Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/5/05

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Danielle 
Pictures by Juanita


Kate watches from across the room as Mimi and Shawn return first thing in the morning with a bag of fresh clothes for Belle and Philip. Shawn leaves Mimi to check for an update on Claire’s condition. Kate vows to keep Shawn from finding out that Claire is his daughter and decides that if Shawn were to marry Mimi, than Shawn would be safely out of the picture for good. Shawn returns to Mimi and tells her that he has some bad news. Shawn tells Mimi about how they took Claire to pediatric ICU because she wasn’t getting any better. Shawn is conflicted between staying here for Belle and Philip and seeing why Hope and Bo keep sending him urgent messages. Mimi tells Shawn it’s okay to go and he leaves. Kate walks up to Mimi and talks up how good she and Shawn look together. Mimi guesses that Rex is coming back to town and that is why Kate is pushing her to be with Shawn. Kate assures her that Rex is never coming back to town. Mimi is still skeptical about Kate’s intentions but Kate claims it’s because she wants to see Mimi happy. Mimi persists so Kate admits that she has an ulterior motive about Belle and Philip and Claire and that she’ll tell Mimi what it is. Kate claims she wants Mimi and Shawn together because it would keep Belle from hanging on to her feelings for Shawn. Mimi decides to buy Kate’s reason and informs her that while she and Shawn have been getting closer, they are far from walking down the aisle. Kate hints that that could change but Mimi rattles on about how they don’t have enough money right now to settle down and start a family. Kate offers Mimi Belle’s job at Basic Black since Belle now wants to stay home with Claire. Mimi, shocked at the offer, promises to think it over.

Philip urges Belle to lie down since she didn’t get any sleep last night as they hover over Claire’s crib. Belle refuses to leave Claire’s side because she isn’t getting any better. Belle is worried that the antibiotics aren’t working. Philip chooses to remain positive that Claire is going to fight and make it. Belle reiterates how Lexie said that the longer Claire takes to fight off the infection the more serious internal damage could occur. Belle fears that this means they are losing their daughter but Philip assures her that the three of them are meant to be a family. Belle hums a lullaby to Claire and Philip commends her on being a good mom. Belle regrets not being there for Claire before she got sick but Philip assures Belle that it wasn’t her fault. Belle tells Philip that he is the best father and that she loves him more every day. Philip insists that nothing is going to change how they are now a real family. Belle tells Claire that she is going to have a perfect life once she gets better. The monitor alarms begin to go off as Belle becomes frantic, Philip yells for the nurse. The nurse asks Philip and Belle to take a seat in the waiting room but Belle refuses to leave. The nurse explains that Claire is having trouble breathing so she is giving her more oxygen. Philip tries to get Belle to follow the nurse’s request as Kate rushes in to find out what happened. Belle tells Kate about Claire’s monitor alarms going off and has to be held back by Philip when the nurse calls for more help. Belle sobs as Philip consoles her.

Brady house:

Hope pours Zach a bowl of cereal and out spills the prize. Hope talks up the racecar toy with Zach until Bo walks into the kitchen. Hope jumps up and is so grateful to see him that she hugs him but then smacks his arm for not calling when he didn’t come home last night. Bo explains that he was coordinating rescue teams and Hope can tell by Bo’s expression that he didn’t find Jack’s body. Bo fears that the current has already taken Jack’s body away. Hope fears for how Jennifer is going to handle losing Jack this way and Bo consoles her. Hope regrets not being out there to help Bo look for Jack but Bo insists that Hope needed to be here for Zach even though he fears this will soon turn into more of a recovery mission. Bo and Hope talk of how Jennifer will have to stop hoping for a miracle and prepare herself for the worst. Hope tells Zach to finish his breakfast after giving him a big hug. Hope starts to see what’s happening to Jennifer as possibly happening to them, especially since she and Bo are both cops. Shawn arrives home and fills Bo and Hope in on how he was busy because of Claire. Bo fills Shawn in on Jack. Shawn asks how Jennifer and Abby are dealing with the news and Hope fears that since Jennifer isn’t dealing with it, it might push her over the edge. Shawn makes plans with Bo and Zach to hang out together but turns down Hope’s offer of staying for breakfast in favor of getting back to the hospital. Hope remarks to Bo about how blessed they are to have their family together. Hope is reminded of her ordeal with J.T. given what Belle and Philip are going through with Claire. Hope mentions how Claire could have been their grandchild had Shawn and Belle married but Bo interrupts to insist that Belle is married to Philip and God willing, they will always be a family. Hope wants to head over and be with Jennifer and Bo offers to get a sitter for Zach so they can go. Hope prays that Jack is found alive because if he isn’t, she doesn’t know how Jennifer would be able to handle it.


Shawn rejoins Mimi at the hospital but is saddened to learn that there is no change in Claire’s condition. Mimi tells Shawn about Kate’s job offer and Shawn is just as skeptical. Mimi explains that Kate did it because she wants her and Shawn to settle down and live happily ever after. Shawn doesn’t understand why Kate would care and Mimi tells him it’s because Kate is afraid that Shawn might want to get back together with Belle one day. Shawn insists that he and Belle are never going to get back together because Belle is married to Philip now. Mimi worries that there is more to Kate’s reasoning than she claims. Kate again vows to keep the truth about Claire from Shawn.

Deveraux house:

Abby steps outside, her face obviously tear stained. Chelsea and Max walk up and Chelsea envelops Abby in a hug. Chelsea urges Abby, who is now crying again, to not give up hope that Jack could still be found alive. Abby has decided that there was no way Jack could have survived the accident and now wonders how to convince Jennifer of this fact. Abby heads back inside to check on Jennifer. Chelsea tells Max of how she must return the favor and be there for Abby like Abby was there for her. Max claims that Chelsea is lucky to have Bo and Billie as parents but Chelsea doesn’t think so. Max suggests using what Abby is going through as a reason to give Bo and Billie a chance.

Jennifer yells for Frankie claiming that Jack is alive. Frankie thinks Jennifer knows this because someone called but Jennifer explains that she had a dream about Jack coming home to her and the kids. Frankie starts to correct Jennifer but Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is gone. Jennifer rushes around the house readying everything for the party because she is convinced that Jack will be home any minute. Frankie tries to convince Jennifer that Jack’s body hasn’t been found yet and her hope is based only on a dream. Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is dead and tries to convince Frankie that Jack is on his way home. Frankie updates Jennifer on how Roman has had the river dredged up with no sign of Jack. Abby asks if this is proof that Jack is really gone but Jennifer suggests that Jack wasn’t found yet because he was huddled up on the side of the river trying to keep warm when a fishing boat picked him up. Abby doesn’t consider that very realistic but Jennifer insists that she can feel that Jack is coming home to them. Jennifer flashes back to when Jack last came back to them after being presumed dead. Jennifer rushes into the kitchen intent on making Jack’s favorite breakfast so it’ll be ready when he gets home. Abby joins Jennifer in the kitchen and while she obliges Jennifer’s requests of her in helping prepare breakfast, Abby tries to convince Jennifer that there’s no need to make such a big breakfast. Jennifer insists that Jack will be home to enjoy this hot breakfast.

Frankie thanks Max for helping with the search for Jack. Max asks about Jennifer and Frankie laments about how Jennifer keeps trying to put on a brave face. Frankie fears it’ll be harder for Jennifer once she finally faces the truth. Frankie tells Max about praying for a miracle even though he doubts there will ever be one. Chelsea comes in and asks about Abby. Frankie tells her about Abby being in the kitchen with Jennifer when the smoke alarm goes off. Everyone rushes into the kitchen and Jennifer explains that her attempt to make hash browns set off the smoke detector. Frankie has Max help him turn the smoke detector off. Jennifer drops the bowl of pancake batter onto the floor. Frankie wraps his arms around Jennifer as she starts to sob and call out to Jack. Jennifer asks Frankie why Jack didn’t choose another way home knowing how dangerous that bridge can be. Frankie replies that it wasn’t fair for Jack to die that way but Jennifer sticks to her claim that Jack isn’t dead. There is a knock on the door and Jennifer rushes to answer it because she believes it to be Jack. The knock on the door turns out to be the neighbor, Mrs. Mason who has come to drop off a casserole. Mrs. Mason commends the way Jack died since it was quick and good of Jack to end it while he still could. Jennifer corrects Mrs. Mason with the claim that Jack is not dead and would never intentionally drive his car off the bridge. Jennifer insists that Jack would want her there up to the very last minute but Mrs. Mason points out that Jack wouldn’t want to feel like a burden. Jennifer insists that Jack would not leave without saying goodbye. Mrs. Mason apologizes. Frankie flashes back to Jack asking him not to let Jennifer know how much pain he truly is in. Abby voices her worry about Jennifer and Max and Chelsea assure Abby that she can help Jennifer through this while they help her. Max assures Abby that Jack will be watching over her always and Abby heads upstairs to get dressed. Chelsea is surprised at how much of a good sensitive guy Max is and Max explains that he learned to protect himself at an early age but the Bradys adopting him saved his life. Max remarks that when a Brady loves you, it’s forever and then suggests that once this is all over, they could start focusing on moving their relationship forward. Chelsea tells Max that she can’t think about getting serious right now with what Abby is going through. Max explains that he brought it up because life is short and you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Abby has returned and agrees with Max about making the best of each moment since they never know when it may be their last. Jennifer accuses Frankie of agreeing with Mrs. Mason’s claim that Jack was better off having died in this accident but insists that she wanted to spend every last minute with Jack. The telephone rings and Jennifer jumps up convinced that it’s about Jack. Frankie takes the phone call and then informs Jennifer and Abby that the caller was the police sergeant informing them that Roman is on his way over to give them the news in person. Abby fears that it must be bad news and that Roman is on his way to tell them that Jack is dead. Jennifer consoles Abby.

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