Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/4/06

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/4/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Belle, Phillip, and Lexie are in the hospital room with the baby. Belle asks Lexie how is the baby doing. Lexie tells Belle that the baby has acute liver failure and that her body won’t hold on much longer. Philip ask if the baby was in pain. Lexie tells Phillip that she has given the baby medicine that will alleviate any pain. Belle tells Phillip and Lexie that she believes a miracle will happen for the baby. Belle has flashbacks of the home made star that was shinning during a Christmas show in the hospital a few days prior. Belle believes that was a sign that they would find a donor for Clair.

Mimi and Shawn are outside of Clair’s hospital room. Mimi and Shawn hug each other to comfort each other due to the grief of seeing Clair suffering. Bonnie sees Mimi and Shawn hugging and says to herself “That’s my girl…way to star the year off right.”

Victor and Kate argue in the hospital about telling Shawn that Clair is his baby. Kate tells Victor “You promised me not to tell anyone for Phillip’s sake… Our son’s sake. I can’t let you do this.”

Dr. Banks is standing over Marlena with a pair of scissors.

John sees Dr. Alex North on the ledge outside of Marlena’s bedroom. John tells Dr. North to “freeze” Dr. North says “No.” John shot Dr. North in the arm. Dr. North falls off the ledge.

Marlena hears a gun shot. Dr. Banks is still standing over Marlena. John rushes into Marlena’s room and sees Dr. Banks standing over her. John asks Dr. Banks “What are you doing in here?”

Bo tells Chelsea everything will be okay. Chelsea tells Bo she hit something and doesn’t know what she hit. She says “If the courts find out I was in an accident, they will take away my license for good”

Hope is crying over Zack. “Please say something baby…”

Max arrives with a tow truck. Bo tells Max that Chelsea was driving his truck and she couldn’t keep it under control. Max looks at the truck and sees it has a busted light. He tells Bo and Chelsea that they may have an insurance claim for the damages. Chelsea cries “No, No. No one can know what happened.”

Hope is kneeled over Zack crying. Ms. Morrison finally comes out of the house. Ms. Morrison tells Hope that she had put Zack to bed herself and does not know how he got out of the house. Hope still crying. She tells Ms. Morrison that she needs her to call an ambulance. Zack cries “Mamma…” Hope tells Zack who is still lying on the ground badly injured “Everything will be fine. I promise it is going to be okay.” Zack is still crying.

Mimi and Shawn watch Clair through the window outside of Clair’s hospital room. Mimi asks Shawn “Why is this happening. Shawn insists that they will find a donor for Clair. Mimi tells Shawn, “You and Belle are so sure that they will find a donor.”

Victor and Kate continue to argue in the hospital. Kate tells Victor that Phillip will feel betrayed if he finds out that Clair is not his daughter. Victor insists that Shawn needs to know that Clair is his daughter. Kate tells Victor “If I ever meant anything to you, you won’t do this…” Victor tells Kate that he will tell Shawn about Clair being his daughter and he advised Kate to prepare Phillip for the news. Kate cries “Please…No…”

Victor sees Shawn and Mimi still looking at Clair through the window outside her hospital room. Victor ask Shawn if he could talk to him. Shawn says “Sure anything you tell me you can say in front of Mimi.” Victor tells Shawn that he would prefer if they talked in private. Mimi tells Shawn and Victor that she sees her mother in the hospital and will talk to her mother to give them some privacy.

Mimi tells her mother that Lexie said Clair is running out of options. Bonnie tries to reassure Mimi and tells her that “babies will surprise you.” Mimi tells Bonnie that Lexie advised Bell to take Clair off of life support. Bonnie looks surprised and says “I am so sorry honey. I know that Clair is your god daughter. You and Shawn have to be there for each other even more.” Mimi tells Bonnie that Shawn purposed to her.

Kate enters Clair’s hospital room. Phillip and Belle are standing over Clair. Kate tells Phillip that she has devastating news.

Dr. Banks hides the scissors behind her bank. John ask Dr. Banks what was she doing in Marlena’s room. Marlena tells John that she invited Dr. Banks to stay the night... John looking suspicious ask Dr. Banks what she was doing in Marlena’s room. Dr. Banks tells John because she was afraid that someone would break into Marlena’s room. John tells Marlena that Alex North escaped from jail and she saw Alex on a ledge outside her bedroom. John tells Marlena that he shot Alex and Alex fell off the ledge.

Alex North is on the ground lying on his belly outside of Marlena’s penthouse.

Marlena comes outside followed by John and Dr. Banks. Alex is badly injured. The police arrive and tell Marlena, John and Dr. Banks that Alex is still alive.

Bo, Chelsea, and Max decide to take the truck to get it checked for damages. Bo tells Chelsea that he will call Hope. Chelsea tells Bo to not call Hope because she does not want Hope to know about what happened.

Hope is still in front of the Morrison’s house talking to Zack. Zack is sobbing. Hope tells Zack “No baby….don’t go to sleep…stay awake….stay awake for mommy and daddy.”

Bonnie is so happy to hear that Shawn asked Mimi to marry him. Mimi tells Bonnie that they are keeping it a secret for now. Mimi tells Bonnie “I can’t believe that he wants to marry me. As happy as I am right now, what matters is being there for Belle, Phillip and Shawn.”

Phillip, Belle and Kate are still in Clair’s hospital room. Phillip tells Kate that if what she wants to tell him is that there is no donor for Clair he already knows that. Belle tells Kate and Phillip “God gave me her for a reason…I feel that.”

Victor and Shawn are still in the hospital. Victor ask Shawn if he is okay. Shawn talks about when J.T. was in the hospital and about how Belle and Phillip are suffering. Victor asks Shawn if he is attached to Clair. Shaw says “yes. I have such a strong connection to her. She has made me realize how much I want a family. I asked Mimi to marry me.”
Victor is shocked and asks Shawn “Why? Are you sure you want to do this. Are you sure you don’t still have love for Belle?”

The Paramedics arrives and picks up Alex’s body from outside of Marlena’s penthouse and puts his body on a stretcher. Marlena, Dr. Banks and John watch. Marlena tells John and Dr. Banks that Alex told her not to be alone with Dr. Banks. Dr. Banks tells Marlena that she believes Alex came to Marlena’s penthouse to kill Dr. Banks and not Marlena. Marlena bends down on her knees while the paramedics are still working on Dr. Alex North who is still on the stretcher.

Bo asks Chelsea “Why don’t you want me to tell Hope about the accident?” Chelsea tells Bo because Hope thinks that Chelsea is so irresponsible. Bo tells Chelsea that he was not going to lie to Hope. Chelsea cries “Please dad. Can we keep this our little secret? You didn’t tell Hope when you allowed me drive your truck did you? “No” replied Bo.

Marlena wants to get into the paramedic van with Alex’s body. John tries to stop her. Marleana cries “No…He is my husband.” John decides to get into the paramedic truck with Marlena and the paramedic with Alex’s body.

The police who have arrived at the scene where Zack is injured tell Hope that it may be a while before a paramedic will arrive because it was New Years Eve and there were a lot accidents that night. Hope is crying and tells Ms. Morrison “Mary get my car and you’re driving us to the hospital!” Hope calls the hospital and leaves a message for Shawn to call Lexie and for him and Lexie to meet her in the trauma unit.

Lexie is in Clair’s hospital room with Belle, Phillip and Kate. Lexie gets a page to come to the emergency room. Kate tells Belle and Phillip that the baby is not the only thing that is keeping them together. She tells them “I know your love is stronger.” Belle tells Kate “Your right nothing is ever going to come between us.” Phillip interjects while Kate tries to tell Phillip and Belle that Clair is not Phillip’s baby. Phillip tells Kate that he wants some time with just him, Belle and Clair.

Bonnie tells Mimi that Mimi and Shawn should be there for each other. Mimi tells Bonnie that she hopes nothing happens to break her and Shawn apart.

Shawn tells Victor that he does love Belle but Mimi is good for him. He told Victor “I know that I can count on her.” A nurse interrupts Victor and Shawn and tells him that Hope called and asked that he pages Lexie and to meet Hope in the trauma room. Shawn rushes to find Lexie. Mimi asks Victor what happened and Victor tells Mimi that there is an emergency with Hope. Marlena, John and Dr. Banks enter the emergency room. John tells Lexie that he “took Alex Out” because he was coming after Marlena and he had found Alex on a ledge outside of Marlena’s bedroom. John tells Marlena that he does not know why she cares about Alex so much. Marlena cries to John “because he is my husband.”

Marlena, John and Dr. Banks watch as Alex is brought into a room inside of the emergency room. John tells Marlena that Dr. Alex North was trying to kill Marlena. Dr. Banks has flashbacks about her (Dr. Banks), standing over Marlena with a pair of scissors. Dr. Banks tells Marlena “John is right. If it was not for that gun shot you would be murdered in your sleep.”

Mimi tells Bonnie that she is worried about Shawn but does not want to be in the way. Bonnie tells Mimi to support Shawn and be there for him especially since she is Shawn’s fiancée.

Kate asks Victor if he told Shawn about Clair being his baby. Victor tells Kate that he did not get a chance to tell Shawn.

Lexie is in the emergency room working on Alex. She tells Marlena, John and Dr. Banks that Alex is in critical condition.

Bo tells Chelsea she has to take all of her driving lessons and reminded her to drive responsibly. He also told her that a car can be a deadly weapon. Chelsea has flashbacks of when she was in the accident and remembers hitting something in the road. “I am going to take those driving lessons” She assures Bo. “I am going to be the best driver…” She cries.

Bo tells Chelsea that he wants to tell Hope about what happened. Chelsea pleads with Bo to not tell Hope. Bo agrees not to tell Hope. Chelsea tells Bo “Thank you dad. I knew that I could count on you.” Max is watching and thinks to himself that “Chelsea is getting off yet again”

Hope arrives in the emergency room with Zack in her arms. Shawn is waiting and asks Hope what happened. Hope cries “My little angel. I am right here everything will be okay. I can’t lose my baby.” The nurses take Zack to a room in the trauma unit. Shawn hugs Hope while she cries on his shoulder.

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