Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/16/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/16/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Carrie and Lucas stroll through the park. Lucas notices that Carrie has been quiet and offers to talk. Carrie flashes back to seeing Austin kiss Sami. Lucas guesses what Carrie is thinking about and cautions her against getting involved with Austin after what she saw tonight. Carrie can’t believe that Austin could be falling for Sami again. Lucas doesn’t think that Austin ever loved Sami and that he only never got in touch with Carrie again because he thought she was with Mike. Lucas badmouths Austin and claims that Carrie didn’t deserve their divorce. Carrie feels that she does because she cheated with Mike. Lucas feels that if Carrie had been treated the way she should have been, she would have never been driven to cheat with Mike. Lucas tells Carrie that if she still has feelings for Austin, she should march back into the restaurant and tell him so. Lucas is sure that Austin would then drop Sami so fast her head will spin. Carrie refuses to let Austin know she is here especially since Sami is there. Lucas doesn’t understand why Carrie can’t just let Austin know how she feels but now Carrie claims that she doesn’t know how she feels about Austin anymore and asks to drop the subject. Lucas spots a sign promoting the Rolling Stones concert tonight and Carrie is surprised to hear that Lucas likes the band too. Carrie laments that she tried to get tickets but they were sold out in minutes so Lucas offers to call around and try to get some tickets. Carrie doesn’t think that Lucas will be able to get tickets and Lucas replies that it couldn’t hurt to try. Lucas adds that his goal is to make Carrie happy this evening. Lucas makes several calls to try and get tickets. Carrie flashes back to when she and Austin listened to the latest Rolling Stones album together. Lucas was able to have Marie at Titan call in a favor on Victor’s behalf in order to score two tickets to tonight’s concert. Lucas and Carrie rush to the concert.

Austin and Sami agree that they were glad they came out to LA despite their business goal. Austin commends Rori’s fundraiser and considers asking Maggie to host a Christmas kissing contest fundraiser at Chez Rouge. Sami would rather focus on the fact that Austin kissed her and complains that Austin claimed he only wanted a plutonic relationship. Austin agrees and promises to never kiss Sami again. Sami explains that she wishes they didn’t need a reason to kiss and Austin threatens to send Sami back to the hotel if she can’t accept that they are merely business partners. Sami promises to behave but Austin is skeptical that she can. Rori draws the raffle winner for the Rolling Stones concert tickets for tonight and the winner is Austin. Sami shares Austin’s enthusiasm over winning and gushes about how great it’ll be to see the concert. Rori pushes Sami aside and suggests that Austin put Sami in a cab and go to the concert with her. Sami vows to only let that happen over her dead body. Sami is adamant that Austin is not taking Rori to the concert and Rori questions whether Sami and Austin are dating. Austin insists that he and Sami aren’t dating but he still shouldn’t go with Rori to the concert because it wouldn’t be right for Rori to take advantage of her own charity tickets. Austin agrees with Rori’s take on how he’s choosing to take Sami as a way of rewarding loyal employees. Rori suggests they get together another time and Austin promises to call next time he’s in town. Rori gives Austin a gentle kiss goodbye and walks away. Sami tells Austin to not do her any favors and to go with Rori. Austin tells Sami to not be jealous but instead be happy that he wants to go with her. Sami claims she’d be a loyal employee even without the reward. Austin insists that this isn’t a reward or bribe and gives in to Sami’s refusal to go. Sami gives in and gets excited again about attending the concert. Austin has the same flashback as Carrie as he signs the check. Austin ignores Sami’s gushing in his ear about getting to go to the concert as he continues to flash back through making love to Carrie while the Rolling Stones played on the record player. Sami calls Austin’s attention back to her and Austin claims he was thinking about going to the concert with her. Sami and Austin leave the restaurant to head to the concert.

Rolling Stones concert:

Carrie has stopped off to don a Rolling Stones T-shirt as she and Lucas make their way to their seats. Carrie thanks Lucas for going out of his way to get the tickets but Lucas admits that he wanted to see the concert just as bad. They rush off to find their seats.

Sami and Austin, now donning their own Rolling Stones T-shirts as part of their more dressed down outfits, arrive at the venue. Austin mentions how bad he feels that Nicole got stuck working and Sami fears that that was Austin’s way of saying he’d rather have come here with Nicole. Sami jumps up and down when Austin starts to say no. Sami recalls how she and Austin had originally planned to go see the Rolling Stones right before they got engaged but couldn’t because Will got sick. Sami and Austin head to their seats.

Sami and Austin and Carrie and Lucas dance and sing along at their respective seats when the band plays their opening number, “Start Me Up.”


Kate steps away from the group to curse the fact that Shawn is consoling Belle instead of Philip and fears that Shawn’s here because he knows he’s Claire’s father. Philip rushes up to Belle having been awoken by the nurses and Belle tells him that Claire is dying. Kate watches as Shawn watches Philip console Belle from across the room. Mimi walks up and Shawn informs her that Claire’s kidneys and liver are failing. Shawn wishes there was more he could do but Mimi assures him that he’s done everything possible. Mimi commends Shawn on his antics in order to donate more blood but suggests that he should head home and rest. Shawn refuses to leave until he knows that Claire is all right. Marlena laments that she can’t do more to help Belle but John assures her that Belle is simply grateful that Marlena is there. Lexie comes out to the waiting area and informs Belle and Philip that Claire is now stable but is facing multi organ failure. Philip asks for an explanation and Lexie advises them to call a priest. Lexie heads back into Claire’s room as Father Jansen arrives. Father Jansen explains that he’ll be baptizing Claire and then giving her her last rites. Belle doesn’t want the last rites done because she sees it as willing Claire to die. Father Jansen explains that he’ll be administering the sacrament of the sick in hopes that Claire will get better but just in case she doesn’t, she will be prepared for an eternity in heaven. Belle confirms that the sacrament may help Claire fight and get better before giving her permission. Everyone files into Claire’s room. Father Jansen asks who will stand up for Claire and Shawn and Mimi speak up about being Claire’s godparents. Father Jansen starts with the baptism ritual. Father Jansen then gives Claire her last rites. Father Jansen offers blessings to Belle and Philip and leaves. Marlena consoles Belle and promises to be there for her but Belle asks everyone to leave them alone. John tries to convince Belle that she shouldn’t be alone but Belle tells John that if there’s nothing else to be done, everyone else should just go home and get some rest so that Claire’s last moments can be spent with her mom and dad. Kate and John reluctantly agree and Philip promises to call with any change. Kate, John, Marlena, and Alex file out of the room. Mimi follows after them and Shawn has Lexie promise to call if anything changes before he leaves.

Marlena isn’t sure that she did the right thing by leaving but Alex assures her that she is doing what Belle and Philip wanted. John tells Marlena that she shouldn’t be alone either right now and Marlena points out that she’s not alone since she’s with Alex. John insists on being the one to take Marlena back to their home since it’s their daughter that is the issue right now rather than some stranger. Marlena insists that Alex is not a stranger and that she is going home with him. Marlena and Alex leave after confirming that John and Kate will call if there is any change. Kate comforts John as he fights back his own tears.

Brady house:

Hope and Bo play “Go Fish” with Zach as they snack on Christmas cookies. Zach surprises Bo by suggesting they switch to gin rummy. Hope explains that Alice taught Zach how to play. The doorbell rings and it is Chelsea and Max who have been invited over. Chelsea laments that she isn’t spending the holiday with her parents. Chelsea is touched when Hope and Bo welcome her into their holiday celebrations and offer to incorporate some of the traditions she shared with the Bensons. Max recalls the Christmases he and Frankie shared at the Pub with the other Bradys and how they were always made to feel like family. Max and Hope tell Chelsea about all the Brady family members that she has yet to meet (Kim, Kayla etc) and Chelsea starts to feel overwhelmed. Zach tells Chelsea not to worry because she is his big sister now and he loves her. Max talks up Hope’s gesture of buying Chelsea her own Christmas stocking. Chelsea walks over toward the stockings but Max stops her to point out that she is now standing under the mistletoe. Max and Chelsea kiss. Bo stops short when he comes back into the living room and spots them kissing. Bo interrupts the kiss by offering eggnog and Max blames their actions on Bo’s mistletoe. Bo sarcastically chuckles as he adds that it’s also his daughter. Hope comes back into the living room and dismisses Bo’s concern over Max and Chelsea kissing as she passes out the eggnog. Bo pulls Max aside to warn Max that if he hurts Chelsea, he’ll have to answer to him. Max insists that there’s nothing really going on between him and Chelsea and that he’s been keeping Chelsea out of trouble while she’s been turning him into a responsible adult. Chelsea thanks Hope for the Christmas stocking and Hope promises to always be there for Chelsea and never let her down. Bo smiles at the sight of Hope and Chelsea hugging. Mimi and Shawn arrive and deliver the news that Claire is dying. Hope hugs Shawn. Hope and Bo hug Zach close as they empathize with Belle and Philip. Hope notices that Shawn looks pale and though he tries to brush it off, Mimi tells Bo and Hope the truth about Shawn’s blood donations. Bo and Hope are shocked but understand Shawn’s motivation. Shawn pulls an angel ornament off the Christmas tree and asks for Hope’s permission to give its protecting powers to Claire at the hospital. Bo tells Shawn that he is proud of him and hugs him. Hope hugs Shawn too and relays her sympathies for Belle and Philip. Shawn and Mimi leave and Hope hugs Bo tight. Chelsea, her mood now sad, tries to make a quick goodbye. Bo is surprised that Max and Chelsea didn’t come together when Max also mentions his need to leave to do some work at the garage. Bo gives Chelsea a lecture because he has heard from fellow cops that Chelsea has been stopped a few times for speeding. Chelsea interrupts Bo before he can use her parents’ death as an argument against speeding and promises to drive safely from now on. Chelsea and Max stop in the doorway to kiss under the mistletoe again. Chelsea is all smiles as she leaves but Max hangs back to cast a worried glance at Bo and Hope. Hope gives the same glance to Bo. Bo and Hope curl up on the couch with Zach now that everyone has left. Bo is glad that Frankie and Max are back in town in time for Christmas and Hope remarks how lucky Shawn and Zach are to be part of both the Bradys and the Hortons. Hope is glad that Chelsea got to spend some time with their family tonight. Hope notices Zach’s sniffling and kisses his cheek. Hope kisses Bo too.

Chelsea’s car:

Chelsea blares her car stereo as she tears up and complains that the stockings and eggnog she shared at the Brady house was lame. Chelsea uses her cell phone while driving to call for movie times and her distractedness leads to her screaming and swerving off the road.


Mimi and Shawn return to the hospital and Mimi waits outside Claire’s room while Shawn goes inside. Lexie quietly yells at Shawn for not being home resting but Shawn brushes off her concern. Shawn turns to Belle and Philip and tells them how Hope believes that this angel ornament would watch over and protect them so in turn, he’d like Claire to have it. Belle thanks him and Shawn hangs the ornament from Claire’s IV pole. Mimi overhears two nurses talking about how Shawn’s blood matched Claire’s when Philip’s didn’t.

Kate’s suite & Penthouse:

John fears that Alex would take advantage of Marlena’s vulnerability. John leans down and turns on Kate’s TV. John unwraps the bandage from around his hand and explains to Kate that he is just making sure Marlena is okay.

Marlena feels terrible for not knowing how to be there for Belle tonight. Alex tries to assure her that she is a wonderful mother but Marlena cries, as she doesn’t believe Alex since she can’t even remember her own daughter. Alex grabs Marlena’s arms and demands that she stop this right now. Marlena frantically insists that Belle needs her.

John and Kate watch what is going on in the penthouse and John wonders what Alex is doing to Marlena.

Alex tries to calm Marlena down but she continues to sob and proclaim that it’s killing and hurting her.

John, still watching and listening, assumes that Alex is hurting Marlena and is ready to rush over there and protect her. Kate stops him and makes him continue to listen to Alex and Marlena’s conversation.

Alex tries to convince Marlena that what is happening to Claire is not her fault and that Belle needs Marlena to take care of herself. Alex hopes that Marlena needs him here to help her do that. Marlena tells Alex that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Alex asks Marlena to let him be there for her in every way. Alex kisses Marlena.

John tears up as he proclaims to Kate that he’s lost Marlena.

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