Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/13/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/13/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Austin and Carrie take a walk to watch the sunrise at the dock. They both talked about having new beginnings. Austin told Carrie that he feels like he is the king of the world. Austin and Carrie kissed.

Belle, Shawn and Marlena were in Claire’s hospital room watching Claire. Marlena told Shawn that she was sorry about what happened to Zack. Shawn told Marlena that it still seemed unreal. Belle said that she was happy that Zack’s blanket was tucked under Claire because it would make her get better. Lexie walked in. Lexie asked Belle, Shawn and Marlena to leave so she could do an exam on Claire.

While outside Claire’s room, Belle told Marlena that John said Alex North tried to kill Marlena and that Alex was outside Marlena’s bedroom window with a gun. Marlena told Belle that John shot Alex and Alex is fighting for his life.

Abe talked to John about Abe being a candidate for a coronary transplant. Abe and John walked into Alex’s room to see if Alex was conscious. Alex still comatose thinks in his mind “Damn it John I am not a threat to Marlena. Lois Banks is the threat.” Abe told John that the evidence points to Bo being the one who hit Zack.

Hope laid down in a bed in the cubical area. Jennifer was at Hope’s side and held her hand while she rested. Hope asked Jennifer: “How could it be Bo. Bo couldn’t have been involved….”

Max was still in the hospital waiting area fixing coffee. He had flashbacks about Chelsea telling him that she was the one who hit Zack.

Bo yelled and screamed at Chelsea, with both hands on her shoulders while he shook her furiously. Bo asked Chelsea if she hit Zack. “You hit my son. You hit Zack.” Chelsea told Bo that she thought that she had hit a pot hole or even a dog.

Hope was still lying in a bed in the cubical area talking to Jennifer. “There is just no way he could have hit Zack and don’t know it.” Jennifer told Hope to rest.

Bo was still yelling at Chelsea. “I shouldn’t have signed that temporary license. The tracks are from my truck. My truck killed my son. I told you a car can be a deadly weapon and then I gave you the key. Zack I am so sorry. I am so sorry Zack.” Chelsea still crying told Bo “He was my little brother. I loved him.”

Belle, Shawn and Marlena continued to talk outside of Claire’s room. Bell asked Marlena the reason Alex was outside of her bedroom window. Marlena told Belle that she did not have time talk about that. Marlena told Belle that they should be praying for Claire and Zack. Belle said that she hopes that the transplant was successful. Marlena told Belle and Shawn that she was going to lie down in her office. Lexie approached Shawn and Belle. Belle asked Lexie how Claire was doing. Lexie told Belle: “I am sorry I wish I had better news…”

Austin and Carrie kissed. Austin asked Carrie what she was thinking. Carrie told Austin that she had not felt this good in a long time. She told Austin that she thinks that they have a good chance this time. She told Austin that being with Mike was a big mistake. Austin told Carrie that he had a surprise for her. Austin placed a blind fold on Carrie and guided her to the surprise location.

Marlena went into her office. She yarned and appeared to be very tired. Marlena turned off the lights in her office and then lay down on the sofa, placing a blanket over her body. Marlena had a dream about being Alex’s patient. In the dream Marlena told Alex that she felt it was a conflict of interest for him to be her psychiatrist because he was also her husband. Alex told her that it was not a conflict of interest. In the dream Alex told her to not believe anything John told her and that Dr. Lois Banks was a threat to her.

Dr. Lois Banks was standing behind a curtain in Alex’s room while Abe and John were in the room. Abe and John talked about Bo knowing who hit Zack. John told Abe that Alex won’t be a threat to Marlena because now they could watch him. Alex still comatose and unable to move said in his mind that Dr. Lois Bank is the one who is a threat and not him. Suddenly Lois Banks walked out from behind the curtain. Lois asked John if Marlena was in her office. John asked Dr. Banks the reason she was so interested in Marlena. Dr. Banks told John it was because they were such good friends. Alex unable to move thought in his mind: “Lois will hurt Marlena if you don’t protect Marlena.” Dr. Banks told John and Abe that Alex’s hand was shaking. Lois suggested that Alex is put in restraints so he would not get up and hurt Marlena. John agreed and walked out of the room to find a nurse to put Alex in restraints. Lois thought to herself: “I was planning to kill you first Alex. But you have company. Marlena on the other hand is alone and waiting for me…”

Marlena was still sleeping in her office. Marlena was still dreaming about Alex. In her dream, Alex told her that Lois Banks was a psychopath and that Marlena was Lois Bank’s target. Lois walked into Marlena’s office while Marlena slept. Lois had a needle in her hand that she wanted to inject into Marlena.

Lexie told Belle that Claire had a high fever. Belle cried.

Hope asked Jennifer: “Why do these things keep happening. I told Shawn to have faith, it’s like we have a curse on us.” Jennifer still comforting Hope told her: “No…it’s not true.” Hope told Jennifer that Zack just had an annual exam. And the doctor said that Zack was the healthiest boy in Salem.

Bo continued to yell at Chelsea. Chelsea told Bo: “Dad if I hit Zack it was an accident. I didn’t even see him.” Bo told Chelsea: “Because of your neglience, my sweet little boy is dead.” Chelsea cried and told Bo: “Don’t hate me.” Bo hugged Chelsea and told her that he did not hate her. Bo told Chelsea that he could not look at her. Bo then sat in a nearby seat to sit down. Chelsea followed Bo. Bo told her that she was reckless and irresponsible. Bo also told Chelsea that it was his fault and wondered how he would tell Hope that his own daughter killed Zack.

Austin brought Carrie to a Fish place where they bought lobster and fish when they were together. Austin told Carrie that they had a lot of memories there. Austin had flashbacks of when they shopped at that store and found two lobsters in which they affectionately called Austin and Carrie. Austin remembers that those years ago, they purchased the two lobsters called Austin and Carrie and set them free into the water. Carrie noticed that one of the lobsters in the tank was missing a claw, and she suspected that it was the lobster named Austin that they set free years ago. Carrie said that she didn’t want anyone to purchase the Austin lobster and she wanted him to be set free so he could one day find the Carrie lobster. Austin asked the man at the register about purchasing the Austin lobster the man told Austin that a customer named Hector had already purchased the lobster and he would soon prepare the lobster for Hector. Carrie told Austin that they could not let Hector eat the Austin lobster.

Alex’s hands continued to shake. John told Abe that Alex would not be a threat to Marlena now that he was in restraints.

Dr. Banks was still standing over Marlena with the needle she wanted to inject into Marlena while Marlena slept. Dr. Banks thought to herself: “Once I kill Marlena I will go back and put Alex out of his misery.” Marlena suddenly opened her eyes then her eyes wandered around the room. Marlena however, did not get up.

Belle and Shawn were back in Claire’s hospital room. Belle thanked Shawn for having a positive attitude. Shawn told Claire that she will get better because she had Zack’s blanket.

Chelsea asked Bo if he would not tell anyone that she was driving his car. Chelsea asked Bo if she would be charged with murder and go to prison. She told Bo: “If that happens, my whole life would be ruined.” Bo told Chelsea that he was not going to lie to his wife.

Hope finally went to sleep in the bed in the cubical area. Hope dreamt about Zack. Hope began to call Zack’s name. Jennifer was still by Hope’s side. Jennifer looked behind the curtain area and saw Bo watching. Jennifer walked to Bo and asked him if he was involved in Zack’s accident.

The police asked Max to meet them at his garage because they were going to impound Bo’s vehicle. Chelsea was watching Max talk to the police. Chelsea approached Max after the police left and asked him what he was doing.

Carrie sat on a bench outside of the seafood store while Austin negoited purchasing the lobser from Hector. Austin finally came out with a brown paper bag. Austin told Carrie that he purchased the Lobsters from Hector. Austin and Carrie then set the Austin lobser into the water. Carrie told Austin that she hoped that the Austin lobster finds the Carrie lobster and they have a happy future. Austin looked at Carrie and told her that he hopes the same for them.

Bo walked to where Hope was sleeping in the Cubical area and pulled a blanket over her. “I am so sorry. I am so so sorry.” Bo told Hope while she slept.

Dr. Banks was still in Marlena’s room trying to inject her with the needle. Marlena made an unexpected turn while she slept and knocked the needle out of Dr. Bank’s hand. Dr. Banks now upset said to herself: “You are so clumsy. Now you are going to have to pay for this.”

John and Abe were still in Alex North’s hospital room. John and Abe talked about Bo knowing who killed Zack. Abe also talked about whether Alex would come out of his coma. John told Abe that he was concerned for Marlena. Alex thought to himself: “She is not safe at all.”

Carrie and Austin were still at the dock. Carrie told Austin that she was going to swear off lobsters. It started to rain. Austin and Carrie hugged and kissed.

Belle and Shawn were still in Claire’s room. They told Claire that they hoped that she gets better. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Zack. Zack told Belle and Shawn: “Hi Shawn. Hi Belle. Don’t be sad. I am okay.”

Chelsea and Bo talked in the hospital waiting area. Chelsea told Bo not to tell anyone that she was driving his truck.

Lexie and Jennifer watched Hope while she slept in the bed in the cubical area. Bo stood from at far watching them, and Chelsea was standing behind Bo. Chelsea told Bo don’t tell Hope that I am responsible for this. She will hate me. Don’t let them take me to prison.” Then Chelsea walked away from Bo.

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