Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/10/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/10/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Austin and Carrie meet on the rooftop and talk about old times.

Dr. Banks returned to Alex North’s hospital room. She tells Alex: “If you knew how close I was to finishing Marlena. Fortunately John did not see the needle and will convince Marlena that you are the one trying to kill Marlena. Dr. Banks believes that Dr. Alex North can hear her talking. And reached for the needle that she had and said “I have to fix this.”

Phil and Belle were still in Claire’s hospital room. Phil told Bell that they will have to say goodbye to their little girl.

Mimi asked Shawn to tell her what to do because she felt useless. Shawn told her he can’t believe this was happening. “A damn hit and run driver. Its one thing to drive off but to let a little kid just lay there…”

Chelsea and Max were still in the hospital and still upset by Zack’s death. Chelsea told Max: “This is so awful Max, I loved Zack. I loved him the minute that he came into my life. How could this happen?”

Abe told the two rookie cops that he considered Zack his own son because he and Lexie adopted Zack as their son before they found out that Bo and Hope was Zack’s biological parents. Abe told the two rookie cops that he hopes that person who did this to Zack is put in jail and does not see the light of day.

Hope, Bo, Lexie and Jennifer were in cubical 1 with Zack’s body. Hope told Lexie: “We have to give him time. There has to be another doctor or specialist that could help…” Lexie told Hope that two specialist have already looked at Zack and have reviewed the test done on Zack and have agreed that Zack is brain dead. Lexie knew how painful it is, but asked Bo and Hope if they could turn this situation into something positive by donating Zack’s organs to another family to save the life of their love one. Hope was clearly resistant to this suggestion and told Lexie: “I can’t loose my baby…”

Belle and Phil were still in Claire’s room in the ICU. Phil tells Belle that maybe it is time to say good-bye to Claire. Belle tells Phil that she can’t let Claire go and asked him to come with her somewhere. Phil asked her where she was taking him, and Belle did not tell him.

Shawn and Mimi continue to talk about the incident. Shawn told Mimi that he could not believe that they lost Zack. Mimi told Shawn that Zack was in heaven. Shawn told Mimi “My parents waited so long to have another kid. He was their miracle baby. Unlike me, he didn’t give them any problems. I don’t think I can deal with this. I always told him he would pitch in the major leagues, because you never know. And now we will never know…”

The two rookie police officers continue to talk to Abe. They told Abe that they have a strong case. Abe wanted to know details of what they have discovered. The two rookie police officers told Abe that they can not say anything until they brought in a suspect. Abe told them that he was glad that they were following proper procedures and left. Shortly after Abe left the two rookie police officers commented that once the evidence is revealed everyone would be shocked. Chelsea and Max overheard the police comments about people being shocked. Max told Chelsea that the person who did this will go to prison for a long time. Chelsea told Max that she would not feel sorry for that person.

Lexie told Bo and Hope that she wanted to talk to them about Zack being an organ donor. Hope told Lexie: “The answer is no! You can’t ask me to kill Zack’s life to donate to another.”

Austin and Carrie were still on the rooftop. Austin told Carrie that he hasn’t been this happy in years. Carrie told Austin that she felt the same. Austin told Carrie that he was glad that they found each other again. Carrie commented about not seeing so many stars in the sky in such a long time. Austin told her it was because she has been living in LA. Austin and Carrie kissed and hugged. Austin told Carrie: “This feels so right.” Carrie asked Austin what he was thinking Austin told Carrie that he did not want to mess anything up by moving to fast.

Dr. Banks was still in Alex North’s hospital room. Alex was still unconscious. Dr. Banks told Alex that she was so in love with him. Dr. Banks said that she was Alex’s patient years ago. She said when the ISA told her that Dr. North was still alive it was like someone stabbed her in the chest. She asked Alex: “You think that I was going to let you and Marlena live happily ever after?” Alex’s fingers began to move and his eyes appeared to try to open.

Belle brought Phil to the hospital chapel. Belle and Phillip lit a candle and kneeled in front of the cross. Belle prayed for a miracle for Claire. Afterwards, Belle looked down on the floor and saw what she thought was a sign from God.

Hope, Bo, Jennifer and Lexie were still in cubical 1 with Zack. Hope told Lexie: “My boy is still alive. How could you even think of telling me to allow you to take his organs? Lexie told Hope that Zack was “gone.” She told Hope that Zack could save a life and maybe even more than one life by donating his organs. Jennifer left the cubical area. Lexie told Hope and Bo “This is exactly what he would want us to do.” Lexie told Hope and Bo that Zack’s organs could save Belle and Phil’s baby. Hope cried and asked Bo “Do we have to this?” They both cried and hugged each other. Bo continued to cry and told Lexie: “We give you permission to take Zack off life support, and allow you to use his organs.” Hope began to cry uncontrollably. Bo walked closer to Zack’s bed and told him: “It has been a privilege to love you and be your parents. We are so very proud we could share our lives with you. We are going to miss you.” Hope continued to cry uncontrollably and said: “Oh my beautiful boy. God…you brought us so much joy. Oh baby…oh baby…” Bo and Hope continued to cry and held each other.

Dr. Banks was still in Alex North’s room. Dr. Banks began to laugh and told Alex that she was going to kill Marlena.

Carrie and Austin were still on the rooftop. Carrie told Austin that she believes that Sámi would try to break them apart again. Carrie also asked Austin if they were thinking clearly about their feelings for each other. Austin replied: “I am thinking clearly. I know what I feel for you.” Carrie then talked about the distance being an obstacle for their budding relationship. Austin assured Carrie that he would visit her often in La. Austin received a phone call from Nicole and excused himself from Carrie to talk more privately. Carrie told Austin that she would also call her office. While talking to Nicole on the phone, Austin told Nicole: “Don’t worry Nicole, everything will go smoothly.” Austin told Nicole that he only wished he could have had the chance to warn the CEO before taking High Style Cosmetics over. Carrie had already finished her phone call and was walking towards Austin. Carrie said to Austin: “My God Austin. I don’t believe it….”

Lexie and Abe talk about Zack’s test results. Abe told Lexie that it felt like they were loosing Zack all over again. Lexie told Abe that it felt even worst because Zack was dead. Lexie told Abe that they will see if Zack’s organ will be hope for Claire.

Victor watched Shawn and Mimi hugging each other in the waiting area of the hospital. Victor thought to himself: “What kind of father would I be if I let Phil think that little girl was his?”

Mimi told Shawn that anger and revenge was not the answer. Shawn told Mimi that he hates the person who killed Zack. Mimi told him that hate does no good. Shawn told Mimi that hate was the only thing he had.

Chelsea asked Max the reason things like this always happen to people she loves (referring to Zack’s death and also to her adoptive parents death.)

The two rookie police officers talked about the evidence. Hope and Bo furiously walked up to the polices officers and asked the police officers to tell them who killed Zack. The officers asked to speak to Bo privately, but Hope refused. Bo told the police: “We want to know who did this to my son and how they will be punished.”

Belle found a flower that she referred to as an angel’s breath. She told Phil that this was a sign from God that Claire would have a miracle. Shortly afterwards a nurse entered the chapel and told Belle and Phil that Dr. Cater (Lexie) wanted to see them immediately.

Carrie found a piece of a red heart shaped paper next to Austin’s and hers initials on the rooftop. It was still left there after all those years from the time that they were together.

Dr. Banks was still in Alex North’s hospital room. Dr. Banks told Alex: “Once I have you out of the way, there is no one who will stop me from killing Marlena...” Dr. Banks put the needle down to pull out the connecting cords attached to Alex. Suddenly, Alex grabbed her hands as she tried to pull the plugs apart. Alex with his eyes still partially closed told Dr. Banks: “You are a monster.” Dr. Banks pulled away from Alex and said: “Say good-bye…”

Austin and Carrie were still on the roof top. Austin told Carrie he loves her and never stopped loving her. He asked her if she felt the same way and Carrie said that she loved him too. Austin then told Carrie “Lets take things a little further.” And they kissed passionately.

Lexie met with Phil and Belle. Lexie told them that she found a liver for Claire. She told them that they would have to keep in mind that Claire could be too weak for the liver because the transplant could be too late.

Chelsea told Max that life was so unfair and she hoped that they put the person who did this to Zack in jail forever.

Shawn told Mimi he wants the police get the person who did this to Zack.

Bo asked the two rookie police officers about what evidence they found regarding the case.

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