Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/19/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/19/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

Rolling Stones concert:

Sami and Austin are excited about being at the concert. Sami recalls how they couldn’t come before because Will got the flu.

Carrie and Lucas arrive at the concert just as excited. Carrie realizes that she forgot to call Becky to go over a contract they need to have faxed in by midnight. Carrie suggests going up to the concession stand where she would be able to hear better and Lucas offers to wait here for her. Carrie assures Lucas that it’s okay to go take his seat and she will join him.

Sami and Austin arrive at the concession stand and discover that the line is very long. Austin offers to stand in line for sodas and gives Sami her ticket so she can find their seats. Sami leaves and Austin gets in line.

Lucas heads for his seat moments before Sami pushes through the crowd near him. Carrie stands by the concession stand mere feet away from Austin and calls Becky. Carrie tells Becky where she is and Becky tells her about how she’s handled the catering contract. Carrie fills Becky in on running into her ex-husband and sister but how they didn’t see her. Carrie remarks that the last thing she wants is to see Sami and Austin Reed. Austin perks up at the mention of his name but can’t see through the crowd that it’s Carrie who said it. Sami almost walks right by Carrie but she is distracted when a passer by rudely bumps into her. Carrie insists to Becky that if she does run into Austin, she will talk to him but hopes that that won’t happen. Sami complains to herself about the rude passer by and then calls out to Austin as she rejoins him in line. Austin assumes that it was Sami calling his name earlier. Sami explains that she came back to tell Austin not to bother with the sodas and they head for their seats. Carrie hears the crowd cheering and quickly ends her call in order to head for her seat. Lucas and Carrie and Sami and Austin cheer from their respective seats as The Rolling Stones start their first song, “Start Me Up.” The song ends and the band plays a new song, “Oh No, Not You Again.” Sami is turned away from the stage so she doesn’t see when Carrie’s picture is put on the stage’s jumbo screen but Austin does. Sami turns back and notices Austin’s shocked expression. Sami focuses on Austin so long that Carrie’s picture disappears from the screen before she ever sees it. Austin tells Sami he’ll be right back without telling her why and leaves his seat. Austin goes into the camera booth and gets the guy to tell him the section of audience he was filming when Carrie was on the screen. The guy steps outside the booth to show Austin where to find that section. Austin is shocked at what he sees when he looks in that direction. A shot of Carrie hugging Lucas is shown on the jumbo screen as the song ends.

Mimi’s loft:

Mimi and Shawn return home but Shawn would rather go back to the hospital. Mimi repeats that Belle doesn’t want anyone else there. Shawn then suggests going to St. Luke’s so they can pray for Claire. Shawn turns and spots the newly decorated loft. Mimi explains that with the help of Bonnie, she decorated the loft for Christmas. Mimi has Shawn sit down on the couch to relax while she offers to cook him something. Shawn jokingly requests Mimi’s macaroni and cheese but then insists that he isn’t hungry. Mimi insists that Shawn needs to eat and stresses over the risk Shawn took by donating so much blood. Shawn insists he is fine but Mimi doesn’t buy it. Shawn explains that he feels a weird connection to Claire but doesn’t know why. Mimi flashes back to overhearing the nurses talking at the hospital. Shawn calls Mimi’s attention back and Mimi has to stop him from heading back to the hospital again. Shawn agrees to try and take a nap before calling the hospital to see if there is any news. Shawn stops Mimi on her way into the kitchen to hug her and say how nice it is to have her worrying about him. They kiss and Shawn heads into the bedroom. Mimi uses the laptop to research how Shawn’s blood could match Claire’s but not Philip’s. Mimi becomes discouraged at how she can’t make much sense out of blood matching. Bonnie stops by to give Mimi more mistletoe and some cider. Mimi tells Bonnie about Claire’s last rites and Bonnie becomes concerned that Shawn is still at the hospital alone with Belle. Bonnie is relieved when Mimi informs her that Shawn is in bed resting and cautions Mimi about keeping Shawn away from Belle. Shawn lies in bed and prays to ask God to spare Claire in favor of taking his life instead. Mimi yells at Bonnie for thinking of her and Shawn’s love life while Claire is fighting for her life. Mimi brings up her research but decides against telling Bonnie. Bonnie forces a look at Mimi’s computer and Mimi reluctantly tells her about the blood matching and what she overheard. Bonnie yells at Mimi to turn the computer off right now. Shawn dreams that he wakes up to find Claire happy and healthy in the bed next to him and feels that God answered his prayers. Shawn wakes with a start when he realizes it was only a dream. Bonnie guesses that Mimi is scared that she is going to lose Shawn if he turns out to be Claire’s father. Mimi insists that it can’t be because both Shawn and Belle swear that they never slept together and remembers the time last winter but refuses to believe that it was possible. Bonnie makes a case for people to have matching blood types who aren’t related but Mimi still wants to know why Philip wouldn’t be a match. Bonnie insists that it’s still possible and Shawn comes back into the room in time to overhear Bonnie telling Mimi not to worry so much about Shawn matching Claire. Bonnie claims to Shawn that Mimi was only concerned about Shawn donating too much blood. Shawn tells Mimi that if they end up staying together, he wants to adopt lots and lots of babies. Mimi tells Shawn that he has a deal. Bonnie points out the mistletoe and sends Mimi and Shawn across the room to kiss. While they aren’t looking, Bonnie closes Mimi’s computer upon telling it to keep its technological mouth shut.

Chelsea’s car:

Chelsea has the radio blaring as she scoffs at the sappiness she experienced at the Brady house earlier in the evening. Chelsea takes her eyes off the road momentarily to dial her cell phone. As she is asking the person on the phone for movie times, Chelsea swerves off the road. Chelsea’s car crashes and though her air bag deployed, Chelsea lies unconscious against it bleeding from her head. Officer Brown and fire fighters arrive on the scene. The fire fighters rush to free Chelsea from the vehicle before they can even determine whether she is still alive. The firefighters use a chainsaw to cut through the debris pinning down Chelsea’s car. A firefighter brings Chelsea’s purse to Officer Brown and they check the ID to find that it is Bo’s daughter.

Brady house:

Hope, Bo, and Zach are playing another game together. When Bo steps away from the game to stoke the fire, Hope uses the game to distract Zach while she talks privately with Bo. Bo is shocked when Hope asks that Chelsea not be allowed to be alone with Zach or drive him anywhere until she becomes more responsible. Bo is more understanding of the driving part but insists that if Chelsea speeds again, she will face the consequences. Hope wishes Chelsea would have paid the consequences the last time and doesn’t understand how Chelsea wouldn’t want to be more careful considering what happened to her parents. Bo promises to talk to Chelsea again and Hope notes how horrible it would be to lose Chelsea now over a senseless accident. Hope brings Zach, who is now playing with his toys on the floor, a drink. Bo fears that Chelsea will act reckless and speed again and Hope jokingly claims it’s genetic. Hope jokes that between Shawn and Chelsea, their kids are conspiring to make them prematurely grey. Bo claims they come by their reckless behavior honestly but then admits that they get it from him. Bo is sure that Chelsea will learn her lesson like he did but Hope wishes it would be a lesson Chelsea didn’t have to learn the hard way. Hope wonders whether Chelsea is acting recklessly because she doesn’t care what happens to herself but then notes how bonded she and Bo are getting in hopes that that will make a difference. Hope and Bo hope that they won’t have to lose Chelsea. The thought of losing a child reminds them of when they had to give J.T. back to his parents. Hope and Bo lament about how hard it will be for Jennifer to not have Jack around the holidays. Bo flashes back to having to put Hope’s ornament on the Horton Christmas tree when they thought she was dead. Hope calls Zach over for a hug and they count their blessings. Hope and Bo decide to keep the Christmas festivities upbeat rather than tone it down out of respect for Jack. Bo’s cell phone rings and it is Officer Brown calling to inform him that Chelsea was in an accident but while she was alive en route to the hospital, she is bleeding from the head. Bo fills Hope in and together with Zach; they rush out the door to head to the hospital after dropping Zach off at Mickey and Maggie’s house. Bo tries to call Billie but she isn’t answering her phone.


Chelsea lies still on a hospital bed as the EMT staff pack up their things and the nurses close the curtain around her. Bo and Hope arrive at the nurses station just as two nurses talk of losing one’s daughter and having her go quickly since she never regained consciousnesses after the impact. Bo and Hope fear that they are talking about Chelsea.

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