Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/23/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/234/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Sami is wrapping a present when Austin comes out of the hotel bedroom to tell Sami to hurry up, as they need to leave soon. Sami stops Austin to fix the buttons on his shirt. Austin admits that he was distracted with thoughts of Carrie. Sami tries to get Austin to stop thinking about Carrie because Carrie is in Israel with Mike. Austin swears that he saw Carrie at the concert. Sami claims it was only Austin’s imagination and suggests he focus on Christmas instead. Sami gives Austin the present she was wrapping and it turns out to be a photograph of them at the concert. Sami explains that she didn’t want Austin to forget the fun times they had in hopes that there will be many more.

Carrie asks Lucas to ride back to Salem with him on the Titan jet. Lucas thinks that this means Carrie wants to go back to Salem to be with him but Carrie admits that she wants to go back to be with Austin. Lucas tells Carrie that she’s making a big mistake. Lucas cautions Carrie against getting hurt since Sami will also be going for Austin. Lucas brings up how Carrie didn’t want to go home originally because it meant being grilled about Mike. Carrie insists she must face her family sooner or later and insists on seeing if there’s a chance for her and Austin. Lucas agrees to fly Carrie back to Salem anyway. Carrie tells Lucas that his friendship always will mean everything to her.

Deveraux house

Hope, Bo, and Zach, dressed in a Santa suit, arrive but stop before entering so Hope and Bo can kiss and wish each other Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary. Bo playfully teases Hope with a promise of a surprise later. Hope and Bo help add the white beard and red hat to Zach’s outfit so he’ll be ready to play Santa and put all of the presents for Jennifer, Abby, and Jack Jr. under the tree. Bo hopes that Jennifer will be up for this tonight and Hope agrees that Christmas without Jack is going to be hard.

Jennifer is looking at a picture of Jack on the mantel when Abby rushes in expecting Jennifer to be just as surprised to learn that Frankie has moved out. Abby doesn’t understand why Frankie left when she knows Jack wanted him to stay. Jennifer admits that she asked Frankie to leave and Abby is horrified that Jennifer would throw Frankie out on Christmas. Jennifer insists that she is capable of leading her life and her family without a man by her side. Abby accuses Jennifer of being too stubborn to admit that she really wants Frankie here.

The door slams as Hope, Bo, and Zach let themselves in and greet Jennifer and Abby. Hope introduces Zach as one of Santa’s helpers and Jennifer and Abby make a huge fuss for Zach’s sake. Jennifer has Zach help her put the presents under the tree. Abby asks about Chelsea and Bo explains about Chelsea totaling the car and losing her license but he and Hope are thankful that Chelsea wasn’t hurt too seriously. Hope tells Abby that Max is going to bring Chelsea to the Horton Christmas party later and suggests that they get going to Alice’s house. Abby starts to go get Jack Jr. but Jennifer stops her to claim that they aren’t going to the party this year. Hope sends Abby to go get ready for the party so she can talk to Jennifer alone. Bo leaves them alone by stepping away to be with Zach. Hope tries to convince Jennifer to come with them to Alice’s because Abby needs to know that some things will always remain the same. Jennifer doesn’t want to go because there’s a risk she’ll fall apart while hanging Jack’s ornament and therefore ruining her attempts to be strong for Abby. Hope insists that Jack will be there watching over her. Jennifer tells Hope that she’ll stop by the party after she drops off decorations at the church since she already promised to volunteer. Hope insists on doing that for Jennifer so she won’t have a chance to change her mind. Jennifer admits that that is what she was going to try and do. Abby comes back downstairs with Jack Jr. as Jennifer agrees to go and they head for Alice’s.


Kate and John search the penthouse but find it empty. Kate tries to calm a furious John as he searches the desk drawers for any sign of where Alex could have taken Marlena. Kate suggests that Alex and Marlena only went out for the night and will soon be back but John is convinced that Alex has abducted Marlena because both of their clothes are gone. Kate points out that Marlena very well could have gone with Alex willingly. John insists that Marlena wouldn’t do that this time because it is Christmas and she wouldn’t leave while Claire is in the hospital. Kate agrees and John starts calling every police officer and ISA agent he knows to help get Alex away from Marlena. John uses his spy tools and a GPS system to track Alex and Marlena down. Roman arrives and assures John that he’s put every way out of town on alert to lookout for Alex and Marlena. John explains to Roman that he is trying to track their car. John has Kate agree not to tell Belle about Marlena being gone. Kate realizes that she can be of no help here and leaves for the hospital. Roman is shocked to learn that Alex abused Marlena and becomes even more determined to find them. John uses his spy tools and declares that he’s found exactly where Alex is taking Marlena. John informs Roman that Alex used an E.Z. Pass on the upstate turnpike moments ago, which means that he’s headed for his cabin in the mountains. John and Roman rush out to the cabin.


Mimi tries to stifle a laugh when she spots Bonnie dressed as a giant shiny candy cane. Bonnie explains that she’s here working the Christmas party for the hospital. Bonnie insists to Mimi that Shawn’s blood type matching Claire’s is only a coincidence and there is no need to worry. Shawn joins them and informs them that Belle and Philip are getting more bad news.

Lexie tells Belle and Philip that Claire’s liver failure has become acute and she now needs a donor, which won’t be easy to find. Belle confirms that this means that Claire will die without a donor. Philip wants to know how long Claire has to live. Lexie can’t give them a definitive answer, only that without a transplant, Claire will die. Belle asks about the chances of finding a donor and Lexie replies that there is no match currently available. Philip sighs when they realize that it will take someone else dying for Claire to live. Lexie tells them that Claire has been given high priority and offers to go check with Unos again before leaving. Belle urges Claire to hang on because her parents love her.

Shawn and Mimi have now joined Philip since Belle went to the church to pray. Shawn suggests contacting a web designer friend to put together a site for Claire. Philip offers to use Victor or John for corporate sponsorship. Shawn steps away to make the call. Mimi stops Shawn to ask him to let her know if she can help in any way. He promises to let her know and leaves. Mimi extends her offer to Philip as well but Philip is simply grateful that both Mimi and Shawn are here to lend their support. Philip spots Lexie and grills her about donor matches. Lexie tells Philip that there are no new matches. Philip vows to not give up and mentions that Belle is praying at church right now for a miracle. Lexie says she is praying too and Kate rushes up to offer her condolences to Philip. Shawn rejoins Mimi with the news that his friend will have a web site up in a couple of hours. Bonnie commends Shawn’s plan. Bonnie tells Mimi and Shawn that they are a match made in heaven.

Austin and Sami stop by the hospital upon hearing how much worse Claire has gotten since they left town. Sami wants to find Belle and Austin suggests asking Philip and Kate when he spots them across the room. Sami doesn’t want to be around Kate and leaves to find Belle on her own. Austin greets Kate and asks for the latest news. Philip informs him that Claire is still waiting for a donor and thanks Austin for being here. Kate suggests that they pray for a Christmas miracle.

Lucas and Carrie stop by the hospital upon their return home so they can be present for the reading of the Christmas story. Carrie feels a bit strange being back where she and Mike fell in love but soon after dismisses those feelings in her effort to move on with Austin. Lucas greets Kate alone and informs her that his romance prospect didn’t work out because the girl is still in love with another guy. Kate urges Lucas to fight for this girl because he’s sure to win over the other guy. Kate steps away to call John. Lucas remarks that the flaw in Kate’s plan is that one of her sons is going to get his heart broken.

Sami hypes up the kids until Santa arrives and they all go up to him to reveal their Christmas wishes. Sami steps away from the crowd to declare that she wants Santa to bring her Austin and delights in the thought that Carrie isn’t here to mess up her chances. Lexie asks Shawn to read the Christmas story to the kids and Shawn decides to dedicate it to Claire in hopes that God will watch over her and the other children.

Lucas runs into Sami and Sami rubs it in that she and Austin had a great time but refers to Lucas’ date as a slut. Lucas insists that the woman isn’t a slut and that he brought her back here to Salem. Sami desperately wants to know the women’s identity but Lucas will only tease that Sami will find out eventually and will then be in for a big shock. Lucas walks away and Sami turns her back to him as she fumes. Carrie walks up and spots Sami but Sami doesn’t see her. Carrie stares at Sami and flashes back to overhearing her talk of Austin in the bathroom. Carrie starts to rush away from Sami when Lucas spots her. Lucas tells her to forget about Sami and Austin right now and leads her to the Christmas party. Sami finishes writing on a notepad and dons a Santa hat as she hopes she’ll find Austin under the mistletoe.


Belle cries as she begs God to let Claire live. Hope walks up to see what is wrong and Belle fills her in on Claire’s need for a liver transplant. Belle begs Hope to help her pray for a miracle and Hope assures her that she and Bo have been praying, especially since Claire came so close to being their granddaughter. Belle asks God for a sign that Claire is going to be all right. Belle spots the candles flickering on the altar and believes it to be a sign that Claire is going to be okay. Hope is skeptical and thinks it’s merely a draft. Belle becomes disappointed again so Hope assures her that there still may be a sign that they have to be patient for. Belle hopes that it happens soon because Claire doesn’t have much time.

Alice’s house:

Abby, Jack Jr. Jennifer, Zach, and Bo arrive and join the already gathered group of Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Doug and Julie. Bo explains that Hope will be here soon. Alice shows Bo the ornament she got for Chelsea and Bo is touched by the gesture. Bo promises that Chelsea will be by later. Abby rolls her eyes at the thought of Chelsea not bothering to show because she and Max are having too much fun. Mickey asks Jennifer how she is doing and she says she is holding up. Jennifer is watched from outside the window. Jennifer admires a picture of Jack moments before Maggie asks Jennifer if she and Abby would like to be the ones to hang ornaments for all the family members who couldn’t be here today. Abby and Jennifer happily oblige. The ornaments for Addie, Marie, Tommy, Bill, and Laura are hung on the tree as Alice watches from her chair. Jennifer and Abby next hang the ornaments for Mike and Jeremy. Hope arrives and greets Alice, Doug, Bo, and Zach. Zach shows Hope that they’ve already put the ornaments on of the missing relatives and Hope asks why Shawn isn’t here yet. Bo explains that Shawn is at the hospital. Hope asks about Chelsea and Bo is concerned that Chelsea isn’t here yet. Hope and Bo help Zach hang his ornament and then they hang theirs. They also hang the ornaments for Shawn and Chelsea. Jennifer sadly watches Hope and Bo kiss and Abby comforts her. Jennifer continues to be watched from outside the window. Maggie and Mickey hang their ornaments next as well as the ones for Melissa and Sarah. Doug and Julie hang their ornaments next directly under the ornaments for Tom and Alice. Mickey and Maggie talk about being glad to be together this Christmas and kiss. Jennifer tears up at the sight of them. Jennifer oversees Abby hanging the ornaments for her, Jack Jr. Jennifer, and Jack. Abby starts to cry and Jennifer starts to cry too as she assures Abby that Jack is with them now. The person watching through the window turns out to be Jack but Jack rushes away from the window at the sight of his wife and daughter crying. Jack reaches for the front doorknob. Alice slips the baby Jesus into the nativity scene before admiring a picture of Tom.


Hope, Bo, and Zach join the Christmas party moments before Lexie leads Shawn out to read the Christmas story to the kids. Belle and Philip follow. Shawn looks over the children dressed as biblical characters before beginning the story. Bonnie holds up one of the children’s star wands and refers to it as the star of Bethlehem. Belle’s eye catches the shining star and sees that as her sign from God. Philip looks at the shining star too and agrees with Belle. Bonnie guides the girl’s hand so that the star wand waves through the air and Hope prays that Belle is right about Claire. Lexie sends everyone back to their rooms for presents and cookies. Lucas steps off the elevator and wonders where Carrie went. Lucas spots a woman with long blond hair and a Santa hat across the room and walks over thinking the woman is Carrie. Lucas turns the woman around and passionately kisses her only to realize after a moment that it is Sami he is kissing.

Austin steps out onto the balcony but doesn’t realize at first that Carrie is the woman already standing on the balcony. Austin strikes up polite conversation about the city view and Carrie turns to face Austin as she replies. Austin is shocked to discover that Carrie is standing in front of him.

Alice’s house:

Alice turns to the audience to deliver her annual Christmas message to the viewers “To those we love, near and far... may the blessings of this day be with you now... and all the days of your lives.”

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