Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/5/06

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/5/06


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Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas and Eugenia are still at Sami’s party. Nicole left to finish last minute details on the big acquisition for the next day. Austin tells Sami that it looks like she is starting the New Year off right. Sami tells Austin and Carrie that she is happy for them. Lucas and Eugenia are watching. Eugenia ask Lucas “is she really happy for them?”

Belle, Phillip, Alice and Caroline are in Clair’s hospital room. Belle thanks them for staying with her and Phillip. Phillip says “we decided to keep her on life support.” Belle tells them that Clair could get a new liver and new life. Phillip told them, “We are running out of options.”

Lexie was in the ER working on Alex.  She told Marlena that Alex was losing a lot of blood. She said that they were going to prep him for the operation room. Marlena said “I just can’t believe that you did this” talking to John. “Alex said the real threat to me was Dr. Banks”

Shawn asked Hope what happened. Hope told Shawn that Zack wandered out of the Morrison’s house during a sleep over and got hit by a car. Hope cried “I have to be with my baby…oh my God!” Shawn said “mom tell who did this? Who did this to my brother?”

Bo told Chelsea she was smart to pull over after the accident. Chelsea said “Dad thank you for promising not to tell anyone about this.

The police are at the scene of the hit and run where Zack was hit by a vehicle. A police officer at the scene told another police officer, “Before this night is over we are going to figure out who did this.”

Lexie was still working on Alex.  A nurse told Lexie that a child was in the ER in critical condition. Lexie told Marlena, John and Dr. Banks that she would keep checking on Alex and would let them know what was going on.” Then left the room. Lexie entered the room where Hope, Shawn and Mimi were. “Oh my God! What happened?” Lexie asked. Hope said Zack got hit by a car. “Shawn asked Lexie if she could work on Zack without being personally affected...  Lexie told Shawn, “I have to save him.” Hope cried.

The police at the scene of the hit and run found tire track from the vehicle that hit Zack.

Max continued to check Bo’s truck out, looking at the broken lights and paint. Bo told Max to take care of the broken light and paint. Chelsea asked if anyone would find out about her accident. Bo told her to continue taking her driving classes. Max jokingly told Chelsea that he could give her driving lesson, and Bo did not approve of the idea. Chelsea told Bo and Max “I am just glad that Hope won’t find out about this…”

Eugenia asked Lucas what was Sami up to? (referring to the reason that Sami was being so nice to Austin and Carrie.)  Eugenia asked Lucas if Sami knew that Carrie was the CEO of High Style Cosmetics. Lucas told Eugenia that he did not believe that Sami knew that Carrie is the CEO. Carrie asked Sami the reason she was helping her and Austin get together.  Sami told Carrie that she “grew up,” And that Austin has helped her use her “powers” for the good.  Austin unheard their conversation and agreed with Sami. Lucas and Eugenia watched Carrie, Austin and Sami’s conversation. Austin told Carrie that he has a “big deal” with a company in California. Carrie asked Austin the name of the company.

Belle, Phillip, Alice, and Caroline are in Clair’s hospital room.  Belle said “I don’t want to lose my little girl.” Alice told Belle “Of course you shouldn’t. All we can do now is pray.”

Dr. Banks brought Marlena and John hot tea while they wait in the hospital.  Marlena said she doesn’t know why Alex was so upset when he found out that Dr. Banks was in her penthouse.

The police at the scene of Zack’s accident continued to look for evidence.  It appears that the police have found a piece of evidence.

Chelsea apologized to Bo and says she does not want Hope to know about the accident because she does not want Hope to tell her how irresponsible she is.

Lexie told Hope, Shawn and Mimi that Zack has significant head injury.  Hope cried and said:” I should not have moved him.”Lexie told Hope that Zack will need a CAT scan of his head. Shawn asks Lexie the reason Zack was not talking. Hope said she wanted to call Bo and left the room. Shortly after Hope left the monitor attached to Zack begins to beep.

Sami interrupted Austin from telling Carrie the name of the company that he is taking over, by telling Austin that she did not want the competition (Lucas and Eugenia) to know the name of the company. Austin and Carrie told each other Happy New Year and kissed each other. Carrie then told Lucas Happy New Year.  Sami told Carrie “I love you and I hope that you get everything that you deserve this year.” Austin shakes Lucas’ hand and wishes him a Happy New Year. Lucas, Carrie, and Eugenia then left Sami’s apartment. After everyone left, Sami commented to Austin about Nicole having gone through the entire bottle of vodka.

Eugenia, Carrie and Lucas talked in the hallway outside of Sami’s apartment. Eugenia now appeared intoxicated.  Eugenia left Lucas and Carrie standing in the hallway then said good bye and left in the elevator.  Lucas and Carrie talked alone in the hallway about the party. Carrie said “I had a great time.” Lucas told Carrie “It looks like you and Austin have a future.” Carrie replied “yes.”

Belle, Phillip, Alice, Phillip and Caroline are still in Clair’s hospital room. Caroline prayed for Clair: “If there is a family out there tonight who lost a child, let them do some good and give life. Make the organ donor be the one Clair needs. Please watch over that special family and every family in need...” Belle listening to Caroline’s prayer commented about it being terrible to ask for such a thing. Alice response by saying “No darling, we are praying for a new life for Clair.”

Marlena accused John of shooting Alex North in “cold blood.”  John insisted that he was only protecting Marlena. Marlena told John that Alex had been nothing but loving to her. And she also said that she remembers her life with Alex. John insisted that her memories were implanted by Alex. John told Marlena that Alex is “a threat.’ Marlena told John that Alex has never called John a threat or had ever said anything bad against John. Marlena goes on to tell John that Alex has never done anything to hurt anyone. Marlena suggested that John is a threat because he shot Alex. Marlena also points out to John that he once worked for Stefano DiMera and was trained to be a killer and shot people the same way that he shot Alex.  John was speechless and told Marlena “If you think this, then you don’t know me at all.”

The police continued to look for clues at the scene of Zack’s accident.  The police found pieces of paint and a parking light.

Bo tells Max and Chelsea that he is going to the hospital to check on Clair.  Bo goes on to say “I can’t imagine the thought to losing a kid like that.”  Bo then pulls out his cell phone and realizes that his cell phone was turned off. Chelsea tells Bo that she turned the phone off because she did not want him calling Hope about her accident. Bo sees that he has numerous messages from Hope on his cell phone.  Bo called Hope. Hope was crying and so upset. She demanded that Bo get to the hospital as soon as possible. Hope then hung up the phone; she did not tell Bo what happened to Zack. Lexie approached Hope, telling her that Zack’s CT scan showed bleeding around his head. Lexie then asked Hope to sign a consent form. Hope crying, signs the consent form.

Shawn and Mimi held each other crying as they looked at Zack laying in the bed in the emergency room.  Shawn then held Zack’s hand and says: “I want to be the best big brother. When we got you it was like God gave you to us. We were just starting learning to play ball together…. Come on. I don’t want to loose you.”

Chelsea and Max are still at the side of the road talking. Chelsea tells Max: “I know how it is to loose a parent. It must be 10 times worst to loose a child.”

Carrie and Lucas are at Lucas’ apartment. Lucas asked Carrie if she believes that Sami really wants her and Austin to be together.  Carrie said she was not going to worry about that or she would just drive herself crazy. Lucas asked Carrie if she planed to leave California. Carrie told Lucas that she did not plan to leave California, but Austin told her that he plans to visit her often in California.

Sami and Austin are alone talking in Sami’s apartment. Sami ask Austin if he thinks the CEO of High Style Cosmetic will be in shock when she finds out the company was acquired.  She told Austin about Nicole saying that the CEO was not doing a good job with the company. Sami tells Austin “We did the right thing and actually helped the company from going belly up.” Sami tells Austin that the CEO and will probably never have anything to do with him when the CEO finds out about Austin acquiring her company.

Phillip and Belle are still in Clair’s room. Belle told Phillip that she hopes Shawn and Mimi gets back because if anything happens she wants them to get a chance to say good-bye to their god daughter.

Marlena, John and Dr. Banks are still in the hospital. Marlena was angry with John and Dr. Banks. A nurse told Marlena that Dr. Alex North was out of surgery but was in critical condition.  John asked the nurse if Alex North would “make it.”  The nurse told John that they were “doing all they can.”

The police were still at the scene where Zack was hit. One police officer told another police officer that a neighbor saw a tow truck belonging to Max Brady tow a vehicle.

Chelsea told Max she felt so selfish especially because Belle and Phillip are suffering so much.  Max told Chelsea she was lucky. Max also told her that she should keep an eye on the road and to not talk on her cell phone while driving. Chelsea was surprised that Max knew that she was using her cell phone when she got in the accident.  Chelsea told Max that she was only trying to call Abby when the accident occurred.

Bo finally arrived in the hospital emergency room.  Hope told Bo that Zack got up while at the sleep over at the Morrison’s and wandered into the streets and got hit by a car.  Hope also told Bo that Zack was in critical condition.  Bo asked Lexie “how bad” was Zack.  Lexie told Bo that Zack was bleeding around his brain and could have damage to his spine. Bo asked Lexie was Zack going to be paralyzed.  Bo then talked to Zack who was unresponsive.  “Zack…tiny man, its daddy... It’s going to be okay.” Shawn tells Bo that Zack was hit by a hit and run driver.  Shawn still angry says “What kind of person hits a kid and keep driving.”

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