Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/13/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/13/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Philip dotes on Claire and talks to her about how Belle is so loving and great. Kate and Victor arrive in the doorway and listen as Philip tells Claire about how he and Belle used to play together as kids. Kate and Victor step away from the door to talk about telling Philip the truth. Kate continues to advocate for never telling Philip that Claire isn’t his daughter. Kate and Victor watch Philip dote on Claire through the window. Victor threatens to still call Roman and asks Kate if she is really that coldhearted not to care about risking Shawn’s life. Kate insists that she’s not coldhearted because she did change the records back. Victor points out that Kate only did so because she got caught. Kate wants to drop the issue and focus on Philip but Victor refuses because the other affected party is his grandson, Shawn. Victor brings up the theory that Philip and Belle’s love may not last once they find out the truth. Kate tries to rationale not telling the truth but Victor insists that Philip must know the truth. As Victor is saying this, Philip comes out of the room and asks what he needs to know the truth about. Victor defers the question to Kate by saying that she has something to tell him about Claire. Philip fears that it’s something Lexie told her but Kate claims it isn’t and tries to put it off for later. Philip demands to know what it is now and Kate claims that Victor is upset over her giving the nurses extra cash under the table to ensure better care for Claire. Philip agrees with Victor that the supposed action was wrong and Kate pretends to feel outnumbered. Victor insists that Kate has something more to tell Philip but Claire’s monitor going off interrupts them. The nurse notes that Claire’s blood pressure is high and pages Lexie. Philip returns to Claire’s side. Nurse Jennifer receives word that Lexie is on her way. Philip asks about Claire’s blood pressure and Nurse Jennifer explains that it’s because of the medication they have to give Claire that could be damaging to her kidneys. Philip is relieved when Nurse Jennifer notes that Claire’s blood pressure is going back down. Nurse Jennifer leaves to check on Claire’s labs. Victor consoles a now crying Philip who fears he is only sitting here watching Claire die. Kate pulls Victor aside to warn that if she’s made to tell the truth, it’ll kill Philip. Nurse Jennifer returns and informs them that Lexie is busy with another patient right now but the labs show that Claire’s kidneys aren’t normal but aren’t to the point of needing extra treatment right now. Nurse Jennifer assures Philip that they are doing everything they can to help Claire. Nurse Jennifer leaves. Philip thanks Victor and Kate for being there together and has them stay with Claire while he leaves to find Belle. Victor glares at Kate and insists that Philip be told the truth. Kate tries to convince Victor that they shouldn’t tell Philip. Victor reluctantly agrees not to tell Philip the truth for now.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer rushes in to tell Hope and Frankie that she saw Jack in the garden but they don’t believe her. Jennifer reminds them that they never found Jack’s body and insists that Jack is standing in the garden right now. Frankie heads outside to check things out. Hope holds Jennifer back from heading back out so they can talk. Frankie calls out to Jack and assumes Jack is the sound he hears in the bushes and runs after him. Hope tries to convince Jennifer that her seeing Jack was only her imagination but Jennifer refuses to believe that. Frankie finds a cat and decides that that was what he heard. Jennifer, with Hope chasing after her, joins Frankie in the backyard. Frankie informs them that he couldn’t find Jack but appeases Jennifer by searching the front of the house again. Jennifer wonders if Hope thinks that she is losing her mind but then insists that in the past, even though all the evidence said Jack was dead, she instinctively knew that Jack was alive. Hope asks Jennifer to explain all of what Jack said to her and suggests that Jack only came back this time to say goodbye. Jennifer shakes her head no. Jennifer claims not to remember exactly what Jack said but when Hope persists, Jennifer is able to recite Jack’s words about being dead and having Frankie take his place. Frankie finds no one in the front yard but spots a gold locket in the snow. Frankie picks up the locket and looks around for an explanation. Jennifer considers what Jack said to be crazy but Hope starts to believe that this really could have been Jack’s ghost. Jennifer refuses to believe it and both Hope and Jennifer sob as they hug. Hope tries to convince her that Jack was only coming back long enough to say goodbye. Jennifer still refuses to believe it even though Hope notes how it makes sense for Jack to plan for someone he trusted to take his place. Frankie returns to the backyard in time to hear Jennifer proclaim that while Frankie is a great friend, she doesn’t want him, she wants Jack!

LA restaurant:

Lucas anxiously waits for Carrie to return when Nicole spots him. Nicole joins Lucas at his table and jokes about how he must be on a date. Nicole spots the lipstick on Carrie’s glass and asks Lucas for the identity of his date. Lucas is annoyed that Nicole is sitting at the table with him but Nicole promises not to stay long. Lucas wants to know why Nicole is in LA and Nicole claims it’s a business trip. Lucas presses for more details but Nicole refuses to say anymore. Lucas asks if Austin and Sami are in town with Nicole but calls them the other two musketeers. Nicole tells Lucas to wonder away and leaves. A waitress comes by and asks if he’s sure Carrie is coming back. Lucas admits that he’s starting to wonder that himself.

Mr. Giles and Austin talk over the decision to finance Austin’s company for the takeover of High Style. Austin looks over the contract that Mr. Giles hands him and speaks of how confident he is that all cash offer will ensure High Style’s acceptance. Austin brings up plans to work with High Style’s CEO to re-divide the responsibilities of the company amongst his own employees. Mr. Giles grabs the contract off the table and rethinks his decision. Mr. Giles insists that a company planning on taking over High Style should get rid of deadwood starting with the CEO and asks Austin if he has the guts to do that. Austin insists that High Style’s family atmosphere should be strengthened and not torn down. Austin claims that by having that atmosphere, employees care more about their work and are more productive. Mr. Giles points out that High Style’s employees aren’t performing well. Austin works to convince Mr. Giles that with their help and know how, things could change but Mr. Giles is still convinced that there needs to be more of a hostile takeover. Austin refuses to do business that way and brings up how he was able to use his theories to make Permalash such a successful company. Mr. Giles insists that High Style is different and still needs the more hostile tactics and if Austin refuses to do business that way then he’s no longer interested in investing. Austin threatens to take his business to another bank that he’s sure will be glad to get in on the deal. Nicole rejoins Austin and Mr. Giles as they are arguing. When Austin threatens to find financial backing elsewhere, Nicole steps up to pull Austin aside and warn him against ruining everything they’ve worked for. Nicole insists that Austin play by Mr. Giles theories but Austin refuses to let Mr. Giles call the shots. Nicole considers Mr. Giles theories as normal input but Austin insists that Mr. Giles wants him to fire everyone at High Style. Austin insists that it’s not necessary to kick ass when a little finesse will work. Nicole agrees with Austin’s point but warns that he’d better resolve things with Mr. Giles because Lucas is also here. Austin is surprised to hear that Lucas is here too and Nicole warns that Mr. Giles is their only guy for this takeover. Nicole agrees to talk to Mr. Giles while Austin sets out to find out why Lucas is here. Mr. Giles tells Nicole that he doesn’t want to do business with someone like Austin who is only out to win a popularity contest. Nicole defends Austin but claims that she and Austin have different roles. Nicole tells Mr. Giles that she is the bitchy one. Nicole raises a toast to Mr. Giles upon having convinced him to invest in Austin’s company again.

Sami bursts into the bathroom loudly complaining about the stain on her dress so she doesn’t notice Carrie spotting her and ducking into a bathroom stall. As Carrie wonders why Sami is in LA, Sami asks the cleaning lady who happened to also be in the ladies room to help fix her dress. The cleaning lady assumes first that Sami spilled the drink on herself but when Sami negates that by saying that someone threw the drink on her, the lady assumes it was her date. Sami explains that she’s not here on a date even though she wishes she were. Carrie continues to eavesdrop from the bathroom stall as the cleaning lady talks with Sami about her dating prospect during the attempt to clean Sami’s dress. Sami tells the lady that this man is too interested in his business to care about her but the lady urges Sami to tell the man the truth before it’s too late. The lady is able to clean the bulk of the stain off of Sami’s dress. During the talk, Sami mentions being with the man’s brother for a long time and Carrie realizes that Sami is talking about being here with Austin. The lady asks why Sami didn’t try and get Lucas back and Sami claims she tried. The lady theorizes that Sami doesn’t know which brother she is in love with. Sami starts to cry as she complains of having unknowingly messed up her entire life. Carrie wonders how she can manage getting out of the bathroom without Sami seeing her. Sami feels bad for bearing her soul to a stranger but the cleaning lady suggests that that could be the best way to do it rather than let the feelings bottle up inside but also subtly slips the tip jar towards Sami. Sami claims she can’t understand why every relationship she’s been in ends in disaster. Sami flashes back to her latest wedding day disaster. Sami mentions that the man she is with tonight isn’t available to her and the lady asks about the man’s brother. Sami insists she isn’t getting back together with Lucas. Sami thanks the lady for being so easy to talk to and the lady nods toward her tip jar. Sami slips some money in the jar as she laments that she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. The lady asks about a mom or siblings and Sami tells her of Marlena’s amnesia and how she can rarely reach Eric. Sami tells the woman about having two half sisters but that she isn’t close to either of them. Sami laments that her two half sisters have everyone else thinking that they are perfect. Sami tells the lady about Claire’s illness and that it seems lately that Carrie’s name keeps coming up. Sami admits that she and Carrie don’t get along because of the man she is with tonight. Sami and Carrie each flash back to arguing with Carrie about stealing Austin from her. Sami admits that she purposefully did everything she could to keep Carrie and Austin apart. The lady notes that breaking up Carrie’s relationship didn’t make her very happy. Carrie listens as Sami cries over the fact that she misses her and wishes the rift between them could be changed. Sami tells the lady that Carrie is living happily ever after with another guy in another country but laments that things only worked out for Carrie and not her. The lady urges Sami to let Austin know that she’s interested in him because he may be more interested than she thinks. Carrie drops her shoe and it slips out from under the stall door. Sami is surprised to learn that someone else is in the room and the lady asks if Carrie is okay. Carrie tries to speak in a high-pitched disguised voice as she assures the lady that she is okay but Sami recognizes something. It turns out that Sami recognizes Carrie’s shoe brand and not her voice. Sami hands Carrie back her shoe. Sami slips a bit more cash into the tip jar as she thanks the lady and heads out of the ladies’ room. The lady asks Carrie if she is sick but Carrie comes out of the bathroom stall and tells her that she is fine now that her sister is gone. The lady looks at Carrie confusedly.

Sami joins Austin at the bar and asks about the deal. Austin informs her that he doesn’t think there is going to be a deal because he and Mr. Giles have some philosophical differences. Austin looks across the room and spots Lucas at the table but his view of Carrie is blocked by a bar patron. Carrie quietly informs Lucas that Sami and Austin are here in the restaurant and desperately wants to make a quick exit. Lucas looks across the room and spots Austin and Sami looking at him from the bar. Austin and Sami continue to peer through the bar crowd as Carrie begins to get agitated at the thought that she’s been spotted. Lucas believes that they only saw Carrie’s back so they haven’t realized who she is yet. Lucas and Carrie decide to try and make a quick unnoticed exit by cutting across the crowded dance floor. Sami and Austin push through the bar crowd only to get to Lucas’ table moments too late. Sami is saddened to hear Austin note how Lucas was here with a date and Austin decides to cheer her up by asking to dance. As they are heading onto the dance floor, Sami stops short upon noticing a woman she recognizes.

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