Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/8/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/8/05


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Austin and Sami arrive at the hospital. Sami grills Austin about whether he thinks he can have a chance with Carrie should she break up with Mike. Sami is taken aback when Austin tells her that it is none of her business. Austin admits that Carrie has been on his mind since he came back to Salem. Sami tries to get Austin to forget about Carrie by emphasizing that Carrie is with Mike now. Austin angrily explains that while he can’t easily shut off his feelings, he wouldn’t go so far as to try and split up Mike and Carrie. Sami grills Austin about his feelings toward starting any relationship right now but Austin vetoes any chance at a relationship with anyone while he still has feelings for Carrie.

Lucas calls Carrie to confirm their dinner plans. Lucas tells Carrie that he hopes they can be close like they used to be again and Carrie asks if Lucas is thinking of this as a romantic date. Lucas asks if Carrie would change her mind if he said yes. Carrie and Lucas agree that they aren’t in the mood for something serious and decide to keep the dinner date. Becky playfully teases Carrie about her date.

Lucas, having overheard Austin mention his feelings for Carrie, walks up and asks to speak to Austin alone. Sami objects but Austin tells her it is okay to leave them alone. Sami doesn’t want to leave because she assumes Lucas only wants to talk bad about her. Lucas insists that this isn’t about her and Austin gets Sami to leave. Lucas tells Austin that he has a surprise for him. Lucas warns Austin not to underestimate him. Austin claims that while sometimes they’ll be feuding as business rivals, they’ll always be brothers. Lucas doesn’t like Austin’s brothers claim and vows that Austin will no longer get the best of him. Austin senses that they are talking about more than just business and Lucas warns that he is going to stay one step ahead of Austin.

Kate spots Lucas and questions him about not having already left for his dinner date. Lucas tells Kate that he’s just found out that someone else is interested in the same woman he plans to have dinner with. Kate urges Lucas to treat the other man like a business rival and close the deal. Lucas asks if it changes things when the other man is someone he knows. Kate insists that Lucas should still go after the woman and show his rival no mercy. Lucas watches Austin walk by. Kate thinks that if Lucas really loves this girl, then he should definitely go after her. Lucas says it is too early for love but it might be somewhere down the road. Kate encourages Lucas to get to know this girl better in an effort to sweep her off her feet while he grinds the competition into the ground. Lucas walks away as Austin greets Kate. Lucas mentally thanks Kate for the pep talk and delights in the thought of Kate’s impending reaction to finding out that his rival is Austin.

Austin tells Kate of his plans to takeover High Style but refuses to mention the company name since Kate is also his business rival. Kate commends Nicole’s business savvy. Kate warns that Nicole and Sami are after Austin. Austin tells Kate not to worry because he is interested in someone else. Kate’s interest is immediately piqued. Austin refuses to tell Kate the identity of the woman but insists that it would be someone she would approve of. Kate mentions that she told Lucas the same advice of going after the girl he’s interested in and Austin is surprised to hear that Lucas also has a potential love interest. Kate laments that Lucas is being just as secretive about his love interest. Austin tells Kate that the woman he loves is not only a thousand miles away and not even aware that he’s thinking about her but is also involved with someone else. Austin announces his plan to go see this woman after the takeover is complete with the intention of revealing his feelings only if he finds that she’s not happy in her current relationship. Kate senses that this woman is someone Austin has known for a while and suggests that he makes his move before it’s too late.

Hope brings Zach to the hospital for a routine checkup and they run into Shawn. Shawn makes small talk with Zach by asking about his list for Santa and Hope tells Shawn how Zach is choosing to send some of his toys to hurricane victims instead this year. Shawn hugs and tickles Zach and the sight makes Hope have to step away as she tears up. Shawn checks on Hope and she explains that the sight reminded her of how Jack Jr. will have to grow up without Jack. Kate watches from across the room as Shawn fills Hope in on how even with the blood transfusion, Claire isn’t getting better. Hope and Shawn talk of how Claire could have been Shawn’s baby and Kate vows to keep Shawn out of Belle and Philip’s lives so that Claire can continue to hold their marriage together. Shawn has new clarity given how he has gotten so close to Claire as to how he must have made Hope and Bo feel during his latest bad behavior. Shawn apologizes and informs Hope that he’s finally figured out that settling down and starting a family is what’s most important. Hope assumes that Shawn is talking about Belle but Shawn corrects her by explaining that he and Mimi are getting serious. Shawn talks of adopting kids with Mimi and Hope is touched to see such proof that she and Bo have raised such a thoughtful young man. Hope brings up wanting Shawn to go back to college and Shawn protests, not wanting to ruin the good conversation they have going. Hope warns that raising kids takes money and vows to stop nagging from now on. Hope settles for having to let Shawn figure out what is best for him. Hope rejoins Shawn in the cafeteria after retrieving Zach from his doctor’s appointment. Hope remarks about how blessed she feels to have Shawn and Zach in her life for she wouldn’t be able to stand it if anything happened to them. Shawn teases Zach over the lollipop he received from the doctor. Shawn assures Hope that she has nothing to worry about for he also vows not to do anymore crazy stunts. Hope is relieved to hear it and hugs her sons.

Marlena and Alex return to the hospital and upon spotting John in the hallway, ask him for an update on Claire. John informs them that the blood transfusion didn’t work. Marlena asks about Belle and John refers to her as “Doc” when he replies that Belle is in the chapel. Alex objects to John calling Marlena “Doc” because he sees it as a term of endearment. John points out that he’s not the only one that calls Marlena “Doc” but asks if it bothers Marlena. Marlena says that since Alex is her husband, if he doesn’t like it then John should stop. John agrees to stop. Marlena suggests that by doing so, it would help John to move on without her. John asks Marlena to consider that in time she may regain her memory and realize that he is the one she loves. Marlena tells John that while “Doc” was his lover and wife, that isn’t her. John objects but Marlena insists that those years of her being “Doc” is lost. Marlena says she owes it to Alex to devote the time to seeing what may develop in their relationship. John asks what is owed to him and Belle and Marlena insists that Alex is her main concern. Marlena announces that as soon as Belle and Claire are okay, she and Alex are going away. John asks Marlena what will happen when she regains her memory but Marlena insists that she’d still stay married to Alex. Sami joins them and Marlena tells her the news that she and John are separating. Sami is ecstatic but assumes that this means that Marlena is getting back together with Roman. Marlena explains that she’s already married to Alex. Sami is shocked that she is just hearing about this now and Marlena adds that she just learned the news herself. Sami tries to convince Marlena that she belongs with Roman. Marlena insists that she will remain married to Alex. Marlena leaves to go find Belle. Alex follows Marlena and John leaves shortly after rather than continue being around Sami. Sami decides that since she can’t help Marlena and Belle, she must concentrate on helping herself by ending up with Austin.

Sami decides to call Carrie to make sure she is still out of the country. Carrie is surprised to hear from Sami but pretends that she is talking on a global cell phone and that is why she sounds so close and clear. Carrie mentions how her life has been so hectic lately but dismisses Sami’s instant prying. Carrie asks about Claire and Sami is suspicious to learn that Carrie knew about Claire. Carrie claims that Roman was the one who told her. Carrie asks Sami if she thinks she should come home but Sami is quick to sarcastically tell Carrie all the events they’ve survived since Carrie left town. Sami asks about Mike and Carrie tries to quickly end the call by claiming she’s too busy to talk. Not to be outdone, Sami insists she’s just as busy and is surprised to learn that Carrie knows about her working with Austin and Nicole. Sami tells Carrie that she need only call her to hear about her life rather than talk to everyone behind her back. Sami tells Carrie about working and living in her apartment with Austin and is annoyed when Carrie also knows about Nicole living there too. Sami claims that she is Austin’s go to person. Carrie asks if Austin ever mentions her and Sami lies to Carrie by claiming that Austin never thinks about her. Sami taunts Carrie by claiming that there could be wedding bells soon in Austin’s life but then claims that Austin would hate people talking about his private life when Carrie inquires about the woman in Austin’s life. Sami claims she only brought it up so Carrie wouldn’t feel like Austin was pining after her. Carrie makes an excuse to quickly end the call and Sami pretends that Austin is calling her to try and one up Carrie before hanging up. Carrie slams down the phone in frustration.

Philip joins a crying Belle in the chapel and confirms that Claire isn’t getting any better. They hug and cry together but Philip urges Belle to keep the faith. Belle turns to see John enter the chapel and rushes to him as she sobs. Belle fears that their family is cursed since John lost Marlena and now she could lose Claire. John hugs Belle as Marlena appears in the chapel doorway. Marlena greets Belle and they hug. Marlena leads Belle to the altar where they light a candle for Claire.

John pulls Alex aside to inform him that after checking, Alex’s story checks out. John tells Alex that he accepts that Alex is Marlena’s husband but asks Alex not to sleep with Marlena until she gets her memory back. Alex is outraged at John’s request. John accuses Alex of doing the same thing by preventing him from sleeping with Marlena and doing his best to ensure that Marlena doesn’t remember her past with him. Alex insists that he wants Marlena to remember all of her past. John insists that he and Marlena are more bonded because they share a child. Marlena interrupts the argument to ask Alex to leave her and John alone to talk and Alex leaves. Marlena insists that John must accept that she is married to Alex. John refuses to accept that and knows that one day Marlena will regain her memory and feel the same way as he does. John walks off. John puts money into a drink machine and punches it when it doesn’t give him the drink despite taking his money. Marlena walks up and is immediately concerned with John’s now sore hand. John regrets taking his frustration out on the machine. John laments about not being able to protest Belle like he used to be able to protect Marlena. Marlena holds an ice bag around John’s hand and then wraps it with a bandage. Marlena suddenly becomes uneasy as John reminisces about how Marlena would always take care of him throughout their years together and how he wishes they would always be this close. Marlena tells John not to read into it because she is only here for Belle and Claire. Marlena insists that John accept her decision. John refuses to quit fighting for what he knows is right. Marlena claims that John can’t decide what’s right for her and there is nothing more to say about her being married to Alex. Alex joins them and Marlena leaves with him.

Belle and Philip have returned to Claire’s crib and Belle is shocked at what she sees when she looks at Claire. Belle cries as she talks to Philip about Claire needing a ventilator. Nurse Jennifer informs them that they’ve sent off a blood gas to check the status of Claire’s lungs and then leaves the room. Philip urges Belle to stay positive but Belle is convinced that Claire’s time is running out. Nurse Jennifer returns with the blood gas results that show that Claire isn’t showing much improvement on the ventilator. Philip tells Belle that Claire can feel their love and they need to hang tough so she can tell. Kate, Austin, and Sami watch through the window at Philip and Belle. Kate steps away to pray for the young family. Sami suggests to Austin that they go back to work and Austin agrees as he says goodbye to Kate. Kate groans over the sight of Austin leaving with Sami and prays that Austin’s relationship with his mystery woman works out.

High Style:

Lucas arrives for their dinner date with Carrie but stops outside the door when he hears Carrie and Becky talking about calling Austin about getting together again. Lucas knocks on the door and Becky quickly exits the office. Carrie notices Lucas’ angry expression and asks if something is wrong. Lucas claims that nothing is the matter and he and Carrie prepare to leave for their date.

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