Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/7/05

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/7/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

High Style:

Carrie has an associate Becky, get something from Carrie’s desk drawer. Carrie becomes uneasy when Becky finds the picture of her and Austin. Carrie claims that she meant to put the picture in storage but Becky believes that Carrie wouldn’t have the picture so close to her if it didn’t mean something. Becky asks for a back-story on Austin and Carrie gives her the short version. Becky asks if Carrie still has feelings for Austin but Carrie claims that she’s not ready for another relationship and right now would rather focus on her career. Becky urges Carrie to call Austin. Becky leaves and Carrie starts to dial the phone. Carrie appeases Becky when she returns with a file by letting her believe that the man in the photo was Lucas and she therefore is on the phone with Lucas now. Carrie senses that Lucas is sad and Lucas fills her in on what happened to Jack. Lucas mentions their dinner plans but Carrie makes up an excuse to cancel the plans. Lucas tells Carrie that he understands that she is busy with work. Carrie promises that they’ll have dinner another night and ends the call.

Lucas’ apartment:

Eugenia arrives at Lucas’ apartment and doles out coffee and breakfast pastries. Lucas asks for the paper but then notices Eugenia’s shocked reaction upon seeing the headline. Eugenia shows Lucas that the paper reads, “Jack Deveraux killed in crash.” Lucas calls Julie for confirmation. Eugenia suggests taking the day off so Lucas can go visit Jennifer but Lucas prefers to get some work done first. Eugenia asks about the visit to High Style but Lucas says it turned out to be disappointing. Eugenia doesn’t understand how that could be since the research indicated the company was a slam-dunk. Lucas agrees with the assessment and Eugenia wants to know what changed Lucas’ mind. Lucas flashes back to when he first saw Carrie. Lucas tells Eugenia that after seeing the CEO of High Style, he decided that the company wasn’t right for Titan. Eugenia still doesn’t understand because she is going based on research but Lucas gets annoyed and insists that they are solely going to concentrate on their current campaigns. Eugenia asks if Lucas is willing to give up High Style to the competition. Lucas warns that if Austin wants to steal High Style, he’s in for a big surprise when he sits down with the new CEO. Lucas is about to leave for Jennifer’s when Kate calls. Kate informs Lucas about Claire’s condition and Lucas promises to come by the hospital on his way to Jennifer’s. Lucas complains that he has plenty of time now since his dinner date got cancelled and Kate inquires about the date. Lucas assures her it is someone she knows and would approve of especially since it isn’t’ Sami. That is enough to satisfy Kate and she promises not to meddle in this relationship. Lucas pulls out an old photo album and looks at a picture of him and Carrie. Kate ends the call and feels good that Lucas is moving on with his life and hopes that Austin will do the same now.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami cries as she returns to the apartment with the paper about Jack’s death. She fills Austin in on how she and Jack were friends and Austin offers to give Sami some time alone. Sami flips through Austin’s appointment book to the picture of him and Carrie. Sami flashes back to what she read yesterday about Austin and Carrie’s anniversary in the same book. Austin returns to the room just in time to see Sami put down his book and confronts her. Sami claims she was only straightening up and Austin informs her that his book stays on his desk and he alone is responsible for cleaning his desk. Sami apologizes and claims that she was only continuing the process after cleaning up the dirty dishes left on Nicole’s desk. Austin apologizes for asking Nicole to move in and assures her that once they sign the lease on the loft, they’ll be out of Sami’s hair. Sami insists that Nicole has to find a new place to live as well and it better not be with him. Austin senses that something else is going on and demands to know what it is. Sami claims that she’s upset over Jack, Claire, and Will and is too overwhelmed. Austin doesn’t buy that Sami is telling him everything and heads into his bedroom. Sami, to herself, complains that she’s not telling Austin about how she feels so disgusted with Carrie and how despite her actions, Austin still loves her. Eugenia walks by and since the door was open, overhears Sami. Eugenia taunts Sami about her plan to go after Austin and warns her to stop before she makes a fool of herself. Sami tries to close the door in Eugenia’s face but Eugenia stops her. Eugenia continues to taunt Sami by asking if she will be going back to Lucas since Austin doesn’t want her. Eugenia laughs as Sami slams the door in her face and locks it. Austin comes back into the living room and asks who was at the door. Eugenia, still outside the door, loudly taunts Sami about losing Austin. Austin wants to know what is going on and Sami admits that it’s Eugenia but claims to not know what she is talking about. Austin walks over to his desk and notices that Sami left his appointment book open to Carrie’s picture. Sami asks Austin how he can still be in love with Carrie. Austin is furious with Sami for going through his things and then lying to him about it. Sami tells Austin about how the organizer fell when he asked her to look up the address and since it fell open to a picture of Carrie, she read the entry next to it. Austin points out that the entry didn’t say, “Sami please read.” Sami is glad she read it and accuses Austin of making a fool out of her all this time. Austin insists he’s been up front with Sami from the beginning. Sami accuses Austin of leading both her and Nicole to think that it was one of them Austin was in love with. Austin points out that that was only Sami and Nicole’s assumption for he never came on to either woman and made it clear that it was only business between them. Sami complains that Austin didn’t mention Carrie by name when he talked of the woman he loved. Austin explains that he didn’t want anyone to know because Carrie is with Mike and he doesn’t even know if Carrie has any feelings for him. Sami asks Austin if he was in love with Carrie when he was engaged to her. Austin insists that while he was with her, his only focus was on her. Austin admits that after breaking up with Sami, he did consider getting back with Carrie but then decided that it wasn’t an option because Carrie is with Mike. Austin starts to head back into his bedroom but returns long enough to take the organizer with him. Sami swears to never let Carrie come between her and the man that she wants ever again.


Mimi has returned to the hospital after going home alone last night because she couldn’t wake Shawn. Mimi wakes Shawn now with a cup of coffee and Shawn explains that he went from resting after giving blood to falling sound asleep. Shawn asks about Claire and Mimi explains that she didn’t want to bother Belle and Philip yet. They look through the room window and spot Philip sleeping in a chair while Belle watches over Claire in her crib. Mimi and Shawn decide to head to the chapel and say a prayer. Mimi explains to Shawn that she wanted to come to the chapel because she felt so useless to help Claire. Mimi prays to God to let Claire live. Shawn points out to Mimi that by praying, she is helping Claire. Mimi suggests going back to the ICU but Shawn stops her. Shawn tells Mimi that after her being right in front of him all his life, he’s enjoyed just being with her. Shawn hopes Mimi feels the same way.

Belle suddenly looks down at Claire in alarm and yells at Philip to wake up. Kate ends a phone call to Victor after updating him. Nurse Jennifer rushes by Kate with a monitor on her way into the room and brushes off Kate’s questions of concern. Kate watches through the window as Lexie checks over Claire and determines that she isn’t receiving enough oxygen. Lexie warns that if the medication they are giving Claire now doesn’t work, she may need to be put on a ventilator. Philip is angry that they aren’t able to do more for Claire. Belle wants to know what will happen if the ventilator doesn’t work but Lexie will only caution Belle to take things one-step at a time. Belle and Philip become even more frantic and drill Lexie with questions when she explains that she’s sending more of Claire’s blood off to test her organ function. Lexie adds that the tests will take about an hour and urges Belle and Philip to take that time to get something to eat. Belle refuses to leave Claire’s side and has Philip get them cups of coffee. Philip stops on his way out of the room to fill Kate in on Claire’s condition. Philip breaks down and cries in front of Kate because he feels helpless. Kate urges Philip to trust Lexie and the hospital staff. Philip fears that that won’t be enough but Kate insists that it will be because he and Belle and Claire are now a family. Kate walks in and a sobbing Belle turns to her for comfort. Lexie prepares for a spinal tap, which makes Belle even more anxious. Lexie asks Belle to wait outside but Belle refuses to leave and refuses to allow Lexie to do anything else to Claire. Philip returns to Belle’s side and Belle informs him about the spinal tap. Lexie explains that they have to try many tests to discover the cause of Claire’s sepsis. Philip urges Belle to trust that Lexie knows what she is doing. Belle scoffs. Lexie assures Belle that Claire will be under anesthesia so they will be able to take the samples without much discomfort. Philip convinces Belle to take a walk with him until the procedure is over. Kate promises to hang around the waiting room and call for them should Claire need them. Once Belle and Philip leave, Kate grills Lexie about Claire’s real chances. Lexie insists that she’s not keeping anything from Kate and she truly doesn’t know what they are dealing with right now. Lexie asks Kate to wait outside and Kate obliges.

Mimi and Shawn return to the ICU but find that the blinds are closed. They see that as a sign that something happened to Claire. Lexie checks out the spinal fluid they’ve just collected from Claire. Nurse Jennifer informs Lexie that Claire’s oxygen stats aren’t coming up. Lexie talks about stopping the sepsis progression but stops in mid sentence. Nurse Jennifer asks if Lexie is okay but Lexie, though sad, nods. Lucas arrives at the ICU and after being informed about Claire’s current condition, evades Kate’s attempts to find out the identity of Lucas’ dinner date. Lucas does admit that he wouldn’t mind getting together with this woman. Kate urges Lucas to go after what he wants and Lucas agrees. Lucas steps away to make a call. Philip and Belle return as Lexie steps out to update the family. Lexie tells the group that they have all the samples they need and should have answers soon. Belle heads back into Claire’s room and Shawn follows shortly after. Belle asks what she is going to do if she loses Claire and sobs in Shawn’s arms just as Philip and Kate walk in. Kate urges Philip to go to Belle and he does. Mimi joins Kate in the doorway. Kate warns Mimi that if she doesn’t do something to make Shawn hers, he is going to continue to gravitate towards Belle. Lucas calls Carrie to inform her about Claire and convinces her to still have dinner with him tonight.

High Style:

Becky is ecstatic because she thinks Carrie was talking to the man in the picture she found. Carrie explains that the man in the picture is Austin and she had just been talking to Austin’s brother, Lucas.

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