Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/9/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/9/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami’s apartment:

Nicole orders Sami to call a cab to the airport for her but Sami refuses. Nicole mentions her fact-finding mission about High Style as the reason for going and Sami grills her for information. Sami warns that they have to be careful when dealing with such a risk but Nicole thinks that part of being in business is about taking risks. Nicole insults Sami by comparing business risks to Sami’s love life risks. Sami wants to leave their personal lives out of the conversation and Nicole tells Sami that if she wants to talk about business, then she should do her job and order that cab. Austin comes out and tells Nicole that she can ride with him since he is headed to L.A. too to meet with an investor. Sami becomes suspicious and refuses to allow both Nicole and Austin to go to L.A. without her. Austin insists that going with Nicole to L.A. is strictly business and gets angry with Sami for questioning his every move. Sami insists she isn’t jealous but cared because she is constantly left out of the business aspects. Nicole claims that it’s because Sami doesn’t have the same business experience as she does but Sami brings up how she used to work at Countess Wilhelmina. Austin dismisses that job because Sami was a kid then so Sami claims that she needs to go with them to get the business experience. Austin agrees with this point and tells Sami to rush to pack her bags. Nicole complains about Sami going but blames it on having to pay for another airfare. Austin dismisses her complaint by pointing out that he has some extra frequent flyer miles. Sami heads into her bedroom to pack. Austin questions Nicole about her plans in L.A. Nicole tells him how High Style’s CEO is new but is a worst businessperson than the last one since they spend a lot of money on charitable donations and share profits with employees.

Austin warns Nicole that they don’t plan on taking over High Style to make it crash and burn. Nicole insists that they must get in on the company to downsize and make it lean and mean before it drags them down too. Austin wants to think that there’s another strategy they haven’t thought of but Nicole insists that outside of High Style’s product line and some of their advertising plan, the rest has to go. Austin gives Nicole permission to seek the information but warns her not to do anything illegal or underhanded while in L.A. with him. Nicole insists that she won’t do that. Sami eavesdrops as she packs. Austin heads into his bedroom to get ready to leave. Sami accuses Nicole of having just lied but Nicole insists that part of having this company make it is to make Austin look like a winner. Sami agrees so Nicole tells her to stay out of her way and let her do what she does best.

High Style:

Carrie and Lucas are talking about where to go to dinner when they spot the gifts Carrie ordered for the employees’ children that have just been delivered. Carrie introduces Becky to Lucas. Carrie resumes the talk of where to go for dinner but Becky reminds her that it would have to be something delivered because the corporate gifts rep is on their way to have Carrie choose the family gift packages she wants to hand out. Lucas is disappointed and Carrie begs for a rain check on their dinner. Lucas begs Carrie to put the gift choosing meeting off so they can go to dinner but is shocked to learn that Carrie hand signs her own holiday cards whereas Titan delegates the job to their secretaries. Carrie is surprised at how impersonal Lucas does it and Lucas claims it’s to save time. Carrie claims that her workers put in lots of extra time because they know they are more than just worker bees to her. Lucas suggests calling ahead to order dinner while Carrie leaves instructions for whoever will be wrapping the presents. Becky and Carrie scoff at the suggestion and Carrie explains that she wraps all the presents by hand. Becky talks up Carrie’s ability to work through the ranks so fast because of her hands on approach. Lucas admires the items and finds a toy he used to want as a child. Becky recalls how one of the employees’ children has been begging for one of the same toys. Lucas is impressed that Carrie knows both the names and the birthdates of all the employees’ children. Lucas asks about the business side of things and Carrie admits that she doesn’t have the best head of business since her background is in P.R. Lucas decides to stay in and help Carrie wrap all the presents.

Calder, the corporate gift coordinator, finishes rattling off the list of items Carrie has picked. Lucas is amazed at how Carrie picked some great items to go into the gift packages. Carrie prefers to think of it as giving people things they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Carrie asks Calder to note her desire to add a personal note to each gift basket. Lucas asks Calder to consider Titan for his services next year as long as it is at a better price since Titan is a bigger company. When Calder immediately agrees to the deal, Lucas adds that he wants Calder to give Carrie 20% off her order, as a sign that his business is one Titan would like to patronize. Calder quickly obliges and leaves. Carrie is amazed at Lucas’ savvy in wheeling and dealing. They both decide that they can learn a lot from each other’s way of doing business. Lucas notes how they never ordered that takeout and Carrie takes him up on his offer to go out to dinner after all.

L.A. Restaurant:

Sami and Austin arrive at the restaurant to meet with the investor. Sami and Nicole take in the view and the expensive nature of the place. Austin explains that this is all to impress the investor and will be even more beneficial because they will be seen in a place full of other movers and shakers. Sami recalls a past dinner together but Austin interrupts her to remind her that this isn’t a date. Sami hopes that Nicole won’t pull some lame stunt to send them to jail. Austin apologizes for sounding so harsh when he told Sami this wasn’t a date. Austin assures Sami that she’ll get used to being single and being able to get through life on her own. Sami quips that if Carrie were in her place, Austin wouldn’t be telling her that this is only a business dinner. Austin points out that he never mentioned Carrie and Sami claims she was merely thinking out loud. Austin bluntly tells her to stop. Sami jokingly insults Carrie as she describes her to Austin as her way older sister who could use some of the High Style skin products. Austin shakes his head so Sami promises to finish talk of Carrie.

Lucas and Carrie are dining at the same restaurant. Talk of Lucas being okay with Carrie ordering wine leads to a discussion of how Lucas is doing beating alcoholism. Carrie wishes she could start her American life over again someplace else. Lucas agrees that he feels more relaxed even being away from home for a couple hours. The waiter brings the bottle of sparkling water nestled in an ice bucket and Carrie and Lucas decide to concentrate on enjoying each other.

High Style:

Nicole dons fake eyeglasses before entering the outer office. Nicole tells Becky that she’s here to apply for the executive assistant job. Becky, clearly annoyed to even see Nicole there, insists that she as the executive assistant has already filled the job. Becky holds the door open as she semi-politely tells Nicole to leave. Nicole refuses to leave and continues trying to apply for a position. Becky tells her that they have no available positions but offers to let Nicole leave a resume. Nicole asks to meet with the CEO so she can make a better impression in person but Becky informs her that the CEO is out right now. Nicole asks to fill out an application just in case a position opens up and Becky decides to allow that. Nicole claims her name is Mary Smith when Becky inquires.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer paces the floor with Jack Jr. in her arms to comfort him after a nightmare. Frankie offers to help and Jennifer laments that Jack Jr. is too little to understand what is going on with Jack. Jennifer flashes back to watching Jack jokingly sing to a sleeping Jack Jr. Jennifer asks Frankie if he sings and when Frankie says that he can carry a tune, Jennifer vetoes his help and explains that Jack used to sing bad songs to Jack Jr. Abby comes downstairs because she heard Jack Jr. crying and Jennifer explains her theory of Jack Jr. having a nightmare. Abby starts to cry as she says how she would have the same nightmares because she missed Jack and misses him now. Abby feels selfish for wishing that Jack were with them no matter how much pain he was in. Jennifer assures Abby that she isn’t selfish and that they must hold on to the memories. Abby is still upset and laments that Jennifer’s attempts to console her aren’t working because only Jack had the knack to cheer her up. Abby and Jennifer flash back to Jack’s attempts to tell them things before he dies only to end up in laughter. Abby tells Jennifer that she feels the need to be strong for Jack Jr. and Jennifer but Jennifer tells her that she needn’t be strong for her. Abby explains that she meant that talking about Jack and his funny ways made her feel stronger. Abby realizes that Jack Jr. won’t have all the memories of Jack that she has and decides to start a memory book tonight. Jennifer cautions Abby to save it for later since she needs her strength for Jack’s memorial service tomorrow. Abby promises to only write one page before going to sleep and heads into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. Frankie returns to the living room after putting Jack Jr. back to bed and asks what he can do to help next.

Jennifer tells Frankie that he can start packing now so he can get back to his job. Frankie is shocked that Jennifer is asking him to go. Jennifer tells Frankie that it’s time for all of them to move on. Frankie tries to convince Jennifer that he should stick around but Jennifer insists that her new family needs Frankie to be gone so that when it needs help and support, they can learn to depend on each other and not become dependent on Frankie. Frankie doesn’t see that as a bad thing but Jennifer recalls how Abby went to everyone else but her when they first thought they had lost Jack and she doesn’t want things to go back to that again. Frankie insists he’d never come between Jennifer and Abby and that Jack wouldn’t want Jennifer to put the entire world solely on her shoulders. Jennifer doesn’t want to take advantage of Frankie any longer and starts to cry before she can voice the fact that Jack is dead. Jennifer apologizes because she doesn’t want her children to see her cry but Frankie insists that Jennifer can cry now in front of him because the kids are out of the room. Jennifer refuses to depend on Frankie so she won’t be at a loss when Frankie leaves. Jennifer asks Frankie to leave right after the memorial service because she feels guilty for keeping Frankie away from his own life for so long. Abby returns to call Jennifer’s attention to the fact that it’s snowing outside and might harm Jack’s rosebushes. Jennifer insists on covering the rosebushes despite Frankie’s attempt to do it for her. Jennifer sends Abby back to bed. Frankie watches Jennifer through the window and flashes back to promising Jack to be there for Jennifer. Frankie looks heavenward as he asks Jack for help in keeping his promise. Jennifer covers the rosebushes and tells Jack that they are still alive but starts to cry again as she adds that she wishes Jack was alive. Jennifer, aloud, wishes that Jack were here with her. Jack walks up behind her and replies that he is here. Jennifer turns around to face Jack with a look of shock and confusion.


Kate walks by the records room and flashes back to discovering via the hospital records that Shawn is Claire’s father. Kate sneaks into the empty records room and starts typing at the first computer. Kate decides that even though what she is doing could cause someone to get sick, it’s not only worth it to save Philip heartache but that she’s doing everyone a favor. A security guard opens the door and confronts Kate. Kate lies to the guard about how she’s really in the room because she is waiting to see Claire’s doctor. The guard doesn’t buy Kate’s claim and Kate pretends to be offended. The guard looks at the computer Kate was working at and realizes that Shawn’s hospital records had been changed within the last few minutes. The guard declares that Kate has broken the law and leads her out of the room. The guard brings Kate to the security office. Kate tries to offer the guard $100 and the guard warns Kate not to finish that sentence or he’ll add bribing an officer to the charges. Kate complains that this man is only a security guard but the guard doesn’t take kindly to Kate’s insults. Kate tries to pull rank to get out of the charges but the guard recalls how Kate was once married to Roman and Victor and threatens to call Roman. The guard announces that he is going to turn Kate in and that it would be no use to run away since he knows whom she is. Kate stops the guard from leaving with a fake heartfelt plea about doing this for her war hero son. Kate offers to change the records back to the way they were and keep it a secret between the two of them. Kate fumes as the guard insists on turning Kate in anyway and leaves her alone in the office. Kate paces the office and complains that Sami got away with changing hospital records for years but she gets caught within two minutes. Kate laments that the truth is going to come out and now Philip will hate her too. The guard comes back and calls back to the person he has brought with him to the office. Kate is surprised to see who walks through the door (not shown).

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