Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/12/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/12/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita

High Style:

Nicole sticks to her claim that her name is Mary Smith when questioned by Becky. Becky jokingly guesses that “Mary’s” siblings are named Susie and John. Becky promises to have her boss review the application and steps away from her desk. Nicole spots the sign on the door signifying the CEO’s office and rushes in while Becky has her back turned. Nicole starts to rifle through Carrie’s desk but Becky rushes in to yell at her for being in there. Becky points out that this is the CEO’s office and Nicole claims that she was merely attracted to the wrapped gifts. Becky explains that the CEO handpicked and wrapped all these gifts for the employees’ kids and tries to get Nicole to leave. Nicole spots the folder on Carrie’s desk marked “Year end budget 2006 forecast” and uses the excuse of leaving her cell phone number to be able to “accidentally” knock the papers off of Carrie’s desk. Becky is furious with Nicole and Nicole leans down to pick up the papers but is surprised at what she sees. Nicole slips one of the sheets from the folder into her bag as Becky tries to quickly get Nicole out of the office. Becky looks at the picture of Carrie and Austin that she picked up from the floor as Nicole assures Becky that her CEO won’t fire her because she’s so nice. Becky urges Nicole out the door relieved to finally be rid of her. Once outside the office, Nicole removes her glasses and pulls out the paper she stuffed into her bag before walking away. Becky picks up the papers that Nicole dropped on the floor and realizes that the top sheet for the budget is missing. Becky returns to her desk and acts on her hunch that Mary Smith wasn’t who she seemed by calling Carrie.

LA Restaurant:

Lucas and Carrie joke about how LA drivers always want to have it snow but can’t even drive decently when it rains. Lucas brings up Carrie’s desire to have him drop the plans to takeover High Style and says he understands Carrie’s decision not to sell the company just yet. Lucas considers the endeavor a plus because otherwise he would have never learned that Carrie was back in the country. Carrie says that this time of year really makes her miss her friends and family. Lucas asks Carrie why, if she feels that way, that she isn’t coming back to town. Lucas tries to convince Carrie to fly back with him on the Titan jet but she turns him down by claiming that she can’t be away when the new spring product line is coming in. Lucas repeats his offer of buying High Style under the claim that it would be a solution for both of them. Carrie stands up in anger and yells at Lucas for only being after her company the entire time. Lucas tries to calm her by listing the benefits of selling but Carrie is too furious to listen and storms out. Lucas joins Carrie outside and asks her to consider selling Titan a small interest in the company so that she’d still be able to be CEO but it would mean coming home to Salem to run it. Lucas insists that when he was eyeing High Style, he didn’t know Carrie was running it but now thinks they would work great together. Carrie apologizes for overreacting but turns Lucas down. Lucas warns that if he’s not the one to take over High Style, someone else may try. Carrie hopes that doesn’t happen because the company means everything to her. Carrie and Lucas return to their table. Lucas informs Carrie that a lot of companies are noticing that High Style is cash poor right now and Carrie acknowledges that Titan is one of those companies. Lucas repeats that Titan only saw a company ripe for takeover and not who was running it. Lucas hints at Carrie not being able to pay the bills at High Style and Carrie is about to defend her company when she receives the call from Becky. Carrie heads into the ladies room so she can hear Becky better and Becky tells her that they’ve got a potential problem. Becky tells Carrie about how a woman she didn’t know came in claiming to be Mary Smith and had gone into Carrie’s office and knocked over the files. Becky claims she was planning on filing Mary’s application in the trash but then she realized that the top sheet was missing. Becky fears that Carrie is going to fire her but Carrie insists that she isn’t. Carrie asks why “Mary” would want the budget sheet and Becky suggests that High Style could be the target of a hostile takeover. Carrie thinks the idea is absurd but Becky suggests that Mary was sent as a spy especially since their vital information is now missing. Carrie begins to agree with Becky and wonders who could be behind this and who Mary Smith could really be. Lucas gets a PDA message from Eugenia warning him that Austin’s company is also plotting a move on High Style. Lucas laments that Carrie doesn’t know what’s about to hit her but gloats in the fact that Austin doesn’t know either. Carrie tells Becky that there’s no need to wait and see if Mary comes back and that she’ll stop by the office on her way home before ending the call.

Austin and Sami are going over documents about High Style but Sami can’t stop flashing back to kissing Lucas. Austin calls Sami’s attention back and she returns to focusing on the papers before her. Sami picks up a page about High Style’s CEO and is shocked at what she reads. Sami reads to Austin the background information on Carrie, still not knowing her identity, about her lack of experience in cosmetics. Austin asks about the CEO’s name but Sami replies that the company information doesn’t list the CEO’s name. Sami is positive that telling the investor that the CEO lacks experience will seal the deal for them. Austin warns that it won’t matter if the CEO doesn’t want to sell. Austin is reminded of how he and Carrie once came to LA to look for Sami and Sami becomes furious at how Austin is asking her about Carrie moments after lecturing her for bringing up Carrie’s name. Sami leaves the table to get a drink. Sami squeezes between the people at the crowded bar and as she’s ordering a drink, she spots someone across the room. Austin pushes past Sami and is soon joined by her as they greet Mr. Giles, the investor. The three head back to the table but Mr. Giles has to step away to take a phone call. Austin apologizes to Sami while they are waiting for bringing up Carrie. Sami tells Austin that she did talk to Carrie and heard from Carrie that she is living the fairy tale life with Mike and the fact that Carrie is living miles away from Salem makes her happy too. Mr. Giles joins them at the table. Mr. Giles asks to see the information on High Style and upon reviewing it, declares that they have a winner. Nicole stops off in the ladies’ room to return the sheet to her bag and gloat about firing all the High Style employees.

Nicole joins Sami and Austin at the table and Austin introduces her to Mr. Giles. Nicole shows Austin the budget sheet from High Style and claims that she came across it while researching. Austin hands the file over to Mr. Giles while Nicole gleefully rattles off various rhyming slogans that fit with High Style’s name. Mr. Giles advises them to snatch up the company before some of his backers do and steps away to make a phone call. Sami complains to Nicole for acting so hyper but Nicole criticizes Sami for not jumping in with a rhyme of her own. Austin interrupts Sami and Nicole’s argument to insist that they both need to keep this positive. Nicole pretends to be toasting Sami but purposefully knocks her drink over so that it spills all over Sami’s dress. Sami stands up in a rage and yells at Nicole but Austin desperately tries to calm her down since everyone is watching. Austin insists that they need to work together to snatch up High Style before someone else does and apologizes to Sami about her dress. Sami decides to head into the ladies’ room to try and clean up her dress. Sami, sobbing by the time she reaches the bathroom, pushes open the door just as Carrie is reaching for the door on the inside.


Kate is semi-relieved to see Victor walk through the door because she feared the guard would have called Roman. Victor explains that the guard used to work for him and was aware that Victor is on the hospital board so that is why he was called since he knew Kate. Kate is thankful but Victor is furious with Kate because the records she changed could have jeopardized the health of his grandson, Shawn. Kate defends her actions by claiming it was all for Philip but when Victor presses for more information, Kate tries to weasel her way out by offering to change back the records. Victor refuses to allow that to happen because he wants the proof to remain and threatens to call Roman himself so Kate will go to jail for attempted murder. Kate stops Victor from calling Roman and has the guard leave them alone before confessing that she was changing the records because Shawn is Claire’s real father. Kate explains to Victor how she found this news out and Victor doesn’t believe that the news is right. Kate defends her research that proves that Shawn is the father. Kate recalls how Belle’s ultrasound put the conception date back when Belle and Shawn were found naked together in the burning cabin. Victor still doesn’t see Kate’s side and declares again that Kate is going to jail and he will be telling Shawn the truth. Kate tries to convince Victor to see things from her side and not call the police. Victor reminds Kate how he’s already been down this road since he didn’t know Bo was his son until Bo was an adult so he refuses to let that happen to Shawn. Kate insists that this is about Philip and not what Victor went through and she couldn’t stand to see Philip lose anything else. Victor refuses to keep the secret any longer. Victor dials the phone again while Kate begs him not to say anything. Victor insists that while it will devastate Philip, he has to know the truth. Kate scoffs at Victor’s insistence on telling Philip but Victor states that Kate is going to be the one to tell Philip.

Shawn returns to the pediatric ICU and is surprised to see that no one else is in the waiting area. Shawn knocks on the door but upon receiving no answer, steps inside. Shawn spots Belle sitting in a chair nursing Claire. Belle looks up and is surprised to see Shawn standing there. Shawn apologizes and turns to leave but Belle tells him he can stay. Shawn is glad to hear that Claire is willing to nurse again and sees that as a good sign. Belle has Shawn hold Claire while she fixes her shirt and Shawn points out the food he brought for Belle. Belle admires how Shawn dotes on Claire. Belle now regrets how she felt after Claire was born but Shawn makes her feel better by pointing out that it was her sickness that made her act that way. Belle is grateful for Shawn’s help and support to her and Claire. Shawn tells Belle that he would do anything for her and then adds that he’d also do the same for Claire. Shawn tells Belle that if she and Philip ever need a break to feel free to come to him. Shawn urges Belle to eat the food he brought and then lie down and rest. Belle pours herself a cup of tea and returns to the room in time to see Shawn tell Claire that she could have been his.

Deveraux house:

Frankie tells Hope about Jennifer asking him to leave. Frankie is reminded of his promise to Jack and feels that Jennifer still shouldn’t be left alone anyway. Hope notes that Frankie doesn’t want to leave. Frankie admits that he also wants to stay for the kids too. Hope wonders whether Jack told Jennifer about his request of Frankie. Frankie negates that idea by reciting Jennifer’s theory of Frankie becoming a crutch. Frankie thinks that Jennifer is right but Hope can see that that isn’t what Frankie wants. Frankie can understand why Jennifer is having such a hard time accepting that Jack is dead given their past and the fact that they have yet to find Jack’s body. Frankie vows to be here the day Jennifer truly accepts the fact that Jack isn’t coming back. Hope suggests that allowing Jennifer to stand on her own two feet for a while will help her become stronger. Frankie refuses to push Jennifer into anything and if she truly wants him to leave, he will go.

Jennifer is ecstatic to see Jack and wraps her arms around him. Jennifer grills Jack with questions about what happened and why none of the search team could find him. Jack tells Jennifer that he’s come to tell her goodbye. Jennifer doesn’t understand why Jack is saying goodbye. Jack claims that he’s saying goodbye because he is dead. Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is dead because she was able to touch and hug him. Jack asks Jennifer to listen to him and tells her that while he’ll always be here, there are certain things he can’t do for his family now. Jack tells Jennifer about asking Frankie to take his place. Jennifer considers the idea of Frankie taking Jack’s place absurd and tries to get Jack to come inside so she can prove to Frankie that he is alive. Jack won’t budge so Jennifer tells him to stay put while she goes and gets Frankie. Jennifer rushes back into the house and tells Frankie and Hope that Jack is alive.

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