Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/29/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/29/05


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Lucas’ apartment:

Lucas becomes defensive of his feelings for Carrie and tosses Will’s present from Kate into his bedroom. Lucas suggests that he fell in love with Sami because he couldn’t have Carrie but Kate thinks the idea is ridiculous. Kate recalls how badly Carrie treated Austin and Lucas complains how Austin ruined everything when he showed up. Kate asks if Lucas is going to fight Austin for Carrie but Lucas claims he is too much of a gentleman for that. Lucas warns that if Kate is concerned about Austin’s happiness, then he isn’t the one Kate should be worrying about. Kate knows Lucas is talking about Sami and vows that she must be stopped. Lucas doesn’t want to hear talk like that and tells her to leave it alone. Kate complains that she can’t leave it alone because Sami can’t leave her sons alone. Lucas is beginning to get weirded out at how similar Kate and Sami are in their efforts to scratch and fight in order to seek revenge and protect whom they love. Kate is disgusted at the comparison. Lucas insists that if Carrie and Austin are meant to be together, then he must accept that. Kate claims that Lucas is disappointed in Carrie but Lucas claims he’s disappointed in love. Kate offers to help but Lucas begs her not to help anymore. Lucas insists that he’s alone now and is okay with it. Kate’s cell phone rings with a business call and she gets permission to step into the bedroom to take it. Eugenia stops by and tells Lucas that she’s heard word that Austin’s company is ready to take over High Style and wipe Carrie right off the map. Lucas quickly shushes Eugenia because Kate is in the bedroom. Eugenia gloats about how Lucas is sticking it to Austin. Lucas plays dumb but Eugenia confirms that the takeover papers are signed and submitted. Lucas hates that Carrie has to get hurt in the process. Eugenia commends Lucas for orchestrating the plan so that there’s no sign of Titan’s involvement in the takeover and while they lost High Style, Lucas is sure to score with Carrie in bed.

Kate looks furious as she comes out of the bedroom. Lucas starts to explain until he realizes that Kate is upset because he hired Eugenia as his assistant. Lucas becomes defensive of his decision to hire Eugenia because Eugenia can tell the truth unlike Kate. Kate claims she was protecting Lucas. Lucas commends Eugenia’s work and Eugenia claims she came over tonight to ask for a raise. Kate calls Lucas foolish and Lucas threatens to deny her access to Will. Kate backs off but accuses Eugenia of taping this conversation. Eugenia defends her decision to tape her conversations with Kate and to reveal them when Kate didn’t come through with the deal. Eugenia convinces Lucas to give her the raise despite Kate’s abhorrence to the decision. Lucas admits to Kate that Victor was the one to hire Eugenia but is now glad that he did because Eugenia is proving to be very beneficial to him. Eugenia is amazed that Lucas was able to stand up to Kate. Lucas admits that it felt good and Eugenia is touched that someone stood up for her too. Eugenia laments that they didn’t actively fight for High Style but Lucas points out that they not only have Countess Wilhelmina and Clear visage but they are also hitting Austin in the heart where it hurts. Lucas gloats that Austin won’t be able to fix the damage he does when he realizes he stole Carrie’s company.


Austin and Carrie stroll through the snowy park. Carrie admits that she didn’t only come home to spend the holidays with her family and Austin asks if she’s told everyone about her breakup with Mike. Carrie explains that she’s breaking it to them one by one because she felt telling them in person was better than over the phone or through email. Austin agrees that email is bad for conveying really important things. Carrie admits that she was worried about seeing Austin. Austin tells Carrie that she needn’t feel nervous. Carrie is ashamed about how she treated Austin and Austin admits that he was at fault as well. Carrie has grown to realize that it’s human nature to be attracted to people but it’s what you choose to do about it that makes the difference. Carrie tells Austin that she made a huge mistake in leaving him and hasn’t been able to forgive herself. Austin claims he hasn’t been able to forgive himself for not fighting harder for Carrie. They both admit that they regret their marriage not working out. Austin asks how long Carrie plans to stay in Salem and she mentions being based out of LA. This reminds Austin of how he thought he saw Carrie at the concert and Carrie confirms that it was she there. Carrie claims it wasn’t her who called his name and Austin takes that to mean that she didn’t spot him there. Carrie admits that she did see Austin and Austin wants to know why she didn’t come over and say hi. Carrie turns away without answering and Austin realizes that it was because he was there with Sami. Carrie nods. Austin insists that there is nothing going on between him and Sami. Carrie laments that she and Sami don’t have the typical close sister relationship. Carrie warns that things will get worse between her and Sami if things work out like she wants with Austin. Austin jokingly replies that Sami making a play for him is like a reflex. Austin tells Carrie about how he made Sami promise to behave herself before he gave her the job. Carrie changes the topic to Austin’s business but Austin doesn’t want to share what he’s working on until it’s announced. Austin asks about Carrie’s work and she describes it as the head of a small company that has been her whole life recently. Austin hopes to change that and asks Carrie to spend New Year’s Eve with him. Carrie gladly accepts the offer.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami paces the floor trying to think of a way to make Austin look as bad as possible in front of Carrie. Sami rushes to quiet a whistling teapot. Sami prepares her cup of tea as she laments about having to lie to Austin. Sami insists that she has to play dumb and let the damage be done before Austin realizes what he’s done to Carrie. Sami hears her own voice telling her that she is making a mistake. Sami looks around until she spots her alter ego in the mirror by the door. The alter ego warns that Sami can’t be trusted to control her own life but Sami doesn’t want to listen to her mirror image. The alter ego bluntly tells Sami that if she doesn’t listen, she can kiss Austin goodbye. Sami isn’t at all thrilled to see her alter ego back. The alter ego cautions Sami against losing her fresh start by climbing this slope of lies. Sami claims that it was Nicole’s fault for not figuring out Carrie was the CEO of High Style but the alter ego calls Sami insane for thinking that by keeping quiet about what she knows will destroy both parties, it will score her points with Austin. Sami insists that she has been trying to live up to her promise to Austin about being good. The alter ego orders Sami to turn over that new leaf before she destroys everyone’s life. Sami doesn’t think she should bother now because it never got her anything from doing so and justifies her behavior by claiming its Carrie’s fault for leaving Austin in the first place. The alter ego insists that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past because Austin and Carrie are both in love with each other. Sami complains that it isn’t fair but the alter ego points out that life isn’t fair. The ego adds that Sami should stop trying to take love that doesn’t belong to her and tells her to go tell Austin that Carrie is the CEO. Sami refuses and yells at the ego to go away before throwing something at it and smashing the mirror. Sami cleans up the broken mirror pieces as she insists that her plan is not impossible. Sami’s alter ego appears in the broken pieces and insists that Sami is not only going to lose but is also going to get seven more years of bad luck for breaking the mirror. Sami yells at her ego to shut up as she dumps the broken pieces into the trashcan and covers it with a heavy book. Sami insists that she has learned and vows to get Austin this time by keeping her mouth shut about Carrie.

Austin and Carrie laugh as they step off the elevator. Austin mentions making one phone call before they plan their evening and Carrie is fine with waiting. They hug. Sami opens her door to see Austin telling Carrie that he is glad that they are reconnecting. Sami clears her throat to make her presence known and Austin asks if the information he requested has come in. Sami lies and claims it didn’t. Austin’s cell phone rings and he steps away to take the call. Sami hugs Carrie and tells her that she’d like them to be close again. Carrie agrees that she would like that too but wants Sami to be aware that she is interested in Austin. Austin, still on the phone, tells the caller that he hasn’t been able to find out the CEO’s name and hates going through with this takeover without knowing. Sami claims she was expecting that given what she just opened her door to but scoffs when Carrie calls her on wanting Austin too. Carrie admits to overhearing Sami’s conversation in the LA bathroom and Sami takes it as Carrie spying on her. Carrie insists she wasn’t spying and admits to being the woman with the shoes. Sami surprises Carrie when she claims that she’ll step aside and let Carrie have Austin. Austin motions at Carrie and Sami to keep waiting as he steps back into the apartment to continue his phone conversation. Sami claims to Carrie that Austin loves her and that she feels Carrie and Austin belong together. Carrie consoles Sami’s claims that she will end up alone and thanks her for being honest. Sami claims that nothing should stand in the way of true love.


John pushes Alex away from Lois while Marlena helps her up. Lois begs them to keep Alex away from her while Alex desperately tries to explain that Lois was on the floor because she tripped over the couch. John doesn’t buy Alex’s claim and refers to his habitual lies as lame. Alex insists he was telling the truth but Lois claims that Alex was trying to hurt her because she showed Marlena the photographs. John handcuffs Alex and sits him down in the desk chair. Alex warns that John will feel stupid when he finds out the truth but John insists that he’s only felt stupid for allowing Alex to take Marlena up to the cabin the first time. John asks Lois if she wishes to press charges and she does. John calls Roman at the police station with the news that he’s got evidence to help charges stick to Alex this time. Roman is glad to hear this news and promises to be waiting for him. Alex begs Marlena to help him but John insists that Marlena can’t help him since she’s not the one pressing charges. John, after grabbing the folder of photos, and Lois leave with Alex and John promises to call Marlena as soon as he gets Alex booked. Marlena flashes back to when she was first shown the photos. Marlena decides that Alex would never hurt her and chalks Lois’ fear up to a misunderstanding. Marlena flips through the photo album given to her by Alex and wishes she could remember her past so that she might be able to defend Alex. Marlena flashes back to being given the pearls. Marlena’s hands fly to her throat at the memory. Marlena decides that Lois is right about Alex.

Police Station:

John and Lois arrive with Alex and Roman tells Officer Jones to take Alex into his office. Lois stops them to tell Alex that he is finally getting what he deserves and then Officer Jones takes Alex into Roman’s office. John tells Roman that Alex attacked Lois at the penthouse and Roman turns to Lois for confirmation. Lois insists that he did it when she showed Marlena the pictures. Roman asks about the pictures and is just as shocked as everyone else when he sees them. Lois is sure that Alex would kill Marlena if he were alone with her again. Roman insists on following procedure and asks if there was a police report filed with the photos. Lois explains that there wasn’t a report filed because Marlena didn’t want to press charges until they thought Alex was dead. Roman asks about Marlena and John assures him that Marlena is safe at the penthouse. Roman has Officer Conway take Lois away to take her statement. John tells Roman that Alex is still denying it despite the photographs. John and Roman head into Roman’s office to confront Alex. Alex insists that he is telling the truth and that if they truly care about Marlena, then they’d listen to what he has to say. Roman doesn’t believe Alex. Alex insists that Lois is the real threat but John only considers Alex blaming the accuser as his usual way of getting out of trouble. Alex claims that Lois has a personal vendetta against him and Marlena. John refuses to believe that Alex was only helping Lois up but Alex sticks to that story. Roman and John refuse to believe Alex’s claim that Marlena is in danger because they believe they’ve caught the real threat. Alex tells them that it’s okay to lock him up as long as they also make sure that Marlena is protected. Alex warns that if they don’t do what he says, Marlena won’t live until tomorrow.

Police station and penthouse:

John calls Marlena not to open the door to anyone because he now regrets leaving Marlena alone. Marlena assures him that no one has even rung the doorbell since they left. Marlena jumps when the doorbell rings shortly after she hangs up the phone. Marlena opens the small peephole in the door and decides to open it when she sees that it’s Lois. Marlena isn’t happy at all to see Lois.

Police station:

Roman leads Alex to the cellblock and John joins them. Alex asks about Marlena and John assures him that Marlena is safe and will now be even safer with Alex behind bars. Alex starts to object but Roman gets in his face and tells him not to push his weight around here. Roman orders Alex into the cell and shuts the door after him. Alex insists that he’s not the one to worry about whereas Lois is.


Lois claims that having to give her statement brought all the fear back and asks to come in so they can spend some time together in hopes of jogging Marlena’s memory. Marlena reveals that she’s been told not to let anyone in. Lois acts offended but Marlena explains that it wasn’t a specific order against letting her in. Lois professes to be so scared she is shaking and asks again to come in. Marlena decides that it would be all right and steps aside to let Lois in. Lois smirks as she looks around the penthouse. Marlena walks up behind Lois and watches her quizzically.

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