Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/6/05

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/6/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

High Style:

Lucas returns to Carrie’s office with coffee and croissants for breakfast. Lucas compliments Carrie on her achievements at the company but Carrie takes it as Lucas trying to convince her to sell High Style and turns down his request. Lucas claims he respects that and is only here to see Carrie. Lucas recalls how they can still be friends despite what he and Sami did to break up Carrie and Austin and Carrie considers Lucas’ part in that to be ancient history since his intention was not to hurt her like Sami’s was. Carrie adds that that history is one of the reasons she hasn’t come back to Salem and probably never will. Lucas flatters Carrie and tells her that everyone in Salem misses her. Carrie brings up how Sami doesn’t miss her. Lucas dismisses the concern and urges Carrie to come back to Salem even if it’s only for a visit. Carrie tells Lucas that she’s heard about all the things that have been happening in town and has thought about coming home but didn’t want to deal with questions about Mike and judgments. Carrie complains that Sami is too divisive and would want everyone to take sides so she doesn’t feel it would be fair to put everyone through that if she came back. Lucas excuses himself from Carrie to call Sami to check on Will but promises not to tell Sami where she is. Lucas tells Sami that he has to be away longer than he thought and ignores Sami’s inquiries as to his whereabouts. Lucas continues with his reason for calling by asking Sami to make sure Will is taken care of tonight and Sami quickly answers him so she can ask again about why he won’t tell her his whereabouts. Lucas insists that while he doesn’t have to tell Sami where he is, he is on a business trip but Sami doesn’t believe him. Lucas threatens to call Kate to take care of Will if Sami won’t help but Sami finally agrees to help. Lucas thanks Carrie when she brings him his coffee and Sami accuses Lucas of calling her while he’s being intimate with another woman. Lucas continues to dismiss Sami’s attempts to demean his character and parenting skills. Lucas rattles off all the things Sami would need to help Will prepare for school. Carrie finds a picture of her and Austin in her desk drawer while Lucas is on the phone and flashes back through several past romantic moments with Austin. Lucas angrily ends the call with Sami and notices Carrie’s far off expression moments after she tucks the picture back in her drawer. Carrie comes back to the present and Lucas asks what she was thinking about.

Carrie claims she was merely remembering her past in Salem. Lucas continues to urge Carrie to come back to Salem and brings up Billie’s return. Lucas offers to take Carrie out to dinner purely for social reasons so he can catch her up on what Billie has been up to. Carrie turns down Lucas’ offer because of a marketing dinner meeting tonight. Lucas suggests tomorrow but Carrie warns that she can’t be sure when she’d be done at work. Lucas urges her to fit him into her schedule. Carrie agrees to have dinner with Lucas tomorrow night.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami fumes as she prepares breakfast but can’t stop herself from opening Austin’s appointment book again to Carrie’s picture. Sami slams the book down on the desk as she curses Carrie and complains that Austin is still in love with her instead. Sami claims that if Carrie were here right now she would kill her. Sami searches through Austin’s appointment book to see if he wrote any more notes about him and Carrie. Sami flips to a page where Austin wrote about it being the anniversary of when he and Carrie got engaged and how he’s considering checking in on Mike and Carrie. Sami starts to vow to not let that happen but then considers whether Austin seeing Mike and Carrie happy together will help her case. Sami complains that Carrie has qualities that make every single man she meets fall in love with her, including Lucas. Sami is now completely convinced that Carrie is the woman Austin is in love with and realizes how both she and Nicole were wrong. Sami begins to wonder whether Austin was in love with Carrie the entire time he was with her. Sami dismisses that theory and becomes confident again that Austin loved her. Sami decides that she can make Austin love her again since they were happy together and only broke up before because of the lies she told him. Sami flashes back through when she was pregnant with Will and led Austin to believe he was the father. Sami recalls how Austin was ready to be a family with her because of Will and semi-jokingly suggests getting pregnant again with Austin’s child so he’d be hers for sure. Sami feels relieved because as far as she knows, Carrie is half a world away and Austin would be too much of a gentleman to come between her and Mike.

Deveraux house:

Bo, Hope, and Zach walk up to the front door just as Billie is about to knock. Bo asks if Billie has heard the news and Billie fears that the news means that they’ve found Jack’s body. Roman walks up and says he is glad everyone is here. Billie fears that this is a sign of bad news.

Chelsea and Max stand by in support of Abby while Jennifer holds Jack Jr. under the watchful eye of Frankie. Abby, near tears again, is sure that Roman wouldn’t be coming over to talk to them in person if it was good news. Jennifer still insists that she would feel if Jack was dead and that is why she is so confident that he is alive. The doorbell rings and everyone looks toward the door warily. The doorbell rings again and Max takes the initiative to answer it. Billie, Bo, Hope, Zach, and Roman enter the living room. Max takes Zach and Jack Jr. into the dining room to play. Roman starts to talk to Jennifer but Jennifer stops him to say that she doesn’t want to hear it if he’s only going to say that he can’t find Jack’s body. Jennifer adds that there’s no use in asking her for any ideas as to where Jack might be because she doesn’t know and yells at Roman to get out of her house and look for Jack. Abby yells at Jennifer to stop and face the truth that Jack is dead. Jennifer insists to Abby that Jack is alive. Roman agrees with Abby but Jennifer refuses to believe it since Roman has yet to find Jack’s body. Frankie tries to help but Jennifer refuses to accept the news. Hope tries to convince Jennifer that Jack is dead but Jennifer still refuses to accept it. Hope hugs Jennifer as she cries. Hope urges Jennifer to hear Roman out but Jennifer refuses. Abby yells at Jennifer to face the truth. Jennifer reluctantly agrees to hear Roman out. Roman announces that he has called off the search and Jennifer quickly objects. Roman insists that they’ve done all they could and there is no hope but Jennifer refuses to believe him. Roman uses forensics to try and convince Jennifer that Jack couldn’t have survived the plunge into freezing water. Jennifer wants to believe that Jack could have washed ashore on the side of the river. Roman insists that they covered the riverbanks and found nothing. Jennifer counters with the idea that Jack could have been picked up by a boat. Roman explains that because of security, they have a record of every boat that was on the water at the time and none of them have seen Jack. Jennifer begins to realize that this is not another Dimera trick and starts to accept the truth.

Everyone smiles as they watch Max play with Zach and Jack Jr. Jennifer asks Roman to reinstate the search but now she wants it so she can find Jack’s body and give him a proper funeral. Roman gives his word. Bo notices that Hope is sad and wraps his arms around her. They talk of how grateful to have each other and their sons and Billie sadly watches them from across the room. Zach notices that Hope is sad and asks Max what is wrong with Hope. Max assures Zach that Bo is taking care of Hope and the three of them head back into the dining room. Chelsea, now crying as well, empathizes with how Abby is feeling now. Abby laments about not being prepared yet for Jack to die and Roman gets down to Abby’s level on the couch and assures her that no one can be prepared for a loss like this. Hope spots Chelsea being so upset and lets Bo go tend to her. Billie walks over and thanks Hope for doing so. Hope mentions Claire and Billie is surprised to hear about it. Hope, surprised that Billie hadn’t heard yet, fills her in on Claire’s condition. Billie is conflicted on whom to rush to and Hope assures her that it’s okay to choose Chelsea over Claire. Hope and Billie talk of how they both had to go through the pain of “losing” a child but their children, J.T. and Chelsea ended up happy and not completely lost after all. They lament that in Claire’s situation, it’s something no parent should ever have to face.

Max returns alone to the living room and tells Abby that if she needs anything at all than she can feel free to call him. Abby hugs him. Chelsea cries as she fears that more bad things will keep happening to the point that she’ll lose Bo too. Bo hugs her and assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. Billie and Hope admire how Bo is consoling Chelsea. They talk of how Billie and Jack were good friends and Billie laments about how much worse Jennifer will take Jack’s death. Hope remarks that it’s like God arranged for Frankie to come back into Jennifer’s life just when she would need him. Roman promises to keep the search going as long as necessary and leaves. Jennifer tells Frankie that she doesn’t have the strength to say goodbye again. Frankie promises to be there for Jennifer as long as she needs him.


Several medical personnel rush by Belle, Philip, Mimi, Shawn, and Kate into Claire’s room as “Code blue pediatric ICU” can be heard on the hospital intercom. Belle becomes hysterical and fears that Claire is dead despite Philip’s attempts to assure her that Claire is going to be fine. Lexie comes out to talk to Belle and Philip and Belle wants Lexie to say if Claire is dead or not. Lexie tells Belle that Claire is alive and they’ve managed to stabilize her but her condition is worsening. Lexie tells them that Claire needs a transfusion to support her circulation. Philip and Belle are more than willing to help out but Lexie cautions that they have to test their blood first. Kate remembers figuring out that Claire isn’t Philip’s baby and loudly voices her refusal for the blood testing. Everyone looks at her confused. Philip and Belle ask Kate why she is against the transfusion. Kate sighs as Mimi and Shawn echo the sentiment of being willing to donate. Kate claims she objects because it would take too long and suggests using blood from the blood bank. Lexie explains that Philip and Belle specifically requested direct donation if needed. Kate still objects but Lexie assures her that she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Claire’s recovery so Kate is forced to resign her objections. Lexie has sent a nurse to get Belle and Philip’s medical records with the plan to send Claire with the nurse to the blood bank upon returning. Belle wants to sit with Claire but Lexie suggests that she wait since the nurses are taking care of Claire’s IV at the moment. The nurse returns with Belle and Philip’s medical records.

Lexie cautions that the blood transfusion won’t fix the underlying cause but will give Claire the best chance at fighting the illness. Lexie looks at the medical records, as Philip is anxious to have his blood taken. Lexie tells Philip that they can’t use his blood. Lexie explains that because Philip takes medication for his leg, he can’t donate. Lexie asks Nurse Jennifer to take Belle to the blood bank and assures Belle that her blood is completely compatible. Belle tells Philip to stay with Claire and leaves with Nurse Jennifer. Shawn and Mimi offer to be tested just in case and though Kate objects, Lexie is all for the idea. Philip thanks them and they leave to get tested. Kate flashes back to finding out that Shawn is Claire’s father and Lexie notices that Kate is upset. Kate blames it on being upset over Claire. Lexie tells Kate to hang in there for Claire and for Philip. Philip stands in Claire’s doorway and begs God not to let Claire die. Lexie leaves Kate to check on the progress of things at the blood bank. Kate begs God not to let them figure out that Shawn is Claire’s father. Kate becomes alarmed when Philip asks her to repeat what she said. Kate claims that she was lamenting that Philip can’t give blood. Philip doesn’t care who gives the blood. Belle returns with Mimi and Shawn with the news that Belle and Shawn were compatible but Mimi weren’t. Lexie has Shawn put aside a pint of blood just in case they need it after claiming that it’s not unusual for many people to be compatible with the same person. Philip thanks Shawn and Kate looks uneasy, as Shawn jokes about how Claire is almost like his own daughter. Kate vows to make sure Shawn never finds out he’s Claire’s father.

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