Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/22/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/22/05


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LA & High Style:

Nicole tries to convince Austin not to call the CEO of High Style to give her the heads up and urges him to sign the papers for the takeover. Austin refuses to oust the head of a company on Christmas without at least talking to her first. Austin makes the call and Becky answers. Austin continues to demand to speak to the CEO despite Becky’s repeated attempts to take a message. Carrie enters the outer office and decides to take the call real quick before returning to the party. Carrie freezes when she picks up the phone and hears Austin identify himself. Carrie says hello but no one answers. Austin calls out on his end but no one answers. Becky notices that Carrie picked up line two instead of line three but when Carrie tries line three, Austin is no longer there. They chalk up the call to being a telemarketer and tells Becky to take a message if he calls back since she’ll be at the party handing out Christmas bonuses. Carrie then suggests that Becky put the phone on voice mail so she can come to the party sooner but Becky says not to worry about her so Carrie leaves. Becky pours herself another glass of champagne and downs it. Austin tells Nicole that he got cut off and Nicole credits it to High Style’s lack of ability. Nicole insists that High Style needs a major housecleaning of personnel but Austin wants to sit down with the CEO to determine if they can at least live with her. Nicole thinks the suggestion is absurd and Austin wonders why they don’t have the CEO’s name. Austin decides to call again and an increasingly drunken Becky answers the phone. Austin explains that he is calling back and that he wants to talk to the CEO. Becky offers to take a message but as Austin is rattling off his name and phone number, Becky interrupts him because she can’t get pen to paper. Carrie comes rushing back into the office to ask what is wrong. Becky puts Austin on hold so she can wipe the ink off her hand and tells Carrie to go back to the party. Becky grabs a real piece of paper and has Austin repeat his information. Austin rolls his eyes as Becky hangs up the phone. Becky tries to straighten up the mess around the office when Shirley, the cleaning lady, stops in. Becky tells her that the office is a mess because of gift-wrapping, a leaky pen, and a slightly tipsy secretary. Shirley promises not to tell Santa. Becky asks Shirley to clean up the office before Carrie gets back and Shirley promises to try her best. Becky hugs her and heads for the party. Shirley starts shoving everything from Becky’s desk including Becky’s drink into a garbage bag.

Austin regrets not asking for the CEO’s name but then notes how the CEO will be calling him back. Nicole guesses that the CEO won’t call him back today. Austin doesn’t appreciate Nicole’s attitude but Nicole insists that Austin move now before another company can swoop in. Nicole urges Austin to act before the CEO can run High Style into the ground. Carrie gives Becky a large amount of cash in her Christmas bonus and refuses to take it back. Becky gives Carrie a Rolling Stones record. Becky gushes about Carrie and Lucas’ date at the concert but Carrie insists that it wasn’t a date. Carrie asks if the call earlier was important and Becky goes to give her the message but finds it gone. Becky can only remember the name as “reese” and realizes that Shirley must have thrown it out. Carrie dismisses Becky’s concern figuring they’d call back. Carrie and Becky joke about how they always get hounded about when they’re going to marry when around family and Becky claims that Carrie is only still single because she can’t decide which one of Austin or Lucas that she wants. Carrie proclaims that she’s made her decision. Austin is annoyed that the CEO hasn’t called him back yet. Nicole sees it as more reason why they need to overhaul High Style. Nicole appeals to Austin’s concern for the employees by urging him to move quickly with the takeover before some big conglomerate breaks up the company into nothingness. Austin is impressed with Nicole’s latest plea and agrees to sign the papers. Carrie announces that she’s going to tell Lucas that they can only be friends for she is going back to Salem to see Austin. Austin finishes signing the papers and Nicole uncorks a small bottle of champagne. Nicole pours the drinks as Austin cautions that they still need to submit the papers for the final buy order but Nicole considers that merely a formality. Nicole toasts to their potentially flourishing relationship and Austin insists that it could only mean their business relationship. Austin wants to rush home so he can spend Christmas with family. Austin leaves the room and Nicole voices her hopes of spending the New Year with Austin. Carrie is ready to do something about her feelings for Austin and refuses to let Sami put Austin through the hell she put him through before.

Kate’s suite:

John watches the penthouse through the suite window and is annoyed that the blinds are closed preventing him from seeing what Alex is up to. John flashes back to using his spy equipment to see what was going on between Marlena and Alex in the penthouse. John tells himself that he must do something soon to prevent Marlena and Alex from getting any closer. Kate ends her phone call to check in on Claire but learns that Claire’s condition is still critical. John hopes that he’ll soon have both the miracle of Claire’s health and Marlena back. Kate asks to hear John’s plan and John explains that the ISA has found another piece of the puzzle to Alex’s past that he hasn’t divulged. John receives an email from an ISA contact that reads that the news will make John very happy. The email also said that the contact would be calling John to deliver the news. John’s cell phone rings and upon confirming that it is Agent Nash calling, John tells him that he hopes the news is enough to nail North to the wall because he must get Alex out of Marlena’s life for good. Agent Nash tells John that he’s sending over a Dr. Lois Banks who knew Marlena when she was married to Alex who also has the dirt on North. Lois arrives shortly after John hangs up the phone and he introduces her to Kate. John confirms that Lois is up to date on his problem and fills her in on how Marlena has gotten close to Alex. Lois is saddened to hear that Marlena is trusting Alex again. Lois explains that Alex was more obsessed with than in love with Marlena. Lois mentions that once they married, Alex then showed his true colors but when Kate and John probe for more information, Lois claims that Alex loved one minute and the next was controlling and abusive. John is now even more determined to get Marlena away from Alex tonight. John asks Lois to testify about Alex if need be and Lois is willing. Lois leaves. Kate doesn’t look as happy as John when John declares that getting his wife back is a Christmas miracle.


Hope tries to console Bo after Chelsea’s harsh words. Bo understands how Chelsea feels. Hope insists that Chelsea will eventually realize it’s not the end of the world for her to lose her license and have to do community service. Bo complains that it isn’t helping the father/daughter relations but Hope urges him to give it some time. Bo apologizes for running out on the service but Hope assures him that Jennifer understands why he did leave. Bo and Hope decide to head back inside to check on Jennifer.

Frankie notices the large amount of flowers sent as condolences and Jennifer thinks of sending them to the hospital. Frankie confirms that Jennifer still wants him to go and mentions heading back to the house to pack. Bo and Hope enter the chapel and Bo offers to go with him to help. Bo and Frankie leave. Hope urges Jennifer to not make a mistake and to stop Frankie from leaving. Jennifer changes the topic back to the flowers but Hope calls her attention back to Frankie. Jennifer begs her not to do this but Hope urges her to be honest with herself and tell Frankie to stay. Jennifer insists she does want Frankie to go because she can stand on her own two feet and that Jack is irreplaceable. Jennifer is offended that Hope is talking about her moving on with Frankie on the day of her husband Jack’s memorial service. Hope reminds Jennifer that Jack wanted Frankie to look after her. Jennifer starts to get upset as she declares that Jack was and always will be everything to her. Hope urges Jennifer that while she doesn’t have to fall in love with Frankie, she shouldn’t push away his friendship. Hope accuses Jennifer of only pushing Frankie away because she feels guilty about wanting him to stay. Jennifer insists that that isn’t it. Hope asks if it is because Jennifer fears that deep down she could still have feelings for Frankie. Jennifer apologizes for getting upset. Hope thinks that Frankie could help Jennifer more than any of them. Jennifer claims that doing so doesn’t feel right to her. Hope accuses Jennifer of wanting Jack to tell her to send Frankie away when he came to her the other night. Jennifer considers the accusation absurd but Hope insists that Jennifer is pushing Frankie away because she feels like she’s being unfaithful to Jack. Jennifer admits that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and Hope urges her to ask Frankie to stay. Jennifer refuses to ask Frankie to stay. Hope reminds Jennifer that Jack wanted Frankie to stay. Jennifer thinks that Frankie only agreed because Jack was so persistent but still believes that Frankie wants to stay because of the kind of man he is. Jennifer insists that even though it’s Christmas, she doesn’t want anyone around trying to cheer her up. Jennifer only wants to spend the holiday with her children and her memories of Jack.

Deveraux house:

Bo and Frankie lug several bags of Frankie’s things to the front porch. Bo jokes about how Frankie has so many things and Frankie explains that he was expecting to call Salem home again. Bo asks why he is leaving then and Frankie adds that he’s honoring Jennifer’s wishes. Bo doesn’t think Jennifer knows what she wants right now. Frankie insists that if he had his way, he’d be here for every holiday because he loves Jennifer. Bo surprises Frankie when he remarks that it’s obvious how Frankie feels about Jennifer. Frankie insists that he’s never gotten over Jennifer and even Jack knew it. Frankie adds that on some level, Jennifer may know it too. Bo urges Frankie to tell Jennifer that he wants to stay. Frankie insists that the decision isn’t up to him. Frankie insists that he has talked to Jennifer and he can’t force himself on her if she doesn’t want him. Bo insists that Frankie shouldn’t walk out on Jennifer. Bo uses the example of how Hope pushed him away when she thought she was Gina. Frankie thinks it doesn’t apply because Hope wasn’t in her right mind but Bo insists that Jennifer isn’t in her right mind now because of shock. Frankie insists that he must honor Jennifer’s wishes no matter what they might be. Bo reminds Frankie of his promise to Jack. Frankie insists that he told Jack he’d only honor his wish if Jennifer allowed it. Bo uses Abby’s current need for guidance to try and convince Frankie to stay and honor his feelings of love and family.


Frankie and Bo return to the church with Frankie’s bags so that Frankie can say goodbye. Hope and Bo say their goodbyes to Frankie after trying once again to get him to stay. Hope and Bo leave Frankie alone with Jennifer so they can take Zach to see Santa. Jennifer is glad Frankie didn’t flee to the airport without saying goodbye. Frankie apologizes for overstaying his welcome but Jennifer is quick to assure him that he didn’t do that. Frankie tells Jennifer to feel free to give Max the boot too but Jennifer doesn’t mind having Max stay. Frankie tells a tearful Jennifer to call if she should need anything. Jennifer interrupts Frankie’s talk of how he feels to ask him to leave without making it any harder. Frankie wishes Jennifer and her family the best in the New Year and Jennifer smiles through her tears. She hugs him in thanks and Frankie gently kisses her cheek before leaving.

Java café:

Bo and Hope bring Zach to see Santa. Bo watches Hope tear up as they watch Zach whisper his desires for Christmas in Santa’s ear. Bo reminds Hope to take Zach’s picture with Santa and Hope playfully sneaks a picture of Bo too. Hope snaps several more pictures of Zach and Santa as Bo wonders what Zach could be telling Santa for so long. Hope insists that Zach’s list is quite short this year so Bo jokes that they are talking about the stock market. Hope insists on taking several more pictures so she can capture every moment of Zach growing up and Bo grows sad when Hope mentions how grown up Shawn and Chelsea are. Hope suggests that Chelsea share with them some photos of her childhood. Zach finishes with Santa and tells Bo that they should go sit on Santa’s lap too. They talk of cherishing moments like this and hug as a family.

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