in Jennifer's house. Jennifer told Frankie that she did not know what to think about Jack or Frankie for planning Frankie and Jennifer to get back together. Jennifer said that she could actually believe that Jack would do this but wanted to know the reason Frankie would agree to going along with Jack's plan.

Alex North finally broke out of the restraints that were placed on him in the hospital bed.

Marlena and Dr. Banks continue to fight on the roof top. Dr. Banks struck Marlena in the head as Marlena was opening the door on the roof to get away from Dr. Banks. Marlena was knocked unconscious.

Austin and Carrie continued to talk in Sami's apartment about business. Austin told Carrie that in business you have to be tougher. Carrie asked Austin if he was asking her to not care about the people who worked for the company. Austin told Carrie that in business you have to care about the bottom line. Carrie explained that the company was build by a couple who believed in treating their employees well. Austin told Carrie that sometimes you have to cut back perks and such to secure the employees' futures with the company. Sami overheard their conversation and acted surprised to hear that Carrie lost her company. Sami immediately told Carrie she was sorry and hugged her.

Max and Chelsea continued to talk outside the waiting area. Chelsea told Max that she wants to do the right thing but her mother won't let her. Max told her that she was not a little girl. And he reminded her that she killed a little boy. Max urged her to take responsibility for her actions.

Bo and Billie continued to talk in the waiting area. Bo told Billie that he understand her wanting to sacrifice herself for Chelsea. Billie told Bo that if she is blamed for the accident instead of Chelsea it will actually save Bo and Hope's marriage. Billie told Bo that she has a perfect driving record and would not be punished as badly as Chelsea. Billie also said that if Chelsea is held responsible for this she would surely loose her youth and spend at least 20 years in prision. Billie told Bo: "You need to go in there and tell Hope I took your car and killed Zack..." Hope walked out into the waiting area and overheard Billie's and Bo's conversation. Hope cried and screamed: "Oh my God.. you killed Zack."

Jennifer and Frankie continued to talk. Frankie told Jennifer that he would never hurt her. He told Jennifer that Jack never seeked him out. He said that it kinda happened after Frankie returned to town to check up on his little brother. Frankie believes that the reason Jack approached him was because he noticed the sparks that Frankie and Jennifer have. Frankie told Jennifer that he got tired of telling Jack no and he also decided on his own that he wanted to be there for Jennifer and the kids.

Meanwhile, the nurse assigned to Alex's room discovers that Alex had left his room.

Marlena laid unconscious on the roof. Dr. Banks was getting ready to push Marlena off the roof.

Nicole asked Austin if she could speak to him privately after seeing Sami hugging Carrie. Sami continued to talk to Carrie. Sami asked Carrie if she knew what happened and who took over her company. "They didn't warn you to prepare your employees. It sounds like they are out to hurt you. And they have bad work ethics..." said Sami. Sami also advised Carrie to find out who took over the company and make that person pay.

Frankie and Jennifer continued to talk in Jennifer's house. Frankie told Jennifer that he decided to stay not just for Jack but also for himself because he wanted more than a friendship. Frankie told Jennifer that he feels something much more deeper for her. Then he told her "The truth is I love you..."

Alex grabbed Dr. Banks. Dr. Banks was so angry and called Alex and Marlena "cheaters." Marlena was still unconscious. Dr. Banks told Alex to say good bye to Marlena. And then if appears that Dr. Banks through Marlena off the roof. Alex yelled "No!"

Chelsea and Max were still talking. Chelsea told Max that if Billie was willing to take the blame for her then she was not going to stop her. Max called someone on his cell phone after Chelsea walked away from him.

Hope charged after Billie screaming and yelling. Bo stoped her and held her back. Billie told Hope "I am so sorry. I would do anything to bring him back. .." Chelsea returned to the waiting area and saw what had happened.

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