Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/27/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/27/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady house:

Chelsea and Max ring the doorbell but no one answers. Chelsea uses her key to open the door. Chelsea sarcastically tells Max that it is weird that Bo and Hope aren’t home because usually Hope has Bo chained to the house so he can be here for his family. Chelsea explains that she wanted to stop by to tell Bo about her first day of driving school in hopes that Bo will feel proud and give in to her desire for a new car. Max asks why Chelsea had a key to the Brady house and Chelsea explains that Bo wanted her to feel like part of the family. Chelsea decides that being the only one there is prime opportunity to search the house for cash that she can swipe. Max asks Chelsea why she would want to steal from Bo when Bo was gladly handing over wads of cash already. Chelsea claims that it’s justified because it is cash Bo would have spent on her had he known her growing up. Chelsea admits that she was only kidding but then claims that it would serve Hope right if she did rob them. Max defends Hope’s attempts to get along but Chelsea insists that Hope’s efforts are fake. Chelsea criticizes Max’s attempts to lecture her about driving safe when he purposefully drives fast as a racecar driver. Max points out that race car driving is a sport and brings up how Chelsea should know better given how her parents died. Chelsea tears up as she yells at Max about bringing that up and thinking that she’d want anyone else to go through what she went through. Chelsea insists that the only way for her parents (Bo/Billie/Hope), to get back on her good side is to buy her a new car. Max agrees with Hope’s decision to wait until Chelsea is more responsible. Chelsea throws a pillow at Max. Max lectures Chelsea about being distracted while driving but Chelsea insists that driving is the time to do things like listen to CDs and catch up with friends. Chelsea snuggles up close to Max and suggests that they take advantage of being home alone. They kiss.

Deveraux house:

Hope stops by and Jennifer laments about how bad Jo and Vern must be feeling since they’ve now lost both their sons. Jennifer wishes that her parents were in town for Abby but Hope assures her that Abby has Jennifer to depend on. Jennifer regrets not being able to make up to Abby the pain of losing Jack. Hope asks how Jennifer is handling things and Jennifer tears up as she tells Hope of how she can’t seem to accept that Jack is dead. Hope assures Jennifer that one-day she and Jack will meet again. Hope laments that Jennifer is alone moments before Frankie walks in. Hope is surprised to see him and Frankie explains that his flight was cancelled but mentions his plan to take another flight this afternoon. Hope encourages him to cancel the flight. Frankie insists on leaving and heads into the other room to call a cab to the airport. Hope tries to convince Jennifer to let Frankie stay but Jennifer resents being thought of as some emotional basket case who can’t stand on her own two feet. Jennifer then admits that she’s only faking tough but sees it as a better option than pulling the covers over her head. Jennifer heads into the kitchen as Frankie returns. Hope criticizes Frankie for not living up to his promise to Jack. Frankie insists that he and Hope should respect Jennifer’s decision. Hope complains that Frankie is leaving and forgetting about Jennifer. Frankie insists that if Jennifer wanted him, his bags would be unpacked so fast. Hope claims that she isn’t trying to push Frankie and Jennifer together but Frankie claims that Jennifer need only call him if she needs anything. Hope persists because she knows Jennifer is too stubborn to admit she needs help by making that call. Frankie insists that he will still wait on the call and leaves to get dressed. Jennifer returns with more coffee. Hope warns Jennifer that she’ll regret letting Frankie leave. Hope apologizes for speaking her mind but Jennifer understands. Hope urges Jennifer to keep Frankie around until she is stable but Jennifer insists that she is already stable. Hope brings up Jack’s request but Jennifer refuses to change her mind. Frankie returns ready to hop in the cab and makes sure that Jennifer has all his numbers before hugging her goodbye. Hope is consoling Jennifer when they hear Frankie cry out. Jennifer and Hope rush out the door. Jennifer comes back downstairs in time to open the door for Frankie, now in a leg cast and on crutches, Hope, Max, and Chelsea to walk in the door. Jennifer apologizes for not thinking to salt the walk since Jack usually does that. Max helps Frankie to the couch and Frankie quietly asks Max if he interrupted anything when he called. Chelsea flashes back to how their make-out session was interrupted by Frankie’s call. Max claims that he wasn’t interrupted and Hope notices the annoyed look on Chelsea’s face. Hope asks if Chelsea really went to her driving lesson today and Chelsea insists that she followed through on her promise to Bo. Chelsea accuses Hope of checking up on her but Hope warns Chelsea to pay attention in the class because it could save her life. Frankie thanks Max for coming to his rescue. Max accuses Frankie of falling accidentally on purpose so he wouldn’t have to leave. Hope is surprised that Frankie still plans on leaving. Jennifer smiles as Max and Hope tease Frankie about his inability to care for himself even while not on crutches. Frankie tries to stand up to Max until Max points out that since Frankie’s right leg is the injured one, he can’t even drive anywhere. Jennifer insists on having Frankie stay until his leg heals and heads into the kitchen to make him some hot chocolate. Hope quips that the expression “lucky break” applies here.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami thanks Austin for giving her a briefcase and Nicole is quick to point out that Austin got them all briefcases. Sami ignores her comment and gushes about how the briefcases are personalized. Nicole quips that Sami is only this excited about it because she isn’t a professional. Sami complains that this is the third time Nicole has told her she isn’t a professional before they’ve even finished breakfast. Austin glaringly looks at Nicole so Sami decides to run with it and tease Nicole about missing her staked out street corner in LA. Austin doesn’t appreciate Sami’s reference this time. Sami complains that her gift wasn’t more personal but Austin points out that they don’t have a personal relationship. Austin proclaims today as the day they take over High Style as he asks Nicole to call Mickey and see about filing the takeover papers. Nicole steps away to make the call. Sami asks Austin if he liked the bathrobe she got him. Austin politely thanks Sami for the robe but adds that his best Christmas gift was having Carrie back in Salem. Nicole brings Austin the phone so he can talk to Mickey about the takeover. While Austin is out of earshot, Nicole criticizes Sami for giving Austin such an intimate gift. Sami defends her decision by claiming that she bought it because it was Austin’s size and in his favorite color. Sami claims that the gift was to remind Austin of the good times they had together. Nicole points out that Austin was with Sami because she lied to him and remarks that Sami’s brain twists the truth to her personal advantage. Sami accuses Nicole of being jealous because she only got Austin a cardholder for his business cards. Nicole claims that once the takeover is complete, Austin will be thanking her with a raise, a bonus, and a private dinner invitation. Sami and Nicole argue over who was responsible for the takeover. Sami laughs hysterically at Nicole’s plan to use the takeover to further her personal relationship with Austin. Austin gets annoyed at the noise and steps out into the hall to continue the phone conversation. Nicole points out that Sami has the same dream as she but Sami claims hers is more realistic because she has a past with Austin. Nicole claims that Austin isn’t keeping his space from Sami because he’s afraid of getting burned, but in fact staying away because Sami is poison. Nicole points out that the phone hasn’t been ringing from men wanting to date Sami and Sami points out that the same is true for Nicole. Nicole claims it’s because she’s been busy actually working. Sami reveals to Nicole that Carrie is back and that Austin will always love Carrie. Austin returns and announces a last minute strategy meeting. Sami counters with plans to go see Will and asks Austin to come along. Austin turns her down and Nicole tells Sami that they can handle the details without her. Sami leaves. Austin still wants to notify High Style’s CEO but Nicole complains that the CEO has not only neglected to return Austin’s calls but they are still unable to even find her name. Austin steps away to try and call around to find out the CEO’s name. Austin is appalled to learn that High Style’s offices are still closed for the holidays.

Lucas’ apartment:

Lucas, Carrie, and Will are sitting down to breakfast and Carrie talks with Will about his filmmaking ambitions. Carrie is flattered when Lucas says he makes this special French toast recipe when he wants to impress someone. Carrie jokingly tells Will that she’s glad she made it back before his wedding as a way of saying he’s grown so fast and Will retorts that with Sami as his mom, he either had to grow up fast or turn to illegal substances. Carrie looks nervously between Lucas and Will and Lucas dives uncomfortably into his breakfast. Carrie tries to defend Sami’s intentions but Will doesn’t believe her. Will leaves the room to call a friend. Lucas asks Carrie whom she’d like to go see and Carrie answers that she’d like to see everyone. Carrie and Lucas discuss Claire and Lucas mentions how Philip promised to call with any news. Carrie isn’t sure how long she’ll stay in Salem but insists on being back in LA when High Style reopens after the holidays. Lucas commends Carrie for giving all of her employees off for the holidays and Carrie explains that she considers the company to be her family and that’s why she’d never consider selling. Lucas flashes back to Sami pretending to slip up about Austin’s plans but neglects to tell Carrie about Austin’s planned takeover. The elderly busybody stops by to drop off Lucas’ mail and Carrie opens the door. The woman recognizes Carrie and goes on and on about the history between Carrie, Austin, and Sami until Carrie finally tells her to keep the junk mail and closes the door in her face. Carrie is helping Lucas with the dishes when Sami knocks on the door. Carrie answers it because she thinks it’s the neighbor again. Sami is surprised to see Carrie open the door and ignores Lucas’ rude comment comparing her to the earlier neighbor. Sami calls out to Will and he returns to the living room not at all pleased to see Sami. Sami explains that she came over to see if Will liked the Christmas presents she bought him and Will, unexcitedly, tells Sami that the gifts were great because they were ones he listed on his Christmas list. Carrie tries to stand up for Sami’s gift giving but Sami rudely tells her not to speak for Will. Lucas instructs Will to thank Sami for the gifts and Will only does so because he was told to. Will bids Lucas and Carrie goodbye and heads for the door but Sami stops him to ask for a Christmas kiss. Will gives a “do I have to” look to Lucas and when Lucas nods, Will kisses Sami ever so lightly before leaving. Sami turns away to wipe away her tears. Carrie defends Will’s demeanor by blaming it on Sami and Lucas’ breakup but Sami insists that Will isn’t the only one hurt in the breakup. Sami spots Lucas’ French toast on a plate and tells Carrie to be honored to receive such a dish. Sami mentions being busy with Austin as an excuse to make a quick exit but Carrie stops her to ask if Austin is in the apartment now. Sami claims that he isn’t and hurriedly leaves. Carrie looks disappointed and once outside the door, Sami sobs. Lucas urges Carrie to forget about Sami because she will never change. Lucas thinks Carrie and Sami are too different to be sisters but Carrie recalls how they both fell for Austin. Lucas claims that if Carrie is really meant to be with Austin, there’s nothing Sami can do to stop it. Carrie adds that it won’t stop Sami from trying.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami returns after composing herself and acts like nothing was wrong. Austin asks if Carrie is over there but Sami claims that Carrie isn’t in right now. Austin returns to his work with Nicole and Sami vows to keep Austin from Carrie.


Marlena complains that she was kept awake all night because John wouldn’t leave. John apologizes and explains that he refused to leave Marlena alone with an abusive man. Alex starts to object at being referred to as abusive but John doesn’t want to hear it. John insists that Alex isn’t going anywhere until the person he invited arrives. Marlena points out how John let Roman and Kate leave and wants to know why John keeps insisting that Alex is dangerous. John insists that Alex is a dangerous man and now that he has found a way to prove it, no one is leaving until he does just that. Marlena claims that John and Roman and Kate were the true dangerous ones since they broke into the cabin. John defends his actions as keeping Marlena from being attacked again and Marlena stops mid-sentence in her defense to ask what John means by “again.” John would rather wait for his guest to explain that. Marlena backs up Alex’s claim that what John walked in on was Alex putting out a stray ember on Marlena’s clothes. Alex complains that he can’t have anyone arrested for breaking into his cabin because of Roman being the police commander. John accuses Alex of kidnapping his wife. Alex points out that Marlena is his wife and that Marlena went to the cabin willingly. John merely smirks. John asks why Marlena would leave of her own free will while Claire is on the brink of death without informing anyone of her plans. Marlena takes offense but John interrupts to claim that Marlena is only proving his point. Alex accuses John of being a control freak but John claims he’s the real control freak. Marlena doesn’t want to stand here and listen to this so John implores her to listen to the fact that he loves her and that Alex doesn’t want her to remember their life together or Marlena’s life with Alex because Alex is afraid of the truth. Marlena wants to know why Alex is supposedly dangerous now but John merely smirks again. Alex claims that John is only discrediting himself by trying to discredit him in Marlena’s eyes. Marlena becomes fed up with John’s antics and orders him to back up his accusations or leave. John refuses to leave. The doorbell rings and John lets Dr. Banks inside. John introduces her to Alex and Marlena by purposefully adding that she already knows them. Dr. Banks looks at Alex with repugnance and John refers to Alex’s annoyed expression as proof that Alex knows his past is about to be exposed. Marlena insists that Alex has committed no crime and scoffs at John’s claim that Dr. Banks professes Alex to be a wife beater. John is hopeful that upon hearing what Dr. Banks has to say, Marlena will press charges against Alex that will get him out of Marlena’s life for good.

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