Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/3/06

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/3/06


Written By Tasha
Pictures by Juanita

Sami, Austin, Lucas, Carrie and Eugenia have a party at Sami’s apartment. Austin ask Carrie if she wants to go up to the roof to talk. Sámi overhears their conversation and climbs up the fire escape shortly after Austin and Carrie leaves. Austin and Carrie leaves through the front door to the roof. Lucas and Eugenia are still in Sami’s apartment. Lucas tells Eugenia that Sami went up the fire escape to “spy” on Austin and Carrie. Lucas tells Eugenia; “my big brother is going to be a loser when it comes to Carrie. And I will have Carrie all to myself.” he boast.

Sámi climbs the fire escapes and peeks onto the roof to watch Austin and Carrie. Carrie tells Austin that there is no place that she would want to be then with Austin.

Doctor North is in Jail. He picks up a chair and throws it against the bars in his jail cell. He screams “There is a psychopath in Marlena’s penthouse. You got to get someone over there now!”

Marlena goes to bed. Dr. Banks walks up the stairs shortly after Marlena. Dr. Banks appears to have a knife in her hand. Marlena turns off the lights once inside her room and goes to sleep. Dr. Banks turns the door knob and enters Marlena’s room.

Dr. Lexie Carver tells Belle and Phil that the Clair is straining her heart and is fighting for her life. Phillip ask Lexie, “is this the beginning of the end for Clair.”

Shawn and Mimi are in the waiting area of the hospital. Shawn gets on his knees and ask Mimi to marry him. Mimi is shocked. She puts her hands on her mouth and is speechless for a moment. Shaw looks up at Mimi and jokes “A good answer would be yes…”

Hope and Bo are also in the hospital. Hope tells Bo that she wants to check on Zack at the Morrison’s. (Zack was at a sleep over at the Morrison’s). Bo reassures Hope that Zack is alright and tells Hope “You don’t have anything to worry about.”

Zack walks out of the Morrison’s house looking for his kitten. Chelsea is driving Bo’s car. Zack walks out into the streets to find his kitten. Chelsea pulls out her cell phone not paying attention to the streets “Oh my God what’s that?” Chelsea screams... It appears that Chelsea has hit Zack with the car but she is not sure what she hit because she was not paying attention to the road.

Victor and Kate talks about Clair’s condition. Victor tells Kate “Bo and Hope are Clair’s grandparents and they should know.” Kath whispers to Victor “You made me a promise and you need to keep it.”

Mimi tells Shawn that she wants to marry him. She told Shawn that she was so happy that she wants to “shout it out from the rooftops.” Shawn asked Mimi to keep it a secret for now.

Lexie tells Phillip, Bell, and John that they should remove Clair from life support. Belle said “No I am not going to remove Clair from life support. We are going to find a donor.” Phillip and Bell sobs.

Dr. Banks enters Marlena’s room. Marlena suddenly sits up in her bed.

Sami is still spying on Austin and Carrie from the fire escape. Sami thinks to herself “Enjoy your scroll down memory lane because your whole world will crash for you.” Austin tells Carrie that the roof top has so many memories for them. Carrie has flash backs to her and Austin dancing on that same rooftops years ago when they were together. Carrie turns to Austin and says “Those were special times.” Austin replies “Those were wonderful times.” Austin and Carrie dance and talk about being so busy with work. Austin tells Carrie that being with her is a good omen for the New Year.

Sami is still on the fire escape spying on Austin and Carrie. Sami thinks to herself “The New Year is not going to be as fantastic as you think.”

Lucas and Eugenia toast to Austin losing Carrie to Lucas. Nicole walks in. Nicole says “Everyone gets to party and didn’t tell me about the party.” Nicole ask Lucas where is Austin. Lucas tells Nicole that Austin is on the roof with Carrie. Nicole turns and says to herself “Neither of the Brady sisters will have Austin.”

Marlena did not see Dr. Banks enter her room. Dr. Banks hides behind a wall in Marlena’s room. Marlena calls the hospital to check on Clair’s condition the nurse at the hospital tells Marlena that Clair is not doing so well. Marlena ask to speak to John Black. Marlena tells John the nurse told her that Clair is not doing well. Marlena offers to come over to the hospital. John tells Marlena to get some rest. Marlena tells John that Alex called her from jail to make sure she was alright. John tells Marlena not to worry about Alex and to not trust Alex. John reminded Marlena of the pictures of Marlena’s bruised face. Marlena says she does not believe that Alex bruised her face. John tells Marlena that he will call her is anything changes with Clair. Marlena tells John to tell Belle that she will be praying for Clair.

Bo got a phone call from Chelsea. Chelsea says “Daddy something terrible has happened. I need you right away…” Bo ask Chelsea where she was. Chelsea replies “At the conor of Park and Elm.” Chelsea replies to Bo “Dad it’s not my fault.” Bo tells Hope that Chelsea needs a lift. Hope tells Bo that she is glad that Chelsea is not driving. Bo has flashbacks about driving with Chelsea in his car. Chelsea had asked him if she could drive his car because she did not want to rely on asking Max for rides. Bo agreed to allow Chelsea to drive his car. Bo however, did not tell Hope about this.

Shawn tells Mimi that they should not tell anyone that they are engaged yet because he did not want to flaunt their happiness in this time of grief for Belle and Phillip. Mimi agreed to not tell anyone about them being engaged.

Belle sings to the Clair in the hospital room. Phillip tells Belle, “We can’t let her suffer.” Belle says “We will not give up on Clair.”

Tek is watching Alex in jail. Tek calls John on his cell phone. Tek tells John that Alex North said that Dr. Banks is a threat to Marlena... John does not believe what Alex says about Dr. Banks.

Dr. Alex thinks to himself “If they don’t do something to protect Marlena they will be dealing with her death.”

Dr. Banks is still in Marlena’s room and is still hiding behind a wall in Marlena’s room.

Nicole who is now drinking lots of alcohol is drunk. Nicole tells Lucas that Austin should be grateful for her success in dealing with a big acquisition. Lucas responds by saying “I wonder what the CEO will say about this.” Nicole tells Lucas that the CEO is a woman and she won’t know what hit her. (Nicole also does not know that Carrie is the CEO of High Style Cosmetics.)

Austin and Carrie are on the roof talking. Carrie ask Austin about him living with Sami and Nicole. Carrie ask him if he plans to stay in Salem. Austin tells Carrie that he will stay in Salem. Carrie tells Austin that she will stay on the west coast for a while because of the company that she is running needs her there. Carrie tells Austin “At the end of the day it would be nice to have someone special.” Austin Talks about Mike and ask Carrie the reason their relationship did not work out. Austin tells Carrie that he feels sorry for Mike losing such an incredible woman as Carrie.

Sami is still on the fire escape watching Austin and Carrie talking. Austin tells Carrie that he wants kids one day. And Carrie also tells Austin that she wants kids in the future. Austin tells Carrie that he has still not gotten over finding out that Will is not his son. Austin looks into Carrie eyes and tells her that he is so glad that she is back and that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Just when Austin and Carrie were about to kiss, Sami climbs from the fire escape and onto the rooftop yelling “Hold it...”

Dr. Banks is still hiding behind the wall in Marlena’s room.

Tek tells the police guard to put Dr. Alex North into maximum security. The police guard takes Dr. North out of the jail cell after Tek leaves. Dr. North not wanting to be put into maximum security punches the guard and his punch knocks the police guard out.

Bo meets Chelsea at the road. Chelsea says “I was driving and I hit something. I wasn’t speeding and I don’t know what happened….I need your help dad.”

Hope and John are still at the hospital and are talking about Clair’s condition. Hope tells John “I wish I had Belle’s faith, but Dr. Carver does not think the baby condition will get any better.” Hope looks upset about something. John asks Hope what was wrong. Hope looks down onto the floor then at John ands tells him that Zack was at a sleep over at the Morrison’s. Hope tells John that she is going to the Morrison’s to get Zack. Hope tells John to tell Bo where she is at.

Belle tells Shawn that Lexi thinks that Clair should be taken off life support.

Tek calls John on his cell phone from the jail. Tek tells John that Dr. Alex North has escaped from Jail.

Sami comes up from the fire escape saying “It’s kinda lame to not have the guest of honor at the party. Sami ask Austin and Carrie if they wanted to come back to her apartment. Carrie asked Sami the reason she was on the fire escape. Sami tells Carrie that she was already on the fire escape and had just heard Austin and Carrie talking.

Nicole boasts to Lucas about the CEO of the company that Austin’s company just acquired “will wake up tomorrow and won’t know what hit her.” (Referring to Carrie’s company High Style Cosmetics.) Nicole called the take over “flying under the radar.” Lucas congratulates Nicole on the take over and says Austin has a big surprise tomorrow.

Austin, Sami and Carrie walk in and overhear Lucas saying that Austin had a big surprise. Austin ask Lucas what he was talking about. Lucas did not answer.

Dr. Banks stands over Marlena with a knife while Marlena sleeps. Alex now inside Marlena’s penthouse tries to open Marlena’s bedroom door but the door is now locked.

Dr. Alex North gets on a ledge to try to get into Marlena’s bedroom from outside. John sees Dr. North and yells “Oh God No!!!”

Sami ask Lucas what he was referring to as a surprise. Lucas tells Sami that this is “Austin’s big year.”

Nicole boasts to Austin about High Style Cosmetics being “theirs.”

Sami ask Carrie if she and Austin are getting closer. Sami tells Carrie that she wants Carrie and Austin to be happy and then hugs Carrie.

Lucas tells Eugenia that he feels bad but that he is better for Carrie than Austin and she will soon see that.

Shawn tells Belle, Phillip and Mimi that he thinks that Clair should stay on life support. Phillip says he does not want the baby to suffer, but he will wait. Phillip turns to Lexie and tells her that he does not want the baby taken off life support. Lexie has a surprised look on her face.

Kate and Victor are still at the hospital and are discussing Clair’s paternity. Kate tells Victor “You can’t tell them now when everyone is in such pain.”

Alex is on the ledge outside of Marlena’s window. John tells Alex to stop. Alex says no and John shots him in the arm. Alex falls.

Bo is still talking to Chelsea on the side of the street. He checks the car and tells Chelsea that the car needs alignment and she should be okay.

Hope sees Zack’s toys in the street as she walks to the Morrison’s house and screams “Oh My God Zack!”

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