Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/28/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/28/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Austin stops by to see Philip and Claire but stops off in the cafeteria when he spots Kate sitting at a table. Kate informs Austin that there has been no change in Claire’s condition. Kate asks about Austin’s life and he tells her that he is meeting someone for hot chocolate. Kate wants to know if the girl’s initials are S.B. implying Sami Brady and Austin jokingly replies that he can only wish to be meeting Sandra Bullock. Austin admits that while it’s not Sami he’s meeting, it is her sister Carrie. Kate asks how Austin came to be meeting Carrie and Austin tells her about running into Carrie at the hospital. Kate grills Austin about Carrie and Mike’s relationship until Austin admits that Mike isn’t in the picture anymore. Kate is ecstatic at the news because she feels Austin and Carrie have always belonged together. Kate asks Austin what he plans to do about it now. Austin insists that he and Carrie are only going to talk and then in life, he is going to focus on his business. Kate asks about Austin’s company claiming her interest is on a familial level. Austin confides in her his plan of acquiring the other company and Kate is not only all for the idea, she also urges Austin to acquire Carrie. Austin insists on dealing with the business part of his life first. Kate agrees to drop the subject for now and mentions plans to go see Lucas. Austin asks how Kate’s relationship is with Lucas these days and Kate thinks that Lucas is starting to like her again after getting a new girlfriend. Austin asks who this girlfriend is but Kate doesn’t know either and figures as long as it isn’t Sami, then she’s fine with it. Austin has Kate promise not to say a word about Carrie to anyone.

Carrie comes around the corner and spots Roman while his back is turned talking on the phone. Roman turns around and gives Carrie a big hug when he spots her. Roman pours them cups of coffee as Carrie apologizes for not coming back to town sooner. Roman wants to know what is keeping Carrie in LA and Carrie tells him about being the CEO of a cosmetics company. Roman asks if Carrie can move the company to Salem but Carrie insists that her main concern right now is simply keeping the company afloat. Roman asks if the company is having problems. Carrie admits that her company is in trouble and that she’s had outside investor interest but doesn’t want to sell out. Roman laments about not being able to help and Carrie insists that she wants to do this on her own. Roman asks about Carrie’s mom, Anna, and Carrie compares her worldliness to Kate. Roman insists that while he did love Kate, she’s done things that are too despicable. Carrie points out that Sami drove Kate’s actions. Roman admits that Sami was at fault as well but still thinks that there is no excuse for Kate’s behavior. Carrie laments about Sami’s behavior keeping her from Salem for so long. Carrie insists that while she’s done everything she can to change things; it’s now Sami’s turn. Carrie is sure that she and Austin would be together now if Sami hadn’t interfered and mentions her plans to meet him now. Roman thinks that is great news and is surprised when Carrie claims that Sami wouldn’t like the news so much. Carrie points out that Sami wants to be with Austin and if she finds out that Carrie is meeting with him, all hell will break loose. Roman thinks Sami has matured and that her plotting days are over. Carrie vows that if Sami attempts to fight her for Austin again, she’d best be prepared to lose.

Shawn brings Belle some coffee as she sits by Claire’s bedside. Shawn offers to sit with Claire in order to give Belle the chance to sit in the chapel with Philip but Belle exclaims that she can’t. Shawn looks confused so Belle explains that she’s afraid that once she leaves Claire, Claire won’t be here when she gets back. Shawn urges Belle to take a break for her own health but Belle counters by giving Shawn permission to leave if he’s tired. Shawn doesn’t feel right about leaving and promises to stay until Philip gets back. Shawn is reminded of J.T. and how his family was afraid of having to bury their own child. Belle recalls how Marlena had to do just that when her baby D.J. died of SIDS. Belle suggests that Claire is not doing well now because she knew that Belle didn’t want her or love her enough when she was born. Shawn assures Belle that she is a good mother and loves Claire. Belle has a hard time not blaming herself for Claire’s illness. Shawn insists that no one blames Belle for Claire’s illness. Belle admires how Shawn always knows what to say and asks why she feels more connected to Shawn than ever after Claire got sick. Shawn pulls her close. Shawn remembers that he brought something from Claire and pulls it (not shown) out of his backpack. Shawn delights in Belle’s shocked reaction. The gift turns out to be Zach’s blankie. Shawn explains that Zach wanted Claire to have it. Belle drapes the blankie over Claire. Shawn urges Belle to believe that a miracle will come.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami flashes back to arguing with Austin upon finding out that Austin is still in love with Carrie. Sami spots an envelope on the desk addressed to Will and leaves the apartment with it.

Lucas’ apartment:

Lucas doodles hearts around Carrie’s name on paper as he orders flowers over the phone. The florist complains that the wild flowers Lucas is ordering aren’t in season but Lucas insists that they spare no cost in flying the flowers in. Lucas picks up the picture of him and Carrie at the concert and flashes back to their time spent together in LA. Lucas wants to try and show Carrie that they could be perfect for each other. Sami lets herself into Lucas’ apartment once he answers the door and claims that she’s here because Aunt Kim sent Will a Christmas card that she wanted to pass along. Lucas replies that Will is at a friend’s house and sees right through Sami’s fake excuse for coming over. Sami now claims she came over to see how Carrie was doing. Lucas tries to quickly get rid of Sami but Sami stays put. Lucas admits that Carrie is a little lonely at times and Sami accuses Lucas of making a play for Carrie now like he’s always wanted. Lucas accuses Sami of wanting him to make a play for Carrie so she can have Austin. Sami dismisses the accusation because Austin is in love with “someone else.” Sami dodges Lucas’ mean remarks about how Sami has never let that stop her before and grills Lucas when he admits that Carrie is interested in someone else too. Lucas tells Sami to butt out of his and Carrie’s personal business. Sami claims that she has a familial obligation to look after Carrie but Lucas refers to that as a hungry coyote looking after a baby lamb. Lucas accuses Sami of only wanting to know about Carrie because she wants to know if Carrie could be interested in Austin. Sami denies it but Lucas doesn’t believe her. Sami finally admits it when Lucas presses and Lucas admits that Carrie is interested in Austin. Lucas guesses that Austin is interested in Carrie too. Sami asks Lucas to help her like when they used to work together. Lucas refuses to be Sami’s co-conspirators anymore. Sami gets frustrated that Lucas isn’t seeing that being co-conspirators is the only way to get what they want. Lucas insists that Sami is the only one who will end up alone but Sami considers herself to be the superior because she is admitting that she wants Austin. Lucas points out that unlike Sami, once Carrie said she was interested in someone else, he left it at that and didn’t try to change her mind. The florist deliveryman stops by and Lucas tips him well for the extra effort. Sami admires the flowers and asks who sent them but Lucas claims he got them simply to brighten up his apartment. Sami recognizes the flowers as Carrie’s favorite and doesn’t buy Lucas’ claim. Sami calls Lucas on his track record of buying flowers for people he wants to impress and warns that if Lucas can’t even admit that he wants Carrie then he’ll never get her.

Lucas tries to throw Sami out at the same moment that Kate arrives. Sami sighs and storms back to her apartment. Kate explains that she brought a present for Will. Kate tells Lucas that she is so happy he and Austin are no longer interested in Sami. Kate also gushes about how both Lucas and now Austin has his eye on a woman too. Lucas shocks Kate when he’s able to guess that Austin’s woman is Carrie. Kate commends Lucas’ guess but pretends that Lucas’ suggestions is absurd. Lucas laments that Austin won’t be as successful as Kate thinks and Kate deduces that Lucas’ own romantic interests aren’t going to work out. Lucas tells her that his woman is interested in someone else. Kate asks for a name and Lucas admits that the woman is Carrie.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami storms back into her apartment and angrily answers the phone. The caller turns out to be Austin and he forces Sami to calm herself and answer the phone politely. Austin has Sami check to see if anyone has replied back about their inquiry asking for the High Style CEO’s name. Sami is shocked to find that the reply includes Carrie’s name and picture as the CEO. Sami lies to Austin and claims that the email was only spam before deleting it. Austin decides that he’s exhausted all attempts to contact the CEO before the takeover. Sami promises to call whenever she should get the information. Sami gloats once she hangs up the phone that Austin will be all hers because Carrie will hate him after he takes over High Style.


Marlena stands by Alex and refuses to believe Dr. Banks’ claim. Lois and John implore Marlena to listen to their claim. Alex accuses them of pulling a stunt but John interrupts him to yell at him to shut up. Lois tells Marlena that they used to be very close, this of course Marlena does not remember, and that she’s here to warn Marlena against letting Alex back into her life for it very well could cost her her life. Marlena is finding Lois hard to believe but Lois points out that she has nothing to gain by fabricating such a story. Lois asks if Alex will at least verify that she and Marlena were friends back in medical school. Alex admits that Lois is a face from their past but wouldn’t consider her a friend. John is sure that Lois is going to prove that Alex is a dangerous man and asks Marlena if she’s willing to listen now. John begs Marlena to listen and Alex begs her to keep an open mind. Marlena yells at John to stop hurling hurtful accusations at Alex but agrees to listen to what Lois has to say. Lois tells Marlena of how she and Alex were like the ideal couple until Marlena’s career started excelling in her career and Alex got jealous. Alex claims Lois’ version of the events isn’t true but Lois came prepared for Alex’s refute with pictures of Marlena after being abused. Marlena inhales sharply at the sight of her own face severely battered and bruised. Marlena asks about a police report and Lois explains that Marlena refused to turn Alex in. Marlena asks how she got away and Lois replies that by that time, Alex had been declared dead. John looks at the pictures and tells Alex that he deserved to be locked up. Lois insists that Alex will do this to Marlena again. Alex denies harming Marlena and she believes him. Lois doesn’t understand how Marlena could still believe Alex. John takes Marlena out onto the terrace to talk privately. John holds the picture up to Marlena and asks her how she can be so sure that Alex isn’t responsible for this when he originally lied about their past. Back inside, Alex confronts Lois about her accusations. Lois boldly walks up to Alex and declares that she is exposing him for the deviant he really is. John urges Marlena to believe that Alex is dangerous but Marlena insists that she has to see the behavior with her own eyes. John shoves the picture in Marlena’s face and frantically asks if she’d rather Alex close both of her eyes permanently. Alex refuses to standby and let Lois destroy what he has with Marlena. Lois backs away from Alex as he advances toward her and she trips over the edge of the couch falling backwards onto the floor. John and Marlena re-enter the room to find Lois on the floor begging Alex to get away from her. Alex reaches down to try and help Lois up. John immediately assumes that Alex has pushed Lois and threatens to kill him should he lay another hand on her.


Austin rushes up to Carrie and Roman and apologizes for being late. Roman leaves to tend to other business. Carrie was glad to have some time to catch up with Roman and they catch up on Belle and Philip. Austin suggests they get a cup of hot chocolate and take a walk. Carrie likes the idea and they leave.

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