Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/2/05

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/2/05


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Philip sings a lullaby to Claire. Kate walks up behind Philip and flashes back to checking the hospital records. Kate steps into a side room off the exam room and vows to keep Shawn and Philip from finding out Claire’s true parentage. Kate hides out of sight as Mimi comes in and tries to get Philip to eat some breakfast. Kate decides that she can use the fact that Mimi would lose should the truth come out to her advantage. Kate hangs back out of sight but within hearing distance as Philip thanks Mimi for being here with Shawn for support. Mimi and Philip talk about the crazy year they’ve had. Philip brings up how Shawn and Mimi are getting closer and Mimi says that she has to pinch herself sometimes to believe it. Kate was waiting for such a sentiment and then decides to head back into the waiting area. Philip refuses Mimi’s latest breakfast offering and notes how the current situation is worse torture than when he was at war. Philip tells Mimi that if anything happens to Claire, he doesn’t think he’d want to live anymore.

Victor spots Kate walk by and knowing her when she’s been up to something, immediately knows that Kate is plotting and confronts her. Kate claims she’s only worried about Claire. Victor assures Kate that Salem University Hospital is the best considering all the money the Kiriakis family put into it and Kate tells him that money doesn’t solve everything. Victor prefers to stay positive and tells Kate that if she’d rather focus on negativity, then she should stay away from Belle and Philip.

Kate brings Victor by to see Philip and Claire. Victor tells Philip that Claire is hanging in there because of her Greek warrior heritage. Mimi and Kate step out to give them privacy. Victor asks about Belle and Philip laments that Belle was getting better but now Claire being sick has been hard on them all. Victor tells Philip about how they almost lost him several times before he was born and thinks that that is why he and Kate love Philip so much. Victor says goodbye to Philip and leaves. Philip resumes his position next to Claire. Kate watches Philip and vows to see to it that Philip gets to raise Claire as his own without any interference from Shawn.

Kate offers her condolences to Mimi about Rex but Mimi is skeptical of its sincerity since Kate was against Mimi dating Rex. Kate claims it was only her being overprotective of her son and claims that Mimi would know how that is when she has a son. Mimi curtly reminds Kate that she can’t have kids and starts to walk away in a huff. Kate stops Mimi with the claim that she had forgotten that Mimi couldn’t have kids. Kate tells Mimi that she thought Rex and Mimi broke up because Shawn was her true soul mate. Mimi doesn’t buy Kate’s claim because Kate has gone so far as to put Shawn in jail. Kate claims that she’s willing to let bygones be bygones and Mimi tells Kate that she is really happy with Shawn. Kate shares her hope for Shawn and Mimi to move on together. Kate claims that Mimi and Shawn were meant to be married and walks off.

Sami’s apartment:

Nicole is working at her desk when Austin walks out of the bathroom sans shirt. Nicole tells him that he needs to get dressed if he expects her to be able to concentrate on anything else but Austin laughs at the notion. Austin dons a shirt and asks about the takeover progress. Nicole tells Austin about how High Style has been losing money since it went public and Austin agrees with Nicole’s idea of firing the CEO upon takeover. Sami comes out of her bedroom and warns that attacking High Style is a huge mistake for them and if they go through with it, they could wind up on the employment line permanently. Austin wants to know why Sami is still against the takeover. Sami flashes back to spilling the plan to Lucas. Sami claims that she is against it because they ought to slow down and take their time before taking another risk. Nicole insists that the company is a joke because all their profits went to rainforest conservation. Sami now claims that High Style’s CEO is an idiot because they gave away all their money before making sure their company is financially secure. Sami asks if there are any samples of products from High Style to check out and Nicole directs her to a box on the floor. Nicole claims that she knows they are great products because she tried them all out earlier. Sami sniffs her and makes a face to show that Nicole smells bad. Sami picks up the first bottle from the box and coughs from the noxious smell once she sniffs the open bottle. Austin comes back out into the living donning his jacket and explains that he is having drinks with a potential investor. Nicole asks if the investor is blond and Austin jokes that he already has enough blonds in his life. Sami asks Austin if he is going on a date and Austin explains that Mickey set up a meeting for him with a potential investor. Austin warns Sami and Nicole to play nice since he won’t be gone long. Nicole plans to rework the “break-even analysis” and Austin tells Sami to read up on the skin care line from High Style so that she’ll be ready for his quizzing later. Austin leaves. Sami mocks Nicole’s comment about reworking the analysis but Nicole claims that Sami is lucky that Austin is giving her a chance. Sami imagines testing High Style’s products on Nicole who is dressed as a research animal. Sami pours the chemical over Nicole and it makes her melt. Sami laughs hysterically but doesn’t tell Nicole what is so funny.

Nicole puts the accountant on hold so she can ask Sami to bring her the financial projections from her bedroom. Sami refuses to get them. Nicole heads into her room to get the file. Sami’s phone rings and it is Austin calling to get the address for his meeting. Sami reads off the address for him from Austin’s appointment book but in the process of putting it back on his desk, Sami drops several papers and the appointment book. Sami picks up the appointment book and is shocked at what she finds on the page that it fell open to. Sami re-reads the page in Austin’s appointment book where he has included a picture of him and Carrie and wrote that finding the picture made him realize that he’s never stopped loving Carrie. Nicole comes back into the living room long enough to tell Sami that she’s leaving to meet with the accountant. Sami slams the book down on her desk as she realizes that Carrie is the woman Austin came back to Salem for. Sami curses Carrie and proclaims that she hates her.

High Style:

Lucas is completely shocked at who he finds behind the CEO’s desk and asks what they are doing there. The person at the desk turns out to be Carrie who stands and asks Lucas the same question. Carrie enthusiastically greets Lucas with a hug and explains that she’s recently taken over the CEO position. Lucas asks about Mike but Carrie claims that her relationship with Mike is complicated right now and quickly changes the subject. Lucas offers to help but Carrie sadly reveals that she and Mike are through. Lucas is surprised that Mike and Carrie didn’t last. Carrie explains that she felt too pressured by the circumstances surrounding her departure with Mike to have the perfect relationship. Carrie tells Lucas how she and Mike realized that a relationship between a workaholic doctor and a lonely and isolated woman wasn’t working. Lucas offers his sympathies and Carrie tells him about how she and Mike are still friends. Carrie admits to knowing about Lucas and Sami’s doomed relationship. Lucas blames himself for thinking that Sami had changed. Carrie says that Sami was the stupid one. Carrie and Lucas talk of how they can’t feel sorry for Sami despite their close relationships. Carrie asks how Will is taking the breakup and Lucas admits that it’s hard for Will. Carrie blames herself for her breakup with Mike because of how she treated Austin. Carrie finally gets around to asking why Lucas is there in the first place and Lucas tells her about working for Titan and looking into taking over the company. Carrie refuses to let that happen so Lucas agrees to tell Victor that High Style isn’t as ripe for takeover as they thought. Carrie thanks him and Lucas tells Carrie that he’s always cared for her. Carrie brings up how Austin is back in Salem and asks how he is. Lucas tells Carrie about Austin’s new company. Carrie asks if Austin ever got married but Lucas tells her that he didn’t. Lucas adds that that may change if Sami gets her way since she’s now part of the company staff. Lucas says goodbye and as he leaves, Carrie has him promise not to tell anyone especially Austin that he ran into her.

Deveraux house:

Jennifer calls up the stairs to Abby to beg her to eat something. Bo, Hope, and Frankie arrive and Jennifer immediately tries to put them to babysitting use so she can head back to the bridge but Bo and Hope try to talk her out of it. Jennifer searches the house for her keys, refusing to believe that Jack is dead since no one has found his body. Jennifer starts to cry as she yells at Bo and Hope to not say that Jack is dead because if they do then she might start believing it too. Jennifer vows to fight and refuses to believe that Jack is dead until she sees proof. Frankie tries to convince Jennifer to get some rest but Jennifer refuses.

Billie, carrying the now partly damaged wilting flowers that Jack was picking up, arrives with Patrick. Patrick tears up as he and Billie talk of how to break the news to Jennifer. Billie and Patrick walk into the house and Jennifer grills them about Jack. Jennifer spots the flowers in Billie’s hand and begs to know what they know. Billie announces that they don’t have good news. Jennifer now holds the flowers and asks about them. Billie explains that she and Patrick found them floating in the water near where Jack’s car was found. Jennifer notes Jack got her favorite color of flowers. Jennifer then asks about Jack and Patrick and Billie inform her that neither the hospitals nor police reports fitting Jack’s description. Jennifer refuses to believe that by not finding a body, it means that Jack is dead. Bo tries to offer a police perspective but Jennifer cuts him off and insists that unless she can see Jack’s lifeless body, she refuses to believe that Jack is dead. Jennifer insists that people can’t just disappear, especially not Jack. Hope gets a call on her cell phone from Zach’s babysitter who has to leave since it is so late. Hope suggests having the babysitter stay the night but Jennifer urges them to go home with the promise of staying here with Frankie. Jennifer sees Bo and Hope to the door. Patrick laments about how Jennifer will feel when she accepts the fact that Jack is dead. Billie begins to wonder whether Jennifer could be right about Jack being alive. Billie confides in Patrick about Jack’s suicide attempt and his desire to slip away to save his family from watching him die. Patrick thinks Jack’s idea was horrible because Jennifer is the kind of woman who would want to be there for her husband. Jennifer comes back in while Billie is sharing her theory that Jack could have staged this escape.

Frankie rushes into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. Jennifer is outraged at Billie and Patrick for suggesting that Jack could have faked his death. Billie defends her claim by bringing up how she and Jack talked about not having his family watch him die. Jennifer presses for more information and Billie tries to leave but Jennifer stops her. Patrick tries to intervene but Jennifer refuses to let Billie leave until she hears the truth. Jennifer is outraged when Billie admits that Jack was looking to take his own life. Jennifer refuses to believe that this is true because Jack didn’t tell her this himself. Billie explains that Jack chose not to tell Jennifer because she was the one person who could talk him out of it and that she didn’t tell her because Jack made her promise not to. Billie reveals that Jack even asked her to help him commit suicide but she refused. Billie uses her fellow ISA member’s affliction to show that the other guy’s family also hated watching him die. Jennifer still refuses to believe it. Jennifer declares that as far as she is concerned, Jack is alive.

Brady house:

Hope and Bo return home and admire their sleeping son Zach. Bo holds Hope close as he says he is luckier than he ought to be to have such a beautiful wife and kids. Bo and Hope leave Zach’s room as Hope laments that this isn’t fair to Jack and Jennifer to go through so much and have it all wiped away. Bo remarks that God had a plan. Hope wonders whether it was God’s plan or Jack’s plan. Bo looks suddenly uneasy so Hope demands to know anything he may know.

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