Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/1/05

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/1/05


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Sami’s apartment:

Sami complains to Nicole that Austin is out meeting with Mickey in the storm all because of Nicole’s idea. Nicole points out that the weather has changed to solely rain and the roads are salted and safe. Nicole is confident that the plan to take over High Style is what will help bring back their company. Sami accuses Nicole of solely being after getting Austin into bed. Nicole denies trying to get Austin into bed. Sami doesn’t believe Nicole since Nicole spends every chance she gets to get close to Austin. Nicole claims its part of the job. Sami calls Nicole on her obvious attempts to show off her figure to Austin. Nicole claims that Sami is jealous that Austin is checking her out instead. Sami wants Nicole to admit that she wants Austin. Nicole flashes back to when she last said goodbye to Austin and when they played pool at Alice’s. Nicole freely admits her desire for Austin to Sami but then wants Sami to admit the same. Sami scoffs at the notion but flashes back to her moments alone with Austin. Sami continues to blame Nicole for their money issues but Nicole is confident that taking over High Style will save the company. Sami is skeptical that this company is really worth their while and Nicole points out that if it wasn’t, Lucas and Titan wouldn’t be going after it as well. Sami thinks this idea is a big mistake but Nicole claims that Austin agrees with her about this being their only hope. Nicole complains about Sami’s negativity so Sami heads over to Lucas’ apartment to talk about Will. Nicole gloats about using High Style to save the company and about stealing it out from under Lucas.

Lucas’ apartment:

Lucas talks to Eugenia on the phone about getting him the information on High Style, the takeover company. Eugenia tries to weasel out of having to work so late but Lucas is insistent and gloats about sticking it to Austin’s company. Lucas gets the information he needs from Eugenia and tells her over the phone that she can now go to sleep. Sami knocks on the door and Lucas tries to get rid of her but she won’t leave. Lucas, after quickly putting away everything related to the takeover, opens the door and Sami tells him that she wanted him to know that she’d be joining him during Will’s parent/teacher conference. Lucas isn’t thrilled but accepts this as one of those things they are forced to do together for Will’s sake. Sami wants to know why Will isn’t doing so well in math now and questions whether Lucas is properly helping Will with his homework. Lucas quips that he studied math through the calculus level unlike Sami. Sami claims that her education level is irrelevant because she’s still better at helping Will with his homework. Lucas claims that if Will wanted Sami’s help, he’d ask for it but adds that it’s more the tests that Will is having trouble with. Sami wants to know why and Lucas claims it’s because Will is too distracted thanks to Sami always breaking his heart. Sami claims that it was Lucas who broke Will’s heart because he broke up with her. Lucas tries to close the door on Sami but she stops him.

Sami begs Lucas to be able to come into his apartment because she’d rather not be alone in her apartment with Nicole. Lucas agrees only after hearing that Austin’s company is in trouble. Sami is glad that they can be somewhat civil to each other but Lucas claims he’s only doing it for Will when in fact he feels sorry that Sami chose to get involved in Austin’s company. Sami defers the blame of working with Nicole to Austin and Lucas accuses Sami of allowing Austin to do whatever he wants. Lucas accuses Sami of wanting Austin all along but Sami denies it. Lucas claims that Austin was only with Sami because he felt sorry for her. Sami thinks that if Lucas really loved her, he would have been able to forgive her. Lucas counters by claiming that if Sami really loved him, she’d understand that he deserves better than she’s able to give him. Sami threatens to leave but changes her mind when Lucas doesn’t care. Now frustrated, Sami complains about Nicole and blurts out Nicole’s plan to beat Titan to taking over High Style. Sami quickly regrets her comment but Lucas promises not to say anything. Lucas tells Sami to try and convince Austin never to listen to Nicole’s ideas. Lucas asks Sami to leave under the premise of having “a presentation” to work on. Sami agrees to leave and thanks Lucas for listening and for not saying anything to Austin and Nicole about her slip. Once back into the hallway, Sami gloats about how her plan to purposefully tell Lucas about Nicole’s plan so Titan will get the takeover and make Nicole look foolish enough to be fired worked so well. Lucas calls Victor to gloat about Sami’s perceived slip and gets permission to use the corporate jet to meet with High Style’s CEO tonight in an attempt to beat Austin to it.

High Style:

Lucas arrives at High Style’s headquarters and is surprised by who he sees in the CEO’s office.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami has returned to her apartment and Nicole finishes her proposal. Nicole and Sami continue to argue about whether taking over High Style is a good idea or not. Nicole is so confident that she and Austin will be moving the company to Brandon’s old loft that she taunts Sami with jokes about how Sami’s first ex-husband will be moving into the loft of her second ex-husband. Sami is confident that Nicole’s scheme will fail and make Austin send her out in the cold. Nicole doesn’t believe her and calls Sami a loser. Sami guarantees that Nicole’s plan will fail. Nicole realizes that Sami isn’t making an idle threat and demands to know what she did this time. Sami denies having done anything. Sami claims that this takeover is an unnecessary risk. Nicole insists on sticking to her gut instinct. Sami warns that when the plan fails, Austin will kick her out of the company, out of his life, and back into the gutter where Victor left her.


Philip stands by Claire’s crib and urges her to keep fighting while the doctors work to make her better. Kate walks up behind Philip and ponders whether Belle lied about being a virgin or whether she slept with Shawn while Philip was overseas. Kate concludes that either way, Shawn has to be Claire’s father. Philip greets Kate and Kate claims that she was only worried about Claire. Philip informs her that Claire is on antibiotics and that Lexie is waiting for another test to come back. Philip is also worried about Kate but Kate claims she’s merely tired. Kate adds that she’s more worried about Philip and Belle. Kate flashes back to seeing Shawn hugging Belle. Kate explains that she’s worried about Philip and Belle becoming exhausted but Philip assures her he is fine. Kate asks why Belle isn’t at the crib with Philip and he tells her that Belle is with Shawn and that that is exactly where Belle should be right now. Philip explains that he wanted Shawn to look after Belle so he could look after the baby. Kate thinks John and Marlena should be the ones filling that role. Philip explains that John, Marlena, and Alex went home so Mimi and Shawn took Belle down to the cafeteria. Kate thinks that Philip should be with Belle now and not Shawn. Philip wishes he could be with Belle but knows he must stay with Claire. Kate consoles Philip as he wonders how Claire could have gotten sick. Philip groans in pain from having to wear his prosthesis so long and Kate helps him find a seat. Kate steps away and complains to Lexie that Philip can’t lose his baby on top of everything else.

Lexie tells Kate that she doesn’t believe Philip and Belle will lose Claire for the antibiotics should work. Lexie urges Kate to stay positive. Kate claims she’s staying positive but fears that Philip and especially Belle wouldn’t be able to handle losing Claire. Lexie likens Kate’s fear to how she and Abe felt when they lost Zach to Bo and Hope. Kate claims to also know what it’s like because of how she lost Austin and Billie. Kate refuses to think about what it would do to Philip and Belle’s marriage should anything happen to Claire since she was what brought them closer together. Lexie assures Kate that Belle and Philip’s marriage is strong and will survive anything. Kate vows to do everything she can to ensure that. Kate agrees with Lexie’s comment about focusing on Claire right now and asks about the test results. Lexie explains that the lab is still working on the tests. Lexie notices that Kate doesn’t look well and suggests she go home but Kate refuses to leave. Lexie leaves with a promise to check on the test results. Kate returns to Philip’s side and discovers that Claire has woken up. Philip asks if Claire looks like he did when he was a baby and Kate claims that she does. Philip wishes Claire looked more like Belle and Kate assures Philip that there’s no doubt that Claire is his daughter. Philip tells Kate that being a father has given him everything he’s ever dreamed of. Kate offers to stay with Claire so Philip can join Belle in the cafeteria but Philip still refuses to leave. Philip claims that with the way he’s feeling right now, Shawn and Mimi are probably better to take care of her than him.

Kate urges Philip to go join Belle so she isn’t alone with Shawn and Mimi. Philip refuses to leave because he sees no reason not to trust Shawn and Mimi to take care of Belle. Kate continues to complain by citing that Shawn isn’t Belle’s husband. Philip yells at Kate for going on about Shawn when he and Belle trust him and Mimi enough to be Claire’s godparents. Philip becomes unnerved and fears that he may lose it all. Kate assures Philip that she will ensure her children’s happiness. Philip notes that Kate can’t be sure of that because she isn’t God, she can’t change the past, and she can’t ensure that Claire will be all right. Philip returns to sitting by Claire’s crib. Kate, thinking, vows to never let Philip know that Claire isn’t his baby.

Deveraux house:

Hope, Bo, and Frankie have stayed around to console Jennifer and Abby. Abby is having a hard time believing that Jack could be dead and Jennifer refuses to believe Jack even went off the bridge. Abby and Jennifer bring up how no actual car or body was found yet and Bo agrees that it’s possible Jack could have been thrown from the car. Hope tells Jennifer and Abby about how Billie, Patrick, and Chelsea went back out to check along the riverbank. Jennifer wants to know why more people aren’t out searching. Bo explains that there were many other accidents and the police, fire department, and rescue squads are all resourced out to the max. Bo’s cell phone rings and as he steps away to answer it, Jennifer tells Abby that she’s sure it’s a call saying that they’ve found Jack. Bo ends his call and then explains to the group that the fire department was finally able to get some heavy equipment down to the bridge so they are going to try and bring up Jack’s car. Jennifer is confident that Jack will be found in the car alive but Frankie warns that that isn’t possible. Jennifer refuses to believe Frankie because of a show she and Jack did on how to get out of a submerged car. Bo starts to head for the bridge but Jennifer wants to go with him. Frankie advises Jennifer to let Bo handle it but Jennifer insists that she is going to be the first person Jack sees when they pull him out of the water. Abby begs Jennifer to let her go and Jennifer agrees. Bo reluctantly agrees to let Jennifer and Abby come since there is no talking them out of it. Jennifer hurries to call a neighbor to watch Jack Jr. so they can leave.


Frankie and Hope stand with Abby and Jennifer as they anxiously pace the bridge and wait for signs of Jack. Bo walks by and Jennifer grills him for information. Bo informs her that they found Jack’s car and will be bringing it up with a robotic arm. Abby begs Bo to hurry so that Jack can get to a hospital but Hope pulls Abby aside to caution that they don’t know anything yet. Jennifer insists that Jack can’t be dead because he wouldn’t leave them like this. Jennifer steps close to the edge of the bridge as she becomes hysterical and Frankie, Abby, and Hope have to hold her back. Frankie warns that Jack was in a lot of pain and his illness was getting worse. Abby and Jennifer are confident that Jack would do something to save himself and get home no matter what it took. Frankie pulls Jennifer and Abby close. Bo and Hope talk about how Jennifer can’t be blamed for not believing Jack is dead considering the past and how their own problems seem so insignificant now. Bo assures Hope that nothing is going to happen to her but Hope notes how Jack said that to Jennifer many times. Bo is informed that the robotic arm is ready to bring up the car and Bo wishes Jennifer wasn’t here to see Jack’s body come up. Bo directs the robotic arm operator until Jack’s car is returned to the bridge. Frankie has to hold Jennifer and Abby back from rushing to the car. Hope hands Bo the tools and Bo works at getting the door open. Bo gets the door open, water spills out onto the bridge, and the flowers are still sitting on the front seat. There is no sign of Jack in the car. Bo and Hope have to hold Jennifer back from climbing into the car to search for Jack.

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