Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/20/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/20/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Rolling Stones Concert:

Carrie and Lucas and Sami enjoy the concert from their seats. Sami looks around for Austin. Austin is outside of the jumbo screen booth complaining that he will never find Carrie in the crowd. Austin asks the guy to rewind the tape but the guy insists that it’s live and he can’t do that. Austin thanks him anyway and leaves the booth. Carrie steps out into the corridor and waits around for Lucas. Austin comes barreling down the stairs in the same corridor and bumps Carrie’s back as he walks by. He apologizes and Carrie says “no problem” before walking away. Austin recognizes the voice and wonders if he’s really just bumped into Carrie. Austin searches the crowd but decides that Carrie couldn’t have possibly been at the concert. Carrie calls Becky again and as she tells her about the concert, Carrie flashes back to being with Austin while listening to their favorite band. Austin has the same flashback. Austin spots a woman heading up the stairs that looks like Carrie from behind and decides that Carrie really is at the concert. Austin finds the woman again but stops short of approaching her when he sees this woman kiss another guy. Carrie looks up at the Rolling Stones trademark on the corridor’s TV screen and flashes back to being with Austin again.

Lucas waits in the corridor for Carrie and Sami spots him. Sami accuses Lucas of following her and Lucas accuses her of the same thing. Lucas realizes that Sami must be at the concert with Austin and Sami tries to gloat about Lucas’ date ditching him. Lucas insists that his date didn’t ditch him but asks why Sami would care anyway. Sami claims she doesn’t care who Lucas dates and only would be concerned over how the woman treated Will. Sami asks about Sophie but Lucas brushes her off in an effort to go find Carrie. Sami becomes annoyed that Lucas won’t tell her the identity of his date and decides to try and find out for herself by following him. Carrie searches the corridors fearing that she’s now lost Lucas. Lucas is relieved to find that he was able to dump Sami and complains about how Sami keeps showing up wherever he goes. Lucas vows not to let Sami ruin his night with Carrie.

Austin has the same flashback but is brought back to reality by Sami rejoining him and asking about Lucas. Sami explains that Lucas is here with a date. Austin tells Sami that while he didn’t see Lucas, he did see Carrie. Sami insists that Carrie is in Israel with Mike. Austin insists he saw Carrie on the jumbotron. Sami realizes that this is why Austin left during the concert and Austin adds that he also heard Carrie’s voice. Sami insists she was looking at the jumbotron the entire night and would have noticed if Carrie was on it. Sami suggests that Austin only thought he saw Carrie because she was on his mind and the music reminded him of her. Austin decides Sami could be right and wants to leave but Sami wants to stick around long enough to buy a T-shirt and poster for Will. Sami and Austin head into the mass of people surrounding the concession stand. Carrie rejoins Lucas at the refreshment stand and he tells her about running into Sami and Austin. Lucas directs Carrie’s attention to where Sami and Austin are standing in the souvenir line and Carrie becomes frantic at the thought of being spotted. Lucas and Carrie rush to get out of the corridor but Sami spots Lucas and calls out to him. Lucas and Carrie ignore Sami’s call and duck out through the exit door.

LA Park:

Sami fumes as she and Austin walk back through the park. Austin tries to calm Sami down but Sami is too intent on finding out the identity of the woman that was with Lucas. Austin confronts Sami about what she’s planning to do once she finds out the woman’s name. Sami’s speechless so Austin tells her to focus on the good time they’ve just had instead. Austin and Sami walk away arm in arm. Lucas and Carrie walk through the park joking about being able to move and look like Mick Jagger when they are his age.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer waves goodbye to Father Jansen, who has taken time out of visiting with Belle and Philip at the hospital to help Jennifer plan Jack’s funeral, from her front door and tells him that she’ll see him tomorrow. Jennifer is hopeful that Belle and Philip get the miracle they didn’t get. Jennifer laments that even though she’s planned Jack’s funeral before, it doesn’t get any easier. Jennifer tells Frankie that the hardest part this time is that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Jack. Jennifer blames herself for not accepting the fact that Jack was dying sooner and has now missed her chance to say any final words to Jack. Frankie tries to assure her that there is nothing wrong with her attempts to cure Jack and keep him alive but Jennifer insists that if she could rewind time, she’d have done everything differently. Frankie insists that Jack wouldn’t want Jennifer to be feeling this way but Jennifer doesn’t see how she can do that since she can’t fathom getting through another day without Jack. Frankie vows to remain by Jennifer’s side to help her. Jennifer considers the offer as a sweet gesture but Frankie insists that he means it. Jennifer wants Frankie to go back to his job and not worry about her since it may be a while until she gets back on her feet. Frankie admits that Jack had him promise to be there for Jennifer. Jennifer is surprised to hear this and Frankie recalls how Jack also told Billie, Hope, and Lexie. Jennifer recalls how what she is hearing now is exactly what Jack told her in the garden. Jennifer tells Frankie that he is not obligated to keep the promise but Frankie insists that he doesn’t feel obligated. Jennifer insists that she and her kids need the time alone to deal with the loss of Jack. Frankie agrees to leave after the service. Jennifer tells Frankie that she is grateful for their friendship and that she will miss him. Frankie assures her that he is only a phone call away. Frankie and Jennifer talk of how much they’ll miss each other when a delivery guy stops by to deliver Frankie’s purchase of a decorated Christmas tree from Bonnie’s lot. Frankie tips the guy well and he and Jennifer share a moment of sadness in the guy’s mistake when he refers to Jennifer as Frankie’s wife. Frankie dims the lights while Jennifer plugs in the tree. Jennifer laments that she hasn’t done anything for Christmas yet. Frankie dismisses her concern but Jennifer profusely commends Frankie for being such an amazing man. Frankie brushes off the flattery since he feels she’s complimenting him on the tree but Jennifer admits that she feels like she’s making a terrible mistake in letting him go. Frankie tells Jennifer that she isn’t making a mistake and promises to keep checking in on Jennifer so that he’ll be there for anything she needs. Jennifer calls Frankie her best friend and hugs him. Frankie starts to leave to get packing but Jennifer stops him to say it isn’t going to be the same without him. Frankie assures her that she’ll be okay and starts to head for the door. Jennifer stops him to thank him for everything. Frankie smiles and leaves. Jennifer returns to the Christmas tree, and flashes back to when she dressed as Santa to propose to him. Frankie watches Jennifer through the window before leaving.


Max, crying, enters Chelsea’s exam room. He flashes back to Chelsea’s promise to Bo to be more careful while driving. Max tells a non-responsive Chelsea that he tried to get here sooner because he passed her accident on the way but the cops wouldn’t tell him anything. Max wishes he had been there with Chelsea because she must have been scared and wonders how he’s going to be able to tell Bo this news. Max holds Chelsea’s hand and tells her that he enjoyed being at Bo and Hope’s with her tonight because it made him feel like getting into the Christmas spirit. Max decides that he can’t put off telling Bo any longer.

Bo and Hope rush up to the nurses station and tell the woman behind the counter that they want to check the status of a young woman brought in after being in a terrible accident. The nurse asks if they are family and they confirm that they are the girl’s parents. The nurse tells Bo and Hope that there was nothing they could do to save her. Hope, now crying, tries to comfort Bo but Bo is regretting not doing more to prevent the accident. Bo has a hard time even saying that he has to go identify Chelsea’s body and then wonders how he’ll even be able to tell Billie the news. The nurse comes over and escorts Bo to the body. Hope walks arm in arm with Bo as they follow the nurse to an exam room. The nurse pulls the sheet back that is covering the girl’s body and Bo lets out a shocked gasp. Hope wraps her arms around his neck. Bo and Hope inform the nurse that the girl they are looking at isn’t Chelsea. The nurse apologizes and leaves the room to check for any other accident reports.

Bo and Hope leave that exam room and run into Max. Max informs them that Chelsea is banged up and has been sedated but is going to be all right. The nurse comes back and tells Bo and Hope that Chelsea is in cubicle 1 and should be coming out of her sedative now. The nurse and Max lead Bo and Hope to Chelsea’s cubicle and greet her now that she is awake. Chelsea profusely apologizes but Bo comforts her. Chelsea asks about her car but Max informs her that it was totaled. Chelsea is overly upset at this news because she felt like the car was the only thing she had that was all hers. Chelsea then adds that besides her friends and family, it was the only thing that mattered. Officer Brown interrupts to ask to speak to Bo and Hope alone and they step outside the exam room. Max informs Chelsea that he drove by and saw her car so he was at the hospital before Bo and Hope got here. Max shares his fear that Chelsea was dead and Chelsea claims that without her car, she might as well be dead. Max tries to convince Chelsea that her life isn’t over simply because she doesn’t have a car. Chelsea insists that winning the car was the only good thing to happen to her since her parents died. Max reminds her that she found her real parents because of it but Chelsea doesn’t like hearing Billie and Bo referred to as her real parents. Max urges Chelsea to give her new family a chance.

Officer Brown tells Bo and Hope that right before Chelsea’s accident, she was driving 30 mph over the speed limit and he was about to pull her over when it happened. Bo assures Officer Brown that it won’t happen again but Officer Brown informs them that due to a holiday crackdown, Chelsea has already been cited twice in the last month so this was her third strike. Officer Brown pulled them aside to declare that he is revoking Chelsea’s license. Officer Brown leaves them with the news that Chelsea will have to appear in traffic court a.s.a.p. Bo thinks that this news might be the best thing that could have happened to Chelsea but Hope warns that Chelsea won’t see it that way. Hope agrees with Bo’s decision to be the one to tell Chelsea.

Bo heads back into the exam room and Max tells Bo about Chelsea’s complaints over her lack of a car. Bo has Max wait outside so he can talk to Chelsea. Bo tries to get Chelsea to focus on the fact that she survived rather than having lost her car but it doesn’t work. Bo tells her about the officer taking away her license. Chelsea begs Bo to fix it so they won’t take her license away. Bo tells Chelsea that there’s nothing he can do but Chelsea doesn’t believe that he can’t pull some strings for her. Bo wants Chelsea to face the consequences of her bad behavior but Chelsea gets upset over the idea that Bo is taking the cop’s word over hers and refusing to help. Chelsea claims that if Bo cared about her, he’d help but Bo insists that he’s refusing to help because he does care about her. Chelsea orders Bo to get out.

Max complains to Hope that Chelsea wouldn’t listen to his reasoning. Hope insists to Max that he is a good influence on Chelsea. Max complains that Chelsea cares more about losing her license. Hope fears that if Chelsea doesn’t learn her lesson this time, she may never learn it. Hope adds that next time; it could be a whole lot worse especially if the next accident harms someone else.

Bo reluctantly leaves Chelsea’s exam room as Max and Hope return. Hope stays with Bo while Max comes back to the exam room and tells Chelsea not to be mad at Bo. Chelsea claims that Bo isn’t doing the right thing because he isn’t sticking up for her. Chelsea proclaims that Bo and Hope are as dead to her now as her real parents.

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