Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/16/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/16/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Austin and Carrie returned after spending the night out together. Carrie told Austin that she would never forget about the time that they shared that night. Austin talked to Carrie about the company that he plans to take over, but did not tell her the name of the company because he felt it would jinx the acquisition. Sami paced back and forth in her apartment, listening to Austin and Carrie talking in the hallway. Lucas was also in his own apartment listening to Carrie and Austin. Carrie told Austin that it was going to be tough to return to LA since they had such a great time together. Austin told Carrie that he hopes to have more great times with her. Austin and Carrie kissed in the hallway. Nicole walked out of her bedroom and saw Sami listening to someone outside of the door. Nicole asked Sami who she was spying on. Sami was reluctant to tell her. Sami finally told Nicole that she was spying on Austin and Carrie because Nicole threatened to open the door to see who was outside of the door. Nicole looked at Sami and said "Well we have to do something about this." Sami told Nicole that they already did (referring to Austin's acquisition of High Style cosmetics.)

Chelsea and Bo were in the hospital waiting area. Chelsea cried and told Bo not to tell anyone that she was the one who hit Zack. Bo told Chelsea that he would not lie to Hope. Chelsea cried "Dad please..." Billie walked in and saw Bo and Chelsea talking. Billie asked Bo if Zack was okay. Bo told Billie that Zack was dead.

Shawn and Belle were asleep in Claire's room. Shawn startled, wakes up and saw Zack standing in front of him. Belle also woke up and saw Zack. "Maybe Zack was not hit by a car and is not dead. Zack are you alive?" Asked Shawn

Dr. Banks stood over Marlena thinking: "With you gone Alex won't love you. And Alex will be mine." Dr. Banks had Marlena pinned down to the sofa as she began to choke Marlena. Marlena was startled having just woke up. Marlena tried to fight Dr. Banks, but Dr. Banks was too strong for her. Marlena regained her strength and threw Dr. Banks to the floor and tried to open the door, but Dr. Banks had locked the door so that Marlena would not be able to open it. Dr. Banks charged after Marlena while Marlena was trying to open the door. It was still dark in the office. It appears that Dr. Banks had some type of sharp object possibility a knife or pair of scissors.

Bo, Billie and Chelsea continued to talk about Zack. Chelsea told Billie: "I really loved him. I really wanted to be a real good sistere to him." Billie asked how did this happen. Bo told Billie that Zack wandered out of the house while at a sleepover and got hit by hit and run driver in the streets. Chelsea told Billie that it was an accident. Billie told Chelsea that they have to find the "monster" that did this to Zack. Bo told Billie that Chelsea was the one that hit Zack.

Carrie and Austin were still standing in the hallway. Carrie asked Austin if he will celebrate when he takes over the new company. Austin told Carrie that he will celebrate with Sami and Nicole early and then would like to celebrate with her privately. Austin and Carrie continued to flirt with each other and kissed.

Zack's spirit was still in the room with Shawn and Belle. Zack told Shawn and Bell that Claire was going to be "okay." Shawn told Zack that he loved him. Zack also told Shawn that Shawn and Belle were meant to be together and that Belle's daughter was fathered by the man she loves. Zack did not say Claire was Shawn's daughter, but did gesture his eyes and looked at Shawn when he said this. Zack told Shawn and Belle that he would always be with them in spirit. And that Claire was not going to die.

Dr. Banks and Marlena continued to fight in Marlena's office.

Billie continued to talk to Bo and Chelsea about Zack's death. "Oh my God is this true?" Asked Billie. Chelsea told Billie that she did not know that she hit Zack and thought that she had only hit a pot hole. Billie wanted to know who knew about the accident. Chelsea and Bo told Billie that Max knew that Chelsea hit Zack. "Why did you tell Max...We got to fix this...We got to find a why to spare our daughter..." cried Billie with tears in her eyes.

Carrie and Austin continued to kiss. Austin told Carrie that he hated to say good-bye to her, but had to get ready for the acquisition. Carrie told Austin that she could see that he was being very aggressive. She told him that she wanted to know the details of the acquisition, but Austin declined to tell her because he did not want to jinx the deal. But he did say that he would tell her about it later.

Carrie walked into Lucas's apartment. Lucas was standing in the living room area. Lucas asked her if she had a good time with Austin. Carrie told Lucas that she couldn't sleep and ran into Austin on the roof. She told Lucas that she thought that they had a good chance this time.

Austin walked into Sami's apartment. Sami asked Austin how was his date. And mentioned that it must have been good because he and Carrie spent the entire night together. Sami told Austin that she was happy for him and Carrie. Austin asked Sami "Really?" Sami told Austin that she had enough disappointment in her life and did not wish that on anyone. Sami told Austin: "I think everything will work out the way you want it." Nicole interrupted and told Austin that she did not think it was a good idea for him to rekindle a romance with his ex-wife (Carrie).

Belle and Shawn continued to talk to Zack in Claire's room. Belle told Zack about how she and Zack used to laugh and the time she spent with him. Shawn told Zack that he could not imagine not being his big brother. Zack told Shawn that he loved him. Shawn told Zack "Don't go. I love you so much..." It appears that both Shawn and Belle were dreaming about Zack because Shawn suddenly woke up from the dream for real. "Zack are you here?" Shawn said as he woke up. Belle was still asleep.

Marlena and Dr. Banks continued to fight in Marlena's office. Marlena threw Dr. Banks onto the floor. Marlena rushed to the door trying to open it, but was again unsuccessful in doing so. It was still very dark in Marlena's room. Dr. Banks picked up a round object from Marlena's desk and struck Marlena in the head with it. Marlena was instantly knocked out, and her head was bleeding severely.

Billie talked to Chelsea alone for a while. Chelsea told Billie that she was scared to go to prision. "Everything is going to be okay. I promise me and your father will be here for you." Said Billie. Billie saw Bo standing alone across the room. Billie told Bo that she was so sorry about Zack. Billie then talked about the lost of child and about losing Chelsea when she was born at birth. Bo told Billie that he wished he had spent more time with Zack. Bo told Billie if he had never found Chelsea, Zack would be alive. Bo also told Billie that things got better after he found out Chelsea was his daughter, because of Zack. Zack was so loving towards Chelsea and this brought the family together. He asked Billie "Why did this have to happen?" Bo told Billie that Hope was beside herself in grief. Bo told Billie that he did not tell Hope that Chelsea was responsible for the accident. Billie was surprised that Bo did not tell Hope yet. Billie then said "You told me that her license was suspended." Bo told Billie that he signed a temporary license for her to drive and loaned her the truck. He told Billie that Hope will never forgive him and he would never forgive himself. "I will always have the knowledge that I the reason our son is dead and when Hope look at me, in her eyes she will always blame me. " Billie told Bo that she did not know what to say. Bo told Billie about the rookie police officers finding evidence and the tracks from the scence of the accident matching his truck. Billie told Bo: "You can't do it Bo. You can't incriminate our daughter!"

Austin was upset with Nicole comment about not getting involved with Carrie. Austin told Nicole that his relationship with Carrie was none of her business. Nicole then complained about "busting her butt" While Sami and Austin planned a party and did not invite her. Nicole told Austin "This is your company and you should get all the credit for the acquisition." Sami agreed with Nicole that Austin should get all the credit for the aqusition.

Meanwhile, Carrie was still in Lucas' apartment. Carrie called her office. Becky from the office told Carrie that someone was going to take over her company. Carrie cried "No!"

Shawn and Belle, stood over Claire's crib in the hospital. Shawn told Belle that Claire was going to be "Okay." Belle agreed and told Shawn that she had a weird dream about seeing Zack. Shawn suggested that maybe it was because they were both praying for Claire so hard. Belle and Shawn told each other that Zack said that Shawn and Belle were meant to be together. Shawn felt Claire and told Belle that Claire still had a fever. Claire began to cry and both Shawn and Belle tried to figure out the reason Claire was crying.

Carrie was still at Lucas' apartment, talking to Becky on her cell phone. "I can't loose my company." cried Carrie. "No one ever called me to talk about a merger. I can't imagine who would do something like that." Cried Carrie. Lucas listening to Carrie told her "someone who is heartless..."

Nicole and Sami were talking in Sami's apartment. Nicole asked Sami "What is up? Why today you agree with me that Austin should have all the credit for the acquisition?" Sami told Nicole: "As long as Austin knows I work hard and he can trust me that's all that matters..." Austin was sitting across the room working on his laptop computer, getting ready to complete the acquisition. He asked Nicole and Sami to stand by him while he completed the deal. Sami had a devilish smile as Austin did this.

The nurse attended to Claire while Shawn and Belle were still in Claire's room. The nurse told Belle and Shawn that Claire was crying because she was hungry and had broken her fever. Belle told Shawn that Claire was going to live. Shawn told Belle that almost everything Zack said came true...

Dr. Banks placed Marlena's body into a wheel chair, out of Marlena's office and into the stairway.

Billie and Bo were talking privately in the waiting area. Billie told Bo not to tell anyone about Chelsea being responsible for Zack's accident. Bo told Billie that he could not jeopardize his family or himself by lying because the police already know his vechile was involved in the accident. Chelsea's walked towards Billie after Bo left and asked her what happened. Billie told Chelsea that Bo will not lie for her. Chelsea acted like she was going to get mad. Billie told her "Don't you dare get made at your father for not lying for you..." Chelsea told Billie that she was sorry and wondered what Zack thought of her for hitting him with the truck. She told Billie that Zack must be so disappointed in her. Chelsea said she was so ashamed. Billie told Chelsea that she was happy that she thought about how Zack felt. Billie took Chelsea's hand and walked her towards the two rookie police officers. Billie told the police officers: " I know what hit Zack." The police asked "Who." Billie told the police that she (Billie) hit Zack. Chelsea was shocked.

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