Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/9/06

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/9/06


Written By Tasha 
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie and Jennifer were in Jennifer’s bedroom. Frankie told Jennifer that it wasn’t her fault about the incident in the shower. Frankie told Jennifer “You’re vulnerable; I should have never put you in such an awkward position. Frankie told Jennifer that he would leave to go back to New York. Jennifer told Frankie not to go back to New York.

Dr. Banks was standing behind a wall with a shot that she wanted to inject into Marlena. Marlena turned around because it appeared that she felt someone was watching her or even following her as she walked through the hospital hall. Just when Marlena was about to turn around to see if anyone was behind her, John appears next to Marlena. John asked Marlena what she was doing. Marlena said she was looking for Alex. John appeared upset by Marlena’s response. Marlena told John “Alex would never hurt me. There is something that we just don’t know about.”

The two rookie police officers were in the hospital talking to each other about Bo’s vehicle being the one that hit Zack.

Lexie told Hope and Bo that they “lost Zack” and that he was brain dead. Lexie told Hope and Bo that Zack’s injuries were too severe. Bo held Hope in his arms while she cried…No…No…Oh God No!! Shawn was so upset that he ran out of the waiting area and into the chapel. Mimi followed behind him. Once Shawn was in the chapel he cried while looking at the cross in the chapel. Shaw referring to (God) said: “How could you do this. You are all powerful. How could you do this to people who believe in you? Shawn got on his knees and cried, and still so angry. Mimi held Shawn and the two, cried together.

Hope and Bo were still in the waiting area with the rest of the family. Hope told Lexie: “I want to see him. I want to find out who murdered our son.” Hope and Bo hugged and both cried. Celeste comforts Lexie. Lexie told Celeste: “I lost him. I tried…”

Chelsea cried on Max’s shoulders. Chelsea told Max: “This is so wrong Max. I always wanted a little brother. Zack was the best. He always made me feel like I was a part of the family. I remember during Christmas when I was sad and missing my family, he knew what to say to make me feel better….It seems like everyone I love seems to disappear…”Max assured Chelsea that he would not disappear on her.

Meanwhile, the police were also standing in the waiting area watching.

Mickey, Maggie, and Julie discuss their memories of Zack. Julie commented about how mischievous Zack was and had flashbacks about a time when Zack started a food fight one day while she and Doug babysat him.

Lexie still crying tells Abe: “I wonder if there was something that I could have done?” Abe tells Lexie that she did all that she could do to help Zack.

Bo and Hope tell Lexie that they want to see Zack. Celeste tells Abe that Zack’s death will haunt Lexie for the rest of her life. Lexie tells Hope and Bo that Zack’s body is in cubical 1. Hope cried: “I have to see my baby.” Hope and Bo walked into cubical 1 to see Zack’s body on life support. Hope held onto Zack’s hands saying: ”Zack its mommy. Mommy is here baby. I love you so much. You will always be my little boy…” Hope laid her head onto Zack’s chest crying and heard a heartbeat. “Oh my God. Oh my God. He is alive…Zack is alive.” Cried Hope

Meanwhile, Frankie and Jennifer sat on Jennifer’s bed talking. Frankie told Jennifer that she did not do anything wrong. Frankie told Jennifer that he did what he felt and that he wanted to kiss her. Frankie also said that he is there to be her friend. Jennifer told Frankie that she “ruined” everything.

John told Marlena to rest on a sofa in her office which was just down the hall from where they were in the hospital. John showed Marlena her office because she did not remember it. “So this is where I worked” said Marlena. “Take a look around. It might trigger something. Try to get some rest.” John told Marlena. John left Marlena and shut off the lights. Shortly afterwards Dr. Banks entered Marlena’s office while Marlena was sleep on the sofa.

Abe introduced himself to the two rookie police officers and told them to tell him of any leads on the case about Zack’s accident.

Victor asked Carolina how she was doing. Carolina talked about Clair’s condition and also about losing Zack. Victor comforted Carolina by holding her. Carolina’s husband Shawn watched for across the room.

Hope and Bo were still in cubical 1 with Zack’s body. Hope kept saying that Zack was alive because he was breathing. Bo asked Lexie how long could Zack stay in this condition. Lexie told Bo that Zack can stay on life support for as long as Bo and Hope wanted to keep Zack on life support.

Frankie and Jennifer continued to talk in Jennifer’s room. Frankie assured Jennifer that they had not ruined anything. Frankie told Jennifer that he always wants to be her friend. Jennifer told Frankie that she hope that they did not ruin their friendship after the shower incident. She asked Frankie if they were “okay.” Jennifer told Frankie that he should stay longer because of his injured leg. Maggie called Jennifer on the phone while Jennifer was talking to Frankie. Maggie told Jennifer that Zack was in the hospital. Maggie told Jennifer: “I think Hope needs you…” Jennifer asked Frankie if he could baby-sit Jack Jr. because she had to go to the hospital. Frankie agreed to baby-sit Jack Jr.

Dr. Banks stood over Marlena while she slept on the sofa. Dr. Banks thought to herself: “Poor Marlena, you were right about Alex. Unfortunately he is not here to protect you…No one can.”

Mimi and Shawn were still in the chapel talking. Mimi told Shawn to not obsess on rage against the person who was involved in Zack’s accident. Shawn told Mimi that he would make it his life’s mission to capture the person who did this to Zack. Mimi asked him if he would kill the person who was involved in Zack’s accident. Shawn told Mimi that he would kill that person. Shawn commented about his family never being the same after this. Mickey walked into the chapel and overheard Shawn’s comments. Mickey told Shawn that Zack would not approve of that type of behavior. Mickey told Shawn that Zack was “a little boy.” And his parents taught him to love and forgive. Mickey and Shawn sat on the chapel bench and continued to talk. Mickey told Shawn that he needed to be there for his parents. Shawn agreed to be with his family. Mickey told Shawn that Maggie and him would be there for him.

Once Jennifer arrived in the emergency room waiting area, Maggie told Jennifer that Zack was dead. Jennifer was so upset. “This can’t be true…Where is Hope...” Cried Jennifer.

Victor continued to comfort and hold Carolina in his arms in the waiting area. Carolina’s husband Shawn approached the two and said “I hope I am not interrupting anything.” Carolina assured Shawn that he was not interrupting. After Carolina and Shawn walked away, Victor approached the two rookie police officers who were still waiting in the waiting area. Victor told the police officers to let him know if there was anything that he could do to help. The police officers acknowledged Victor’s offer for assistance. Shortly after Victor left the two police officers commented about Detective Bo Brady’s vehicle being the vehicle who hit Zack.

Hope, Bo and Lexie remained in cubical 1 with Zack’s body. “He is still alive. Maybe he will wake up and he won’t need this life support anymore” cried Hope. Hope continued to touch Zack’s hands and kissed them. “He is still warm, and I can feel him. He is breathing and has a pulse.” Lexie insisted that it was all “artificial.” Bo told Hope “he is gone.” Hope continued to cry and said “he is not gone. You are not taking my son away from me.”

Frankie watched a video that was made by Jack months prior. In the video, Jack told Frankie to “be there for Jennifer.” He told Frankie to help her see that there is life after Jack and that there is a chance to love again. Jack told Frankie in the video “You can do this please. Jennifer loved you once. She can again…”

John returned to Marlena’s office to find Dr. Banks’s standing over Marlena in the dark. John asked Dr. Banks what she was doing in Marlena’s office. Dr. Banks insisted that she was just checking on Marlena. John asked Dr. Banks how she knew where to find Marlena. Marlena stood up and said “This is the second time tonight I awake to find you standing over me.”

John told Marlena about Zack’s accident and that Zack was brain dead. Marlena and John left Marlena’s office followed by Dr. Banks. Dr. Banks told Marlena that she would see her later then thought to herself: “Later you will be a dead woman.”

Frankie continued to watch the video made by Jack. Jack told Frankie in the video: “I guess I am going to have to trust you to help her to love you.” Jack also told Frankie to not give up on Jennifer.

Shawn finally returns to the emergency room waiting area with Mimi. Jennifer hugged Shawn and told him that she was “so sorry.” Shawn went into cubical 1 to be with Hope and Bo. Shawn overheard Hope saying: “I won’t let you do it. I won’t let you take him off this machine. He is alive.” Shawn surprised asked “Zack is alive?” Bo placed his hand on Shawn’s shoulder and said “we have a tough decision to make.” Bo then comforted and hugged Hope. Hope continued to cry and said: “I just can’t say good-bye.” Bo said “He does not have a chance to come back.” Then he asked Lexie again if Zack had a chance to live. Lexie said: “No there is no chance at all for him to come back.” Bo told Hope: “Zack is gone. He won’t be at peace until we let him go.” Shawn, Bo, Hope and Lexie cried. Lexie then turned away and cried more.

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