Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/15/05


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Tree lot:

Mimi is helping Bonnie with her annual Christmas tree sales and complains that she has to dress like an elf and work with Bonnie who is dressed as Mrs. Claus. Bonnie fans herself with a wad of cash as she claims that the outfits are part of the sales pitch and points out Max who is wearing antlers and supposedly not complaining. Max’s bark is translated into “I would be complaining if I could talk.” Mimi wants to leave but Bonnie insists that she needs Mimi’s help. Mimi hopes that Bonnie got the trees legally this time but Bonnie claims that the time she got them from the Forestry Service was unintentional. Mimi isn’t convinced because she saw a chainsaw in Bonnie’s trunk but Bonnie maintains her innocence. Bonnie does delight however in now being able to keep all the profits instead of having to honor the Horton family name and donate the proceeds to charity. Bonnie holds up her namesake ornament and laments that it won’t be hanging on the Horton Christmas tree this year. Bonnie announces that she still has the ornament because she’s replacing her name with Mimi’s name. Mimi doesn’t see why and Bonnie explains that she expects Mimi to be married to Shawn by next Christmas. Mimi vows that that will never happen. Bonnie can’t believe that Mimi wouldn’t want to marry Shawn. Mimi starts to explain but Bonnie interrupts to state her refusal of letting Mimi miss out on belonging to two rich families. Mimi is annoyed that Bonnie keeps choosing men for both of them based on their wallet size. Bonnie notes that Mimi once swore that she’d never be with Shawn either. Mimi explains that if she did get an ornament for the Horton tree, she’d want it to be a normal one since Bonnie’s looks like some sort of big prize. Bonnie thinks that Mimi marrying Shawn will be like winning a big prize. Mimi insists that she and Shawn are not getting married and Bonnie fears that Mimi and Shawn have broken up. Mimi shares her worry that Shawn is preoccupied with acting as if Claire is his daughter. Bonnie dismisses her concern as Shawn being a serious godparent. Mimi jokes about how they don’t need to use birth control since she can’t have kids and Bonnie delights in this comment since it means Mimi and Shawn have gotten a lot closer. Mimi now regrets admitting this fact. Bonnie enthusiastically talks about how Mimi will soon be living on Easy Street when Shawn’s trust funds kick in. Mimi tries to make a quick exit and this time Bonnie allows her to go since she thinks Mimi is rushing off to Shawn. Mimi corrects her by saying that Shawn is at the hospital with Belle. Bonnie is furious that Mimi left Shawn alone with Belle because she sees that as a way to lose Shawn forever.

Mimi insists that she won’t lose Shawn. Mimi insists that Shawn is only there as a friend and that Philip is there getting some sleep. Bonnie doesn’t consider being asleep in another wing the same as being there. Bonnie encourages Mimi to rush down to the hospital and get between Shawn and Belle. Mimi maintains that Shawn and Belle are only concerned about Claire. Bonnie claims she only wants Mimi to marry Shawn, have a family and live happily ever after. Mimi laments that Shawn claims he’d like to adopt but still would love a child of his own that she can’t give him. Bonnie assures Mimi that Shawn will love every one of the children they adopt. Bonnie jokingly considers the fact that Mimi won’t have the bodily changes that come with being pregnant. Mimi laments that she’d rather have all that if it meant she could have the experience of feeling a baby growing inside her. Mimi is confident that if it came down to choosing between adopting with her and having his own baby with Belle, she’s sure of what Shawn would choose. Bonnie assures Mimi that if Shawn loves her, nothing else matters. Bonnie vows that Mimi will find happiness with Shawn. Max barks and Bonnie sees that as him saying he thinks so too. Mimi picks out a tree for Belle and Philip’s loft and Bonnie tries to give her a lot of mistletoe for her and Shawn’s loft. Mimi and Bonnie hug and even Max comes running over to join in.

Brady house:

Hope comes downstairs to the sight of Bo placing the tree in their living room. Hope likes Bo’s choice and Bo explains that he got it live so that when Christmas is over, he and Zach can plant it in the backyard. Bo and Hope count their blessings before thinking of how sad Jennifer and Abby are right now. Bo insists that they keep a positive attitude for Zach and Hope vows to do everything she can to make this a Christmas Zach will always remember. Hope and Bo vow to never take anything for granted. They kiss. Hope tells Zach a story as she tucks him in and then heads back downstairs to Bo. Hope tells Bo that she wants to host a huge turkey dinner and as she is rattling off family member’s names, she mentions Shawn and Mimi but then notices how much easier it is to consider Shawn with Mimi instead of Belle. Bo pulls Hope onto his lap and Hope tells Bo about how Alice bought Belle a Horton tree ornament back when she thought Shawn and Belle were destined to marry but something keeps telling her not to get rid of it yet. Bo starts to consider that Shawn and Belle really are meant to be together since Alice has a great track record for this sort of thing. Hope is shocked that Bo is now claiming that Belle and Shawn could belong together. Bo insists he still believes that Mimi and Shawn should be together but acknowledges that Alice has never been wrong; especially when she was the only one who thought he was good for Hope. Hope wonders if Alice holding onto the ornament is a sign that Belle and Shawn really belong together. Bo tells Hope that as long as Shawn finds someone that makes him as happy as Hope has made him than it doesn’t matter whom he ends up with. Hope jokingly tells Bo that he is getting a good Christmas gift for that and Bo kisses down her neck. Zach interrupts their attempt to kiss again by coming downstairs to ask if Santa has come yet. Bo insists that Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve and Hope appeases Zach by offering to help him hang his Christmas stocking now. Zach agrees to go back to bed after that so Bo holds him up as he hangs his stocking on the mantle. Hope hangs the stockings for the rest of the family, including one for J.T. that they plan to send to him once Santa fills it. Hope remembers that she has a surprise for Bo but wants to save it for when Zach has gone back to bed. Bo is now in a hurry to convince Zach to go to bed but Zach resists. Bo tricks him into going back to bed by claiming that Santa will pass by their house if he doesn’t. Bo carries Zach upstairs. Hope spots the present in another gift bag and hides it behind her back when she hears Bo coming back downstairs. Hope holds out the gift bag and Bo reaches inside to pull out a stocking for Chelsea. Bo is touched by this gesture that shows Hope has accepted Chelsea as part of the family. Hope allows Bo to do the honors of hanging the stocking with all the others. They promise to always be together for Christmas and Bo spins Hope around in front of the fire before carrying her to the couch.

Hope, both of them now lying naked under a blanket in front of the fire, tells Bo about Jennifer seeing Jack and what he said to her. Bo thinks Jennifer is going crazy because she is seeing ghosts but Hope isn’t so sure since Jack said the same thing Frankie told her about handpicking him to take Jack’s place. Bo adds that Jack wanted Frankie there to keep Patrick from moving in. Hope doesn’t think that Patrick would go after Jennifer given how close he’s getting with Billie. Bo doesn’t want to ruin their evening by talking about Patrick. Bo promises to be civil with Patrick since he’s bound to be at Jack’s memorial service.

Chez Rouge:

Alex continues to try and convince Kate to go after John now that Marlena has chosen him. Kate repeats her claim that she’s not interested in pursuing John right now. Alex thinks Kate is only denying it to save face. Kate insists that she must solely focus on Claire and Philip but Alex urges her not to let the opportunity with John slip away. Kate insists that John will make Marlena see the love they share again and then they will live happily ever after.

Marlena and John kiss under the mistletoe. John looks into Marlena’s eyes and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Marlena becomes unnerved because she sees the kiss as cheating on Alex but John covers by pointing out that they are standing under the mistletoe. John asks if Marlena remembers any past Christmases kissing him and Marlena flashes back to one such Christmas before telling John that she does remember. John notes how they never could stop at one kiss and they kiss again.

Alex starts to wonder why Marlena isn’t back yet and then realizes that John is also out of sight. When Kate remains silent, Alex leaves the table to look for Marlena. Kate quickly follows him. Marlena pulls away from John’s kiss but gives in to John’s advances. Alex and Kate spot John and Marlena kissing and Kate tells Alex to rethink his notion of John and Marlena being over. Alex rushes over and pulls John away from Marlena but Marlena steps in between to stop Alex from fighting John. John smirks at Alex behind Marlena’s back. Alex is outraged that John was forcing himself on Marlena but Marlena insisted that them standing under the mistletoe reminded them both of their past. John gloats about how the kiss brought back memories for Marlena that he is convinced came with genuine feelings. Alex claims to be glad and not feel threatened because he’s sure that Marlena has remembered past Christmases with him as well. Marlena confirms that she has after flashing back through some of them and Alex asks which memories mean the most to her. Marlena flips through several flashes of her times with Alex and John. Marlena tells John that she needs to spend time with Alex and will be spending this and every future Christmas with Alex. John is not satisfied but Kate starts to think that Alex could be right about her and John. Alex claims to understand how hard this is for John to deal with but insists that kissing Marlena is unacceptable. Marlena assures Alex that the kiss meant nothing but John insists that it did. Marlena insists on giving her relationship with Alex a chance and she and Alex walk away. John starts to go after her but Kate stops him.


Belle wants Lexie to take her blood for Claire but Lexie warns that if she or Shawn were to give any more blood, they’d be risking their own lives. Belle dismisses Lexie’s concern. The blood bank nurse approaches Lexie with the blood units that Shawn donated. Lexie explains that Shawn lied because she never gave permission for him to donate. Lexie and the nurse head into Claire’s room to use the blood. Belle rushes to find Shawn but opens his room door just in time to see him try to stand but end up passing out onto the floor. Belle is able to wake Shawn and Lexie arrives in time to help Belle get Shawn to a chair. Shawn asks about Claire and Lexie informs them that Claire got the transfusion and is now stable. Shawn insists he is fine but Lexie finds something disconcerting when she checks Shawn’s vitals. Lexie is worried about Shawn’s low blood pressure and has him lie down and rest between drinking a lot for fear that they’ll need an IV to replace Shawn’s fluid levels. Belle promises to make sure Shawn takes care of himself and Lexie leaves to check on Claire. Belle thanks Shawn but Shawn insists he’d do anything for Claire and Belle. Belle chuckles as she remarks that she always thought Shawn would be her baby’s father. Shawn asks if they’d still be together now if Claire had been his baby. Belle claims that the crisis with Claire has brought her and Philip closer together. Shawn says he understands. Belle tears up as she vows to make sure Claire knows it was her godfather that saved her life. Lexie comes back to inform Belle that Claire’s liver is starting to fail now too. Lexie explains that the blood Shawn gave helped tide her over for the time being but now it’s finite. Belle sobs and Shawn pulls her close.

Marlena and Alex overhear John receiving a phone call from Belle asking him to come back to the hospital and John, Kate, Marlena and Alex (after insisting on keeping an eye on Marlena so she doesn’t get overstressed) head for the hospital. Belle watches through Claire’s room window when Shawn comes by to comfort her. Belle is worried that Shawn isn’t resting but Shawn insists on being there. Claire’s monitor goes off but Lexie and the nurse make Belle stay outside the room. Belle becomes frantic and convinced that Claire is dying but Shawn tries to assure her otherwise. John, Kate, Alex, and Marlena arrive at the hospital. Belle informs them about Claire’s condition in between sobs and John comforts her while Kate wants to know where Philip is. Belle complains of not being able to stop Claire from dying and Kate uneasily watches Shawn comfort Belle.

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