Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/6/06

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/6/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie was up late at Jennifer’s house folding clothes. Frankie had flashbacks about Jennifer telling him to stay at her house shortly after he injured his leg. Jennifer wakes up and walks into the room that Frankie is folding clothes. Jennifer tells Frankie that she is happy that he decided to stay in town.

Marlena is still in the hospital outside of Alex’s room. Belle saw Marlena while Marlena was asking the nurse about information concerning Alex North’s condition. Bell said: “Mom you came after all”

Alex North is still in critical condition. Alex had flashbacks while asleep in the hospital bed. Alex’s flashbacks show that Dr. Banks was the one who beat Marlena and bruised her face because Dr. Bank accused Marlena of stealing “her man” (Dr. Alex North).

Two police officers decide to head to Max Brady’s garage to see if the SUV that Max towed was the vehicle that hit Zack

Chelsea and Max were still at Max’s garage. Chelsea told Max “I wish I knew what I hit.” Max told Chelsea “If you hit anything, it sure is not alive.”

Shawn and Mimi waited in the waiting area of the hospital with Bo and Hope. Bo told Hope to sit down. Hope said that she was afraid that Zack would die.

Lexie was in the operating room with a staff of doctors and nurses. Lexie was crying while working on Zack. One of the male doctors asked Lexie if she was okay. Lexie continued to concentrate on Zack and told Zack: “Zack…it’s not your time to go. Mamma….aunt Lexie is going to make you stay alive.

Max got a phone call from someone at the hospital. Max told Chelsea after hanging up the phone that Zack was in a car accident. Chelsea looks at Max and says: “That’s the reason Hope kept calling Bo.” Max and Chelsea head to the hospital to check on Zack.

The police arrived at Max’s garage after Max and Chelsea left. One of the police officers told the other that the SUV in the garage could be the SUV that was involved in Zack’s accident.

Bo hugged Hope and told her he would call the police station to see if they had any lead on who was involved in Zack’s accident. Hope told Bo, that she wonders what Zack is remembering while he laid in the hospital bed. Hope mentions that she yelled at Zack the day prior about leaving his toys out. Hope had flashbacks about Zack sitting on Santa’s lap during Christmas.

Julie and Doug arrived at the hospital. Julie and Doug ask how Zack was doing. Hope told Doug that she is concerned that Zack may not make it. Doug reassures Hope telling her “Zack is just like his mom and dad. Zack is not going any place.”

Jennifer and Frankie were in the kitchen baking cookies. Jennifer told Frankie that she does not want him to leave town. Frankie told Jennifer: “After Jack died you made it perfectly clear you did not want me here. Jennifer told Frankie that she said that because she did not want to depend on him emotionally. Frankie told Jennifer “If you want me to stay I will, it’s your call.”

Belle and Marlena were still talking. Belle told Marlena “I am so glad that you are here. I missed you so much.” Belle and Marlena hug and cry.

Dr. Banks stood over Dr. Alex North’s hospital bed while he slept in critical care. Dr. Banks tells Alex “Did you really think you could protect your beloved Marlena from me?” Alex still asleep had flashbacks of Dr. Banks beating Marlena. Dr. Banks saw that a nurse was about to enter Alex’s room. Dr. Banks whispered to Alex “Don’t tell anyone I am here.” The nurse enters Alex’s room and looks at the monitor. The nurse tells Alex: “I don’t know if you can hear me but you need to rest.” She takes a shot filled with medication and injects it into Alex’s IV bag. The nurse then says: “This should help you get rest.” Dr. Banks was hiding inside of Alex’s room. Dr. Banks walks to Alex after the nurse leaves. Dr. Banks told Alex that she had something that would make sure that he never wake up again, referring to a shot that she had in her hand.

The police check Max’s garage to inspect the SUV. “Let’s see who this belongs to.” Said one of the police officers. One police officer checked the license plates in the back and the other checked the front exterior of the SUV. The police officer inspecting the front found that the SUV had a broken light, and missing paint. The police officer also mentioned that the tires looked like the tracks that they found at the scene of the accident. The other police officer who checked out the registration of the vehicle found out the SUV was registered to Bo Brady.

Julie asked Mimi how Shawn was doing. Julie told Mimi to be there for Shawn when he is ready to talk. Mimi told Julie that she and Shawn were engaged.

Chelsea and Max arrive in the hospital emergency room.

Lexie and the staff of doctors and nurses worked diligently on Zack. One of the doctors suggests that Zack would not make it. Lexie adamantly tells the doctor “This patient is going to live.”

Jennifer took out the cookies that were backing in the oven. Frankie told Jennifer: “This takes me back to when we were baking cookies when we were kids.” Jennifer tells Frankie she did not want to depend on him or any man emotionally. Frankie talks to Jennifer about the time she thought she saw Jack in the garden after Jennifer was told Jack was dead. Jennifer told Frankie that Jack told her in the garden that he wanted her to be with Frankie. Frankie assures Jennifer that no one will take the place of Jack. Frankie also tells Jennifer that he was there to be her friend and nothing else.

Marlena and Belle enter Clair’s hospital room holding hands. Belle tells Marlena that she wishes that she could hold Clair. Marlena with tears in her eyes told Belle: “I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. I am so sorry I wasn’t here for you.” Belle tells Marlena that she hates to see Clair in so much pain. Marlena told Belle;” No mother wants to see her child in pain.”

Dr. Banks still in Alex’s hospital room tells him “I am going to take care of you once and for all.” Alex still in critical condition and asleep has flashbacks again of when Dr. Banks beat Marlena. Dr. Banks tells Alex: “This time, no one will stop me. I will take care of you and then I will take care of your precious Marlena.

The police still at Max’s garage discover that the SUV belongs to Detective Bo Brady. One of the police officers said “There is no way Detective Brady hit his own son.” The other Police officer said “With a SUV it would be possible because it would feel like he hit nothing in the road.”

Julie and Mimi still in the hospital talk about Mimi and Shawn being engaged. Julie tells Mimi that having a wedding will be a positive thing for the family. Mimi tells Julie how much she loves Shawn.

Chelsea told Bo that Zack told her that he loved her. Chelsea also told Bo; “I would do anything to save him, anything.” Bo tells Chelsea; “I know, but right now there isn’t anything that we can do.”

Hope blames herself for Zack’s accident. She cries and says that she should not have allowed Zack to go to the sleep over and that she should have taught him not to wander out of a house at night. Doug comforted Hope and advised her to remain calm.

Lexie and the staff of doctors and nurses continue to work on Zack in the operation room. One of the doctors told Lexie that Zack’s eyes were thick and dilated. “He is going to be brain dead.” The doctor told the staff to end the operation because there was nothing that they could do. Lexie became even more upset and said “We are not going to stop. He was awake when he was brought to the hospital.” The doctor reminded Lexie that Zack had a massive head injury. He told Lexie “You are a doctor…not God.” Lexie cried and said “No I am not going to stop. I am going to save him.”

Jennifer helps Frankie take a shower in the bathroom. Frankie has on only a towel covering wrapped around his waist. Jennifer tells Frankie while she helps him into the show that she will not peek at him while he takes a shower. Jennifer gets into the shower with Frankie with all of her clothing on. Frankie is completely nude. Jennifer is in the back of the shower and Frankie is in the front of the shower under the water. Jennifer closed the door and told Frankie to hold on because he has a broken leg. Frankie suddenly slips and almost fell inside of the shower. Jennifer helped Frankie stand up and they began to stare into each others eyes. It almost looked as if the were going to kiss.

Dr. Banks still standing Dr. Alex North while he slept. Dr. Banks had a needle in her hand. Dr. Banks peeked threw the shades in the window of Alex’s room and saw Marlene outside of Alex’s room talking to Belle. Dr. Banks walked back to Alex and said “God works in mysterious ways. I think I will give this to Marlena.”

Jennifer and Frankie still in Jennifer shower star into each others eyes. Jennifer told Frankie “That was close.” Frankie told Jennifer “I am sorry you got wet.” Jennifer then left Frankie alone in the shower. Jennifer went into her room crying. Jennifer looks at herself in a mirror on her wall and said “What’s wrong with you…you wanted him to kiss you.”

Belles goes back into Clair’s hospital room and tells Clair that she is going to be okay…she just knew it.

Dr. Banks came out of Alex’s room hiding the needle and walked slowly towards Marlena.

Lexie came out of the operating room crying. Lexie told one of the doctors that she would tell Zack’s family about his condition because they are her friends. Lexie called Abby crying and told him to come to the hospital because she needed him

The police arrive in the emergency room getting ready to tell him that it was his vehicle that hit Zack.

Shawn was in rage, and Hope tried to tell him to continue to have faith. Hope told Shawn that God was testing them. And that they needed to live their lives the best way they could. Lexie walked into the waiting area where the family waited to for news about Zack. Lexie was unable to speak but looked so upset. Hope immediately began crying and screaming “NO….NO……”

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