Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/26/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/26/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita


Belle, with renewed optimism, is anxious to talk to Lexie because she is sure that shining star meant that a donor had been found for Claire. Philip tries to talk her out the belief but Belle refuses to think of it any other way. Belle steps away to talk to Lexie. Mimi and Shawn walk up and Mimi agrees that the star was shining. Philip believes that the shine was only a reflection from the overhead lights but Shawn thinks that Belle’s belief is all they really need for it to be a sign. Belle rejoins Philip as he dotes on Claire and now fears that time is running out because she couldn’t find Lexie. Philip urges Belle to stay strong. Philip and Mimi step out to get tea and to talk to Lexie. Shawn gives Belle a Christmas present but Belle only agrees to open it when Shawn persists. Belle pulls an angel pendant out of the box and Shawn explains that he got it because it was similar to Claire’s ornament and helps Belle put it around her neck. Shawn assures Belle that they must believe Claire will be fine. Belle is touched by the way Shawn is with Claire and Shawn admits to thinking about how Claire could have been his had things gone differently. Mimi returns with the tea and hands it out to Shawn and Belle. Mimi gives Shawn a note that she found at the nurses’ station for him. Shawn explains to Belle that the message is from Bo and Belle insists that he and Mimi should go home. Shawn and Mimi leave Belle alone with Claire and Shawn laments that Bo didn’t tell him what was so important to come home for. Mimi tells Shawn that he is loving and caring and she’s lucky to be with him. Shawn echoes the sentiment. Belle watches Shawn and Mimi kiss through the window.

Lucas scans the crowd for Carrie until he thinks he spots her from behind. Lucas whips the woman around and kisses her before he realizes it is Sami. Sami wants an explanation and is furious when Lucas admits that he only kissed her because he thought she was someone else. Lucas admits that the woman is someone Sami knows and Sami demands to know why Lucas was in LA with someone from Salem. Lucas refuses to tell her. Lucas walks off and Sami rushes after him. Sami claims that Lucas’ woman is a loser because she was with him whereas she was with Austin. Lucas quips that that means Austin is a loser too but Sami boasts about Austin’s new business. Lucas retorts that the business won’t last long and Sami boasts next about how Austin whisked her away on a romantic trip to LA. Lucas reminds Sami that the trip was for business so Sami then claims that it only started out as a business trip. Lucas, annoyed by Sami’s boasting about her supposedly certain future with Austin, directs her attention to the terrace so she can see Austin talking with Carrie.

Austin is pleasantly surprised to see Carrie standing before him. Austin asks if Mike came back to Salem with Carrie. Carrie tells Austin that Mike didn’t come with her but doesn’t offer up any more details. Austin asks about trouble in Israel but Carrie is relieved when Austin explains that he was asking about the political violence in the area. Carrie changes the subject to Austin’s new company and the conversation is interrupted by a call from Nicole. Austin quickly gets rid of Nicole and returns to Carrie. Austin brings up the acquisition his company is planning and Carrie asks to hear more about it. Austin doesn’t want to bore Carrie with business talk but Carrie insists she wants to know. Austin starts to talk about the company he plans to take over but is interrupted when Sami and Lucas burst onto the terrace. Sami pretends to be thrilled to see Carrie and gushes about Mike and Jeremy. Sami playfully pretends to be annoyed that Mike hasn’t given Carrie a wedding ring, which forces Carrie to admit that she and Mike aren’t together anymore. Sami realizes that Carrie wasn’t in Israel when they last talked on the phone. Sami wants to know why Carrie lied to her but Carrie points out that Sami only assumed she was with Mike. Sami is still angry that Carrie didn’t tell her but Austin interrupts to change the subject by asking what hotel Carrie is staying at. Lucas speaks up to boast that Carrie is staying with him and Carrie explains that Lucas offered her the spare bedroom after all the hotels in town had been booked. Austin is glad to hear that Carrie is right down the hall from him and Sami wants Austin to say that Carrie would be right down the hall from “them” to rub it in for Carrie and Lucas. Carrie tells Austin that she already knew that Austin was living with Sami because of the business and Austin assures her that he’ll soon have a place of his own to live. Austin and Carrie talk of how they’ve been gone for a long time and need to catch up with people. Lucas tells Carrie they should head back to the apartment and Carrie and Sami pretend to say a cordial goodbye. Austin suggests getting together while Carrie is here and Carrie likes that idea. Lucas and Carrie leave. Sami suggests that they leave too but Austin wants to check in with Philip first so he walks off. Nurse Glena stops by and greets Sami to offer her condolences about Claire. The nurse walks away upon wishing Sami happy holidays and Sami’s fake cordial demeanor fades as she shows her true feelings about finding Carrie single and back in Salem.

Brady house:

Hope and Bo watch as Zach unwraps the last of his toys. Zach looks sad as he recalls how Santa got him toys despite the time he drew on the wall with crayons. Hope and Bo assure him that Santa knew he was sorry for that and before Zach can rush off to play with his new truck. Hope scoops him up for a hug and a kiss. Bo complains that Chelsea wasn’t appreciative of her Christmas gift and left as soon as she could. Hope assures Bo that he did the right thing and soon Chelsea will realize that too. The doorbell rings and it is Chelsea. Chelsea claims she forgot to tell Bo one more thing. Chelsea explains that she came back to say thank you for her Christmas present and adds that she didn’t seem thrilled about receiving it because it was driving lessons and she took it as Bo being mean. Hope and Bo assure her that they wouldn’t do that and only got the lessons because they care about Chelsea. Chelsea tells Bo that she figured that out after she left and had to come back and say thank you. Chelsea is now hopeful about her driving lessons and getting her license back. Chelsea laments about having to save up for a new car but Bo is quick to offer to help with that. Hope cautions that Chelsea should concentrate on passing the tests first before they talk of a new car. Chelsea vows to be the best student. Chelsea heads into the kitchen to get some eggnog. The man Bo hired to take a family portrait arrives and explains that he left a message for Shawn to come home. Chelsea returns to the living room in time to see Bo and Hope hugging.

Shawn and Mimi have arrived and update Hope and Bo on Claire’s condition. The photographer prepares the shot. Bo and Hope usher Zach over to the Christmas tree. Chelsea is touched when Hope insists that she join the family portrait and Shawn enlists Hope’s help in convincing Mimi to join the portrait. Everyone poses and smiles and the new family portrait is taken. Hope laughs as Chelsea helps Zach pelt Bo with balled up wrapping paper. Bo thanks Hope for letting Chelsea be in the picture and they both see Shawn asking Mimi to be included as a sign that he’s over Belle. Bo and Hope joke about how Zach will hopefully be the exception to their track record of kids causing trouble. Chelsea smiles as she watches Zach rush over to Bo and Hope to hug them and tell them he loves them.


Mimi is touched when Shawn explains that he asked her to be in the photo so that years from now they can look back at the photo and remark about how this was the Christmas that it all started. Mimi is hopeful that it’ll also be the day things worked out for Claire. Shawn and Mimi watch from outside the room as Philip and Belle watch over Claire. Shawn stops a nurse as she is leaving the room to confirm that there has been no news about a liver donor. Mimi brings up how much Belle and Philip will need them when Claire passes but Shawn refuses to even acknowledge that as an option. Mimi feels bad that she is lamenting about how bad she and Shawn feel as Claire’s godparents when Belle and Philip must feel so much worse. Shawn and Mimi decide to get through this together and hug.

John’s car:

Roman, with Kate in the back seat, has made John pull over so they can talk things through. John doesn’t see any reason to talk and would rather storm the cabin. Roman insists that he can’t as the police commander burst into a home without a warrant. John says he’ll do it himself but Roman refuses to allow that. Kate agrees with Roman but John’s sole focus is that Marlena is up there with Alex. Kate points out that they have no proof that Alex is harming Marlena. John considers Dr. Banks’ claims as proof but Roman points out that that is only hearsay. John insists that Marlena wouldn’t have gone away with Alex willingly knowing that Claire is in the hospital. Roman snatches the keys away from John and insists that they must wait for just cause before they act. John fears that if they wait, it’ll be too late. Kate points out that Alex has yet to harm Marlena this entire time they’ve been living together but John sarcastically points out that even cats play with mice for a while before killing them. Roman fears that any evidence they gather will be thrown out because they went in without a warrant. John refuses to listen to reason. Kate reminds John how Marlena reacted the last time he burst in on them and cautions him against driving Marlena deeper into Alex’s arms. John chooses to ignore Roman’s warnings but Roman still doesn’t give him back the keys. John storms out of the car intent on walking to the cabin and Kate and Roman rush out of the car after him.


Marlena is napping on the couch in front of a roaring fire. Alex stands behind her and waves a log around. Marlena wakes up and is startled when she turns around to see Alex standing there with a log in his hand. Alex explains that he was out getting more wood and adds it to the fire before adding a kettle of milk above the flames. Alex explains that he and Marlena used to warm milk this way for hot chocolate. Alex adds that he wants their first Christmas back together to be perfect. Marlena is lying in Alex’s arms, as he describes how she never liked marshmallows in her hot chocolate. They suddenly smell the fact that the milk is burning and Alex rushes to the fire. Alex knocks the kettle into the fireplace, which douses the fire, and Alex is furious that the night is ruined. Marlena insists that it doesn’t have to be perfect and suggests that they build the fire all over again. Marlena grabs the fireplace tongs to reach in and retrieve the kettle as Alex grabs the ax. John arrives at the cabin in time to see Alex standing over Marlena holding the ax and yells at her to turn around. Roman and Kate arrive soon after and the rush toward the cabin. John, Roman, and Kate run in the front door when they hear Marlena scream and struggle with Alex. John pulls Alex off of Marlena and Roman helps Marlena to her feet. Marlena insists that Alex wasn’t attacking her but John doesn’t believe Marlena’s claim that Alex was only trying to put out an ember that had flown out onto Marlena’s clothes. John refuses to let go of the hold he has on Alex because he’s sure that it’s only a matter of time before Alex tries to harm Marlena. Marlena insists that Alex would never hurt her and John reluctantly lets go of him. Roman and Kate explain that they have evidence that Alex is abusive but Marlena considers the idea absurd and Alex emphatically denies it. John insists that they have proof that he has been right about Alex all along and now he is getting Marlena away from Alex.

Horton house:

Jack watches Jennifer and Abby hugging through the window. Maggie joins them and Jennifer claims she feels Jack around them. Jack reaches for the doorknob. Jack withdraws his hand and tries to force himself to open the door. Abby heads into the kitchen to help Alice. Maggie points out to Jennifer that Jack isn’t really here but Jennifer explains that part of her still believes that miracles will happen if she’s really, really good. The doorbell rings and Jennifer rushes to answer it. Jennifer gasps when she sees who it is. The visitor turns out to be Frankie whose plane has been delayed due to a storm. Frankie has decided to stop by because he forgot to give the family their Christmas presents. Frankie notes how Jennifer had a look on her face when she opened the door that was more of shock than anything. Maggie admits that Jennifer looked that way because she thought Jack was at the door. Jennifer explains that she felt Jack’s presence with her. Abby brings Jack Jr. back into the living room and reunites with Frankie. Frankie leads Abby and Jack Jr. to check out the tree. Jack watches through the window as Maggie leaves Jennifer to go help Alice and Mickey in the kitchen. Jennifer, Abby, and Jack Jr. open the gifts Frankie has bought for them. Frankie has given Jack Jr. a stuffed dog and has given Abby a bracelet. Jack Jr. is more interested in the shiny dangly bracelet. Jennifer opens her gift next and delights in finding an older looking bound book by Charles Dickens. Jack watches the happy scene through the window and decides that his family is better off this way. Jack wishes them all goodbye and leaves.

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