Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/17/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/17/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer was outside of her house thinking about Jack. "I need you so much right now. I need you More that ever." Jennifer said. Frankie continued to look at the DVD that Jack made for him. Jack said in the video that he was checking up on Frankie and wanted to make sure that Jennifer moved on with Frankie in her life. Jennifer walked into the house and asked Frankie what he was watching.

Nicole worked diligently on the computer to assist Austin with taking over High Style Cosmetics. Sami watched Nicole as she worked. Nicole told Sami that she was not helping. Sami told Nicole that she was helping more than she knew. Austin walked out of his room and asked Sami what did she mean by that comment.

Carrie was in Lucas'apartment looking at her computer and watching as High Style Cosmetics shares were being bought out. Carrie so upset, told Lucas that she thinks she knows who did this.

Phil and Kate walked into Claire's room while Shawn and Belle watched Claire. Belle told Phil that they won't need a transplant specialist because Claire was going to be "Okay" and her fever had broken. Shawn and Belle told them that they had a dream that Zack said Claire was going to be okay.

Bo watched over Hope while she slept in a bed in the cubical area. Bo told Hope while she slept that Chelsea killed Zack with his truck. Hope opened her eyes.

Billie told the police that she was the person responsible for the hit and run accident with Zack.

Mimi was now in the room with Phil, Kate, Belle and Shawn. Phil walked over to Claire's crib and told her that she was going to be okay because Zack saved her life. Kate listened to Shawn and Belle whispering to each other that Zack told them that they were meant to be.

Meanwhile, Billie continues to tell the police that she hit Zack. She told the police that she did not say anything sooner because she was scared and did not know what she hit. Billie told the police: "I am ready to accept full responsibility for what I did." Billie gave the police officers her license and proof of insurance. Chelsea asked Billie what she was doing as Billie walked away from the police. Chelsea asked Billie the reason she would admit to a crime that she did not commit.

Hope was upset after waking up and told Bo tell her that Zack was asleep at home and was still alive. Bo told Hope that Zack was dead. Then he held her in his arms and told her: "I am so sorry Fancy Face."

Austin waited while Nicole worked on the computer and watched as she completed the last minute details to take over High Style Cosmetics. Nicole told Austin that all he had to do was just press the button and High Style Cosmetics would be Austin's. Sami watched in anticipation. Then Austin finally pressed the button and completely took over the company.

Carrie was still at Lucas' apartment. Carrie told Lucas that she believes that his company was responsible for the take over. Carrie asked if Victor could have done this without his knowledge. Lucas assured her that this was not possible. Carrie called Becky at the office. Becky told Carrie that the whole company was taken over in less than 30 minutes. Carrie told Becky that she did not know what to tell the employees.

Jennifer told Frankie that Zack was killed in a hit and run accident. She also told Frankie that Zack's liver was a match for Claire. And BO and Hope donated Zack's liver to Claire to save her life. Jennifer told Frankie that she did not know how to feel because she felt so bad for Bo and Hope's lost but also happy that Belle and Phil's daughter found a liver donor.

Shawn, Belle, Phil, Mimi and Kate were in Claire's hospital room. Shawn told Belle and Phil to not feel guilty because of what happened. Kate asked Mimi later if she was worried about Belle and Shawn getting close. Mimi told Kate that Belle and Shawn and will never get back together because Shawn asked her to marry him. Kate told Mimi that was the best news that she had heard all day.

Chelsea was so happy that Billie decided to admit to being the one responsible for the accident. Chelsea told Billie: "I don't know what else to say but thank you mom." The police approached Billie and Chelsea and asked Billie if she wanted to call her attorney. Billie said she did not want to call an attorney because she was confessing.

Hope and Bo were still in the cubical area. Hope was in rage. She told Bo that she wanted to know how the police said Zack was hit by their vechile. Bo told Hope that it was an accident. Hope asked Bo why was he defending the monster who hit Zack. Hope sat up in the bed still very angry asked Bo "Do you know who did this?"

Meanwhile, Austin, Sami and Nicole celebrated Austin's take over of High Style Cosmetics. Austin sent an email to Becky advising that she lay off employees and ship down products. Becky was talking to Carrie while Austin sent the email. Becky asked Carrie: "Is it really over?" Carrie told Becky that it was over and to tell the employees to start looking for new employment. Becky cried: "Carrie" Carrie told Becky that she had to go. Lucas hugged Carrie after she ended the call with Becky.

Frankie and Jennifer continued to talk. Frankie told Jennifer that he would be there for her and he would be there for Bo and Hope.

Kate spoke with Belle privately. Kate told Belle that she was happy for her and Phil. Kate talked to Belle about Zack appearing to her and Shawn in a dream. Kate told Belle that she heard Shawn and Belle whispering to each other that Zack said that they were meant to be. She told Belle that the dream was not real and what was real was Belle and Phil's love for each other. She advised Belle to deal with only things that are real.

Hope and Bo were still in the cubical area. Hope continued to ask Bo the reason he continued to defend the person who hit Zack. Hope cried and asked how could the person not see a little child in the streets. Bo told Hope to lay back. Hope told Bo that she wanted answers. The police walked in and told Bo and Hope that they found the person who hit Zack and that person confessed to the crime.

Austin, Nicole and Sami talked about taking over High Style Cosmetics. Austin said that he wished he had a chance to tell the CEO because the take over. Nicole told him tha the did try to contact her but was just unsuccessful in doing so. Sami mentioned that it was bad that so many people would lose their jobs. Nicole told Austin that those people could collect unemployment and lay up for a while. Austin said that he hopes to hire most of those people back within time. Austin said that he wanted to tell Carrie about the acquisition. Nicole advised him not to tell Carrie. But Sami convinced him to go ahead and tell Carrie. Austin decided to take Sami's advice and goes to Lucas' apartment to tell Carrie.

Meanwhile, Carrie was crying and so upset about the knowledge that her company had been taken over. Carrie told Lucas that the person who did this was ruthless and they could have made her an offer before taking over the company. Carrie said that she would never forgive the person who did this. Lucas told Carrie that the person was a coward. Carrie told Lucas the person who did this was worst than a coward.

Jennifer and Frankie continued to talk about Zack's accident. Jennifer told Frankie that she wanted to hold Jack Jr. Frankie had just put Jack Jr. to sleep so Jennifer decided not to wake up Jack Jr. Frankie told Jennifer to rest and he would make her tea. Jennifer checked the television while Frankie prepared tea for her. Jennifer saw Frankie had been watching a DVD. It was the DVD that Jack made for Frankie about getting Jennifer to move on with her life.

Lucas and Carrie continued to talk in his apartment. Lucas told Carrie that he would help her find the person who took over her company.

Shawn and Mimi were outside of Claire's room. Mimi told Shawn that it was strange that he and Belle had the same dream. Shawn told Mimi that Zack also told them in their dream that he and Belle was meant to be. Mimi became upset and told Shawn "Maybe you don't want to be with me." Shawn told her that he wanted to to tell her this because he loves her and wants to be honest with her. He then Mimi "Come on lets go see our god daughter..."

Kate watched as Shawn and Mimi kissed outside of Claire's room. Kate then walked towards Belle and Phil and stood between them while they watched Claire. Once Shawn and Mimi had entered the room Kate told Phil and Belle that Shawn and Mimi were engaged. Kate said: "Oh I knew it was a secret. I thought that Belle and Phil knew..."

Jennifer continued to watch the DVD made by Jack. Jennifer watched with tears in her eyes and shaking her head in disagreement as Jack told her to move on and fall in love with Frankie.

The police officers told Bo and Hope that they had a full confession from the person who hit Zack. Hope jumped out of the bed and said "Where is me who she is..." The police officers pointed to Billie waiting in the waiting area. Hope stopped suddenly and said: "Oh Billie..." Chelsea watched from the side and Bo looked completely shocked.

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