Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/12/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/12/06


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Lucas and Sami’s passionate love making appears to be only a fantasy of Lucas.

Lexie hugged Abe and talked to Abe about the time they gave Zack up. Lexie told Abe she wanted to do the transplant because she wanted to make sure it was done carefully and with love.

Belle, Shawn and Mimi were it Claire’s hospital room. Belle said that it was so unfair that Zack died. Shawn said that he hopes Claire makes it through the transplant. Belle told Shawn that Zack was the best and she loved him. Belle and Shawn hugged. Mimi watched Belle and Shawn hugging for a moment then said she was leaving the room to get some water. Bonnie was apparently outside of the room and saw Mimi leave Claire’s room. Bonnie told Mimi: “Are you out of your mind, leaving the two of them in there like that. “ Bonnie told Mimi that would loose Shawn to Belle if she did not go back into the room. Belle and Shawn hugged again. Belle told Shawn that she did not know how Shawn and his family could cope with Zack’s death. Shawn told Belle that his family will never rest until they find out who killed Zack.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Max were still in the hospital. Chelsea continued to have flashbacks about the accident. Max tried to comfort Chelsea, but Chelsea yelled at Max. Chelsea told Max: “You don’t understand, this is all my fault…” Max looked at Chelsea confused.

Belle agreed with Shawn that the person who killed Zack should be punished. Shawn told Belle that Claire and he had a special connection.

Mimi and Bonnie were still outside of Claire’s hospital room. Mimi explained that she was respecting Shawn’s space because he had just lost his brother. Bonnie told Mimi that she was devastated by Zack’s death. Bonnie also told Mimi that Belle should be crying on her husband Phil’s shoulder and not Shawn’s. Bonnie told Mimi that she should be there for Shawn and show him how sexy his fiancée’s shoulder feels good. Mimi went back into Claire’s room. Mimi told Shawn that she did not know what to say. Shawn told her that being there would be enough. Mimi and Shawn hugged. Phil entered Claire’s room. Phil hugged Belle.

Hope, upset by the rookie police officers accusations told the police officers that there was not way that anyone else drove Bo’s SUV except her and Bo. The officers asked if Bo let someone borrow the SUV. Hope said no. Bo had flashbacks about allowing Chelsea to drive his SUV. He also remembered telling Chelsea that he hoped that he would not regret his decision of allowing her to drive his SUV. Bo then asked the rookie police officers: “What makes you so sure that my car is the one that hit Zack?”

Chelsea told Max that she overheard the police officers telling Bo that his SUV was involved in the accident, and that she thinks that she is the one who hit Zack.

Lucas apparently had a fantasy of him and Sami making love, because he and Sami were suddenly standing is his doorway talking about Sami’s alleged sleepwalking incident. Sami asked Lucas if he regretted kissing her and having her in his bed.

Chelsea and Max continued to talk about Zack’s accident. Chelsea told Max: “My God what if I am responsible for killing my own brother.” She told Max that Bo would disown her.

The police officers told Bo about the evidence and that the tracks on the scene of the accident were the same tracks that matched Bo’s SUV. Hope said: “This can’t be happening. Tell me who killed Zack!” Jennifer pulled Hope away. Bo then told the police officers that he was not the one driving the SUV. The police officers then responded: “Okay…then who was it?”

Lexie was performing the transplant in the operation room. Lexie talked to Zack while she was performing the operation. A male doctor entered the operation room and told Lexie that Dr. Gilbert was not optimistic about Claire because she was bleeding and her pressure was low.

Bonnie entered Claire’s room while Phil, Belle, Shawn and Mimi were talking about Zack being a match for Claire. Bonnie walked directly to Belle hugged her and told her: “I just want to tell you I am praying for your little girl. Years from now, these will be one of those stories Claire will roll her yes on and say not that one again…” Bonnie then hugged Shawn telling him: “I am so sorry about Zack. You were the best older brother…Mimi loves Zack too…” (Bonnie looked at Mimi and Mimi agreed.) Bonnie then asked Mimi to speak with her outside of Claire’s room. Bonnie told Mimi: “I am your mother; you were wondering why Shawn and Zack were both matches for Claire. If you keep thinking like that you better kiss your fiancée good-bye.”

The two rookie police officers asked Bo if he knew who was driving the SUV. Bo walked away from the police then walked to where Hope was and told her that he needed to help the police with the evidence. Bo told Hope: “I love you and you know that I will never do anything to hurt you.” Bo told Hope and Jennifer to take a walk so he could be alone with the police officers. The police officers told Bo: “We are sorry. We have to follow regulation. We need to know who was driving the car.” Bo told the police officers that he needed to talk to Abe. Bo walked over to Abe and hugged Abe. Abe asked Bo about whether the police had any lead on the case. Bo told Abe that the police have evidence that it was it his vechile that hit Zack. Abe asked Bo if the SUV was stolen or it he had let someone borrow the vechile. Bo told Abe “no.”

Chelsea told Max that she did not know that she hit Zack. Max told Chelsea that she could go to jail.

Abe continued to ask Bo if he knew who was driving his vehicle.

Hope told Jennifer that she felt like she was trapped in a nightmare that kept getting worst. Jennifer told Hope that she had to hold onto everything that she knew, and that was Bo. And would never do anything to hurt her.

Chelsea told Max that she wanted to leave Salem. Max tried to comfort Chelsea by telling her that she had no idea that she killed Zack. Chelsea told Max: “Whether I knew or not, Zack is dead. I am not ready to go to prison for the rest of my life. My own dad will arrest me.”

Abe continued to reason with Bo and told Bo that he had to be honest with Hope. Hope and Jennifer walked towards Abe and Bo. Hope overheard the conversation and asked what he meant.

Belle told Phil that she had a strange feeling. Belle said that she could not loose Claire. Phil comforted Belle and told her to remain positive. Shawn overheard Belle’s and Phil’s conversation and told Belle that something had to become good as a result of Zack’s dead, and that would be to save Claire’s life.

Mimi and Bonnie talked outside of Claire’s room. Mimi asked Bonnie how both Zack and Shawn could be a match for Claire. Bonnie told Mimi to get herself together and be with her man. Mimi walked into Claire’s room and hugged Shawn. Shawn asked Mimi if she was okay.

Sami and Lucas were still at Lucas’ apartment arguing. Sami told Lucas “don’t worry about me coming back.” She also told him that being with Carrie was only a fantasy for him. Lucas asked Sami why she came into his apartment if she was dreaming of Austin. Sami said that she used to sleep walk when she was younger. Lucas then told Sami that he was the one she wanted and not Austin.

Shawn, Belle and Phil were in the chapel praying for Claire. Mimi entered the chapel and told Shawn, Belle and Phil that the nurses said that it will take a while before they will know if the transplant worked. Mimi hugged Shawn. Shawn said that Zack was in a better place. Mimi told Shawn that one day they all will be with Zack.

Meanwhile, the rookie police officers continued to question Bo about who was driving the vehicle. The rookie police told Bo that they were not leaving until Bo told them the name of the person who was driving the vehicle.

Chelsea and Max were still in the hospital. Chelsea asked Max to get her away from Salem.

Hope asked Bo what Abe wants him to be honest about. Jennifer and Abe walked away to give Bo and Hope privacy. Hope began to yell and scream at Bo. Bo told Hope to calm down. Hope told Bo: “Calm down? My baby is dead and he is not coming back. Are you telling me the truth? You had nothing to do with this. I want to hear it from you. Tell me!“

Lexie and Abe were still in the hospital. Lexie hugged Abe. Abe asked Lexie how the surgery went. Lexie told Abe that it was “touch and go. But there is no guarantee.”

Hope and Bo continued to argue. Hope told Bo: “Look me into the eyes tell me the truth.” Bo told Hope that he would never do anything to hurt her. Lexie saw Bo and Hope aguring. Lexie asked Hope if she wanted to take a something to relax her nerves. Hope refused to take any medication. The rookie police officers still watching told Bo that they still needed to talk to him. Bo told the police officers that he needed to be there for his wife. The police officers became very aggressive and then told Bo that someone else could be there for Hope. Abe interjected and then told the police officers to “back off” of Bo.

Lexie told Belle and Phil that the transplant was a success and to keep praying for Claire. Belle and Phil were so happy and then hugged each other.

Sami and Lucas were still at Lucas’ apartment, still auguring. Lucas told Sami that the reason he responded to her when she got into his bed was because he thought she was Carrie. Lucas also told Sami that he had a better chance with Carrie then Sami had with Austin. Lucas also told Sami that she was going to end up alone with no one to love. Sami had Lucas’ sheets wrapped around her body. Sami told Lucas “We will see who will be alone.”

Sami returned to her apartment. Sami told herself that Austin would be hers. “Once Austin takes over Carries company. She will never speak to him. And you Lucas will end up alone.” Sami told herself while she lay in her bed. Meanwhile, Lucas also was getting back into his bed in his apartment. Lucas told himself that he will have Carrie and Sami and Austin will both end up alone.

Belle and Phil were so happy to hear that Claire’s surgery was a success. Lexie told them that the next few days would determine whether Claire’s surgery was a success. Shawn said that Zack will live on in Claire.

Meanwhile, Hope told Jennifer that she needs to find out who killed Zack.

The police told Abe that if Bo did not give a statement he could go to jail for obstruction of justice.

Bo found Max and Chelsea. Bo told Max that he needed to talk to Chelsea alone. Bo told Chelsea: “You said you hit something when you were driving my truck. Tell me…did you kill my son?” Bo was filled with angry and yelled at Chelsea furiously. Chelsea’s eyes filled with tears and she cried.

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