Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/11/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/11/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami was in her bed dreaming about Austin. In Sami’s dream Austin tells Sami “How can I not want you. You are so beautiful.” Sami still dreaming told Austin: “I want you Austin,” then snuggled into her pillow. Meanwhile, Lucas was also dreaming in his bed in his apartment, but about Carrie. Lucas dreamt that he was making love to Carrie and said “Oh Carrie I want you…Oh Carrie.”

Phillip, Belle, and Lexie were in Claire’s hospital room. Phil told Lexie: “I can’t believe you found a liver for Claire. Lexie told Phillip and Belle to not keep their hopes up because Claire was weak. Belle, so happy told Lexie “It’s not too late.” Lexie looking very sad told Phil and Belle that the organ donor was Zack and that Zack died in an accident. Belle and Phil were in shock.

Victor and Kate were still in the hospital. Victor told Kate that he had good news about Claire. Victor told Kate that Zack was killed in a hit and run accident. He told Kate about Zack being the organ donor. Kate told Victor that she was close to giving up on Claire. Victor told Kate that he was sad that his grandson (Shawn) has lost his little brother twice to save his daughter. Kate told Victor that there was no way that she was going to tell Phil that Claire is not his baby.

Jennifer, Mimi and Shawn talk in the hospital waiting area. Jennifer told Shawn that Zack was a match for Claire. She told Mimi and Shawn: “He could save Claire’s life.” Shawn told Mimi and Jennifer that: “God answered Bell’s prayers; he’s going to save our baby…” Mimi and Jennifer looked confused after Shawn made the comment about Claire being his and Belle’s baby.

Chelsea continued to cry on Max’s shoulders. “I didn’t know him long. But I know that I love him.” Max continued to comfort Chelsea. Max told Chelsea that a hit and run driver was the “lowest of low.”

The two rookie police officers talk to each other about the vehicle being Bo’s.

A nurse entered cubical 1 and told Bo and Hope that “Every minute we wait could cost baby Claire her life...” Bo told Hope that it was time to say good bye to Zack. Hope continued to cry and looked so sad. Hope told Bo that she could not say good bye to Zack. Bo told the rookie police officers and everyone else in cubical area that he and Hope needed time alone with Zack. Hope continued to look at Zack and told Bo that Zack was still breathing and she could still touch him and feel him. Bo told Hope: “He’s gone…” Hope still crying said: “No…I want to hold onto my baby. “ Bo said: “We will miss you every day we are apart. You will always be alive in our hearts.” Hope crying uncontrollably tells Bo: “I can’t say good bye…I can’t…”

Max and Chelsea were still in the hospital waiting area. Max told Chelsea again about how a hit and run drive was the lowest of low. Chelsea told Max: “My dad is right…a car can be a lethal weapon.” Chelsea had flashbacks about the car accident that night and tells herself…”No way…” (Referring to the possibility of it being her that hit Zack.).

Shawn told Mimi that Zack loved Claire. Shawn also said: “If Zack’s liver could help Claire then it would be good.” Shawn also said that he will make whoever killed Zack “pay” for what they have done.

Belle, Phil and Lexie were still in Claire’s hospital room. Belle told Lexie: “It can’t be Zack.” Lexie told Belle and Phil: “We are keeping his body alive so we can harvest his organs.” Belle said: “I can’t do this…no…you don’t understand. This is Shawn’s brother. I Love him.” Lexie told Belle: “This is the only chance at saving Claire’s life. Are you saying that you don’t want the transplant?”

Sami continued to dream about making love to Austin. Sami cried in her sleep: “Austin I need you now…” Sami got up out of her bed and out her bedroom. Meanwhile, Lucas was also dreaming, but of Carrie. Lucas cried in his sleep: “Carrie I want you…” Sami walked into Lucas’ apartment and into his bed with her eyes closed. Both Sami and Lucas still asleep think that the other person they are in bed with is Austin and Carrie. Lucas gets on top of Sami and kisses her passionately. Then suddenly, they realize that it was not the person that they had thought.

Kate and Victor continue to ague about telling the truth about Claire’s paternity.

Shawn, Mimi and Jennifer continue to talk about Zack’s death. Shawn said: “Its one thing to say Zack saved Claire’s life, but to lose my brother and never see him again. I just don’t understand that…” Jennifer told Shawn: “I asked the same question a million times. We are only here for a time. We have to be strong while others are weak...” Shawn talked about how going to his parents’ house will not be the same without Zack. Then he asked Jennifer if Belle knew about Zack.

Belle, Phil and Lexie continue to discuss using Zack’s liver to save Claire’s life. “No!!” cried Belle. Phil reminded Belle that Lexie said that there was nothing they could do for Zack and Zack could help Claire. Lexie told Belle: “If Zack can help Claire, then a part of him will live in her. I know that life isn’t fair. You have an opportunity to save Claire’s life. We have to act quickly. Honey, you were praying for a miracle…it happened.” Belle said: “I never meant to sacrifice Zack for Claire. Lexie told Belle: “Belle honey, no one loves Zack more than me and Abe. I held his hand when he took his first step. Abe feed him his first solid food. The lost of him is unbearable. The agony Hope and Bo are going through….we need to put all of our feelings aside for Claire. This special little baby. You know Claire in French means Clear. Claire’s life depends on this transplant.”

Phil told Belle: “You know she is right we have to do this.” Belle continued crying: “But Zack….” Shawn and Mimi walked into the room overhearing the conversation.

Chelsea and Max continue to talk about Zack’s accident. Chelsea asked Max where Zack get hit. Max told Chelsea that Zack got hit on the conor of 3rd and Elm.

Hope and Bo continue to talk to Zack. “I don’t want to loose you…mommy loves you so much. Every night outside my door…mommy. Don’t leave me baby. I don’t want you to leave. I can’t let you go. I don’t want to live without my baby. What will mommy do without you?” Bo held Hope tight.

The police listened nearby and talked about this being a nightmare.

Hope continued to cry: “Why do we have to let him go?” Bo told Hope “I am so sorry they couldn’t bring him back but Zack could help save Claire’s life. He can give her this one beautiful gift before he goes. Our precious boy can help save Claire’s life.” The nurse walked into the cubical area and told Bo and Hope that they were waiting in the operating room.

Hope continued to cry uncontrollably “Oh no…my baby!” Bo began to talk to Zack again: “Zack all the wonderful dreams I had for you. The future for you. I am very proud of you. You could be anything you wanted…I am the luckiest man alive, because I got to be your dad. I hope you know that I love you.” Bo then turns to Hope. Hope continues to cry: “No…” Bo told Hope to tell Zack what she felt. Hope still sobbing tells Zack about how he used to squeeze her hands. Hope put her head on his body then she and Bo held Zack’s hand. Hope cried “I can’t say good-bye. No…” Bo held Hope in his arms and walked Hope out of the cubical area crying. Hope continued to cry as she walked out of the cubical area screaming: “Oh my God. Someone killed my baby. Someone killed my baby. Someone killed my boy. Who did this? I couldn’t save my baby…” Hope still crying and screaming walks up to the two rookie police officers in rage and demands: “Who killed my son…tell me!!”

Sami and Lucas were still in Lucas’ bed. After realizing that the other was not Austin and Carrie. Sami accused Lucas of giving her a date rape drug to get her into his bed. Lucas told her that he didn’t and then told her that she is the one that drugs people

Meanwhile, Hope and Bo both harass the police officers and demand to know who killed their son.

Shawn, Mimi, Belle, Phil and Lexie were still in Claire’s hospital room. Shawn told Belle to let Zack help Claire and that he and his family wants Zack’s liver to go to Claire.

Belle hugged Shawn and said “I am so sorry.” Shawn told Belle: “Zack would want to do this. Belle signed the papers. Give Claire a chance at life. We are here on earth to help each other. I realize this and I believe this.” Belle hugged Shawn again and then told Lexie she would sign the paperwork for Claire’s transplant. Shawn told Belle that she did the right thing.

Hope and Bo continued to harass the rookie police officers. The officers agreed that they better wait. Hope continued to cry and scream. Jennifer held onto Hope and walked her away. Bo remained and continued to talk to the police officers. Bo asked the police officers: “What did you find out? Whose car was it.?” One of the police officers told Bo: “We found the car in Max Brady’s garage.” Bo shocked and angry demanded: “I want to go over the evidence.”

Sami and Lucas were still in Lucas’ bedroom both naked. “Their has to be a rational explanation for this.” Said Sami. “You want me.” Answered Lucas. Sami told Lucas that she heard him call out Carrie’s name. Sami told Lucas that Carrie’s heart belonged to Austin. Lucas told Sami that every man that she has been with regretted being with her. Sami asked Lucas if he regretted being with her. Lucas put on his robe and told Sami to stop trying to get him to say he still loves her. Sami and Lucas were both angry but still standing very close to each other. In a moment of lust Lucas and Sami began to kiss passionately and made love on Lucas’ bed.

Phillip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Lexie still in Claire’s hospital room told Claire that they love her and to be strong.

Kate and Victor were still talking outside of Claire’s room. “This whole thing is unbearable.” Kate talks about when she thought that Austin and Billie were dead and how it hurt her and felt hopeless. Kate told Victor: “I hope that Claire survives.” “So do I” said Victor. “You see this baby will keep their marriage together.” Said Kate. “If Claire survives, and I hope that she does. She could be the reason Shawn and Belle get back together.” Replied Victor.

Hope asked the rookie police officers if they had families. One of the rookie police officers told Hope that he and his wife were expecting a baby. “Tell me who was driving the car...” cried Hope. Bo turns to Hope and tells her that she was “too” upset. Hope still crying told Bo that their baby was gone. And again ask the police officers who was driving the car. Both of the rookie police officers stared at Bo, and Bo looked at them intensely. Hope told the officers to not look at Bo because she is Zack’s mother. Finally one of the police officers said: “Detective Brady, I think you already know this. It was your car that hit Zack.

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