Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/21/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/21/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Sami shops along a strip of stores and spots an item she loves but can’t find in Salem. Sami gets annoyed at the Santa bell ringer and yells at him to stop ringing his bell so much. The Santa offers to take a break if Sami makes a donation. Sami pulls out the limited amount of cash from her wallet and ponders whether to donate the large bill or the $1 bill when Lucas walks up and sarcastically mocks Sami’s impending donation. Sami is annoyed that she’s run into Lucas again and Lucas explains that he’s here to see his date from last night. Sami wants to know the identity of the woman and why they didn’t stop when she called to them at the concert. Lucas insists that it’s none of Sami’s business and he didn’t stop because he doesn’t want to talk to her before leaving. Sami starts to walk away but the Santa calls her back to insist upon the donation. In her frustration, Sami accidentally donates the $100 bill leaving her practically broke and blames it on Lucas. The Santa holds up his end of the deal and leaves his canteen to take a break. Sami becomes frantic at having donated her $100 bill since that’s all she budgeted for this trip. Sami decides that she must get it back and tries to retrieve it from the canteen. Lucas, having returned from buying flowers, catches her. Sami defends her actions by explaining that she’s trying to get her $100 bill back. Lucas still considers her actions appalling and even illegal. Sami claims that she needs the money so she can buy Will a Christmas present. Lucas replies that he already bought Will a skateboard in Venice. Sami complains that Lucas’ gift doesn’t help her and grills him about the flowers. Lucas refuses to tell who they are and leaves Sami with the thought that she could split the loss with Santa if she pays him half of what she wants back. Sami refuses to do that so Lucas tells her that he hopes Santa’s reindeer eat her for lunch. Santa comes back and is furious with Sami who now has her hand stuck well inside the canteen. A woman rushes by and smacks Sami with her purse. The Santa accuses Sami of stealing and everyone laughs at Sami. Sami tries to explain but the Santa runs to get the cops. Sami frees her hand only to end up bringing out a $1 bill. Sami stuffs the dollar back in the canteen and storms off.

Nicole is passed out face down on the couch and there are several empty bottles of liquor from the mini bar on the table. Austin throws back the curtains to let the sunlight in and wakes Nicole. Nicole lifts her head to talk to Austin and Austin grimaces at Nicole’s bad breath. Nicole complains that she was alone in the hotel trying to fight off the mini bar. Austin holds up one of the many empty bottles and jokes that Nicole lost that fight. Nicole complains of having a nasty hangover and Austin advises her not to drink anymore. Nicole complains again about slaving away at work while Austin and Sami were having a good time so Austin reveals that he bought Nicole a T-shirt at the concert. Nicole sarcastically thanks Austin and dons the shirt. Austin admits that Nicole was able to save the day by talking to Giles and asks what Nicole said to convince him. Nicole claims she told Giles that Austin’s track record spoke for itself and she would also be there to step in when Austin got too soft. Nicole leans down near the mini bar and smacks her head against it. Nicole adds that she walked Giles to his car to soften the deal and Austin accuses her of actually getting into his car. Nicole smirks as she claims to be offended. Nicole sips a soda and insists that all they need is Austin’s signature to get High Style. Austin refuses to sign anything until he gets a cup of coffee to help him wake up. Nicole asks about the concert and Austin says that he had an amazing time except for seeing a ghost from his past. Austin tells Nicole that he thought he saw Carrie on the jumbotron and then later in the crowd. Nicole doesn’t believe that Austin really saw Carrie because she believes Carrie is in Israel. Austin decides that Nicole must be right and steps away to get dressed before they peruse the contracts. Nicole wonders what Carrie would be doing in LA and why no one would know about it. Austin looks over the contract and decides that everything is in order. Austin decides that before he signs the papers, he wants to call High Style’s CEO.

High Style:

Carrie returns to work to find that Becky has decorated the office for Christmas. Upon thanking her, Becky delivers a stack of late notices from the bank. Carrie decides to not even open the notices until next week figuring that once their orders go out, their cash problems will disappear leaving them able to focus on the holiday and loved ones. Carrie picks up the picture of her and Austin and Becky asks if there’s any chance that Carrie and Austin would be spending the holiday together. Carrie insists that she’ll be spending Christmas at home in front of the TV with the exception of a walk on the beach if it’s warm. Becky explains that she thought Carrie would want to spend the holiday with Austin since she is still in love with him. Carrie claims she meant that she wanted the employees to enjoy Christmas without worrying about whether they’ll have jobs in the New Year. Becky insists that Carrie follow her own advice and call Austin. Carrie refuses to let Austin know that she is back in the States and claims that she may never be ready to do that. Becky asks if Carrie is crazy or simply a coward. Carrie insists she isn’t a coward but must devote her time to this company instead. Becky agrees with Carrie’s point but also adds that people juggle family and careers all the time. Carrie insists she’d rather have things settle down so that once she does have kids, she’ll actually have time to spend with them. Becky suggests that all Carrie needs is to have the right man walk through the door moments before Lucas walks in and gives Carrie the flowers. Becky makes a quick exit. They talk of how much they enjoyed the concert and Lucas mentions having to go run some errands. Carrie invites him to stop by the employee party when he’s done and Lucas accepts her invitation. Carrie thanks him for the flowers and Lucas leaves. Becky brings back the picture of Carrie and Austin but Carrie insists that she and Lucas are just friends. Becky asks if Lucas feels the same way. Becky leaves and Carrie picks up the picture to wish Austin happy holidays.

Java Café:

Josh steps out from behind the counter when he sees Abby come in. Abby apologizes for not returning his multiple phone calls because she didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Josh offers his condolences and asks if he can do anything. Abby hugs him. Josh complains that he couldn’t get off work to go with Abby to the service but when Abby looks near tears, he then decides that he’s willing to quit if he has to because Abby needs him. Abby tells Josh not to risk his job since the memorial service is only for close family. John promises to be there should Abby need him and Abby leaves.

Max and Chelsea stop by Salem Place after finishing at traffic court. Max tries to get Chelsea to see the positive in her punishment of having to go to driving school before regaining her license but Chelsea still doesn’t see any good in it. Chelsea wants to use the excuse of no transportation as to why she can ditch the community service punishment but Max insists that he, the bus, or Bo/Hope/Billie can drive her. Chelsea vetoes all the options especially asking Bo because he wouldn’t help her before. Max insists that Bo is only worried about Chelsea and offers to be her driver for the community service. Chelsea refuses to do the punishment despite the court order. Max insists that she does have to do it. Chelsea tries to throw the court order in the trash but Max grabs it out of her hand. Max warns that if Chelsea doesn’t do it, she could wind up in jail. Chelsea claims she doesn’t care because then she would never have to see Bo again. Max takes offense at Chelsea calling Bo a traitor. Chelsea claims Bo was a traitor for leaving her lying in her hospital bed. Max points out that Chelsea asked him to go but Chelsea claims that she only was giving Bo permission to do what he already wanted to do. Chelsea complains that she’s lost everything and the one time she asked Bo to do something he could have easily done, he refuses to help since Hope reamed him about helping the last time. Max insists that Hope cares about Chelsea and doesn’t buy her blaming everything on Hope. Chelsea claims that both Hope and Bo would be bending over backwards if this had happened to Shawn. Max insists that Chelsea is wrong. Chelsea complains that Shawn is still driving after what he did to the church but Max points out that Shawn lost his license for awhile and is still doing community service just like Chelsea’s punishment. Chelsea claims that she is different because she wasn’t drinking and Shawn should be in jail given how many accidents he’s been in this year. Max suggests that Chelsea call Shawn and ask him if Bo and Hope pulled any strings for him but Chelsea yells at Max about taking the Brady’s side. Max points out that he’s also on Chelsea’s side because she too is a Brady. Chelsea tells Max to start acting like he’s on her side.

Deveraux house:

Frankie enters the house as Maggie and Mickey bring Jack Jr. downstairs. Frankie thanks Mickey for seeing him before the service and asks about Jennifer. Jennifer walks up behind them and insists that she is fine. Jennifer adds that she has to be fine because that’s what Jack would have wanted. Mickey and Maggie ask about Abby and Jennifer explains that Abby will meet them there. Mickey and Maggie take Jack Jr. out to the car. Jennifer asks Frankie to ride with her and they leave for the church.

St. Luke’s:

Hope and Bo thank God on their way into the church that Chelsea didn’t suffer the same fate as Jack. Bo laments that Chelsea is mad at him but Hope assures him that Chelsea will cool off after some time. Bo is glad that he was able to get a hold of Billie but had convinced her not to come home so she doesn’t see Chelsea all bandaged up. Hope assures Bo that Chelsea has the entire Horton/Brady/Roberts family to support her so things will be okay. Hope and Bo greet Julie and Doug. Doug asks if they’ve spoken to Jennifer yet and Hope says that Jennifer is hanging in there.

Maggie offers to take Jack Jr. to the nursery but Jennifer doesn’t want to let Jack Jr. out of her sight so she insists on taking him to the nursery herself. Doug and Julie lament that more of Jennifer’s family couldn’t come but Jennifer insists that she is fine with the family that has assembled and thanks everyone for coming. Everyone heads inside the chapel to take their seats while Jennifer waits in the lobby for Abby. Hope decides to stay with Jennifer. Abby arrives and they all head inside. Jennifer hugs Alice as she takes her seat.

Frankie pulls Mickey aside to inform him that he is leaving Salem. Frankie apologizes to Mickey for abandoning the firm when they are so busy. Mickey tries to convince Frankie to stick around in hopes that they would be partners but Frankie insists that he must go because Jennifer has asked him to. They notice that the service is starting and rush into the chapel.

Lexie escorts Abe to a pew and tells him that Jack not only took steps to ensure Jennifer was financially cared for but also emotionally cared for. Lexie explains that Jack found someone to replace him and Abe guesses that the man is Frankie.

Father Jansen begins the service. Julie reads from the Bible. Abby asks Jennifer why Jack’s parents aren’t here and Jennifer explains that they were upset and not feeling well so they went to the rectory. Abe speaks highly of Jack to the group gathered and tells Jennifer that she was very fortunate to have Jack. Abe tells Abby that he hopes she inherited Jack’s sense of humor. Lexie leads Abe back to his seat as “Amazing Grace” starts to play. The song sends Jennifer through a series of flashbacks of her and Jack’s romantic life together. Jennifer takes Abby’s hand and then reaches out for Alice’s hand. Alice promises Jennifer that she is going to be okay.

Bo steps out of the chapel to call Chelsea. Bo complains about not being able to reach Chelsea on the phone but turns when he hears Max and Chelsea approach. Chelsea glares meanly at Bo. Max starts to go inside but Chelsea stops him. Max insists that Chelsea needs to work things out with Bo and heads inside. Bo asks about court and Chelsea accuses him of knowing that they were going to revoke her license and impose community service. Chelsea tells Bo that he is 10 times worse of a horrible parent than she thought Billie was because Bo allows her to trust him and then turns his back on her. Bo insists that he’s here for Chelsea but Chelsea doesn’t want anything to do with Bo. Chelsea pushes past Hope who has just appeared in the doorway as she enters the church.

Father Jansen concludes the service and everyone stands to leave. Jennifer tells Abby that she is going to stay in the chapel and pray so Abby decides to give her some privacy. Abby spots Chelsea in the lobby and is concerned when she sees the bruising. Chelsea promises to fill Abby in later and glares at Bo and Hope as she walks with Abby to the nursery. Hope tells Bo not to take what Chelsea said to heart for it’s their job to show Chelsea that they are people she can count on. Hope cautions Bo against giving in in his effort to make peace. Julie, Doug, Mickey, and Maggie stop on their way out of the chapel but decide to leave Jennifer alone for a few moments. Lexie steps away from Abe momentarily to tell Frankie that Jack was right to pick him. Lexie returns to Abe’s side and leads him out of the chapel. Frankie watches as Jennifer tears up and gingerly touches Jack’s picture.

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