Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/14/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/14/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Carrie and Lucas are sitting at their table. Carrie is hunched down telling Lucas about how she hid in the bathroom stall so as not to be seen by Sami. Lucas and Carrie try to escape unseen via the dance floor. Carrie and Lucas make it to the door unspotted. Lucas steps outside to get the valet. Lucas talks in a fake accent as he walks with Carrie to the car. Carrie and Lucas talk of how her relationship with Austin didn’t work out but decides not to blame Sami since she is the one who fell for Mike. Carrie brings up how Sami was boasting in the ladies’ room about wanting both Austin and Lucas. Lucas quotes the “shame on me” proverb and Carrie apologizes for bringing it up. Lucas insists that he’s moving on without Sami. Carrie notes how Lucas sounds like he’s already found someone else. Lucas says that he hopes he has. Lucas and Carrie stop off for coffee and sit on a bench in a park. Lucas tells Carrie how he’s ready to settle down. Carrie admits to Lucas that she hasn’t dated anyone since Mike because she still has feelings for Austin. Carrie explains that she had hopes for her and Austin when she thought Sami was going to marry Lucas but now after hearing Sami’s bathroom speech, her hopes are once again dashed. Lucas asks if Carrie can move on with someone else if Sami ends up with Austin. Carrie claims that she wouldn’t come between Sami and Austin. Carrie is skeptical though that Austin would go back to Sami after all she’s done to him. Lucas warns that stranger things have happened. Carrie wants to find out how Austin feels about her before she drives herself crazy fantasizing. Lucas points out how they just spent the evening dodging Austin. Lucas suggests taking Carrie home now but Carrie suddenly remembers that she left a confidential High Style file on the table. Lucas offers to go back and get it but Carrie insists on doing it because it’s her five-year bonus plan. Lucas urges Carrie to hurry back to get it because Sami is like a magnet when it comes to confidential information.

Sami is furious that Lucas is in LA with another woman but Austin points out that Lucas is free to date whomever he pleases since he’s not with Sami anymore. Austin and Sami decide to head out onto the dance floor. Sami spots the woman from the bathroom, whose back is to Sami and Austin, and recognizes her shoes. Austin ignores Sami’s attempts to stop him and heads over to ask about the shoes for Sami. Austin is surprised when he recognizes the woman. The woman turns out to be someone Austin knows as Rori Finch. They catch up and Rori explains that the Christmas party currently going on is a charity event to raise money to get Christmas presents for hurricane victims. Sami joins them to ask about the shoes and Austin introduces them. Rori tells Sami that she doesn’t remember where she got the shoes. Rori congratulates Austin on his new company and finds out that Austin is now based out of Salem. Rori starts to flirt with Austin about a past event they attended but Sami interrupts to ask about earlier in the ladies room. Rori claims that she hasn’t been in the ladies’ room all night. Sami wants to get Austin away with an excuse of business but Austin tells Rori that the business is done and leads Rori to the bar for a drink. Sami disgusted by Rori and Austin’s flirting, spans the crowd and calls Austin’s attention toward the door. Sami directs Austin’s attention to a sign stating that a pair of tickets to the Rolling Stones concert is going to be raffled off. Rori explains that the raffle is part of her charity event and Austin offers to not only buy a slew of tickets but also wants to write out a check for the hurricane victims. Sami’s eyes go wide as she watches Rori thank Austin with a deep kiss. Sami spots Carrie’s folder on the table but before she can do anything, Austin pulls her away from the table. Carrie slips in and grabs the folder before rushing back toward the door. Austin leads Sami to stand under the mistletoe and kisses her. Carrie spots them kissing from across the room. Carrie considers the sight as her being wrong about Austin falling for Sami and leaves the restaurant. Everyone applauds and Sami looks around confused. Rori comes over to them to announce that they are the Christmas Kiss for Katrina contest winners. Austin is thrilled and high fives Sami but Sami has no idea what is going on. Sami is disappointed that the kiss was only for charity but pretends to only care about the charity. Rori pulls Austin aside to make out the check for his donation. Sami is convinced that Austin kissed her because he loves her.

Carrie rejoins Lucas in the park but is now crying. Lucas thinks Carrie is upset because Sami was insulting to her but Carrie explains that she spotted Sami and Austin kissing. Lucas pulls Carrie close to comfort her. Carrie thanks Lucas for being her good friend and Lucas promises to always be there for her.


John steps outside to find Kate standing there without a coat. John wraps his coat around Kate and is concerned that she hasn’t left the hospital to get some rest of her own. Kate becomes upset at the thought that Claire could die but John says he’s more worried about Kate right now. John wants to take Kate home to rest but Kate refuses to leave. John asks about the last time Kate ate and she replies that she had toast back when she was with John. John explains that that was two days ago and insists on taking Kate out for a real meal. Kate still refuses to leave for fear that something will happen while she’s gone. John explains that they’ll have a cell phone with them so if something happens, someone will call and refuses to take no for an answer. Kate gives in and they leave.

Belle paces outside the now closed up room until Shawn returns. Belle informs him that Claire’s kidneys are failing. Shawn asks about Lexie and Philip. Belle tells him that Lexie is in with Claire now and Philip has gone to get some sleep. Belle explains that one of them needs to be rested in case there are decisions to be made. Lexie comes out of the room and Belle grills her for an update. Lexie admits that Claire has taken a turn for the worse. Lexie explains that Claire’s kidneys are shutting down and now she has developed internal hemorrhaging. Lexie isn’t sure where the bleeding is coming from yet in order to stop it. Belle feels faint and Shawn has to hold her up. Everyone shows concern for Belle but Belle demands that Lexie help Claire. Lexie heads back into Claire’s room. Shawn has Belle sit down and offers to get Philip but Belle insists that Philip be left alone to sleep. Belle thanks Shawn for giving blood and Shawn insists that he would do anything for Claire especially since she is Belle’s daughter. Shawn adds that Claire may be the closest thing he’ll ever have to a biological child because Mimi can’t have kids. Belle pries for more information since she seems bothered at the idea that Shawn and Mimi are getting that serious. Belle asks Shawn to promise to take things slow and Belle is glad to hear Shawn say that he’ll always care about her. Belle is having doubts that Claire will make it so Shawn tries to assure her. Lexie comes back and tells them that Claire is still hemorrhaging and needs more blood. Shawn asks about the blood bank but Lexie laments that supplies are low. Belle asks for the truth about what will happen to Claire if she can’t get more blood. Lexie admits that Claire will then die. Belle wants to give more blood but Lexie refuses to allow it since Belle’s body has been through so much recent trauma. Shawn offers to donate again but Lexie won’t let him either. Lexie assures Belle that they are still using the pint Shawn gave yesterday. Lexie adds that the blood bank is putting out calls to all potential donors. Lexie urges Belle to stay strong. Belle asks if her parents and Philip’s parents could be potential donors and Lexie explains that if they’ve ever donated blood, then their information will be in the system and steps away to check on the progress. Belle begins to get upset at the thought of Claire dying and Shawn vows to do whatever it takes to save Claire.

Shawn overhears Lexie tell a nurse that the blood bank isn’t having any luck with finding donors. Belle and Shawn both offer again to donate blood but Lexie refuses their offers again. Belle asks how Lexie would be feeling if it was Theo in there and Lexie assures Belle that they have calls out to hospitals within a 50 mile radius and their main concern is stopping the hemorrhaging or there will be no need for more blood. Lexie suggests that Belle and Shawn say some prayers and promises to keep them up to date before leaving. Shawn assures Belle that he will take care of getting the blood and sends her off to the chapel. Shawn heads over to the blood bank and lies about having donated blood yesterday in order to be able to donate more. Belle returns from the chapel just as Lexie comes out of Claire’s room in a frantic mood. Belle senses that something has changed and Lexie warns that it’s not a change for the better. Lexie looks at Belle in surprise when Belle instinctively demands to need Shawn by her side. Shawn lies and tells the blood bank nurse that Lexie said it was okay to take an extra pint of blood.

Chez Rouge:

Marlena and Alex arrive and Maggie sees them to a table. They make small talk about the holiday decorations and whether or not they should be toned down given Jack’s death. Maggie offers her sympathies for Claire and extends an offer to help before walking away. Marlena starts to regret going out for dinner and leaving Belle alone. Alex insists that it’s all right because Belle has Philip, Shawn, Mimi, and Kate at the hospital to support her. Marlena insists that while that is all good, she should be there since she is Belle’s mother. Alex cautions Marlena against getting too involved in Belle’s problems. Marlena is taken aback that Alex doesn’t think she should be concerned about her family. Alex claims that he meant that Marlena needs to take care of herself or she’ll be of no use to Claire and Belle. Marlena insists that Claire needs to come first but Alex is more concerned that Marlena hasn’t eaten or slept. Alex insists that Marlena needs to focus on herself first because becoming stressed and rundown could interfere with her progress recovering from amnesia. Marlena thanks him for being concerned. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” starts to play and Alex recalls how they danced to this same song during their first Christmas together. Marlena doesn’t recall the same moment but Alex gets her to dance with him to it now. Alex insists that while he wants all of Marlena’s memories to return, he does hope that Marlena’s memories of him return first. Alex asks if Marlena has any memory of dancing with him to this song but Marlena admits that while she doesn’t have memories of him, she does have memories of dancing with John to this song.

John and Kate arrive at Chez Rouge and asks Maggie to seat them. Maggie tries to send them away by politely claiming that they are too full to accommodate them since they don’t have a reservation. John tries to convince Maggie to squeeze them in since they are old friends but then spots Marlena and Alex on the dance floor. John tells Maggie that he now understands and Maggie apologizes.

Marlena spots John and Kate and rushes over to them to ask for an update on Belle and Claire. John tells Marlena that it’s nice of her to be concerned about the family still. Alex suggests they head back to their table and Marlena asks John to call her cell phone if there is any news. Alex offers to leave now that John and Kate are also here but Marlena insists that she is fine because she chose him and not John.

John and Kate sit at their table and John tells Kate about how Marlena wants him to forget everything they had together and move on. Kate considers that a good idea but John doesn’t see how he can just forget about someone he loves. John apologizes for dumping this on Kate given her current stresses. Kate notes how John is never going to stop loving Marlena. John claims that he and Marlena belong together. Maggie returns to John and Kate’s table having learned that Marlena and Alex are legally married. Maggie agrees with John’s insistence that a piece of paper doesn’t make them husband and wife. John complains that Alex never gives him a moment alone with Marlena to try and change her mind. Maggie sends John to the bar and then tells Marlena that a call came in for her that was taken by the bartender. Alex wants to go with Marlena but Maggie stops him. Marlena walks up to the bar and asks about the message but the bartender has no idea what she is talking about. John steps up and explains that it was Maggie’s way of giving them some time alone. Marlena starts to sob as she shares her fear of the message being bad news about Claire. John pulls her close to comfort her. Maggie spots them hugging and pats herself on the back for doing well. Marlena is upset with Maggie for leading her to believe the call was about Claire but John defends Maggie’s good intentions by explaining that she wanted to give him time to remind Marlena of old memories. Marlena doesn’t think they need to bother again but John pulls her face close for a kiss. Marlena welcomes his second kiss.

Alex sits down across from Kate. Alex claims that he is not a monster but simply in love with Marlena but also brings up how it’s obvious that Kate is still in love with John. Kate points out that as long as John still has a chance with Marlena, he won’t be interested in her or anyone else. Alex encourages Kate to do whatever it takes to hang onto John. Kate insists that her only focus right now is on Philip and Claire. Kate flashes back to finding out that Shawn is really Claire’s father. Alex tries to appeal to Kate’s emotions but Kate prefers to be a realist in knowing that John is not going to let anything come between him and Marlena.

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